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(1.70 MB 1920x1052 victoriabalbes-adventure.png)
Minecraft Server [late.city] Anonymous 08/30/2019 (Fri) 03:19:38 No. 91 [Reply] [Last]
Minecraft is a comfy game, so we have a server! - A near-vanilla server on version 1.16.5 @ late.city A map for it exists @ https://map.late.city It would normally update every 24 hours, but has been unfortunately broken for more than a year. Try /guide for more information on the server, Quantic and Max made a neat little index that is still being updated. Happy playing! P.S. Leave us a message in the mailbox at spawn, we read them! The Minecraft server at late.city now allows cracked users to play by registering a password against the user name they provide to their client upon joining the server for the first time. Premium account users keep their skins and log in automatically. Everyone wins this way! [NOTICE FOR CRACKED USERS] - 23/09/20 If you attempt to join while playing on a cracked account that has a username that is taken by a premium account it will disconnect you with the error of 'bad login' or 'invalid session'. Find a username that isn't taken on: https://namemc.com
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>>7692 Metal.

Welcome home. Quilt 08/13/2019 (Tue) 02:35:16 No. 1 [Reply] [Last]
Back in the 8chan days the idea of a /late/ image-board, independent of our parent site was something of a pipe dream. Now we are here, long after our obscure birth in 2015. I couldn't have set all this up without the help of my friend Max, who also made the radio at radio.late.city, though other people contributed music to it. We hope to be in for the long haul, and for you to be in it with us. Enjoy, sleepy anons. And again, Welcome; You have a friend in /late/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Friends of /late/] https://anon.cafe/comfy/ [Others] Francophone IB https://8chan.moe/planche/

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(13.27 KB 692x95 ICUP 7 draw.png)
After a disastrous draw stream that started an hour late, we now have the group stage draw. I'm not seeing any of the predicted rivalries. Group B appears to be the Group of Death. Here is the test/draw stream, be warned that it starts off horribly due to a missing noise reducer on the microphone. https://fedimovie.com/c/icup_stream7/videos?s=1 Fair warning, this is a PeerTube instance, so if the P2P bothers you then click My Settings on the left, then unselect "Help share videos being played" (you don't need to login). This isn't necessary for the stream, just the replay. >>7738 Nice Chino.

(65.87 KB 539x371 1000get.jpg)
Post here every time you're on /late/ Anonymous 06/13/2020 (Sat) 09:23:24 No. 1000 [Reply] [Last]
aka the comfy bants thread.
I hope you all are doing well today. Lets survive!

Also, 1000 get!
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Recently started taking Paxil. Will update as time goes on.
>>7685 I'm not really into pure metal stuff but sometimes I appreciate a good black or DSBM tune. Here a very good album from an underground french act. https://invidious.fdn.fr/watch?v=Q25-Jpcwvpg
(411.84 KB 2489x1400 1658951015719282.jpg)
Just woke up as it turned dark. The nights are getting longer. What will I have for breakfast?

(9.92 KB 401x417 meem.jpg)
holy shit im 17 Anonymous 03/22/2022 (Tue) 12:56:02 No. 6526 [Reply]
im only 1 year away from being a legal adult and 1 year away from getting piled with responsibilities and i fucking hate that shit fuck am i gonna do now ? i got no talents and if i can't get a house by the time im 25 im literally gonna game end myself because if i can't even get my own property i have failed in all of my ventures and there will be nothing for me in this world to do but goddamn i still haven't got rid of my laziness and motivate myself to do the things i want to do
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>>7721 happy to hear. wishing the best for you anon
>>6526 just turned 17 today. fuck
(20.13 KB 474x357 86765146814654157486.jpg)
>>6531 bro just be yourself and enjoy the path that life takes you. like >>6529 said, the expectations were ingrained into your head to make you strive till your last dying breath to achieve something while the system milks you dry of your humanity. don't go into this magical place called legal adulthood with the mindset that you MUST achieve some nebulous goal in order to be accomplished or content we're all rootin' for you

(51.44 KB 502x600 502px-BibleWarningLabel.jpg)
Fuck the Recursive Bible! Anonymous 06/06/2022 (Mon) 02:47:39 No. 6997 [Reply]
Have any of you ever spent so much time with fundamentalists that you started thinking characters from the Bible decided to read the Bible itself to figure out what they had to do next? FUCK THE RECURSIVE BIBLE! Also, days were less than 24 hours long in the distant past, "red" was sometimes used in the Bible to describe brown objects, and most Bible-thumpers might secretly be porn addicts.
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>>7309 >In fact, that's the main reason I left Christianity - if God existed, he'd be a cosmic-scale hypocrite. (And we haven't even talked about the glorification of cruelty, the mollycoddling of slavery, etc.) What led to me questioning Christianity was looking into Near-Death Experiences to bolster my faith and noticing how they contradict the tenets of orthodox Christianity when looking at the big picture. They point to the existence of people existing in consensus environments after death related to their deeply held beliefs, reincarnation, and universal reconciliation. Combined with that was how genuinely ignorant the people in the Christian milieu I'd been caught up in seemed to be. They knew the Bible was true because it's the Word of God, and they knew it's the Word of God because it's true. I was remember them demonizing things they didn't seem to have any real knowledge of. I've never found criticisms of the Christian God related to hypocrisy or unethical behavior that convincing, but what I also don't find the apologists convincing in those areas. When they talk about God's innate righteousness (or any related attributes), it's clearly in a sense that's completely divorced from the sense that people outside of the intellectual bubble of the apologetics world would use the term. >>7339 If suffering is due to the sin of Adam and Eve, then God is ultimately responsible for it due to being both omniscient and omnipotent. He would have known right from the beginning what was going to happen and never had to send his son to die on the cross. How exactly does God killing his son atone for the sins of mankind anyway? Free will isn't a cogent response to the problem of evil. If there's free will in heaven, then they seem to be doing up there just fine up there without sin and suffering rearing their ugly heads. If there isn't free will, then why didn't God just cut to the case and creating perfected humans in the first place, rather than holding pointless tryout sessions that he would already know all the outcomes to right off the bat?
>>7308 Not to defend American conservatives but that's a massive stretch, connecting it to religion specifically.
>>7379 Idk man, God just gave us free will to do whatever we want. To choose this, or choose that. >>7383 Free will is in heaven which is why you see beings who are loyal to Him, and those who weren't (the devil, and fallen angels).

(450.66 KB 1200x1200 ERdbA7bVAAA65uh.jpg)
moving Anonymous 10/31/2021 (Sun) 06:47:32 No. 5677 [Reply]
/late/friends, I need some advice. I live in an abusive household and finally have the means to move out but I have no idea where to go. I don't want to live in this city or state both because it's expensive and also because I have a lot of bad memories here. I just want to get out and get far away. The money I make isn't great but it's a livable wage (I can make 2k-4k/mo depending how much I work and I also have a good bit saved up). The problem is I have no idea where to go... do you guys have any advice for what to think about when deciding on a new place to live? What are some things I should look for or be considering in new cities? I feel really lost and kind of intimidated. I just know I need to get out and I finally have a chance to do it.
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sounds like dealing with finances is a big problem for lots of people - I'm not very employable, and whenever I apply to low level entry jobs they're usually just looking for people in the immediate area so how do other people deal with this? just move, cross your fingers and hope you can find a job before you run out of money? I only ever hear about people moving because they find work for some high paying tech company that'll fly candidates over for onsite job interviews
If you (or anyone) still need advice, the key is to just save up where you're at. Once you have your safety net, move somewhere that either pays well, has lots of job opportunities, or at least low cost of living to give you a cushion while you look for something. If you can't save up where you're at, you'll just need to consider how much risk you can take when moving. Worst case if you have a car, you can live in that for a period of time, but you need to make sure the neighborhood is safe, or you can park somewhere safe at night. I'll be moving at the end of summer, but I'm moving specifically for my job field. You need to consider your own field, or the opportunity of entry-level jobs if you don't have work experience or expertise. >>6032 My last retail job hired people from far away despite being a populated metro area. Employers usually don't care so long as you can make it to work on-time.
>>6032 I did it, I got a job in a different country and I moved, even though I have no work experience. I wrote a python script to spam out applications on indeed.com for about 3 days, over 1700 applications sent in the end I got a nice tech job where my employer is paying for plane ticket, the hotel I'm staying at etc. relying on an employer still doesn't seem like a solid plan to me though, this feels like dumb luck

(407.94 KB 340x324 Run.gif)
Preparation/Homesteading Anonymous 12/19/2021 (Sun) 16:01:34 No. 5924 [Reply]
Here we discuss any and all things related to making yourself and your loved ones self-sufficient in the event of a Happening or economic collapse. Before you dismiss this as something for the rich or those with too much time, remember that everyone starts small and that every little bit helps. The three most basic steps in my view are gardening, acquiring a firearm (that you can reliably use), and moving as far away as possible from dependence on electricity. What have you frens been doing to get ready? What do you believe to be the most likely disaster to come?
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>>5924 >gardening Something I learned from my summer gardens is to avoid growing crops with a 'large appetite' or one that uses the same nutrients from soil that others do. I loathe squashes and similar crops because of the sheer amount of nutrients it takes them to form their shells. Usually they kill everything else or only turn out one per plant in a season. Similarly, growing too many acidic plants or basic plants together can really fuck your haul over. I assume most posters here don't have industrial/generational tilled and prepped soil to work with, so try and use what natural value is there sparingly. Generally, for subsistence or supplement farming, I would advise growing one of each type of thing to use all different nutrients in moderation (i.e. one lettuce, one tomato, one hay (if livestock) one legume, one bean, etc.
lol why would you even wanna live in a world like that until you die of something incredibly treatable ten years down the road? Use the gun to neck yourself.
electricity has its benefits, its not very in-line with the whole cabin vibe, but a freezer or refrigerator is extremely useful and is well worth the effort needed to maintain one. unless you live in a place with a decent supply of ice year-round. then its negotiable.

(408.86 KB 509x500 2021-07-26_21-44-34.png)
old buddies Anonymous 07/26/2021 (Mon) 19:40:02 No. 5079 [Reply] [Last]
hey /late/, what happened to those friends you used to hang out with?
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(1.35 MB 1200x1200 1599986713726.png)
>>5079 I simply just stopped talking to them after a good while. Happens to the best of us.
(83.23 KB 710x698 Addicts.jpg)
met up with old high school friend last night, learned about the fate of a bunch of my classmates >friend has job at local advertising agency and does volunteer work at local church >good chunk of the girls are married >one girl that i "dated" (fucked up at every possible turn because retard) changed her name and is now nonbinary lol >other girl is in NYC and works as an art curator at a museum >other guys finished college and generally at a crossroads >other friends that i hang out with are still living with their parents >one does video work for local church >other has internetship at laboratory >other tested out of high school because he was too smart for it, now doing online college courses >other doing security system installs on commission (which from how he describes his payment structure sounds miserable) overall I figured there'd be more failures but apparently it sounds like I'm in the middle in terms of success. had a shitty past month or so but things are looking up. also realized that my FOSSfaggotry is a barrier to meeting friends (i.e. my refusal to use proprietary programs/services). eventually just said fuck it and installed bumble, it's both a dating app and a platform for just making friends. already have about five or so matches so i guess i'm not as insufferable as i appear. might talk with them a bit more and see where it goes, but also planning on moving out of state soon so there might not be much of a point.
>>7697 >FOSSfaggotry Fuck this shit, if youre doing something illegal or secret use tor then for everyday stuff just use what others do. Its not worth wasting social chances for some ideology, be practical about it. The jews know that you masturbate already anyway

money Anonymous 12/22/2020 (Tue) 14:41:11 No. 2080 [Reply]
how do you guys make money as neets? i am given money a few times a year and i usually buy stuff online and lie about not getting it so i can get a refund. that way i can get more stuff for less. it sucks not having a job though, i have no financial freedom so if i want something i can never get it.
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>>7657 Nah, these are literally meme coins, not some infomercial stuff. But I actually missed the boat and didn't find out about them too late, so I would have to buy them on ebay for 10x if I want one. ;_; The project was all started and funded by some anons on 4chan/biz/ in the /pmg/ general threads. It's been going on for years because they have several other meme coins with different designs from prior years (Aputania, The Bog, WAGMI, Holo the wolf...) But there's another anon in that general that makes money from buying old sterling silver on ebay (in the form of silverware and such). Apparently some people don't know wtf they really have an list their items as "silver plated" when in reality they're legit sterling .925 silver. For someone with a lot of free time and a bit of savvy, there are certainly some opportunites to pick up cheap silver that way, which can then be sold at a profit.
(177.29 KB 890x1187 WAGMI.jpg)
Eh, my image didn't upload. Oh well here's another one.
Got a job, I hate the zoomers but the money is good. I bought a minifridge to keep my drinks cold and a computer to play my games. Worth it overall.

(280.38 KB 400x320 1585336718398.gif)
Anonymous 03/29/2020 (Sun) 00:21:33 No. 675 [Reply] [Last]
Seems like this imageboard is dying, anything we can do about that? I know the decade of image boards is coming to an end but I'd hate to see this place dissapear like the rest, it just saddens me. Where'd everyone go? let's hopefully get this thread going. How is your night/sleepy day?
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>>7503 >http://afternoon.dynu.com/ Nice place. Thanks for sharing.
>>675 >I know the decade of image boards is coming to an end Why is that? Just the pervasiveness of glowspammers?
>>7503 I just browsed around bus stop and afternoon.dynu and both seem so comfy. Gonna add them to my nieche imageboard list I will frequent from time to time (like this one)

Comfy Blogs Anonymous 02/18/2020 (Tue) 23:43:19 No. 619 [Reply]
I've been looking through blog archives recently and I've starrted to run thin. I think blogs are peobaly the last vestages of the weird internet. Post some links to comfy/wierd blogs, bonus points if they're still active.
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>>7569 And gopher? Anything cool there?
(17.68 KB 250x201 GB.jpg)
>>7574 gopher://khzae.net/1/chan
(30.17 KB 215x400 rinksminks.jpg)
>>7519 It would probably help if I could even remember the names of the ones I've found to be able to search for them. But yeah, archival services are nice to have for digging around in. A while back, I found an artist whose work I liked, and while a source had been provided on the images to the artist's website, it was long since dead. Thankfully most of his or her stuff was still accessible via wayback machine. There were still some holes in what was saved, but it was better than there only being six or seven images on boorus.

PYF Symphonies, ballets, operas, etc Anonymous 08/05/2022 (Fri) 21:14:52 No. 7691 [Reply]
Someone in another thread proposed talking about high culture. Having tried to cultivate an appreciation for these things over the last seven years, I'm no expert, but I have some favorites and a "top 50" list which is a good entry point, and illustrates some of the language in which music of this kind communicates: https://archive.vn/IjVLL A prefatory remark about getting into this sort of thing: there's a lot of context that's absent if you just listen to a piece on youtube. This is even true of symphonies: >[Beethoven's] Symphony No. 5 in C minor from 1808 has gone down in music history as the Symphony of Fate. It is a central work for the Beethovenfest, which this year has as its motto "Fate." [When asked about the opening motif of the Fifth Symphony, Beethoven] is said to have replied: "This is the sound of fate knocking at the door." You wouldn't guess that from listening, but if you listen once and then again with context, you probably get more out of it the second time. Some compositions are explicitly topical. Liszt's Faust Symphony, for example, is presumably not any sort of opera or ballet, but: >Liszt wanted to illustrate in music the essence of three main characters from Faust. Because of this I'd say the piece is a perfect example of program music (music that describes an idea or story). >Liszt chose to dedicate a movement to explore each character. The movements are: >1. Faust (Allegro, Quick), the disillusioned doctor whom the devil tempts into worldly powers and passion >2. Gretchen (Andante, Walking pace), a sweet, innocent maiden >3. Mephistopheles (Scherzo), the devil, an evil trickster And you get more out of it by learning the musical vocabulary in which these people thought:

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

I mentioned Messiaen in some music thread a while back and him being my favourite composer hasn't really changed, particularly his Quartet for the End of Time, which he wrote as a prisoner of war during WW2. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVojbUao2ww&list=PL8oAJzPXGW51pG9YuP3Y-RTWznVVxUjs3&index=1) There's an aimless sort of wandering quality to the first movement that I've never seen accomplished in any other piece of music; among other things Messiaen uses isorhythms to make it feel like time has just been suspended. the piano repeats a 29 chord sequence over a rhythmic pattern using 17 notes. These numbers are both prime (being coprime would've sufficed), so the two patterns don't ever sync up during the piece, and you're left with this bizarre case of listening to the same thing repeatedly yet it's always malleable, unsettled, and wandering about. overall the quartet is a great listen if you're feeling depressed, especially the popular 5th mvt (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbijWH_NB60&list=PL8oAJzPXGW51pG9YuP3Y-RTWznVVxUjs3&index=5) I've also been a really big fan of Shostakovich, his music was written under Stalin's totalitarian regime and the isolation and contempt he held was expressed incredibly through his music, especially in pieces which he wrote but never published since they would've put his life in danger, like Symphony no. 4 or his Violin Concerto. Though I think my favourite moment in all of his works is at the end of his Symphony 5, mvt 3 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtTaDwMpdkQ&t=773s) where he has the harp (playing harmonics), the celesta and the violins accompanying those two. the combination is such a unique sound, this blend of eerie, ghostly, sad and elegaic emotions all at once. the movement ends with a picardy third which feels a bit clichéd and overdone by this point in the 20th century, but it's still comforting and we have to understand the symphony was written in the context of his work having been denounced harshly in the Pravda for being too "complex" "formalistic" etc...
>>7699 oh the shostakovich link broke cause it was in parenthesis. should be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtTaDwMpdkQ&t=773s

Late Night /tv/ Anonymous 06/01/2021 (Tue) 07:49:54 No. 4525 [Reply]
What do you enjoy watching late at night /late/? For me, it’s been binge watching King of The Hill (plus an episode of an anime here or there).
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Mostly minecraft videos (like hermitcraft smp) and the occasional /x/-related.
>>6092 I will say that the resortation one unfortunately doesn't have the beginning segments with Jane and Daria.
mostly whatever bullshit youtube tries to recommend to me, or MST3K episodes to fall asleep to.

Relaxing games? Anonymous 03/05/2021 (Fri) 18:45:30 No. 3036 [Reply] [Last]
Do y’all know any games that are relaxing I’m getting bored playing apex legends and hitman 2 and 3
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>>7447 >Kentucky Route Zero loved this game, I thought about suggesting it earlier, but decided against it - it takes a lot of inspiration from 20th century literature (and art in general) which lots of people flat out hate
(2.12 MB 1129x829 unknown.png)
I would play old tibia ots if i only could still play games Definitely works well if you wanna kill time. Kills it absolutely
(18.94 KB 176x208 SpankTheElves_1.gif)
I just installed Doom RPG and Orcs & Elves on my old java phone. There's a bunch of old games like that on dedomil.net

Come unto thee all who perturb the night Anonymous 08/04/2022 (Thu) 09:03:23 No. 7664 [Reply]
make the darkness an ally and a friend. welcome to late.night any discussion here is fully based and welcome to interpretation. make of it what you will.
(344.31 KB 1600x1200 Photo-0036.jpg)
La nuit accentue l'homme.
>>7667 yes it does, sir. there is something of somethinng around us. within us. between us. a something of something. heard sometimes in the sound of one instrument at play. there's a brilliance and a death in each note that vibrates off the string into the wind. into the breath of the wind like a sigh. it precipitates on our perceptions, unnamed. unsolved resolution. resolution building like white cumulus clouds above city skylines. stone and steel. above platforms and pedestrians. stonewalks and fountains. above pidgeons and passerby to be. building more mysteriously than the unseen pressure of air that builds over idle sunporch afternoons. can you /sirs/ appreciate poetry ultimate or? this is not mine but i wish it was. i feel their words
>>7679 please tell me someone can identify this.... i feel that it's an important poem. maybe someone will tell me otherwise. i just can't help but discover these as i continue my late night walks through the city. anyone else get comfortably /cozy/ in your local nightlife?

(1.51 MB 1133x850 sd65f4a98sdgf465bfd4798.jpg)
alright fellas, i just got stoned. what do i do with the rest of my evening? Anonymous 08/01/2022 (Mon) 02:44:59 No. 7613 [Reply]
inb4 any and all shame for smoking. you're all too cool for that anyways so thx i like me some THC every now n then. really seems to suit early mornings or late late nights. i try not to use outside of those periods of the day. but here we are...
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>>7643 what do you do? i sell loans french huh! very cool i want to go there someday soon. french foods hit the right spot. not the sophisticated fancy food, however. i like your soups and bread culture. also you shouldn't worry about how fluent you are in the language. english has become so bastardized i can hardly recognize it as my own first language. speak to any of us the you are currently and we'll understand you perfectly fine.
>>7614 i ended up getting the kefir! it's pretty dope actually. definitely not what i was expecting when i took my first few sips but my guess wasn't far off either. i like that the bottle i got says "in many parts of the world, kefir is considered the champagne of dairy products" highly recommend
wanderlust here anyone have some opera recommendations? keeping myself busy tonight listening to some modern symphony performances. i can get down with operas as well so send them my way if you have them. i also quite like forein ones so long as there are subtitles here's one of my favorite https://youtu.be/Q4Q0Xt2VLE0

Weird Minecraft game? Anonymous 04/05/2021 (Mon) 04:05:39 No. 3544 [Reply]
Do you guys remember that one Minecraft type game that was on tablets like all I remember Is you get dropped off of a ship and you have an axe and then it starts raining? That’s all I remember I wanna play it again tbh
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i remember survivalcraft! i loved playing it.
Yes. Survival craft was so fun!
played it a lot with my little cousin

(733.17 KB 716x484 1637893364364.png)
Anonymous 12/04/2021 (Sat) 04:28:03 No. 5818 [Reply]
Do you enjoy the 90s /late/?
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(2.97 MB 2479x3509 amiga scene.png)
>>7315 BBS were comfy. Unfortunately I didn't get into them until like '94 and the next year I got Internet through my school so I dropped out of the BBS scene altogether. The 90's is an interesting period in that at the start of the decade, few people had computers or Internet, and at the end a ton of people did (at least in western countries). And the types of computers changed dramatically too. In the early 90's a lot of people were using 8-bit systems, Atari ST and Amiga. But when Win95 came out, that changed the market dramatically, and by the end of the decade almost everyone had Windows PCs. Also the demoscene was the shit in late 80's and early 90's. When hardware got more advanced and 3D GPUs happened, it seems much less interesting to me.
>>7472 >Boomerang was one of my favorite networks to watch growing up. It had so many classic cartoons that I was almost always watching something new. I would've watched it more but at some point Time Warner put it behind a paywall for premium channels. (A bunch of networks my parents watched were also affected at the time. We didn't feel like paying extra so we just lost them.) Boomerang was the only channel outside of my cable package that I ever wanted to have. I had to settle for the sample programming block Cartoon Network would air early on Saturday Mornings. I remember catching things like The Herculoids and the original Space Ghost show that I never would have seen otherwise. >They couldn't believe I enjoyed Jetsons, Flintstones, Jonny Quest, Scooby Doo, etc. I liked all those shows as a kid. I remember my uncle coming over to my house once with a VHS tape filled with Jonny Quest episodes we watched together. I even remember liking Jetsons: The Movie when I was really little, which was supposedly terrible. I don't remember and of it nowadays. >It's a shame Cartoon Network doesn't capitalize on current millenial nostalgia and air shows from the 90s to the mid-2000s within designated blocks and use similar CN bumpers from those eras. Now they just dump a bunch of recent shows on there and make it a worse CN. At the very least they could keep Boomerang a classics-only network and just make a Cartoon Network 2 if they want a modern dumping ground. I would have preferred a classic Boomerang channel with the same kind of focus as the original channel and then an offshoot channel or two (with each focusing on a different era). They could have had one focusing more on '80s and early '90s shows for later Gen-Xers and early millennials and then one for the mid '90s through the Cartoon Cartoons era that would generally appeal more to later millennials. I feel like a big part of my generational disconnect from zoomers and even millennials my age is how much older media I ended up consuming during the formative parts of my life. It seems like it was pretty normal for kids around my age to watch some of the shows I did considering how much exposure they were still getting, but not necessarily to the extant I did. I feel lucky, since zoomers seem to have been shafted by the way so much older media has practically been memoryholed in favor of either remakes and cash-ins or newer properties entirely.
(280.36 KB 1784x1216 90s Kid.jpg)
I didn't exist in the 90s and my earliest memories are from 2005/6 at the earliest, but I truly feel like I missed out on something great. Like others said it's mostly the atmosphere of the era that I enjoy the most: >computers becoming cheap enough for general usage >internet requires a brain to set up and use >online users were dedicated to what they discussed >early internet was like someone had cloned the entirety of human existence, you had your physical reality but now you have your digital one as well, and it's the wild west where people are still trying to work out how this shit works >because of this and the fall of any substantial threat in the world (USSR), unprecedented time of growth and prosperity >people would still interact in person quite often, word-of-mouth was how people got the bulk of their info >everything felt "natural" for lack of a better term with all that being said however i'm also not a rose-colored glasses retard that worships a specific time period no matter what happened during it. 90s had plenty of bullshit to deal with too, like USA fucking with civil liberties at Ruby Ridge and Waco, the shitshow of the LA riots and the OJ trial which basically gave the darkies their first free pass to get uppity with no repercussions, eastern europe experiencing a decade-long political hangover after getting out of the USSR with no backup plan (Russia and Yugoslavia especially), Clintons allowing jobs to be shipped overseas and gradually becoming more reliant on China, etc. But I will still say without any doubt that I would rather live in the late 90s/early 00s than CY + 7. Given the choice I'd pick any decade other than the 10s/20s, really. I just want out.

(50.80 KB 570x761 1642822147016.jpg)
Anonymous 08/03/2022 (Wed) 00:09:07 No. 7636 [Reply]
Destined to the destitute Characterized by inaction... but, not indifference I fear my catharsis is not of remedy but, rather my destruction.

technology general thread Anonymous 03/30/2021 (Tue) 19:28:28 No. 3501 [Reply] [Last]
whats up late? what hardware have you been running lately, and what os have you been subjecting your private information to?
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>>7590 Have you used it recently? I have a planet bought few years back. Last time I've tried it, there was chat clock and notepad. Tried to join some public chats but it was so slow and the connection didn't work properly so I just left it.
what's up technology bros? How we doing this /late/ day/night? Recently I've been thinking about completely redoing my spare room to have main computer set up, a basic console set up, a tv for all my old 64/ps1-2/gamecube games, and a monitor solely dedicated to playing old tv shows and movies (randomized) 24/7. Sounds like a lot and I haven't work shopped it all yet, but I think it'd be fun.
>>7595 I have a homlab made out of 3 old thinkpads, must check out whether I can set up wake on Lan on them. Then vpn, nfs storage and torrents

(56.28 KB 500x540 8aAFnswg.jpg)
Fizzy/Carbonated drinks Anonymous 03/04/2021 (Thu) 15:10:44 No. 3004 [Reply] [Last]
What's your favorite to drink to /late/?
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I like green tea and herbal tea. Especially rooibos tea with a splash of cream. So far as soda goes, I don't drink much but Ale81 is delicious. I don't know how widely it's distributed, but if there are any fellow connoisseurs of ginger ale in this thread I highly recommend you try it should you get the chance.
Dark coffee to wash down pastries if I'm on the chans all night. Warm sake if I'm drinking. I had to chill a bit on the soda, I'm losing teeth and can't afford the dental work.
>>7556 How much soda were you drinking?

(166.02 KB 711x679 R.jpg)
howdy fellas. what are we watching tonight? Anonymous 07/29/2022 (Fri) 22:45:26 No. 7602 [Reply]
i figured i'd pop on some old anime i was once told to watch. 3 episodes long. i'm on the last one now. gotta say it's pretty dope. what are you guys chillin' to? doing anything besides just watching?
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>>7606 I'm french but I think I would prefer watching it in Japanese (with subtitles). Did it have the Japanese soundtrack or the exclusive English one ? As I read they are different.
>>7609 i'll reply more tonight as i'm just waking up and finishing workout. we can chat about it or other stuff more then! but it had the original japanese version of the song with english and french subtitles for the song. had options of french subs and english as well for the rest of the show. I believe mine was a copy from T0M. so you can search for it that way i hope. lmk if you end up with a good copy and i'll totally hang and discuss tonight
(541.06 KB 1124x742 ds654fd687315thr6874gfds.png)
well its officially late! at least it's dark outside and i've turned on my cozy lights. what's everyone up to tonight? i just ordered some books i'm stoked to read. some old literature on celtic mythology and stuffs :D you guys read anything good lately? what was for dinner? bonus question: what about night time evokes nostalgia for you? or is it the day time instead?

(4.35 MB 640x360 Contigency_Message_Reel.mp4)
Anonymous 05/13/2020 (Wed) 01:58:00 No. 860 [Reply]
I have a dark fascination with this seemingly 'end of the world' status we're entering. Will the future hold death or solace? I don't know.
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>>7049 >I just wish people had more of a sense of community in the real world. Although I'm not religious, that is one thing I envy about some religious groups. Some of them do look out and care for one another. They really feel like they belong somewhere, and to someone. Every attempt I've made just to make new friends post-high school goes nowhere while my old friends drift away. I've accepted my life will probably be in mostly solitude at this point.
I used to worry, then I got older, now I don't worry anymore. I'm old enough and live in a place in the world good enough for things either not going to matter for me or if things collapse fast being able to claim that I had a good run without too many regrets. A big part of the people around me are old and I can say from observation that getting too old sucks anyways. Thankfully I don't have children (and don't plan to) so I don't have to worry about them having to live through the worst of it.
(112.07 KB 588x734 ridethetigerbrah.jpg)
No end of the world is coming really, but ride the tiger brah if you feel like so

(79.18 KB 1280x720 book cat.jpg)
/lit/erature Anonymous 05/28/2020 (Thu) 10:32:59 No. 922 [Reply]
What books have you been reading lately, /late/?
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>>922 The tigers of Mompracem. I have a fairly old physical copy and yeah the book is good, I have always had a preference for books about the sea, and even more about the age of discovery and this one ticks all the boxes and I really like it anon If you like what I like I recommend you give it a try. The imagery, the surroundings, everything's beautifully described and it leaves just enough for your imagination to fill in the gaps, making it something you can indulge in for hours on end
Why isnt it higher? Im starting Hilaire Du Berrier Background to Betrayal: The Tragedy of Vietnam Swe at google before that
>>1985 On my list. Mishima Yukio currently. Runaway Horses. And Nietzsche. Beyond Good and Evil.

(2.43 MB 3264x2448 20210124_233359.jpg)
new newfag here Anonymous 01/24/2021 (Sun) 23:45:42 No. 2368 [Reply]
stumbled upon imageboards about a month or 2 ago , found this one a couple of hours ago , seems pretty chill its not late late but like late enough to emerge and say hi lol. amny advice for a ratard like me coming into a place like this? thx
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>>3578 based
>>2466 Minecraft Alpha is max comfy. Honestly, Notch should've just stuck with the oldschool/low-res look. Even later versions before he sold the game looked weird with more detailed textures on square everything. That and adding the brightness slider took away any fear of the darkness because you can see everything outside at night even without torches. And while I know there's better farming methods, I still use X's farm design or similar on occasions I play MC again. It's comfy and it works. In Beta when Towny/RPG servers were common I used to build houses with deep basements and just layer farms using glass to get sunlight all the way down.
>stumbled upon imageboards about a month or 2 ago Man, get away now. For your own good, dont start it if you can


no cookies?