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Latestation Quilt 2019-08-13 (Tue) 23:19:09 No. 38 [Reply] [Last]
Hey guys. The radio has backgrounds again, plus a new top-bar! One of the things we wish to do is update the track list, so please suggest tracks and albums that you think have the right theme. You can directly upload single tracks here, or if you have several suggestions, you could reach our team at mailbox(at)late.city. Also, if there are any tracks that don't seem to belong, feel free to let us know, so we can do a pass over them ourselves. Check it out! http://radio.late.city ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Old Message] We are going to do some track cleanup, add some more tracks, convert flacs etc. Should see new stuff over the next few days. Still looking for music suggestions. Enjoy! 2019/10/18
Edited last time by admin on 2022-11-23 (Wed) 09:11:46.
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Welcome home. Quilt 2019-08-13 (Tue) 02:35:16 No. 1 [Reply] [Last]
Back in the 8chan days the idea of a /late/ image-board, independent of our parent site was something of a pipe dream. Now we are here, long after our obscure birth in 2015. I couldn't have set all this up without the help of my friend Max, who also made the radio at radio.late.city, though other people contributed music to it. We hope to be in for the long haul, and for you to be in it with us. Enjoy, sleepy anons. And again, Welcome; You have a friend in /late/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Late Administration's Blog] - https://blog.late.city/ | Updated 23rd November, 2022 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Friends of /late/] A place to relax - https://anon.cafe/comfy/ L'Entremonde (Francophone IB) - https://anon.cafe/ent/ 06/09/2022 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Edited last time by admin on 2022-11-23 (Wed) 18:17:13.
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>>8954 No ETA yet. We'll make an announcement and say more when we are closer to launch. >>8973 We are! Go ahead and post them, or send them in to mailbox(at)late.city

(79.18 KB 1280x720 book cat.jpg)
/lit/erature Anonymous 2020-05-28 (Thu) 10:32:59 No. 922 [Reply] [Last]
What books have you been reading lately, /late/?
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>>9109 I mean the one narrated by William Luther Pierce, who has kind of a silly Kermit voice. It seems to be available on bitchute, but old videos there tend to be phantoms.
>>9108 Props for Adam Tooze. Really like his writing style and the topic he covers
monster (manga) and psycopath bible

(408.86 KB 509x500 2021-07-26_21-44-34.png)
old buddies Anonymous 2021-07-26 (Mon) 19:40:02 No. 5079 [Reply] [Last]
hey /late/, what happened to those friends you used to hang out with?
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(119.50 KB 730x196 useless.png)
>>5079 Moved on. I stayed in my small town and got work there, to be nearer to my relatives. Most men move away to the city, or bigger towns.
>>8126 I feel this is one of the major reasons to get a family. In the end everybody leaves you and you're stuck in the children's table with a bunch of young adults trying to pretend they know everything about the world.
don't know, don't care

(65.87 KB 539x371 1000get.jpg)
Post here every time you're on /late/ Anonymous 2020-06-13 (Sat) 09:23:24 No. 1000 [Reply] [Last]
aka the comfy bants thread.
I hope you all are doing well today. Lets survive!

Also, 1000 get!
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>>9128 Somebody once said "If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got."
>>9129 very true. i realized i have let myself become very weak, almost too afraid to attempt stepping out of my comfort zone. maybe i'll look for some kind of club to join around where i live.

(177.81 KB 1032x774 IMG_20180208_224113.jpg)
/LATE/zine Issue 2 Anonymous 2022-11-28 (Mon) 06:20:47 No. 8975 [Reply]
Editors are working. The presses are warming up. The zine lives. Rejoice. Send submissions, fanmail, or hatemail to latezine[AT]airmail,cc We will not publish any email addresses from any contributors for any reason aside from the sender of the email requesting that their contributions be credited by the given email. If no instructions are given, we will automatically set your name in the credits to 'an anonymous contributor'.
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>>9101 i just stumbled in here so i hope it's not out of line to contribute an idea, but they can upload stuff to imgur and then just post the link here so no one would see it unless they went there. i make some crappy webcomics and i just throw them on imgur because i don't like using email or creating accounts anywhere.
(321.46 KB 480x480 snapshot-2.png)
(458.09 KB 640x480 camera.png)
(1.80 MB 1280x800 GetData.png)
I am something of an unsecure webcam enthusiast, (for me it's for the aesthetics of incidental art) but really all I know is Insecam. I could never quite get into Shodan or anything like that. If any anons think they could write a definitive guide on something like that, I'd really think that would be great. (If there is a reader collumn feel free to put this in there, and you can use the pictures too.)
>>9124 Really, anything cool that someone knows a lot about is probably a pretty good target for an article.

(52.16 KB 320x320 ybjin.jpg)
Anonymous 2022-11-26 (Sat) 20:42:37 No. 8940 [Reply]
Underground soundcloud rap and EDM ? https://youtu.be/Q4uuWqo9acM
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(358.16 KB 1200x1200 a2898919868_10.jpg)
Dismiss Yourself's Surge/Hexd Compilation is what got me into all this weird soundcloud songs that sound like it comes out of a blackberry cellphone. Every now and then i listen to this type of music and wonder "what the fuck am i listening to?" https://dismissyourselfarchive.bandcamp.com/album/surge-compilation-vol-1
>>9010 check out sienna sleep
>>9010 sounds like fucking repetitive electronic trash

2022 Christmas Thread Anonymous 2022-11-07 (Mon) 22:08:42 No. 8613 [Reply]
A place for talking about the holiday (plus general winter stuff). Feel free to share any Christmas media you have in this thread.
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>>8972 Would it be weird? I don't think so. I only feel weird around others when I have little in common with them because then its a matter of not pissing anyone off. If we're here then we probably have at least a few things in common. That's why I can't bring myself to go the family gatherings, which are dwindling as more die off and are not replaced with kids since no one is having kids.
>>8917 I only got into the show in the 2000s as a teenager but started from the beginning, and the first season is the only one where I've watched most of the episodes 3 or 4 times total. I have a habit of starting to go through the entire run of the show's classic years and then stopping several seasons in. It might not be as funny, but I like how grounded and rough the first season feels. >>8967 >I love winter but hate the holidays now because I reached the age where because I didn't make it, I am given a cold shoulder at family gatherings. Christmas hasn't been the same for me since I was a kid. I've never liked winter, but I miss the wondrous feeling the world seemed to have around Christmas when I was a kid. Part of it is also the fact my family moved when I just entered my tween years, and Christmases never quite felt as good since then. The post-Christmas feeling also is worse. Not only can I not get into holidays anymore, but everything feels so ephemeral that I feel bad when it's over after never having gotten into the swing of things. I wish there was a way to return to the state of perception I had as a little kid but with the knowledge I have now. I know what you mean about family, except for me it's more to do with not wanting to be around most of the people on one side of my family. I've never hit it off with them as I've gotten older, and over the past decade I've learned that my mom always felt like they were blowing her off and doesn't want to be around them. They've also kind of circled the wagons around a family member who acts like an ass. It sounds harsh, but if they act rudely toward her I don't want anything to do with them. I'd rather be around the other side of my family. Although they have drama of their own, they're much friendlier to me and the rest of my family. I don't really care about socializing with anyone else in real life, since I'll always be a black sheep and feel increasingly disconnected from this world. It's also embarrassing to have ended your 20s and to have not gone any further than where you were at when you entered them. I used to feel camaraderie with people on places like 4chan, but the ones who are posting there now feel completely alien to me. The people who are posting here and surviving sites like it feel like remnants from that era, but as time goes on it seems like there are fewer of us left. I always wonder what ended up happening to all the anonymous people I used to shitpost and argue with. Did they become Plebbitors? Get married? Develop crippling substance abuse issues? Did they kill themselves? I'm not sure if I could even be considered depressed, but I completely understand if they did. It'll be nice to get a day off and spend time with some family members, but I'd be lying if I said that I didn't miss being able to get into the spirit of the season.
(1.11 MB 720x544 Spiderclaus.mp4)
A cute spider for you guys.

Late Makes A Setting Anonymous 2022-10-24 (Mon) 18:36:23 No. 8424 [Reply]
Inspired by /tg/ threads of old, I thought it might be fun if /late/ spitballed a fantasy universe. A little reprieve from the daily melancholy of reality. It would be easy to say it would be a world of eternal night but maybe days are instead usually a twilight gloom, and a true day is a rare and important occurance like an eclipse? Or both nights and days last ages, like a month, and dramatically change the nature of the world during their cycle. A cold distant sun pinned in a grey sky means the daylight magic is dominant, and the nocturnals all scuttle to their castles and caves, but soon that massive moon will hang low, and the world will be engulfed in darkness once again. What kind of rules and powers govern this world? What sort of creatures, people, and factions inhabit it?
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(271.30 KB 1280x1207 c3228c27e53c071ab0297b3ff5c647a9.jpg)
I have this vision of a fortress city of the sun, that has it's walls besiged by daemoniacle nocturnal creatures of all shapes and sizes of unknown origin. There also has to be some tragic brotherhood of nocturnal knights.
Instead of a whole world the specific /late/ part could be just one area in the world.
>>8424 this sounds cool, i love this sort of world. for some inspiration there is a story called The Night Land by William Hope Hodgson which is about such a place, i recommend it and an audio version is on youtube.

(51.44 KB 502x600 502px-BibleWarningLabel.jpg)
Fuck the Recursive Bible! Anonymous 2022-06-06 (Mon) 02:47:39 No. 6997 [Reply]
Have any of you ever spent so much time with fundamentalists that you started thinking characters from the Bible decided to read the Bible itself to figure out what they had to do next? FUCK THE RECURSIVE BIBLE! Also, days were less than 24 hours long in the distant past, "red" was sometimes used in the Bible to describe brown objects, and most Bible-thumpers might secretly be porn addicts.
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>>7948 Herp-derp knee-jerks like this and especially "m-muh cringe fedora" do nothing but chase people even further from religion because it makes its adherents look like emotional morons.
>>8016 If the end result will be the same, then why does it matter?
To be fair, I was a porn addict for much of my life thus far, but during that whole time I was a strident atheist. Ever since reading the Bible i've been doing it much less and only to naked women.

(36.93 KB 640x430 Current Year.jpg)
Vent Thread Anonymous 2022-11-11 (Fri) 18:52:04 No. 8674 [Reply]
In an effort to keep the rest of the board comfy and serene, this thread will serve as an outlet for all of our justly built-up aggression, be it from work, normies, or even the 'Misses'. I personally will be posting about my job in a Detroit hospital mostly, but other stuff will probably make its way in. Hopefully this will keep us from being rude or fighting against each other (us latefrens have to stick together, after all.)
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>>8758 millennial women were horrible when they were young. I can't imagine what Zoomers and Alpha has to deal with. I assume it's just more of the same but even worse.
>>8807 How? First you go through a radicalization phase and if you're lucky you don't get investigated by multiple law enforcement agencies. Then you either snap or the cops get to you before then because of your increasingly extreme online rhetoric and then you're stuck on the radar constantly looking over your shoulder forever. Then you realize that either way this society can't be saved and even the most horrific acts imaginable barely even register in what passes as common discourse unless some social justice pet peeve is at stake. Don't think you're going to save anything because you're not. This society has a death wish. I went back to the Bible.
>>8853 lol story of my life. In America no one gives a shit about anything. They just want more money to fill the emptiness they dare not mention. I once thought consumerism was just a dumb thing dumb people do but then I realized its immense spiritual value after getting a career; you fill your inner void with useless garbage that gives you a momentary dopamine hit. Only young people have a sense of passion because they're not yet totally hollowed out by this predatory society. Adult life in America is the grimmest thing in the history of time. Evil prison society, I'd love to move to another country.

(2.72 MB 4032x3024 PXL_20221206_012055714.jpg)
Anonymous 2022-12-06 (Tue) 01:23:17 No. 9100 [Reply]
It's nice and warm. I don't want to close it.
Put some chicken skewers in that baby.

unsorted strange thoughts and feelings Anonymous 2022-12-05 (Mon) 23:33:50 No. 9099 [Reply]
before i start i want to encourage future visitors to also dump their late thoughts strange ideas and nebulous feelings over here. maybe you will achieve clarity. traveling, traveling by train. i always loved both of them because they are the same, especially at night. they produce that nebulous but at the same time crystal clear feeling of you being magically connected to someone else, to someone being a complete stranger to you to someone you dont know the face name or soul of but someone you know, you really really know and that means you knowing that he feels the same. the sweet melancholy and at the same time clarity of being in a simultaneously glossy-new and old-scraty technological masterpiece travelling through the depths, or is it better to say heights, of the night really makes you feel the fact that all humans are connected because all humans are connected. this is something that i had the luck to experience at a very young age, back in a world where there were people feeling like me, but nowerdays it seems like almost all of humanity has been replaced with myriads of of copies of the same soulless being i am not sure whether it is a monkey or a ghost. and i hate this new being replacing humanity, i hate it with passion, because i want the old humanity back the old humanity of souls being connected back. the old, the missing humans who were so similar because they were so different and drowned in the desert of the new humanity, like i am currently drowning, so consider this my last outcry. i passionately, hartfullfillingly hate those new, empty, soulless, copypasted humans, they are sticky warm and disgusting. where is the the cold breeze? where? the cold breeze wont be felt by humans because there arent any humans left, only disgusting soulless beings, defying nature with their piping hot disgusting self. i want the cold wind in my hair back. and this is the reason i hate them with all thats left of myself, i hate them so much i often dream of starting an arson to make them suffer. but then on wonderful late nights like today i see the memory of the beautiful brand new but simultaneously centuries old train travelling through the depths, or wouldnt it be better to call them heights, of the night, telling me not to. that i should not burn myself in my hatred, but instead love the real humanity, the one actually being human, with their souls connected, showing them as being beautiful. that kind of beautiful you see in the thorny bushes you see at playgrounds in winter, the best proof that beauty cannot be found by searching, only by finding, because the core of beauty is not visuals as suggested in the lies of the soulless but in being human. lets all love humanity. let's all love humanity!

money Anonymous 2020-12-22 (Tue) 14:41:11 No. 2080 [Reply]
how do you guys make money as neets? i am given money a few times a year and i usually buy stuff online and lie about not getting it so i can get a refund. that way i can get more stuff for less. it sucks not having a job though, i have no financial freedom so if i want something i can never get it.
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i drive trucks. right now i have the most free time i've had my entire trucking career and so my schedule on my off time flips to nights. i live out of the truck and make enough to sustain my lifestyle. computer, internet access, ps4, coffee, food, all the clothes i could need for a week or two. when i'm off, i sleep long hours and when i'm awake i shut the sleeper curtains to keep out light, open some windows for a breeze and game, watch shows, or learn. the job pays well and i have no apartment so i have minimal expenses. i get online orders sent to my trucking companies terminal or a family members house.
>>9079 I'm nearly finished with school, I was looking into trucking but I know next to nothing about it aside from the occasional Truck Sim session lmao What are the hardest parts about trucking? I always figured parking/maneuvering would be painfully difficult
I have $0.00 in savings, $5.00 in my wallet, and no job. I'm fucked! I have some shit laying around the house that I could sell which is probably my only option at this point. Sell everything that I can and just find a new place to live and then start over. Is it even possible to really do this? I have stuff over 30 years old from my childhood that now costs a fortune. Will I really be able to get the stuff I care about back???? Is it possible?

(37.94 KB 450x600 led4.jpg)
(82.83 KB 600x340 led3.jpg)
(26.82 KB 500x248 led2.jpg)
(765.18 KB 940x500 led.jpg)
Tribute to old street lights Anonymous 2022-09-30 (Fri) 02:35:12 No. 8157 [Reply]
LED street lights have ruined the way that streets used to look. The streets now will forever look sterile and less comforting to the eye, compared to the soft former. Anyone else miss the comforting feeling of the old style lamps? Obscure thing to thread about, but I feel like nobody else has noticed this.
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>>9048 I don't know if the old lights were more wasteful and I understand that it lights the night better but it was aesthetically pleasing, easier on the eyes, and colored the night a warm glow. I like the night because it feels personal and the hue streetlights gave off complimented the veiling of darkness, it was soothing.
>>9048 LED generates more blue light whereas halogen most closely mimicks natural lighting, even the colored LEDs. I hate blue light, it strains my eyes. I wear led glasses whenever facing a computer.
>>9083 >I wear led glasses whenever facing a computer check out f.lux - https://justgetflux.com/ (Windows also has this integrated as "Night Light" or something) also check out the Dark Reader browser extension.

(225.96 KB 540x677 stolas.png)
Anonymous 2021-07-02 (Fri) 02:50:50 No. 4894 [Reply]
But only if you post "hoot!" in this thread.
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>>4894 hoot!

(64.55 KB 1366x738 2011.png)
old minecraft appreciation Anonymous 2022-11-28 (Mon) 15:26:58 No. 8983 [Reply]
i was going through an archive and found some really old minecraft jars and worlds. i've really grown to enjoy this game over the years, but i've fallen back into older versions and found they're very comfy. anyone have stories of old minecraft, or mc in general?
13 posts and 12 images omitted.
>>9065 I'm surprised they haven't added more paintings this far into the game
>>9072 You know, for all the stuff added to the game it is surprising they haven't done anything new with the paintings. If I'm not mistaken, the last painting they added was in 2012.
While looking at the history of Minecraft paintings, it turns out 2 of them are based on paintings of the map de_aztec from the game Counter Strike. I never would have guessed.

Lost My Mojo Anonymous 2022-09-08 (Thu) 04:14:06 No. 7899 [Reply]
Currently I'm having a minor identity crisis where I feel as if my ideals and role-models are not only trivial and don't matter, but are the result of some yet unknown trivial and irrational reasoning Its like someone just ripped my blanket away from me, and I'm just now waking up from a dream Its like the past months of my life were just me going through some phase, instead of coming to know what I really want out of life. Its like I wanted to feel that way for the sake of it, pitying myself for not doing anything with my life If I continue to pursue these ambitions and goals without having my heart in it, it feels shallow and inauthentic if I try and force myself back into this state of mind, It'd feel ingenuine and inauthentic I'm afraid I'd be larping or that I've already been larping for the sake of feeling unique or special It doesn't help I've been watching movies/shows/videos that trigger and reinforce this mindset, not to reinforce my ideals per'se but to feed further into it, instead of getting off my ass and pursing my dreams. How do I restore my deep seeded connection with whatever it is on a deeper, emotional level How do I rekindle this mindset, going beyond knowing it but feeling it Should I even bother if it was super easy for it to go out

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>9014 I see. I have a few questions, then. What precipitated that? Are you moved to try to get things back together, or does it seem like there's no point? Can you do 100 pushups in under an hour? This last question may sound absurd, but it's hard to reawaken your spirit if your body is still asleep.
>>9026 > 1. What precipitated that? * Unhealthy sleeping, eating, sexual, and leisurely habits It wasn't bad enough to curb my emotions or inner-drive though If anything the disgust I felt for my own hedonsim made me want to pursue my goals even more To reinvent myself into someone better Instead they'd end up consuming the vast majority of my time and attention * Realizing my personality/life-experience isn't profoud or authentic, just a mental disorder Being told, whether directly or indirectly, that you and everything you stand for are trivial That what you stand for was born from an albiet common but pathetic existence That everything is inside your own head and nothing matters And somehow feeling content with that > 2. Are you moved to try to get things back together, or does it seem like there's no point? * I would like to return back to who I was before

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>9056 It sounds like the problem is ultimately of belief, and possibly beliefs about yourself that you've internalized from people (possibly narcissists) around you. Lack of sincere belief in the future is one reason people get into a rut, unhappy, but without a clear path to improvement. You've got to find the path. The most dangerous thing seems to be when people get into a habit of negative thoughts, because then they react to those thoughts by becoming more negative. The imagination is the source of both hope and despair, so you have to use your imagination consciously to align your self-concept with what you want your future to be. The first step to solving that problem is to gain control of your mind, for which I recommend the practice of watching your thoughts without reacting to them (ie, meditation.) The practice is often introduced with the idea of the "monkey mind", or by comparing the mind to a horse or bull which needs to be tamed and yoked in order to serve its purpose and stop shitting everywhere. The tldr of it is to just sit and count your breaths, and when thoughts intrude and interrupt the count, notice that these are the contents of your mind all the time, whether you're always aware of them or not. Being in shape makes it easier, since if your legs are light and springy, and your arms are firm and powerful, your mind will be, too. Making a plan around that, which you can execute every morning, is a good idea.

late tier usernames Anonymous 2021-01-11 (Mon) 01:36:10 No. 2252 [Reply]
need good username ideas, leave them if you have any
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>>9058 illuminati prostate would be a fucking awesome metal band name
>>9058 >>9061 Yeah, that's way better than what I had.

Anonymous 2022-10-22 (Sat) 00:00:56 No. 8341 [Reply]
>I (24M) have a friend (23F) who cosplays anime characters and she was telling me about the Ochako Uraraka cosplay set she bought >ask her if I could see her wearing it >she says only if I cosplay a character she picks >i said okay >she sent me pic rel and said she has the wig I haven't responded since What did she mean by this?
26 posts and 6 images omitted.
>>9027 My "wiener" is cold and unloved.
>>9043 Schlong, if you prefer, or perhaps hog. Dingus, even.
>>9046 I prefer to call it "The One Who Shall Not Be Namedâ„¢"

(60.02 KB 945x1076 10.jpg)
brain death Anonymous 2022-11-22 (Tue) 19:17:20 No. 8865 [Reply]
I do not deserve to live. Life in general is meaningless, but some people deserve to exist more than others and I realized that after so much effort that I'm not one of those lives. Reality, people, family, love... and all those stuff never made sense to me, but why? why those things are so complicated if they are normal stuff? I want it, but I can't understand, sometimes I feel like I have a terminal illness. I think it's because I simply shouldn't exist, maybe there is no me. My place is in the void, in the dark, where there is no evidence of consciousness.
1 post and 1 image omitted.
(8.05 MB 640x360 raymondkhessel.mp4)
>>8870 tldr
>>8865 I hope she is having a nice dream You are what you repeatedly to, no less than your actions. If you want to feel like something more than an amoeba you must put in a program to act like, and convince yourself that you can be a good and normal person. If you stand still you'll stagnate. Do something, anything. Make it small, then make it bigger. Convince yourself you can be something else, only you can in the end. You don't have to feel at home in the miserable void, it is a place of false comfort. Move, man.
>I do not deserve to live. <You have decided that. You are responsible for your decisions.

technology general thread Anonymous 2021-03-30 (Tue) 19:28:28 No. 3501 [Reply] [Last]
whats up late? what hardware have you been running lately, and what os have you been subjecting your private information to?
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>>7595 I have a homlab made out of 3 old thinkpads, must check out whether I can set up wake on Lan on them. Then vpn, nfs storage and torrents
(4.01 MB 6000x4500 1549846936455.jpg)
I moved to OpenSUSE Tumbleweed recently. I only needed windows for one game that didn't work well enough through wine. I decided that playing games was using too much of my time and spent a few hours backing everything up and getting set up. I find that I spend more time in windows than I intend when I have dualboot functioning, so I'm not doing that anymore. Zypper is a little slow, but I have had no issues with Tumbleweed so far. I recommend OpenSUSE, even. Anybody else moving away from windows recently?
(5.73 KB 640x480 neo.png)
Uhhhh my 64-bit ARM board with Ubuntu just rebooted itself out of the blue the other day, for no reason while I was browsing with chromium. I don't have a good feeling about this, so I swapped out the microSD with another one that has OpenBSD on it. The web browser on there isn't as fast, but so long as it works that's good enough for me. Plus I shouldn't be using those modern browsers much to begin with, and Ubuntu was letting me get used to a bad habit. Also I removed the extra serial port definitions in my cubietruck FEX file, because it somehow was conflicting with tty0. I don't understand why because I checked all the pin assignments, etc. but it completely hosed the TX, so I could only see messages on the serial console but not type anything. That means I'm stuck using the USB<->serial adaptor, for now (until I can figure out what I did wrong). Also I played some tetris (from bsdgames) over the serial and it was pretty fun. :-) The serial port runs slower than ssh, so there's a small bit of lag that makes things more interesting in a "retro" sort of way. Right now it's set to 115200 baud, maybe it would be more interesting at 9600. At some point I'll need to upgrade this from 6.9 to 7.2 or whatever they're up to now. Might be better to get another SD card and do a fresh install though (plus that way there's a backup too).

/metal/ thread: Dark Edition Anonymous 2022-11-03 (Thu) 01:46:41 No. 8572 [Reply]
Post and discuss your favorite metal bands and share any riffs you're working on!
3 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>8648 The last part of the album, Dernier Chant is a masterpiece. I listened it recently as I was wandering the Sofia suburbs in the dying light of the end of a sad autumn day and it was a really intense experience.
(23.47 KB 378x477 snek.jpg)
(49.99 KB 300x468 erherh.jpg)
(84.27 KB 300x414 euh ok.jpg)
(108.21 KB 1280x720 poppki forest.jpg)
(94.70 KB 379x599 R-6847373-1427885639-6302.jpg)
(322.07 KB 1200x1200 treeee.jpg)
(644.88 KB 1200x1200 a1390002523_10.jpg)
I don't have any metal recommendation or anything but i wanted some black metal related pics. So here are some

(996.73 KB 1280x1280 Untitled125_20220107015049.png)
I can't stop masturbating Anonymous 2022-04-02 (Sat) 03:35:56 No. 6578 [Reply]
I just finished jacking off, and I don't feel very nice about it. It feels like every 2 days, I relapse into masturbating, and I really wanna quit. Any help, bros?
14 posts omitted.
>>8947 Just one finger. They call him Captain Hook.
>>8945 I dunno. I can came really quickly if I want as I can spend an entire afternoon rubbing my dick gently without cuming. I know in the morning (just after waking up) I can more easily cum really fast (maybe because my balder is full of piss and it do some presure on the prostat).
>>8961 I can't cum if I have to piss.

(2.69 MB 470x470 latespace.gif)
Dream Thread Anonymous 2019-10-27 (Sun) 05:01:00 No. 204 [Reply] [Last]
What would /late/ be without talking about your dreams? Had a strange one this morning where I was stuck in a gothic cathedral that was actually a mall inside. There was a hidden space underground with comfy chairs and vidya. I can't really remember much else directly though.
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>>7910 I haven't had a single good or even memorable dream since that one. Could be worse, I guess: I could have more of these: >>1046
I was on-site at a clinic my workplace does IT work for, and one of the nurses there complimented my hair saying it was the best she'd ever seen. Was a little disappointed when I woke up, but at least I didn't feel crushed like I do waking up from most good dreams revolving around women. IRL she's friendly toward me and also cute (early on, she'd suddenly sound excited when identifying myself on the phone and when leaving on-sites she'd always wave, though she's not like this now), but I have no idea if that's just how she is toward everyone or if she likes me in particular.
>>204 I don't dream anymore, or at least I can't remember them, at all. The only thing I remember are nightmares and they are always the same. I am always being chased by something and I wake up whenever that thing is getting close.