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(2.64 MB 4128x3096 20220323_134129.jpg)
Urbex thread Anonymous 03/29/2022 (Tue) 18:11:08 No. 6569 [Reply]
Post some urbex pictures, videos or stories.
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>>6570 Looks like a nice view judging from those last three pictures.
There's not a lot of stuff within short distance of me that's abandoned or worth exploring, but I might drive out to further cities if there's anything worth checking out. The most I've done is exploring schools after hours (at least on a school night there's the risk of being caught by faculty still there who could catch you snooping around), explore some closed off storm drains, and years ago there was construction on the freeway ramp nearby. That was probably the most fun and I did that a few times before construction completed. It was really dark out when I'd explore, and I still had a flip phone at the time so my pictures all came out black. Climbing on the dark side of the ramp to stay hidden didn't help for pictures either. You could climb to the top as no cars could drive on it yet and even climb inside the machines. I could see into the bedroom windows of some houses nearby, and I was too far away in the dark for them to see me. (Sadly no one did anything interesting. It was usually just people lounging in bed fully clothed watching TV before going to sleep.) Due to some issues getting back home one time I did have to trespass through a backyard. Would probably be scarier now due to more homes having Ring cameras or similar, but even then I chose the most abandoned looking one.
>>6570 Nice. I'd love to explore an abandoned factory but everything here is in operation. My best bet would be to just find whichever one is the quietest and hope security is minimal. Not really interested in dealing with security though unless I know the area well enough to find good hiding spots.

(23.09 KB 366x272 Tenchiu.jpg)
Anime Anonymous 03/05/2020 (Thu) 19:44:01 No. 646 [Reply] [Last]
hey /late/, what are some of the earliest anime you've watched?

also, which series (current/past seasons) are meant to watch /late/ at night?
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(4.10 KB 177x209 p[oarit345.png)
>>3716 >3gp >wap sites boy, brings back memories
>>3716 >>6194 I've never even seen downloads in native 3gp. The lowest quality I saw was usually 144p/240p mp4 downloads. I'd do that for shows I liked in high school and used an awful freeware 3gp converter if I wanted to play them on my phone.
>>1089 if nobody remembers, it didnt happen!

/x/ - 2sp00ky Anonymous 06/10/2022 (Fri) 04:45:32 No. 7058 [Reply]
When is a more appropriate time for horror material than the witching hour? Anything creepy from movies to sea monsters.
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(673.13 KB 759x1044 1432868293974.jpg)
(61.91 KB 600x900 1432868404119.jpg)
(31.68 KB 600x600 1432868514454.jpg)
(32.31 KB 600x800 1432868692993.jpg)
(211.51 KB 600x848 1432868787863.jpg)
(340.74 KB 850x846 1432869889323.jpg)
(372.51 KB 850x566 1432869787830.jpg)
(410.08 KB 850x859 1432869965743.jpg)
(206.01 KB 640x487 1432869664032.jpg)
(332.73 KB 900x1017 1432872125302.jpg)
(261.26 KB 1024x1448 1432872258676.jpg)
(41.16 KB 500x499 1432872365697.jpg)
(257.41 KB 902x1280 1432871922894.jpg)
(275.26 KB 1024x1448 1432872604572.jpg)
(169.87 KB 900x1272 1432872710238.jpg)
(197.43 KB 1024x1262 1432872870683.jpg)
(990.96 KB 1257x1202 1432874298412.png)
(490.89 KB 704x960 1432874146989.jpg)
(44.32 KB 625x470 1432874693022.jpg)
(139.21 KB 688x933 1432873973154.jpg)
(279.74 KB 1200x593 1432873901949.jpg)
(68.52 KB 420x693 1432874953755.jpg)
(53.00 KB 626x476 1432874851676.jpg)
(93.94 KB 600x646 1432875546955.jpg)

(9.92 KB 401x417 meem.jpg)
holy shit im 17 Anonymous 03/22/2022 (Tue) 12:56:02 No. 6526 [Reply]
im only 1 year away from being a legal adult and 1 year away from getting piled with responsibilities and i fucking hate that shit fuck am i gonna do now ? i got no talents and if i can't get a house by the time im 25 im literally gonna game end myself because if i can't even get my own property i have failed in all of my ventures and there will be nothing for me in this world to do but goddamn i still haven't got rid of my laziness and motivate myself to do the things i want to do
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>>7012 You can easily buy a home if you move to somewhere nobody wants to live.
>>7068 Rural Alaska is also cheap, and you can get paid a small amount to live within the state. Of course importing food gets expensive unless you're willing to hunt or grow food within some kind of greenhouse.
>>7072 yeah i'd be willing to hunt food with bow and spear since i doubt i could afford guns

Anonymous 12/26/2021 (Sun) 03:20:02 No. 5971 [Reply]
Why is it a criminal offence to not help someone who is dying in the street? In Serbia you can get up to 8 years in prison for ignoring a dying person and in a lot of european countries you get six months to 5 years. Why is this a crime? I don't see how it should be unless you caused the person to be dying in the first place.
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>>5985 And you can even be charged with murder if you ignore a dying person despite you not being the person who stabbed them
>>5985 >>5986 Well, fren, that is pretty messed up. As a NEET, I can only advise you avoid normies as much as possible. Sadly, until Christ comes, we are going to be living under retarded laws for quite awhile.
>>5971 The logic is that you could've saved the person but neglected them instead leaving them to die. >>5976 In the US, you are protected under the law if you attempt to help someone in need but injure them, but many people don't care enough to help, don't know how to help, or are afraid to be sued in this sue-happy country. (Even if you tried to save a life and failed, you're fucked if you're taken to court and found guilty of murder and can't sufficiently prove you were being a good Samaritan.) Off-duty doctors also won't usually get involved because good Samaritan laws don't always sufficiently protect them against potential malpractice accusations. If a doctor loses a malpractice case, they'll face fines, jailtime, or even losing their medical license. This isn't an issue for good doctors working within a hospital and having their medical equipment, but on the street on a day off without all their medical supplies? They're fucked in a region that makes no distinction between helping someone on the clock vs off the clock.

(4.35 MB 640x360 Contigency_Message_Reel.mp4)
Anonymous 05/13/2020 (Wed) 01:58:00 No. 860 [Reply]
I have a dark fascination with this seemingly 'end of the world' status we're entering. Will the future hold death or solace? I don't know.
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(29.97 KB 506x532 4am Stu.jpg)
>>860 We're all going to die someday, but I've heard death is very peaceful at least. (Even painful deaths quickly become painless once your body realizes it's over.) >>3765 I don't know what to expect anymore. I stopped going to church years ago and am not religious, but everything going on in the world definitely feels like something worse is coming, whether it's natural or manmade disasters. I just don't believe it's some foretold prophecy. I personally became agnostic out of a mix of not knowing, and not caring. I don't know what will happen to us after death, or even what crazy shit the human race will do to itself in the next century, but whatever happens happens. I feel powerless to change or predict anything.
There's some comfort in knowing that the world isn't ending just for me but for a lot of other people. It's also sad, but then I remember there are a lot of people who have had to witness their worlds ending around them. Imagine how it must have felt living during the Black Plague. I just wish people had more of a sense of community in the real world.
>>7049 >I just wish people had more of a sense of community in the real world. Although I'm not religious, that is one thing I envy about some religious groups. Some of them do look out and care for one another. They really feel like they belong somewhere, and to someone. Every attempt I've made just to make new friends post-high school goes nowhere while my old friends drift away. I've accepted my life will probably be in mostly solitude at this point.

Is anyone still here? Anonymous 05/16/2022 (Mon) 06:01:28 No. 6808 [Reply]
I can't tell if I'm here alone or not...
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(9.21 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
I'm here too.
(51.90 KB 712x960 79b77a01afd09333.jpg)
>>7036 Temps and humidity have dropped considerably enough to turn off the AC. But for how long? Summer starts in a dozen nights.

Late Night /tv/ Anonymous 06/01/2021 (Tue) 07:49:54 No. 4525 [Reply]
What do you enjoy watching late at night /late/? For me, it’s been binge watching King of The Hill (plus an episode of an anime here or there).
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efPrtcLdcdM guy trains GPT-J on /pol/ and the result is great
(609.49 KB 320x240 me on da computer.gif)
>>4525 King of the Hill for me too, actually
Mostly minecraft videos (like hermitcraft smp) and the occasional /x/-related.

(1.42 MB 6481x3361 comfcore.jpg)
(1.47 MB 1900x1376 smoker_drawing.jpg)
(2.27 MB 5472x3648 wallhaven-741929.jpg)
(997.79 KB 3840x2160 wallhaven-614365.jpg)
Wallpaper thread Anonymous 08/13/2019 (Tue) 04:27:37 No. 17 [Reply] [Last]
It has to be done
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(719.68 KB 1920x1080 1652596190898(1).jpg)
(553.61 KB 1920x1080 1652596001311(1).jpg)
(1.37 MB 1920x1080 1652595768486(1).png)
(2.48 MB 3840x2160 1652595821485(1).jpg)
(901.21 KB 2560x1440 1649725199249(1).jpg)
(1015.45 KB 1920x1080 1649725028018(1).jpg)
(613.10 KB 2048x1365 1649724918262(1).jpg)
(918.25 KB 1920x1080 1649724826386(1).jpg)
(689.08 KB 2048x1367 1649045699945(1).jpg)
(1.04 MB 2880x1800 1649045498703(1).jpg)
(2.56 MB 1920x1400 1649045406261(1).jpg)
(234.70 KB 1440x960 1649045579035(1).jpg)
(731.52 KB 1920x1080 1649045455166(1).jpg)
(3.02 MB 1920x1080 1649045116422(1).jpg)
(1007.83 KB 2048x1365 1649045077822(1).jpg)
(1.30 MB 2048x1352 1649044922729(1).jpg)
(122.52 KB 1920x1080 1649044954680(1).jpg)
(388.31 KB 1920x1080 1649044888337(1).jpg)
(345.55 KB 1920x1080 1649043997549(1).jpg)
(845.10 KB 2048x1366 1649043422060(1).jpg)
(4.21 MB 3840x2400 1649042952233(1).jpg)
(1.68 MB 3610x2191 1647826790285(1).jpg)
(2.91 MB 1920x1080 1647815500498(1).png)
(438.53 KB 1920x1080 1647815136716(1).jpg)

(382.62 KB 474x3950 Conspiracy.jpg)
Conspiracy and Truth Anonymous 12/31/2021 (Fri) 23:47:41 No. 6018 [Reply]
Share anything you have, lads. Here we discuss the vast array of information the powers-that-be would like to keep out of the public consciousness. Nothing is more /late/ than getting paranoid over some schizo gold. I debated whether or not to make this thread as there are others regarding the paranormal, so make sure to check those out too. Also, try to keep it somewhat reasonable (i.e. don't post without at least some reasoning).
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>>6018 a recent conspiracy would have to be the 20 food processing plants that have been destroyed so far this year. there's no way that these food shortages are not manufactured
>>6981 Is there anything that isn't manipulated?

(91.99 KB 830x462 Untitled.gif)
Anonymous 06/08/2022 (Wed) 12:36:24 No. 7026 [Reply]
Do you think this is some sort of game? YouTube sided with Quantum TV, Act Man lost. Stop being heterophobic and racist. There are enough people causing problems

(26.21 KB 500x335 sad.jpg)
Anonymous 05/11/2022 (Wed) 23:18:00 No. 6776 [Reply]
Does anybody have difficulty in expressing their thoughts in written form? I mean i can form an argument in my head; I can read perfectly fine, but when i want to write something, my mind goes blank. all the vocabularies i know disappear from my pathetic head and not know what to say. Why am i like this? Do i have brain damage or something? It happens to 3 languages i know. I've read many books from grammar, philosophy to fiction. yet, nothing seems to fix this shit. It appears i am destined to be spectator,lurker.. I wonder if someone here feels the same.
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>>6951 Thanks for your compliment,i guess >especially if discussing a contentious topic. In spoken conversation I can usually get my point across correctly, but for some reason what I mean often gets lost in writing. you just explained precisely what i wanted to say and in a better way. All i can say is that we're in the same position.
(911.50 KB 4573x3061 sea slug dragon.jpg)
yes, so much. although i have an even worse time talking. but i have adhd and autsim lol. i should work on journaling more i just feel lazy and get frustrated when I can't formulate things, just like you said..
>>6949 I know that feel late. As a non native english speaker it's sometimes difficult to formulate a sentence that fits perfectly the idea i want to bring. Also it's quite frustrating because I'm unable to express myself with a such beautiful language as my own. I usually take care of using some nice constructed sentences, using the good best word and formulation to achieve the perfect blend of esthetic that fits the idea I want to express.

Love without happiness. Anonymous 05/17/2022 (Tue) 02:01:15 No. 6821 [Reply]
This grading period has been the source of a lot of stress for me. Met a girl I really connected with, but after a few weeks of spending time with each other we realized we weren’t a good mix and decided to end our relationship on a high note. I never told her, but part of the reason I got involved with her in the first place was to get my mind off someone else who rejected me. Maybe that’s why I felt a connection, it was just my bias towards trying to fill that gap. I’ve felt empty lately, and my continued obsession with this one girl is the primary reason. She’s been leading me on for a while, I feel. Does you texting me out of nowhere mean nothing? Am I just reading you wrong? You’ve given me all the reasons to believe that I have a chance but you pull the rug out from under me when I try to take it. Boards Like /late/ are such soothing forms of escapism from that. So thank you, late.citizens, thank you for making my evenings easier.
>>6821 >So thank you, late.citizens, thank you for making my evenings easier. ur welcome m8
Nothing wrong with that.

(716.79 KB 3120x4160 1610565060248.jpg)
This world is almost perfect Anonymous 12/31/2021 (Fri) 07:08:55 No. 6009 [Reply]
How much farther can I twist it with my prayer action ability and my laser rifles?
laser rifles? not far. you need a bolter
>>6009 Well, that depends, are you using that shitty Army variant from the war or the actual Wattz 2000. Prayer always helps though.
What ever X-files shit this dude is up to, no one will ever catch him, and if they do, what ever happened will never be declassified. Godspeed, I guess, laser rifle crusader.

(52.05 KB 299x475 32585._SY475_.jpg)
/lit/ thread Anonymous 02/06/2022 (Sun) 02:09:41 No. 6233 [Reply]
Anyone else get their best reading done at night time? The ambience of the outside world muffled by the darkness as well as the cozy fuzziness of being sleepy makes it a lot easier to feel what the book is describing. It's really nice and one of the few times I get to read uninterrupted by stuff i need to get done. Anyway, what are you reading tonight anons? >picrel
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I just got a copy of The Catcher in The Rye and read 15 chapters in one go last night.
>>6924 I've been thinking about that recently. What are you liking about it so far?
(76.26 KB 310x484 Wehrwolf, Der.jpg)
I'm reading pic related, and I've started Gogo no Eiko and a lot of other books without finishing them. Bothers me a little how much I'll never read and games I'll never play. I heard Knut Hamsun was thrown in the looneybin after WW2 for supporting the nazi occupation.

Anonymous 08/13/2019 (Tue) 16:49:28 No. 30 [Reply] [Last]
Why do you stay up late?

personally I find myself to be a lot more relaxed and creative at night. There’s no stress, you do what you want to do and no one else is awake to tell you otherwise, compared to during the day when there’s always things that have to be done, whether it be work or chores, a time when people expect things from you.

It’s a feeling that I can't really replicate during the day. drawing or reading in the dark while it rains outside with a cup of tea in hand is very comfy, a time when you can truly unwind.
67 posts and 19 images omitted.
Lately I've been up until dawn fairly regularly. The air cools down and my laptop no longer needs to run the fan as I work. The kids in the neighborhood are asleep, as are the wiggers and their wiggermobiles. I get that sense that this is "my time." Nobody's going to bother me and all that. A kind of relief, like I can raise the blinds and look at the moon, sip my tea and listen to a symphony I've never heard before. Even if I use the time for something as mundane as making flashcards from a book, it just feels right. >>6879 It's nice when people can find happiness somehow. I hope her benis is very feminine.
>>6880 >I get that sense that this is "my time." Based /late/ enjoyer.
tend to stay up late bc the night time feels like my own time of being and daytime feels like time for other beings. idunno. new here doh. I feel like interacting with other nightly beings will be interesting. I also tend to be more creative at night and when I really push my wake time I get trippy feels. but the tired feeling can be a bitch.

(392.82 KB 755x281 octopex_planche.gif)
(8.83 MB 1280x658 Allez Viens.mp4)
Viens papoter sur La Planche l'ami Anonymous 05/11/2022 (Wed) 13:59:40 No. 6770 [Reply]
I like this board. Really. It's slow, comfy, dark themed and discussions are qualitative. So I think advertising my board here is a nice idea. I don't plan to steal posters here because it's a french speaking IB. It's currently the only left french IB on the internets, for the moment it's hosted on 8chan.moe. I would like to build a proper one (based on Lynxchan) but I don't really have the time to invest in nor the proper tech skills (I'm learning). See it as an experimentation and a refuge for french IB users, it's still young and haven't advertised a lot. So if you want to speak french or for my fellows frenchies out there, feel free to visit https://8chan.moe/planche/
1 post omitted.
>>6878 >I guess all the other French boards He thinks there are "other" french boards. Cute.
(1.73 MB 3476x1700 20F.jpg)
There was another one at frchan.bet or frchan.xyz, but I don't know where it's at now.
(213.55 KB 1835x634 FRlainterm.gif)
>>6889 frchan.bet => went TOR only => dead Not so long before, Acrimonie => dead Cable6 => dead And some other obscure attempts => dead That's why I opened La Planche. Even (I know) if frenchfags don't use IBs a lot, we need to have a place. La Planche est notre maison pour les français / francophones de passage.

(49.00 KB 768x1024 1650136606153m.jpg)
Laser blinding rifles Anonymous 05/22/2022 (Sun) 01:51:47 No. 6867 [Reply]
I hate the antichrist

(23.11 KB 700x420 1499.jpg)
Anonymous 05/19/2022 (Thu) 02:51:43 No. 6845 [Reply]
I know that this may receive little attention. And I'm also aware that this in of itself is only an articulated idea that each and everyone of us in some capacity have felt. That of course, is the strange somewhat euphoric feeling of browsing threads way past their expiration date... They are stuck frozen in time, like a historical scripture lost to the public. In your mind you can here those ancient runes whistle their voice but, in stark contrast the realty of those words have been forgotten even by the people who have written them in the first place. For any future viewers of this website, there is a good chance you have befell in a trap. Not a trap that intended to harm you but, a trap of memory and the yearning for the younger years of your life or a desire to feel whole whilst being in a trance of confusion and unruly pessimism. You are not alone... but, you too will one day be an ancient relic that has been long forgotten.
I've nothing to add other than to say good introspective post, felt melancholic. No idea why.
hey that's how i feel too when browsing old shit and i sometimes speculate about if there will be a internet historian (not the youtuber) profession were the job is you have to decipher old internet comments and content to figure out what kind of time it was

(200.76 KB 870x549 how-to-become-a-workaholic.jpg)
How do i become a workaholic Anonymous 04/07/2022 (Thu) 06:07:16 No. 6600 [Reply]
im sick and tired of being a dysfunctional lazy cunt i'd rather become a dysfunctional workaholic that actually gets shit done
im sick and tired of being a dysfunctional workaholic. I'd rather become a dysfunctional lazy cunt that doesn't worry about getting shit done.
Younger I was a lazy fuck. Spending all days smoking weed and doing nothing. I tried lots of jobs and never feel any fulfillment. Until I started a job as a night security private guard, I like this job and it makes me happy but I still like being lazy at home listening some good music and doing nothing. You just have to found the good balance anon.
Start reading non-fiction books! Explore practical topics that both interest you and that you can apply to the real world, and before you know it getting better at things doesn't feel like work :) Computer science books, chemistry books, math books, financial management books, physical fitness guides, etc can all be a lot of fun if you give them the chance <3 also drink more coffee to do dumb things but faster and with more energy!!!

(25.55 KB 295x253 CoZY.png)
Anonymous 05/11/2022 (Wed) 01:49:30 No. 6766 [Reply]
You know I was going to shill frenschan on here as an attempt to boost our numbers under the pretenses that you guys are good people. And from what I've seen so far it still maintains a decent moral spectrum when comparing to 4chan. This place is actually pretty special.
and as such this place should remain untainted by our advertisements. This is a very cool place

(407.94 KB 340x324 Run.gif)
Preparation/Homesteading Anonymous 12/19/2021 (Sun) 16:01:34 No. 5924 [Reply]
Here we discuss any and all things related to making yourself and your loved ones self-sufficient in the event of a Happening or economic collapse. Before you dismiss this as something for the rich or those with too much time, remember that everyone starts small and that every little bit helps. The three most basic steps in my view are gardening, acquiring a firearm (that you can reliably use), and moving as far away as possible from dependence on electricity. What have you frens been doing to get ready? What do you believe to be the most likely disaster to come?
12 posts omitted.
>>6174 Notwithstanding the small size of the actual bullet, the cartridge doesn't have the stopping power to pacify the threat. It would have to be a thousand cuts death, and by then they would have returned fire.
>>5924 >gardening Something I learned from my summer gardens is to avoid growing crops with a 'large appetite' or one that uses the same nutrients from soil that others do. I loathe squashes and similar crops because of the sheer amount of nutrients it takes them to form their shells. Usually they kill everything else or only turn out one per plant in a season. Similarly, growing too many acidic plants or basic plants together can really fuck your haul over. I assume most posters here don't have industrial/generational tilled and prepped soil to work with, so try and use what natural value is there sparingly. Generally, for subsistence or supplement farming, I would advise growing one of each type of thing to use all different nutrients in moderation (i.e. one lettuce, one tomato, one hay (if livestock) one legume, one bean, etc.
lol why would you even wanna live in a world like that until you die of something incredibly treatable ten years down the road? Use the gun to neck yourself.

(629.68 KB 768x1024 Solitude.jpg)
Anonymous 02/12/2021 (Fri) 05:52:57 No. 2725 [Reply]
who /schizoid/ here?
30 posts and 6 images omitted.
(92.03 KB 980x694 Fig 3.2.png)
(155.10 KB 752x864 Fig 3.12.png)
(134.79 KB 682x918 Appendix II.png)
(107.64 KB 993x710 Appendix V.png)
>>6734 In yourself or in others? Appendix II should answer your question either way. Depending on the context: some look at avoidant like a milder form of schizoid, and others see it as one of the subtypes of schizoid personalities.
>>6736 I meant it to myself, but won't hurt knowing about others. One of main difference is avoidant wants to be around other but can't because of bad experiences in the past while schizoid are born and content to be like that. did i get it right?
>>6742 No, your mistake is in thinking that anyone is born with any of these personality disorders. While there are certain genetic traits that can make people more susceptible to developing a disorder - it isn't fate. Past experiences, upbringing, traumas, etc., especially in childhood and early life, can influence anyone into developing a disorder. If you're trying to understand your self better, focus on your self as you are now, and which of these criteria you match up with (if any) while distinguishing from the others; only after that should you look to the past. If you were schizoid and looked at the schizoid profile, you would probably match, to at least some degree, with items on the list the higher it is, but find there are too many items on the avoidant profile high on the list that don't match you at all. If you were avoidant you would have several traits of the schizoid, but would experience the social anxiety and stress, fear of rejection, feeling inferior, etc. that a schizoid would not. Keep in mind that with this view of it all being on a spectrum of schizophrenia, that there is going to be a bit of overlap. If you've concluded that there are too many matches with one of the profiles for you to ignore, and there are too many things missing or wrong with the other profiles, then you can start trying to figure out the past to understand how/why you are the way you are.

(2.98 MB 1008x720 1397373870819.webm)
(623.23 KB 495x364 1386903481.gif)
(959.67 KB 500x375 1387469581.gif)
Let's All Love Lain Anonymous 11/24/2020 (Tue) 07:15:10 No. 1777 [Reply]
no Lain thread? come on, now.
39 posts and 76 images omitted.
>>6492 That was my first post in the whole thread. All I did was stitch some frames from the PlayStation game FMVs, what is your problem with me?
>>6492 You might want to explain your boggle with more than a tweet's worth of invective. You'll probably find that you answer your own question in the attempt.
(1.04 MB 750x662 lain glove world.png)

Anonymous 04/19/2022 (Tue) 20:52:14 No. 6650 [Reply]
The multitudes are gathered to hear the message from: https://sharetext.me/m88fy7exqc Four books in the Bible; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John Jesus is Lord and Saviour and he has opened the narrow path to God our father until the end of the age. God is not desiring any should perish but should turn from their enslavement by sin and embrace his life and eternal bread and water.
>>6650 Genuinely asking, as this never made sense to me. If God is all knowing, all powerful, without beginning nor end and whatever else superlative you could possibly come up with, then why, Why would he even care about anon being a Muslim, Hindu, Christ or Jew? They look all fairly similar to me but only one of them supposed to offer your eternal salvation why - all - others will be permanently punished.
religion? kinda cringe man
(320.44 KB 1920x1080 Hotel Mario - No HD.webm)
>>6650 >believing in ancient legends >personifying the Absolute


no cookies?