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(166.02 KB 711x679 R.jpg)
howdy fellas. what are we watching tonight? Anonymous 2022-07-29 (Fri) 22:45:26 No. 7602 [Reply]
i figured i'd pop on some old anime i was once told to watch. 3 episodes long. i'm on the last one now. gotta say it's pretty dope. what are you guys chillin' to? doing anything besides just watching?
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(194.37 KB 768x576 mezzo forte posters.jpg)
That was cool, thanks op. Late reply, but you might like Mezzo Forte: another short oav with some similar vibes as far as action/violence and solving cases.. Has an h-scene in each episode but they feel tacked on and definitely aren't the reason to watch (must have been put in to help sell copies). Haven't watched anything else in a month or two, but i'll probably start Chihayafuru soon, since that looks fun.
>>8667 I personally don't like the sometimes try hard deepness of this anime. I even found it cringe sometimes. But I liked the anime for the Lain character and the general feeling of it.
(300.56 KB 1280x720 9562436_original.jpg)
>>7602 Just finished Girls Last Tour. It feels like a /late/ kind of anime. Has a beautiful soundtrack too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1kG5xjCd7Q

Dark Lunch Anonymous 2022-10-24 (Mon) 12:34:14 No. 8409 [Reply]
What do you eat when its the middle of the night and you're hungry?
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>>8410 >bowl of cereal That's usually my go to if I have some. It's most comfy as a late night snack.
>>8409 Hot soup and sandwiches.
>>8577 Even more comfy when ate in the bed just before the sleep.

(180.99 KB 1642x924 REDio.jpg)
the radio station Anonymous 2021-06-12 (Sat) 02:45:38 No. 4646 [Reply] [Last]
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Chillin out maxin relaxin all cool
(194.78 KB 860x222 Screenshot 2022-11-27 160833.png)
Even in /late/, Megalovania follows me...
>>8958 Toby Fox... That bastard...

(25.07 KB 480x480 1574864538551.jpg)
(21.89 KB 400x400 oekaki.png)
Why can't you sleep? Anonymous 2021-03-24 (Wed) 08:12:28 No. 3395 [Reply]
Sleep is healthy for you. What's keeping you awake?
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I value free time much more than sleep and don't need as much as the average person to function.
I don't know i battle sleep pretty efficiently. I often play games, watch stuff online in the evening, and you probably already know but screen light keeps you awake. Also a theory i have, is that when i was a kid from when i was 4 to around 8 years old i never wanted to go to bed in the dark. I always wanted a lamp lit next to me or i was scared. So that probably fucked something in my brain or what, because even i started sleeping in complete darkness and slept at reasonable hours, i could stay awake in the dark for 1 to 2 or 3 hours doing nothing.
>>3395 I feel time slipping through my fingers. Better it be spent doing something.

(2.98 MB 1008x720 1397373870819.webm)
(623.23 KB 495x364 1386903481.gif)
(959.67 KB 500x375 1387469581.gif)
Let's All Love Lain Anonymous 2020-11-24 (Tue) 07:15:10 No. 1777 [Reply]
no Lain thread? come on, now.
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>>6492 You might want to explain your boggle with more than a tweet's worth of invective. You'll probably find that you answer your own question in the attempt.
(1.04 MB 750x662 lain glove world.png)
(278.98 KB 828x1034 lain ps1 magazine.jpg)
A promotion artwork from a video game magazine for the SEL PS1 game

(10.17 KB 300x168 download.jpeg)
Anonymous 2020-04-07 (Tue) 20:45:50 No. 743 [Reply] [Last]
I stayed up all night watching vagrant holiday, comfy youtubers thread?
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>>8927 Yeah, until I think around 2013. I could be wrong but it was around that time that just anyone could monetize their videos. Which don't get me wrong, I understand the appeal in that but it just seemed like at that point it was more about making money then making content if you know what I mean. By this point I quit filming videos. I was also becoming more and more disgusted by the state of social media and smartphones. I kept doing my "lulzy" shit like YouTube Poops and just other "meme" type of videos that was somewhat going on at the time as well. I also was becoming more privacy aware during this time. Which is another reason why I didn't really want to attach my identity to as many things. I hated what the internet was becoming.
>>8929 This is entirely too relatable
I've been on the fence about coming back to do content creation and uploading on websites such as Odysee, DTube, and PeerTube. Been on that fence for around 5 years now and even more since Odysee is kind of making a name for itself. Just not sure what style of videos I'd come back to. It's just not the same going out and trying to do a short film these days. Plus I wouldn't have any help or support like I did in the past. I haven't had any friends in years and a lot of the guys that helped me in the 2000s are dead or have moved away.

(733.17 KB 716x484 1637893364364.png)
Anonymous 2021-12-04 (Sat) 04:28:03 No. 5818 [Reply]
Do you enjoy the 90s /late/?
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(561.29 KB 160x144 p.gif)
I still haven't played those pokemon games, but they look pretty comfy.
>>8829 You should try them out! I recently played Pokemon Yellow (physical copy i found in storage) and it was really cool seeing how far they've come
>>8829 No excuse. Some of the easiest games to emulate and find ROMs of.

(307.77 KB 1335x644 91027121212.jpg)
Vintage Internet! Anonymous 2019-10-19 (Sat) 15:42:40 No. 177 [Reply]
Post pre-2007 internet pages here. I'll start -



Some site where you can order VHS repro copies of 90's anime. Surprised me, since the last time he updated was December 2015. He's probably still selling them.


Some random guys homepage. I tried to find him and see what he was up to today, but no dice. Kind of a mystery.


An old Sailor Moon fansite that tried to get a proper english release. Kinda funny how that shit don't even matter anymore, what with fansubbing and all.




Buncha Japanese sites. I don't know what these are. Some of them have porn, though.

You are now overcome by a sense of deja vu, like you've seen this thread before.
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>>8741 Ever heard of marginalia.nu? It's a search engine for "old internet" sites. I don't know if it'll turn up what you're talking about, though. >>8743 Not much choice but to run it ourselves, it seems. Even then, it's hard to figure that a critical mass of traffic exists anymore, here at what could be the nuclear end of the kali yuga.
>>8750 Somehow you'd have to get all the nerds off of Twitter and Reddit. By nerds I mean the types that would've hung out on small fan forums some 15 years ago. I figured maybe the recent buyout of Twitter would open a window of opportunity, but that window is closing as they just swarm to a handful of Fediverse servers instead. Which I guess is better than them all moving to a single pre-existing service. Even then, they're still on social media where you can game the system to amplify your voice above everyone else's. And while they might be on different sites, those sites still come together to form one platform. My theory on what made social media so attractive (to nerds anyway) is that they aggregated all your content onto a central feed, where all you have to do is subscribe to whatever feeds you like (following users or tags, joining subreddits, etc.) and see it all on one place. Compare that to forums where you had to click through to a specific thread to see stuff on a specific subject. Really that's what we need to bring back. Forums. Circlejerky as they were, the nature of messageboards means that you see everyone's posts, and ordered from earliest to latest. Perfect for long-term discussions, plus sharing your creations when you have no following. No upvotes determining who gets seen first. No follower counts determining if anyone even sees you to begin with. I think this is what helped keep a lot of extreme ideas in check. Someone could post something crazy, and it didn't matter how popular they were, their voice wouldn't drown out the voices of reason. Even if those voices weren't popular, they still had a chance to be seen and considered by all.
https://www.cameronsworld.net/ I'm sure those ITT will like this one.

(133.86 KB 375x660 pipp_xtra_can.png)
good day Anonymous 2021-09-07 (Tue) 16:39:52 No. 5322 [Reply]
a few months ago i was on here i was sad and now m happy i have a bf now pic not related
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>>5323 the reply i sent to myself i meant it to you if you wanna talk we can
(113.67 KB 1024x582 1611549117527.jpg)
>>5322 i've only ever had that soda on campus, it's been a year now and i still remember it. good drink, i need to get it again and verify.
>>5322 I preferred it as "Mr. Pibb" the can and logo looked really cool back then too.

(7.61 KB 299x212 conchoch.jpg)
(55.59 KB 300x225 Concho3.jpg)
(52.28 KB 300x225 Concho4.jpg)
(10.60 KB 300x206 tumco1.jpg)
(36.14 KB 300x225 DSCN9166.JPG)
(14.98 KB 300x225 araz2.jpg)
(10.88 KB 300x228 bodie13.jpg)
(14.43 KB 300x278 mono1.jpg)
GHOST TOWNS Anonymous 2019-08-13 (Tue) 18:00:00 No. 33 [Reply]
I have a fascination with them.
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>>1614 jeez, sorry im sliding threads with all the traffic this place gets
I'm in Texas and have been thinking about visiting as many ghost towns as I can here. Maybe writing about each one on a website/blog or something. The only places I've visited before are the Lima TB Ward in Lima, Ohio and some tunnels in Columbus. Anyone know any good ones in/around central Texas?
>>42 That 4th picture is not in Kansas. It's Thurmond, WV. I've been there before.

(80.83 KB 623x623 8kun.png)
8chan /late/ Anonymous 2021-01-14 (Thu) 08:16:16 No. 2305 [Reply]
I just came to know that 8chan /late/ was recovered, old posts are there but almost all images are missing.
8 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>8840 Any idea why the images are gone?
>>8850 Maybe jim trying to cut server costs of all those images? I'm pretty sure it was when he killed 8ch and the boards that applied for conservation were transferred. Images posted after that work fine (not that anyone really uses it).
>>8850 >>8851 Correction on that last bit. Even some new images still 404.

(99.42 KB 736x981 aaa.jpg)
let's talk about cool MVs Anonymous 2022-09-06 (Tue) 12:48:28 No. 7885 [Reply]
/late/friends, what is your favourite video clip? the one you consider creative, unique.
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(10.58 MB 1280x720 Honkler.mp4)
If I were to pick one to show people, it'd be the AMV of "Naked Tongues" by Perturbator. The feels are too much for me. Profound feels. Dangerous feels. https://youtu.be/ecWtdU0NvcM Some others I think are special: Nekomata Okayu - FLOS Weird Al's "Eat It". A parody of the video of the song it parodies. Brilliant attention to detail. https://youtu.be/ZcJjMnHoIBI Indian thriller https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2tOlfLEHZI That, Tunak Tunak Tun, and the "do me now, superman" one are, I think, shitposts. Low budget, but also shitposts. There was an AMV of Carpenter Brut's "Hairspray Hurricane" set to a Street Fighter movie, and another set to Bubblegum Crisis. Both excellent. How about you, OP?

(56.28 KB 500x540 8aAFnswg.jpg)
Fizzy/Carbonated drinks Anonymous 2021-03-04 (Thu) 15:10:44 No. 3004 [Reply] [Last]
What's your favorite to drink to /late/?
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>>8606 >>8761 As a kid who thought the sweeter the better, the discovery of kola champagnes was huge. I swear most of them aren't as sweet as they used to be, but I still like them.
(70.91 KB 1000x1000 lipton_sparkling.jpg)
>>3004 Lipton sparkling tea classic. It became a bit rare in stores here though...
first it was arizona green tea, then it moved to polar seltzer, then to passion fruit la croix, and now finally, its dr. pepper. god knows what it'll be next week

(33.49 KB 637x315 eff.jpg)
/kind/ thread Anonymous 2022-11-16 (Wed) 17:44:18 No. 8763 [Reply]
/kind/ is down and bunkerless. Since /late/ and /kind/ are nice friends, (Heck, we even share a soccer team!) I thought we should roll out some sleeping bags for any /kind/frens who wander over. ITT: Be nice.
8 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>8778 Just to be clear the administration did not make this thread. We aren't interested in stealing your, or anybodies users. I (>>8774 >>8776) responded to this thread in good faith presuming that /kind/ had gone down without warning, and wishing to help. I hope you don't hold it against our board or users (or me). OP probably was confused with /comfy/ as well, who we have been friends with for a long time, I'm sure they meant no harm either.
Edited last time by admin on 2022-11-17 (Thu) 03:05:42.
>>8778 It's really not sinister. I don't think one thread is going to steal users, and it's not like it's being shilled anywhere. I just thought /kind/ anons who occasionally lurk here might appreciate a place to post in the mean time. I know I would if /late/ went down.
>>8763 That is very kind!

/LateNightFeels/ Music Thread Anonymous 2020-06-04 (Thu) 06:58:15 No. 946 [Reply] [Last]
Songs to sleep to
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>>946 A friend of mine usually listens to this.
>>8789 Beautiful. Very nice

/Late/ Photography Thread! Anonymous 2022-10-24 (Mon) 17:30:24 No. 8416 [Reply]
Amateur and professional are both welcome! Photos do not need to be in the theme of /late/. Remember to remove any location and personal information from photo metadata. You don't need to accidentally dox yourself!!
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(187.55 KB 1224x922 597837055.jpg)
(197.87 KB 1224x922 857842978.jpg)
(185.58 KB 1224x922 875851853.jpg)
Here you go.
Hey, it didn't upload my favorite one. What gives...
>>8786 What a nice color palette it has! The others are also pleasant to look at, especially the one with the Sun and a tree.

/x/ - 2sp00ky Anonymous 2022-06-10 (Fri) 04:45:32 No. 7058 [Reply]
When is a more appropriate time for horror material than the witching hour? Anything creepy from movies to sea monsters.
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>>8744 No, but is that supposed to be a counter-point?
>>8747 yea
>>8747 Some people just despise passionate, often because theyve lost it themselves.

(60.63 KB 600x823 1638934875545.jpg)
what are you looking forward to? Anonymous 2022-11-09 (Wed) 22:37:34 No. 8655 [Reply]
I'm down anons. The girl I made a promise to didn't work out. And the ring didn't get to me. What are you looking forward to anons? Tell me about them, please.
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>>8725 5'7" frens need something that's for them
>>8736 can vouch being above 6ft in a miata does not work
>>8655 I always look forward to late nights. Nothing more at this point.

Anonymous 2019-08-13 (Tue) 16:49:28 No. 30 [Reply] [Last]
Why do you stay up late?

personally I find myself to be a lot more relaxed and creative at night. There’s no stress, you do what you want to do and no one else is awake to tell you otherwise, compared to during the day when there’s always things that have to be done, whether it be work or chores, a time when people expect things from you.

It’s a feeling that I can't really replicate during the day. drawing or reading in the dark while it rains outside with a cup of tea in hand is very comfy, a time when you can truly unwind.
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>>8652 If I'm honest, I'm spending too much time noline lately, shitposting here and there, checking this or that site. It's fun, but a huge timesink, and you lose any sense of the moment.
>>30 Perhaps I procrastinate so much, that I procrastinate from even sleeping and grown comfortable with it.
(43.24 KB 474x474 1666819685247.jpg)
>>32 Was just about to say that. No matter how hard I try I can't seem to sleep at night and stay awake during the day.

Cool Architecture Anonymous 2022-10-25 (Tue) 20:24:38 No. 8447 [Reply]
ITT: post cool architecture and decor & talk about cool architecture and decor I love huge rundown glass greenhouses.
14 posts and 70 images omitted.
What's your dream home look like, /late/?
(544.14 KB 4096x1862 nautilus.jpg)
>>8693 board plz post image

love, love... Anonymous 2022-09-18 (Sun) 21:07:40 No. 8042 [Reply]
have u guys ever found love in ur life? how was it? if u not, do you still believe that you can find it or that it exists? what about your twin soul?
24 posts and 3 images omitted.
A waste of time.
I'm still pretty young and love is a pretty big word. I'm just starting college now and have been in 3 "relationships" in my high school years. All of them were people I met online and had to drive 20 minutes to an hour and a half to meet up. That's something I've learned I'm not very fond of. At this point I'd rather just meet new people and stay friends. Maybe when I'm older I'll think differently, but now I just don't have the energy.
Closest to 'love' I'll ever feel is the light-chested heart-flutters I get when watching or listening to certain singers I have a celeb crush on.

Winter Night Anonymous 2022-11-06 (Sun) 15:46:43 No. 8602 [Reply]
With winter approaching for north hemisphere bros how will you spend the nights? I find still winter nights with the twinkling ice under moonlight hauntingly beautiful.
>>8602 Lot's of hot drinks.
>>8602 anything apple cider related is cool. i really enjoy hot chocolate too
>>8602 Likely a lot of herbal teas playing Oblivion next to my stove. My bedroom has a brilliant view of my backyard and faces the moon after midnight. Probably some Christmas music/YouTube in bed as well.

(123.41 KB 650x600 s5389102s2.jpg)
(189.84 KB 800x800 dd3rie.jpg)
End of Year/π•Žπ•šπ•Ÿπ•₯𝕖𝕣/β„­π”₯𝔯𝔦𝔰𝔱π”ͺπ”žπ”° Anonymous 2020-06-22 (Mon) 17:35:26 No. 1067 [Reply]
so.. anyone else feel more alive every December, than other months?

I particularly like December. Regrettably, there's no Winter season from where I'm at, so usually I would binge on those cliche Christmas movies and online streaming christmas specials.
I guess my love for anything December, Winter, and Christmas stems from all the Christmas media I've encountered from young. Also, it was also during that month where everyone will be at home most of the time. And of course, get to stay up /late/

Given the past two months of 'soft' lockdown, whenever I go to the nearest 7-11 and back during the late hours, the atmosphere kinda like the quiet and still December/Winter nights... sans the cold temperture and snow.

How was it for you, last December?
Do you look forward to, or have anything planned for this year end?
30 posts and 10 images omitted.
>>8598 Cheers lad
>>8601 Ayy lad
I'm going to attempt to actually get a Christmas tree up early this year and do more for the festivities.

(1.58 MB 1280x720 do you feel in charge.webm)
webm/mp4 bread Anonymous 2019-11-23 (Sat) 08:12:24 No. 281 [Reply] [Last]
Post your favorites
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(354.66 KB 640x360 caulk.webm)
(3.70 MB 640x360 Please give me cock.webm)

Anonymous 2022-10-26 (Wed) 14:05:06 No. 8475 [Reply]
Picnic esque thread... A little bright and sunny thread Post vintage picnic pictures and post some nice stories
>>8475 This isn't a real story, and I haven't any pictures of it, but does anyone remember that early 2000s Sleepy Dust show for kids? It had a lot of that imagery, but I NEVER see anyone mentioning it.