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(57.04 KB 900x900 clipart-moon-new-moon-4.png)
let's make a micro-nation Anonymous 05/01/2021 (Sat) 20:01:16 No. 3853 [Reply]
all discussions about flags, location, planning, design, politics, laws, military concepts may be discussed and posted here
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>>4491 also in bir tawil we could allow elon musk to make space rocket platforms there with the condition that we're also allowed to use it in the future
recognize sealand as a country
>>3853 >>3853 There is always a spot to buy a offshore oil driller/platform. As a location for a Micronation
>>3853 I’ll make the logo
>>4939 lel no reply

technology general thread Anonymous 03/30/2021 (Tue) 19:28:28 No. 3501 [Reply] [Last]
whats up late? what hardware have you been running lately, and what os have you been subjecting your private information to?
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>>5175 (Thinking|Programming) in Forth were good reads. There's a lot of antiquated nonsense, but also interesting ideas, like that you would define words that work like syntactic elements, and that code should read like English. That's probably why the '.' word is what it is— it goes at the end of a "sentence", where you want to see the output. And instead of a word "LOGIN", you call it "I'M" so that you write "I'm Jim" to log in. lmao. Having an OS built from the ground up in Forth could be really cool. Like a Lisp Machine, where it's the same interpreted language all the way down, and you can interrogate any symbol as you would in Emacs. Probably a microkernel design where a lot of the traditionally walled-off kernel stuff is in userspace, because if something goes wrong you get a backtrace and a prompt with a list of remedies instead of a crash. The shell could be totally different, too. Concatenative languages seem to lend themselves pretty well to Bash style pipelining, but if you're in a language VM you don't really have "processes" and if you're doing away with the GNU/POSIX/Linux paradigm, then the security assumptions of a multi-facebook-user system probably go with it. So it'd be less like Bash where you kinda have to think about the cost of spinning up a lot of processes, and more like an actual programming language where you have a grep function rather than a grep command.
>>5183 I read programming in forth ages ago when that antiquated nonsense wasn't that antiquated yet but I never got too deep into it. Because of this discussion, as practice I spent the last few days implementing a driver for a SPI RTC for my Z180 board in Forth. I can finally use a clock. It wasn't that difficult that it took days, I got mostly stuck because I didn't pay close enough attention to the boards' schematic and didn't realize a particular input was active low. (and wondered why the RTC chip wouldn't talk to me) Then I had to put in a few delay loops because the Z180 was talking too fast. Anyways, it's a perfect example for a thing that you can write well in forth. Z80/180 have a weird I/O Port output thing and talking to the RTC via SPI basically means the toggling of two bits at a specified address. As there are only really two states you want (0 and 1) you can put all that "hardcoded" into two words, on and off. Then out of these words you can easily put together other words defining the commands the RTC understands, basically a series of bit toggles. Then out of these words you can put words together that read and print the hours and minutes, and so on, you see where I'm going here. I was searching for examples of other people's work because of my aforementioned earlier problems and what was striking to me was that my forth program is much shorter than the examples in C and such I found, there was a lot of (necessary) repetition in these. What was always fascinating for me regarding forth was how usually the words at the very bottom who are sometimes the "hardest" to come up with conceptually, but once put together, are usually completely error free because they're so simple and you basically never have to look at them again and can do everything else on a higher level. I always felt it's really hard to screw up in forth or end up with hard to understand bugs because of that. Functional languages like Lisp etc. advertise with this too but I never really found them that practical to be honest. (and I tried) I saw a very ancient AMD FPU from the late 70s and I was thinking it would be really easy in forth to just replace the math signs with other words that'd do I/O to send off the math directly to that chip, completely transparent to the programmer. (If this was actually faster in reality than doing all the math locally, eh, my guess is actually not, forth on the Z*-series of CPUs is not that fast and there's a reason FPUs aren't dedicated chips anymore, the latency costs such I/O stuff causes are immense) What's even more interesting though is that you could easily define IO that'd give you the ability to send new forth words off to a forth interpreter on another CPU that wouldn't need to know them but could interpret them on the fly for custom functionality. I can't really think of another language where that would be that easy and could be implemented in a very transparent fashion, at least in theory. Forth OS would definitively be a single user system and do away with a lot of the modern layers of absraction. You could build new words on the fly for whatever functionality you need and if you went with the forth style, your highest level words would amount to functionality that when stringed together would in the end result amount to pipes. Including my aforementioned example, you could even have words that instruct other interconnected forth-machines/cores/vms to do things for you and send the results back to you. A lot of forth implementations (even like, really old ones for the C64) also have schemes for multitasking which are interesting. I kinda have still a problem wrapping my mind around how to do big forth problems though, I might have to read thinking in forth.
(288.61 KB 322x344 weebduino.png)
>>5175 What's the bare minimum needed to get into those STM UwUcontrollers? I'm guessing you need a special hardware device to program them? And also a breadboard and some basic components for power circuitry?
>>5207 The STs need an usb based programmer and yeah, that is best wired up on a setup on a breadboard, they do come already on small evaluation-like PCBs where all the support circuity is already included. Just need to solder in pin headers. I don't remember what the programmer costed but it was really cheap, think 6-10 bucks. Arduinos already come on presoldered boards these days that contain all support circuity and headers you need, basically just need to hook it up to an usb port and can program it from there. I made bad experiences here with the cheaper chinese clones, some of the boards are garbage and need fixes. Then you can get some small FT232 boards that are basically USB to 3.3V/5V (jumperable) UART serial converters, optionally they can also supply power via the computer's USB ports for small experiments. On aliexpress you can also get small boards that plug directly into breadboards that are settable to 3.3V/5V and do your power infrastructure. All that stuff is really really cheap if you know where to buy it. I discourage buying these "tinkerer sets" or from western-world based "tinkerer shops" because they're a complete rip-off. (not rarely 3x-10x price for exactly the same stuff, they literally just buy it in china and resell) Just order it all directly in china if you can. When you get some more advanced with time it's also really cheap to have PCBs made in china, like less than $10 for professionally made stuff. Just need to upload the files. You can also get perfectly decend soldering and hot air station in the low hundred range. This hobby is pretty cheap these days and it's literally never been easier to design and implement your own stuff.

(170.65 KB 1174x851 7634q237i.jpg)
Official Miura mourning thread Anonymous 05/20/2021 (Thu) 05:45:15 No. 4235 [Reply]
the author of Berserk, Kentaro Miura, passed away on May 6, and his death has just been announced to the world. this is a dedicated thread to honoring him and saying some words. thread theme: https://youtu.be/vZa0Yh6e7dw
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Haven't gotten around to reading his work, but RIP anyway.
(1.70 MB 1920x1080 671237517.jpg)
>>4244 i haven't either, but just from what i've seen and heard, the man was a true artist and a master of his craft. it's really neat going through 4chan and seeing at least one thread up for him on every board.
As the only person who read Berserk, i can attest, its pretty good. Eventho everyone knew he would die before ever finishing the series, it feels weird that its actually over now. I only started reading Berserk like 5 or 6 years ago, hard to imagine that there are people who started reading before i was alive, and that the journey will never conclude.
I never understood how good Berserk was until reading the manga for the second time. The first time I was amazed at the level of detail in the drawings. The second time I paused to actually read the dialogue.

(2.04 MB 2016x1512 20210403_194117[1].jpg)
Hey /late/ Anonymous 08/15/2021 (Sun) 08:00:24 No. 5190 [Reply]
Just wanted to say I love catching up on threads when I get a chance to check in. Hope you're doing well this morning, and be sure to stay comfy.
you too buddy
>>5190 That's some nice scenery.
(426.71 KB 664x730 warhammer.png)
>>5190 will do, friend you all stay safe out there

Bye Anonymous 04/06/2021 (Tue) 05:07:19 No. 3570 [Reply]
Guys I probably won’t be using the board much anymore I just can’t take emotional pain all the people who I loved either left me or won’t talk to me I’ve been dealing with this since September when I got rejected by my friend kaleb all that’s in my mind is wanting to die and getting help didn’t help so bye I guess thanks for being amazing y’all
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>>3570 I know what it's like to lose dear friends. I'm sorry this happened to you. Your life is your choice but there is life after loss of loved ones. If I had killed myself I would have never found my partner and I'm a late bloomer with relationships. I still only have 1 other friend besides her but life moved on and I'm glad I stuck it out. That 2 years of loneliness after losing my friends nearly killed me.
>>3570 We're here for you anon. talk to us?
(22.19 KB 400x298 1375130784216.jpg)
Fuck, I hope he didn't go through with it.
>>5153 Not OP, but fuck you man.
>>5153 Eat shit.

(702.21 KB 997x745 1986.png)
Anonymous 05/14/2021 (Fri) 19:25:15 No. 4050 [Reply]
why dont you use your computer outside anon? you could really use some sun
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>>4050 I like being able to see my screen. It's also hot outside.
i don't wanna lose my only computer
I go out to get away from the computer.
If I go outside both my computer and I will melt. >>4694 also what anon said
(750.79 KB 1490x1054 tandy.jpg)
>>5130 You just need an outdoorsy computer. https://microship.com/winnebiko/

Español Anonymous 03/04/2021 (Thu) 15:26:59 No. 3006 [Reply]
Hola a todos Saludos desde un pais de centroamerica La verdad estar feliz y triste es algo normal.. amo estar solo en mi computadora y dejar todo atras. Escuchando musica romantica y musica de decepciones amorosas. Que te gusta escuchar cuando andas de bajon...Triste... Pasa links Musica
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cuando estoy triste escucho dubstep y otra música electrónica intensa para ahogarlo últimamente he estado obsesionado con la banda sonora de ULTRAKILL llamada "INFINITE HYPERDEATH"
¿Alguna posibilidad de que podamos hacer que los sucios comedores de carne se sometan a su verdadero maestro vegano? La carne es una herramienta del diablo y, francamente, hay que hacerla innecesaria.
>>3732 a menos que comencemos a hacer carne cultivada en laboratorio, no va a suceder
Enjambre - Dulce Soledad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oo_WiY2QEz8 INTOXICADOS - Volver A Casa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhIQJFBQLus Elia y Elizabeth - Ponte bajo el Sol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCXkhkKngAk
>>3732 No voy a comer la soya.

(25.07 KB 480x480 1574864538551.jpg)
(21.89 KB 400x400 oekaki.png)
Why can't you sleep? Anonymous 03/24/2021 (Wed) 08:12:28 No. 3395 [Reply]
Sleep is healthy for you. What's keeping you awake?
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>>4606 Comfy and small imageboards,theres going also gping to be a /tea/ board for discussion about other youtubers,celebrities,etc
>>4577 Ok, I'm in contact with a lawyer now. Wonderful times ahead.
a trifold 1. fucking satanist pedophile rapist globalist jewish communist corporatist occultist elite freemason catholic secret society glowniggers. i need to move this basket of apples out of my sight... 2. crippling addiction to the pleasure molecules from simultaneously entrancing myself and entertaining every curious impulse in rapid cycles of pursuing knowledge and consuming hyperstimulating media. 3. escapism from the fear of being overwhelmed and depressed by working hard towards concrete goals, and using a big regret or two to justify it by subconsciously lying to myself that i deserve it. but really, the reason I haven't slept 3 hours prior to 8:45 AM is that a shitty counseling app't. is scheduled in 15 minutes, and since adolescence, I've been developing a habit of relieving anxiety by doing things late, or not at all.
>>4603 Why do you need to install linux? are you setting up a physical server for your image board?
>>4609 >tea cringe

radio.late.city Anonymous 12/07/2020 (Mon) 22:05:44 No. 1923 [Reply]
Can't say I've posted here before, only that I use the radio and know this place is struggling with activity. Shoutout to the other 3 late friends last night on the radio.
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>>2055 </3
this song would be a lot better if it were actually snowing outside instead of just being cold and rainy :/
I haven't tuned in in a while. Forgot how nice the music was here.
It only ever shows þe artist and title of þe first song, unless I go to þe URL in a new tab.
>>5092 It's been showing þe song title & artist pretty consistently since I posted þis, actually. Maybe too many tabs were open, idk

(69.05 KB 639x476 starb.png)
Vidya game thread! Anonymous 04/13/2020 (Mon) 07:54:17 No. 769 [Reply] [Last]
Its the lockdown and I'm slowly getting used to the NEET life. So I acquired a copy of Action 52 and started reliving the good ol' days...

Whatcha playing right now?
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>>769 i am playing the game where i start to go insane. months, weeks, and days are stitching together. i am going to move to hawaii
>>2906 It is just a game though, why play a game if you don't want to feel like playing a game?
(37.45 KB 320x224 blackthorne_6.png)
>>2572 Blackthorne is pretty fun. I was playing the Sega 32X version today, via Retroarch (Picodrive core). Along the same lines, there's also Flashback, Another World, and Prince of Persia.
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance It is one of my favorites. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9L28QdRQrI
(49.02 KB 1280x720 late.jpg)
Hello late anons. Are you into retro gaming? We have a new retro vidya board on the webring, come check it out. No depressing news, no political sperging, just wholesome posting about the golden age of gaming staying up until late hours https://fatchan.org/vr/catalog.html

(10.17 KB 300x168 download.jpeg)
Anonymous 04/07/2020 (Tue) 20:45:50 No. 743 [Reply]
I stayed up all night watching vagrant holiday, comfy youtubers thread?
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>>5023 what's wrong with being anti-facist?
(46.77 KB 483x406 1344363384301.jpg)
>>5026 Nice one.
Ambiguous Amphibian dispenses philosophy and literary references over slickly edited footage of wonkish simulation games. I've gotten sucked into this playlist of Project Zomboid where he tries not to starve, or freeze, or get eaten, or lose sight of Logos, Thumos, and Ethos. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXFIaWk23rSwACpUHg4Z8ecIJLBhfGqoU
>>5028 i was being serious but ok
(8.64 KB 234x249 1342210579122.jpg)
>>5053 >Ambiguous Amphibian dispenses philosophy and literary references over slickly edited footage of wonkish simulation games. When I first read this sentence, it took me a minute to realize that I wasn't reading the imageboard equivalent of a spam email subject line. >>5064 If you seriously believe that Antifa just means "anti-fascist," then I don't think I can help you.

Anonymous 07/06/2021 (Tue) 20:11:07 No. 4926 [Reply]
Another day where I wake up at 3am. It doesn't seem healthy.
Expend more (physical) energy while you're awake. Eat less sugar.
I'm an office wagie. There is not a lot of physical movement going on. I should cut down on the sugar. I should also use some physical energy. What's the easiest way?
>>4932 Start doing 15-30 minutes of cardio a day. There are plenty of resources online that can help you figure out which exercises to do. Try eating healthier when possible.

(3.70 MB 480x360 Gondola's Space Adventure.webm)
Gondolas Anonymous 03/15/2021 (Mon) 04:36:28 No. 3262 [Reply]
Fuck spammers, post gondolas
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(3.80 MB 640x360 Forest Gondola.webm)
(4.58 MB 854x480 Journey.mp4)
(5.46 MB 640x360 1607723986304.webm)
(371.67 KB 380x270 xv47y9gJloJwihPG.mp4)

(2.43 MB 3264x2448 20210124_233359.jpg)
new newfag here Anonymous 01/24/2021 (Sun) 23:45:42 No. 2368 [Reply]
stumbled upon imageboards about a month or 2 ago , found this one a couple of hours ago , seems pretty chill its not late late but like late enough to emerge and say hi lol. amny advice for a ratard like me coming into a place like this? thx
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(2.23 MB 1920x1080 wallhaven-4gwldn.jpg)
>>2721 > wanting normalfaggots on your IB Spoonfeeding is the worst thing one can do. Either lurk or gtfo
>>2599 First time posting here, long time imageboard user (started circa 2007ish), you were to lurk two years last I checked when people did care. Now they don't.
>>3578 Spoonfeeding isn't the issue with normalfaggots really. The only thing that could get them to behave is to forcefully explain things to them after all, not that they'd listen of which is why indeed gatekeeping is warranted. Not that any IB is good at gatekeeping, they either have rigid rules or just let the gay on in. Third option is they are dead in traffic because the traffic IS the sheep you hated. So, autism, gay shit, or dead.
>>3578 Sussy
>>3578 based

(3.44 MB 3456x4608 nightdrive 2.jpg)
(3.83 MB 5312x2988 nightdrive 1.jpg)
/late/ stuff from other boards Anonymous 11/13/2019 (Wed) 21:17:40 No. 258 [Reply]
Post anything /late/worthy from other boards. 4/o/ night drive threads are a good source

Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aepBpZ3kXek
W-Will you be paying for everything, then?
(687.02 KB 1920x1471 1590624597822.jpg)
(49.31 KB 550x366 1590624787070.jpg)
(43.99 KB 750x548 1586038488925.jpg)
(158.06 KB 1000x731 1610923216312.jpg)
(119.74 KB 663x500 1610815955135.jpg)

(307.77 KB 1335x644 91027121212.jpg)
Vintage Internet! Anonymous 10/19/2019 (Sat) 15:42:40 No. 177 [Reply]
Post pre-2007 internet pages here. I'll start -



Some site where you can order VHS repro copies of 90's anime. Surprised me, since the last time he updated was December 2015. He's probably still selling them.


Some random guys homepage. I tried to find him and see what he was up to today, but no dice. Kind of a mystery.


An old Sailor Moon fansite that tried to get a proper english release. Kinda funny how that shit don't even matter anymore, what with fansubbing and all.




Buncha Japanese sites. I don't know what these are. Some of them have porn, though.

You are now overcome by a sense of deja vu, like you've seen this thread before.
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(13.38 KB 730x810 p2021.gif)
http://www.sam.hi-ho.ne.jp/t_fukuda/s_tour/e_top1.htm A really cute explorable japanese website.
(178.57 KB 1052x699 lemo1.jpg)
This is a German and English fan site for Fin Fin on Teo, the Magic Planet: https://www.finfin.de/ It was a creative virtual pet game from the '90s with interesting art and some limited interaction with the character via a little microphone. Here's LGR's video on it if you want to see it in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0vm-BOKzlI I love that the website looks like it was just updated the other day.
>>4402 fuck it, I found it https://www.my80stv.com/
(155.36 KB 640x480 lgt.png)
h3y dud3 ch3ck 0ut th353 c00l w4r3z!!!#%%&* https://www.angelfire.com/tx/DaGlooM/warlist.html

(28.22 KB 310x99 IMG_20210612_093804.jpg)
Anonymous 06/12/2021 (Sat) 02:35:19 No. 4645 [Reply]
im sleepy even after long sleep why havent even eaten any sleep pills
1 post omitted.
>>4653 Too much of anything can be unhealthy.
>>4653 >>4654 i believe is slept for either 4 hours or 8. i get randomly exhausted regardless
>>4645 I find if I sleep for more than 10 hours I feel tired for the rest of the day 6-8 really does seem to be best.
>>4658 It takes roughly 4 hours to complete one REM cycle. >>4659 I feel even more tired when I sleep for 12.
>>4645 Maybe depression? Maybe not enough consistent physical activity? Maybe whatever you're doing (or even anticipating) throughout the day is boring or uninteresting to you?

(527.33 KB 1343x951 7985373.png)
Anonymous 05/08/2021 (Sat) 04:32:42 No. 3993 [Reply]
since when did people desire so strongly to adhere to a stereotype that may be attached to what they spend their time doing? does playing video games really make me a gamer and watching anime a weeb? i thought those were just activities one does rather than having those activities define their personality. do people just engage in these activities because they want to be able to justify acting a certain way, or is it their intrinsic behavior that draws them to an activity? i get confused
7 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>4023 I know what you mean. There are even guys like Jonathan Davis who have been singing adolescent edgelord lyrics for decades and still seem psychologically stuck in high school. I'm fine with some edginess if it's used to create a certain aesthetic (like a lot of other metal bands who are more over the top while still having a sense of humor about their gimmicks), but it's kind of pathetic and tryhard when they're taking it so seriously and seemingly desperate to appear like tortured, misunderstood artists.
You are what you do most.
I don't think it's new at all, anon. Nearly every subculture seems to go through what >>4017 describes, as that subculture devolves into a fashion, especially if it's a counter-culture. As it does so, things related to that culture get dragged along for the ride. The tough guy "Biker" archetype comes to mind.
(116.35 KB 1520x1080 1379076205.jpg)
>>3993 humans are quick to categorize and stereotype others based on outward traits, it's been this way since the dawn of civilization and societies. it's far easier to sort others based on their most visible interests and traits. it's also why people often go from one trend to another, and why trends exist in the first place: to reinforce a personality in the minds of the ones sorting them. religions, cults, clubs, you name it; they all are based upon this idea of stereotyping and compartmentalizing individuals so they are easier to approach and engage with.
>is it their intrinsic behavior that draws them to an activity it's this. labels like "weeb" or "gamer" are pathetic though.

/latewalk/ Anonymous 04/30/2020 (Thu) 07:25:43 No. 824 [Reply]
Just had my first of the year, and it was amazing.

I haven't been out in a month owing to a broken limb, and haven't been out late in half a year owing to our interminable northern winters, so everything about the experience was the perfect combination of fresh and familiar. The feeling of gravel shifting under my weight. Shadows dancing in my peripheral vision, in a field lit by the half moon. The smell of sulfur hits my nose and I notice a woman sitting in the bed of a parked pickup truck across the street idly smoking a cigarette, like a background animation. The buzzing of utility boxes and the uneven clomping of my boots. Things are very quiet without all the cars. I suspect the decrease in pollution is why the stars were so clear, as well.

It's nice not to be a cripple, or a brain in a jar anymore.

How have yours been, anon? Are you taking advantage of the empty streets and our new social distancing regime? And what's your nightwalk playlist?
8 posts and 2 images omitted.
Post music robots can relate to.

Rilo Kiley - Better Son or Daughter
>>824 That sounds nice. I used to go on more night walks, but after dealing with some serious sexual harrasment at work, I'm more wary of being out alone at night. I still go for normal walks every day though. Maybe I should get into night bicycle rides. The air smells so fucking good at night. >>1162 That sounds beautiful.
It'd be a beautiful night to walk, but I'm tired enough I don't think I'd get anywhere before collapsing.
>>824 I'm a middle aged neet with parents that recently decided having the lights off is unsafe so there are over 9k mosquitoes blocking my exiting. That and cops trolling bothers me and parks close at dusk where I live and etc. In a different area I did it more often.
>>824 Also in the gutter the streets are never empty in such a place that I live.

(51.34 KB 200x365 saturn2.gif)
Anonymous 01/04/2021 (Mon) 19:40:40 No. 2210 [Reply]
visiting home and i don't know how to handle my dad talking all the time and not having control of my routine. realizing i'm far more autistic than i thought. advice?
9 posts omitted.
>>4623 that's awful anon, hope you find a fix someday. jesus.
>>4628 I'm confident that it will get better at some point, as people are finally starting to talk about the condition. It finally got a Wikipedia page recently, after years of medical "professionals" completely ignoring it and telling people they were fine. I'm better than I was when I first injured myself and my dick was completely numb, but it still sucks a lot. Even aside from the obvious physical symptoms, it really takes its toll on your self worth.
>>4633 I injured my foreskin over time by masturbating and developed pathologic phimosis. Instead of circumcision, I'm using the Japanese Glansie which is two-pronged (there's a three-pronged one by an American company). It hurts a lot to stretch it to the limit to create micro-tears to rub in the steroid cream.
>>4656 I'm circumcised and also developed stretch marks and discoloration from regularly jacking off without lube. I wouldn't mind being circumcised if it wasn't for that.
>>4664 at least you don't have vitiligo Sadge

Lost Anonymous 06/07/2021 (Mon) 03:33:05 No. 4594 [Reply]
>be me >can only feel sadness >rot away on the internet >sees people who I loved being happy >cries
(70.48 KB 900x675 cv6.jpg)
>>4594 don't let dreams be dreams, anon being inactive will only feed your sadness, which will fuel inactivity, and so on. find something worthwhile to do, some kind of skill. work on that, master it, find happiness in achievement. be with the people you love and find happiness in community. i'm fairly certain people on this very board are going through the same kind of feel as you. hell, i have episodes where all i feel is despair and sadness about my life and the world. it's normal to feel like that, but to simmer in it will only harm you. happiness must be earned, anon. go after it.
>>4594 create.

just got here Anonymous 04/07/2021 (Wed) 16:15:22 No. 3583 [Reply]
only lurked for 5 minutes before i realized everyone here is like 12.
18 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>4124 found through 8ch in highschool
>>4388 hey babe
>>3583 I'm actually 200.

(492.90 KB 800x890 ShinGodzillaFeatured1.jpg)
Anonymous 06/03/2021 (Thu) 20:31:48 No. 4548 [Reply]
Been dealing with insomnia from a young age, didn't get treatment until very recently but now the zopiclone fucks me up worse than the lack of sleep. Think I found this place googling a way to fall asleep. But I'm glad I did. Lurking here is a good experience. Sleep tight bros.
>>4548 what is the side effects of zopiclone? I also have insomnia but i didn't thought about getting a medical support
(114.44 KB 1520x1080 1380631093.jpg)
>>4548 hope you get some good sleep, anon and hey, if it continues to elude you, you're welcome to hang out here. also nice pic, haven't seen the movie but what i have seen has been cool.
Have you tried cbd? Works wonders.
>>4551 For me the first thing I noticed was this chemical taste that stuck to the inside of my mouth for days. Can't get rid of it no matter how much I brush my teeth, use mouthwash, eat and drink etc. I never used it more than three days in a row but that was all it took to scramble my brain for about a week. Just constantly fatigued and unable to concentrate or think. Made work pretty much impossible. >>4565 I haven't but I'm open to giving it a go. I'll try anything at this point. >>4564 Thank you anon. I recommend it, easily the best monster movie I've ever seen.

(43.29 KB 524x585 images (4).jpeg)
3d transformation Anonymous 06/04/2021 (Fri) 11:51:54 No. 4570 [Reply]
help i dont understand why you use matrix or inversing it to get 3d form from camera frustum idk

Gmod Easter egg? Can’t find anywhere Anonymous 06/01/2021 (Tue) 03:43:18 No. 4519 [Reply]
So a few years ago I was on gm_construct And I saw a weird thing It was a bunch of dead body’s hanging and weird grave stones on some chairs I reset my game and now I can’t find it can y’all help??
>>4519 the beginning of a shitty arg I do remember a secret room with a bear in it or something. Idk
>>4520 But it’s not an arg I literally searched for hours and I can’t find one trace of it on the internet
I've never played gmod. Is it fun?
>>4531 definitely. i spent my childhood on that game, it's so fun to troll people in the RP servers. 1000 hours logged on steam.


no cookies?