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Welcome home. Quilt 08/13/2019 (Tue) 02:35:16 No. 1
It has been almost 5 years now. It feels weird to me that so much time has passed, but here we are. An independent home for /late/ has been kicked around for years now, but it is only today that it became a reality. We owe it to Nax for much of making it happen, and Deadly, for being Deadly and funding the server. Enjoy, sleepy anons 01/09/2020 Hi guys! Sorry for the downtime. We had some weird issues with images and a few other things. Most things should be back to normal now. 06/03/2020 We have a matrix instance available. You can sign up to our homeserver by going to https://riot.im/app/#/register selecting advanced and entering https://matrix.late.city. Alternatively just sign up for an account on https://riot.im/app/#/register like normal. Our community is at +home:late.city. This link may also be useful: https://matrix.to/#/+home:late.city. There are currently 6 channels federated between discord and matrix. We hope to see you there! 12/02/2020 https://discord.gg/VpS37gs We are reopening invites to our Discord server. Yes, discord is pozzed. I don't think anybody on our server has much love for them. Our server was started in the latter half of 2016 when discord had a better public image, and so far we lack an alternative with a feature set that we can transition to. Currently we hope that matrix and riot.im will mature into the alternative we need. When I or other members of staff have more time, we will set up mirroring and more seriously attempt to wean ourselves off discord. Until then, I recommend using discord in your browser and using ublock, if not umatrix and other tools. 23/12/2019 We had an incident involving spam. We went back to a backup from the 20th. Hopefully this won't catch us off guard again. Odd that anyone would bother with spamming us. The radio will be down for a few hours. Do check it out later. http://radio.late.city
Edited last time by naxnir on 09/22/2020 (Tue) 18:13:36.
Also there was another site like this for some other board called like /happy/ or something? I forgot it’s name and it’s on the Advertising thread on /comfy/
Posting files has been broken for a couple days. I get an error:

>Blank parameter: boardUri, the parameter is not present.

I'm not into webdev at all, so this is a mystery to me.

Maybe you're thinking of /kind/? I know they have one at anon.cafe.
Its kind.moe
I came from there. Nice to see you guys know about it too.
I'm having this problem too! I want to make a new thread but that's the same error I'm getting, and I've tried from 2 different browsers on this computer and my phone.
Now some glowinthedark bot is spamming generic doomer WAAAAH garbage everywhere and the admin seems to be awol.

same here. or will get a "Connection Failed" message

was wondering about that too. all the sentences are, strangely, incomplete
It's interesting to infer what this sort of attack is meant to accomplish. There's the shitty, depressing music, mentioning the MSM's favorite spree-shooter, baiting people into IRL interaction. The bot even samefagged to fish for information about what we're doing off-site.
Time will tell until then we just wait for the admin to come.
The likelihood of the board being attacked would probably be lessened if it wasn't part of the webring anymore. Kind.moe would want to link here and vice versa if not for that.
Test stream today, just for fun 2 CDT 3 EDT 19:00 UTC https://cytu.be/r/8cup
The Quick Reply box on mobile won't let you scroll to see the captcha.
Just a reminder you have less than a week to finish up tactics and player cards. If you are having any difficulties or are worried no one will step up, leave a post here or in your thread on /icup/. I have an anon on standby willing to put something together for teams who need help. If you're a team who has participated in a previous Cup and you have not explicitly let me know you're sticking with your strats from last time, do so ASAP, as it cuts down on the work I'll have to do in the week after the Draw Stream. If you've already done so, kick back, take it easy and wait for the draw stream. Draw Stream is August 1st, 2PM PDT, 4PM CDT, 5PM EDT, 21:00 UTC. Mark that calendar.

As well, we're still accepting adboards for use during the tournament, visit the dedicated adboard thread on /icup/ and post them there.
alright, player styles:
LB: Offensive Fullback
CB (all): The Instigator
RB: Offensive Fullback
LMF: Hole Player
CMF: Classic No. 10
RMF: Hole Player
SS: Creative Playmaker
CF: Goal Poacher

Player cards:

GK Sweet Dreams
>GK Long Throw
LB City Lights
>Fighting Spirit
>Low Lofted Pass
>Weighted Pass
CB Minecraft
>Man Marking
>Acrobatic Clear
CB Take it easy!
>Heel Trick
CB Hot Chocolate
RB Nightwalk
>Fighting Spirit
>Weighted Pass
>Outside Curler
LMF Nap Time
>Long Ranger
>Long Range Drive
CMF Good Morning! (Captain)
>Weighted Pass
>Low Lofted Pass
RMF Tea Time
>Early Cross
>Incisive Run
SS Gondolina
>Mazing Run
>Acrobatic Finishing
>Long Range Drive
>First Time Shot
CF Blankets
>Mazing Run
>Speeding Bullet
>Acrobatic Finishing
>First Time Shot
>Knuckle Shot

CB Sleeping Bag
>Super Sub
>Man Marking
CB Gemütlichkeit we need another bench player for substition strats
>Super Sub
>Acrobatic Clear
RB Comfy Dog
>Super Sub
>Weighted Pass
LB rainy cyberpunk pixel art .gifs
>Super Sub
>Low Lofted Pass
LMF Rainclouds
>Super Sub
>Long Range Drive
CMF Home
>Super Sub
>Weighted Pass
RMF Sunset
>Super Sub
>Incisive Run
CF Stargazing
>Super Sub
>Acrobatic Finishing

Also since we're using Super Sub please don't sub our players before the start of the game.

Because I think imageposting is still wonky here.
You guys do need one of your bench players to be a GK. Should I just switch Gemütlichkeit to one to be compliant?
GET on /icup/ declare new player Mittens to be the backup and Gemütlichkeit to retain his CB position.
Not only does late still exist, but I come here and see a banner I made years ago? Nice!
/late/+/comfy/ team is playing against /co/ today. Still a while until group C, but group A matches begin in an hour.

Update, we lost 2-4.
Well, at least we managed to get several goals.
Hey is it just me or is the Matrix server broken, i cant send or receive messages on any of my devices
Friendly greetings from
I think we played pretty good.
Quick recap of the scores from today. The full image with an update on Golden Boot will come tomorrow.

/kind/ 1-2 /v/
/japan/ 1-2 /librejp/
/wooo/ 1-0 /sw/
/lego/ 0-1 /bane/
/co/ 1-2 /monster/
/late/ & /comfy 1-2 /cuckquean/
/bmn/ 2-1 /2hu/

If you don't see your team listed above, it means you're playing tomorrow. Matches kick off at the usual time (18:00 UTC). For a more detailed breakdown see: http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Infinity_Cup_6
does anyone feel that probably /late/ admin got lockout or just unable to access his/her /late/ admin account?

based on the logs, the last log actiity is July 12, around the time when image posting got wonky or unavailble, and random spams appearing on various /late/ threads.
If that were so, the admin could still post and say "I'm the admin, I locked myself out, oops." And people can believe or not believe that as they will.

So I don't know if he got hit by a bus or just decided to fuck off or whatever, but I guess eventually his account with the host will become delinquent and the site will be shut down. ¯\ (ツ) /¯
Maybe we could prepare for such an eventuality? As always, archive early and archive often.
and we're back! thanks admin for the hard work
Thanks admin, but I wish you would have deleted all the spam.
>>1417 If you mean the test post, there are still some problems with the website, the catalog and new lines wrapping weirdly. I forgot to delete it.
>>1419 That's not what I meant. There are still spam posts lying around.
(54.07 KB 346x482 1599265048599.jpg)
>>1 The radio seems to be broken, could it be fixed?
(413.75 KB 1245x1000 sousouworks.jpg)
>>1 Would you be interested in becoming friends with kind.moe? It would be nice to have one of our oldest friends join our ring.
>>1442 soon okay? ;-;
>>1442 yeah would be cool if it got fixed. Been out for a few days
>>1445 >>1468 >>1442 I fixed it!
>>1490 I see that! Thank you for your hard work keeping the radio up! I do use it often
(9.96 KB 225x225 download.jpg)
>>1490 Thanks now I can listen to it at night.
>>1 New discord invite?
>>1511 fixed!
Can you allow torfags to post?
>>1540 seconded >>1490 is or will it ever be possible to broadcast on latestaiton? perhaps including mounpoints into liquid soap?
>>1603 What are you trying to do, anon?


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