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(56.28 KB 500x540 8aAFnswg.jpg)
Fizzy/Carbonated drinks Anonymous 2021-03-04 (Thu) 15:10:44 No. 3004
What's your favorite to drink to /late/?
>>3004 Jumex, Aqua Panela, and red bull. Sometimes those Monster Hydros for good measure.
(57.06 KB 244x276 hotSix.jpg)
>>3004 i like a drink called hot six. it used to be in the kroger near me but they took it out. think of a redbull but lighter and much cheaper. i found out you can order them online i think but its a hassle so until i really crave some i just drink water excluding alcohol which i try to not drink too much anymore
(9.28 KB 200x150 200px-Squirt.JPG)
>>3004 Hate the name of the drink but it's really good.
(28.15 KB 430x685 can.gif)
>>3528 I vaguely remember seeing that stuff in some vending machines on military base many years ago. Never tried it though.
(71.40 KB 1280x1280 61UHAenPtmL._SL1280_.jpg)
bawls. shit's so expensive though, and hard to find. good drink.
>>3530 I never tried it, but I always remember people making jokes about it back in the day.
>>3530 I order it straight from the company. It comes in packages of 12 or 24. They do free shipping promotions all the time. If you get the cans it works out to be something like $2 per drink, which is much cheaper than at most stores. >>3531 It's good shit, would highly recommend trying it if you ever get the chance. This was the original LAN fuel.
(23.71 KB 260x433 260px-Club-Mate.jpg)
(35.24 KB 500x500 uludag.jpeg)
Uludağ Gazoz is pretty good I also drink some german beer on occasion if I have some at home.
(127.24 KB 1050x702 Iliex_paraguariensis.jpg)
>>3538 I prefer mine w/o carbonation. Steeped is good, but the sugared canned drinks are refreshing, especially the mint.
>>3542 yo thats really nice, you know if you are Turkish uludağ Gazoz aficionado visit us at https://discord.gg/8svdmRrD
>>4088 Always happy to see Turks here. I'm not the guy you quoted though. I can speak a little bit Turkish, mind if I join too?
>>4089 of course! We'll be happy to see ya around us =^)
it'd have to be sprite mixed in lemonade
Torn between coke and something clear but bubbly. There's something really soothing about seeing those droplets pop out of the soda
>>3004 I don't like sodas, lol
(117.13 KB 1772x1772 100PLUS.jpg)
>>3004 There is this drink called 100PLUS. It is most popular in Malaysia & Singapore, but is available in quite a few countries asides, often in asian specialty stores. I love the hell out of this stuff, but I can't get it anymore. Its very refreshing.
I don't drink sugary drinks, but I do drink cold tea every night.
(28.87 KB 612x612 pibb-xtra.jpeg)
the usual choice nowadays is Sprite, though it's exclusive to late night shifts. we don't have soda at home. when i was away on campus a vending machine had pic related, and i would die to try it again. i don't really drink any soda other than sprite and fanta, but i really liked pibbs. drank it religiously, lot of nights dedicated to a movie and a pibbs. unhealthy lifestyle, and i paid for it in energy, but man it was nice.
to /late/, first visit. but recently, barleywine, or whatever is free, non-fluoridated, and sugary. decaffeinated, night-themed green tea would be nice. if it has fluoride, at least it also has l-theanine.
>>4895 pibb is criminally underrated. i love off-handed sodas like pibb.
>>3004 Grolsch. This beer might destroy me.
(704.93 KB 618x878 lolipop.png)
You wouldn't a loli
(1.12 MB 992x667 canada dry345.PNG)
It would be venom killer taipan, but I'm up at night these days so I can't really drink that much anymore without feeling way too jittery for just sitting in my chair. It's canada dry all the way down now.
Pepsi Max
Tahitian Treat.
(781.89 KB 2000x1500 spezi.jpg)
only german posters will understand
>>5780 bro its just fanta and cola mixed that shit sucks logo is cool though
(51.95 KB 600x800 orangina.jpg)
Like fanta/miranda but much more orangy and with pulp in it. Unfortunate name but very good.
>>3004 Cream Soda, specifically Sprecher cream soda.
>>3004 Came here to post about those new Pepsi Soda Shop drinks. The cream soda and black cherry flavors are great, and its made with the old formula. Highly recommended.
>>3481 Too sweet and juicy for my taste. Have you considered trying a soft seltzer or water-based fruit drink? Those would have even less sugar than San Pel.
>>5524 Where did you buy that, and does the bottler sell shares to the public?
i tried this stuff out, i think im in love. the bite of the ginger pairs well with carbonation
(704.49 KB 1500x1500 muh vichy.png)
I enjoy carbonated waters, especially this one in particular. But I only drink one glass per day (after waking up and drank my coffee). Maybe another one after doing some sports. I like to accommodate it with some citrus or mint extracts. I used to drink almost 1L/day and that's not good because these waters are naturally highly dosed in minerals elements, it is good under certain conditions, in the case of deficiencies for example. Worse, it can be bad if you suffer from certain diseases (kidneys among others). When it's very hot I enjoy a fresh shandy. From times to times I appreciate a fresh beer to but I'm not a lot into alcool. Rarely sodas : Pepsi, Sprite or Fanta.
(324.33 KB 1200x1600 shota cola.jpg)
>>6409 Heh, it's probably just a meme.
>>3004 I quit soda in high school, but my go-to was always root beer. There was a store about an hour from here my family always stopped at during road trips with dozens if not hundreds of types of root beer and sarsaparilla. I wish I could remember some of those obscure brands because it was the best root beer I ever had. I haven't had sarsaparilla in even longer. Although when I used to have ice cream floats I preferred orange soda like Sunkist.
(1014.31 KB 1200x675 creepy.png)
Cola brand cola
(20.24 KB 300x350 mello.jpg)
>>4895 I don't drink soda anymore, but when I did, I used to love Pibb and Mello Yello.
>>3004 Dr. Pepper is my favorite, I used to drink one before work as a substitute for coffee, the diet cream soda ones are best.
I like green tea and herbal tea. Especially rooibos tea with a splash of cream. So far as soda goes, I don't drink much but Ale81 is delicious. I don't know how widely it's distributed, but if there are any fellow connoisseurs of ginger ale in this thread I highly recommend you try it should you get the chance.
Dark coffee to wash down pastries if I'm on the chans all night. Warm sake if I'm drinking. I had to chill a bit on the soda, I'm losing teeth and can't afford the dental work.
>>7556 How much soda were you drinking?
Inca Kola blows every other cream soda away.
idk anon, you tell me.
(105.87 KB 922x882 wojak inca45345.png)
(1.35 MB 616x927 incakola.PNG)
>>8606 Forgot the image like a bafoon the other night.
>>8606 >>8761 As a kid who thought the sweeter the better, the discovery of kola champagnes was huge. I swear most of them aren't as sweet as they used to be, but I still like them.
(70.91 KB 1000x1000 lipton_sparkling.jpg)
>>3004 Lipton sparkling tea classic. It became a bit rare in stores here though...
first it was arizona green tea, then it moved to polar seltzer, then to passion fruit la croix, and now finally, its dr. pepper. god knows what it'll be next week