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(23.09 KB 366x272 Tenchiu.jpg)
Anime Anonymous 2020-03-05 (Thu) 19:44:01 No. 646
hey /late/, what are some of the earliest anime you've watched?

also, which series (current/past seasons) are meant to watch /late/ at night?
Man, I always remember just staying up late watching Inuyasha on Adult swim, I even went back to it and watched it whole, just to feel that nostalgia, I loved it.
One of the earliest memories I have of watching anime is Ribon no Kishi which was aired early in the morning in the early 90s when I first remember TV.

Inuyasha was up on a free-to-air channel from where i'm at.
i remember not finishing the series, either the channel stoping airing it or couldn't air the rest of the series after certain season.
anyway i did finish the whole series (minus the movies)


cool, that's like one of the more retro series in this thread haha!
plus i never heard of it, so thanks will be putting this on my watching list
First anime i saw was stuff from the 60s and 70s like: Speed Racer, The Ultraman and Candy Candy.

At present i'm watching Urusei Yatsura when falling asleep.
earliest i've watched would be pokemon (both english and arabic dubs, arabic OP = english OP)
digimon (both english and arabic dubs (arabic OP > english OP)
old Hunter x Hunter (arabic OP > everything, cried when she performed it live)
(338.62 KB 900x954 Suigintou.full.2493072.png)
Not counting Pokemon, DBZ, Ghibli movies etc... the earliest anime I watched was the first GITS movie, the first Eva movie, and Ergo Proxy. I had been browsing imageboards for years by then, but I always thought of anime as something pretentious, childish, and perverted because of the images that anons posted, so I only allowed myself to watch the more mainstreamy animes or the ones "mature" enough to be like Hollywood movies, but now I watch anime almost exclusively.

I really started watching anime when my bro introduced me to Attack on Titan and my sis introduced me to Fairy Tail, for Fairy Tail - I fell in love with the show's comedy, but then as I watched more shows I realized that it's the standard kind of comedy in anime, but for AoT - I hated Eren, but I thought it was pretty badass anime anyway and even now I still think it's a great anime despite how much more refined my tastes have become. I get that lots of anons consider it to be a "normalfag" anime for plebs, but if you can look past the normalfag reasons for liking it, there are deeper, real reasons for it being a genuine masterpiece. After that I started watching Kill la Kill, TTGL, Boku Dake Inai Machi, Gintama, and that's how I became a weeb.

>which series (current/past seasons) are meant to watch /late/ at night?
Fate Zero or anything related to Fate Stay/Night
Rozen Maiden
Flip flappers (this one made me more depressed than I was but it's really good)
Pretty much any 00s anime does it for me. I like those feelings of nostalgia late at night, and the old art style makes it feel like time is broken.

Haven't watched these yet myself, but I'd watch them /late/ at night:
Madoka Magica
Black Rock Shooter
Serial Experiments Lain
I'm watching Yuru Camp while doing some cardio. Its a short anime about outdoor survival... on easy mode.
Tenchi muyo, bubblegum crisis, and a few others on a vhs. Funny to think Cowboy Bebop didn't exist yet.

I don't really watch anymore, but late night reading might include gantz:e, ana satsujin, and chainsaw man.
(44.99 KB 600x425 soul_taker.jpg)
First anime I watched were what aired on 4kids and foxbox: Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, Kirby. Having extremely spotty cable access growing up meant it took until I was probably in junior high to really branch out more, and even then the channels that aired them more typically had the time slots clashing with school nights, so often times I'd wind up catching episodes of stuff very sporadically, either just on the weekends or during intersession from school. But I have nice memories of watching bits of Fullmetal Alchemist 2003 reruns, Blood+, Eureka Seven, and the very early parts of Bleach while staying up late playing Runescape (the nature of leveling stuff like fishing, woodcutting, and mining making for decent multitasking). Branched out a lot from there, I'd say. Imageboard lurking does a lot to expose one to works you might not have heard of otherwise.

Oldest anime I recall watching thus far is probably Gunbuster.

>which series (current/past seasons) are meant to watch /late/ at night?
From experience, The SoulTaker, Texhnolyze, Gilgamesh, and Giant Robo work great with the atmosphere of night. Astro Fighter Sunred also works out quite well with the timing despite often being set during the day: there's an inherent sort of "NEET" quality to it that makes watching it in the dead of night enjoyable. And I don't just mean the "Cooking with Vamp" skits, which are all about making good tasting food on a low budget. Hilarious, yet also pretty damn comfy.
Honestly, I think it was Sailor Moon sometime in the mid-90s. I was a young kid. She ended up being my first crush, funny enough. Other than that, the other basic stuff around that time period and a bit later; DBZ, Pokemon, adult swim stuff like The Big O.

/late/ stuff I watch nowadays are the Golgo 13 OVAs. I recommend just the first one, I thought it was better than the 2nd. Oh, and definitely Cyber City Oedo 808, and even Genocyber if you're into some of the more highly-detailed gore.
Back in 2007/2008 YTV would run "Bionix" on Friday nights with mainly Naruto and Bleach and I would always try to watch it
then joined highschool "anime club" in 2011 which was watching anime during lunch (sailor moon, avatar, baccano, soul eater, Ghibli)
(255.91 KB 1920x1080 Untitled.jpg)
I want an anime that has this calm mystical atmosphere. This scene in Cuunibyo represents it really well, I always get the desire to re-watch the anime when I remember this. It's hard to pinpoint what exactly I like about it, the rest of the anime has a lot of similar feeling. Like it's magical but also real, you want to know more but it's hard to grasp.
Could have sworn I replied to this thread. It was Evangelion. At the same time I was watching the usual 90s shounen stuff. Pokemon, Beyblade, Card Captor Sakura.
I am in the process of gaslighting myself to believe that Lain was the first anime I ever watched.
Something that you may enjoy would be Mushishi, about the entire show is based on the premises you outline here.
>>653 This, as a kid there was something special about waking up at four in the dead of night just for that single episode, and enjoying the sweet ed. Nowadays waking up at that time is a nightmare, its kinda funny. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKt8_o1a9Cw
Sailor Moon was really good, both ironically and unironically. It's legitimately fun viewing most of the time, and just when you're thinking "why don't they ever use their powers to solve anything?" Jupiter punches a tranny in the mouth and blows up a door with a motherfucking lightning bolt.

Then you have the "sailor moon says" segments, which weren't supposed to be funny, but you can't help laughing at this advice that amounts to "don't be a rotten little cunt, gossiping about everyone and trying to steal your friends' boyfriends."

And if you've endured the English opening any number of times, seeing the Japanese gives you a much different perspective on how the show is supposed to feel. https://youtu.be/9WdSzmL80eE
Urban Classy
(188.60 KB 1003x1400 coffee moon.png)
Manga-wise, Coffee Moon is peak /late/ material. This is Pieta. Wish her a Happy birthday, /late/.
>>1593 I'm not too late. Happy birthday Pieta-san!
first anime i actually watched all the way through was Soul Eater. still one of my favorites to this day, i watch it again every couple years. never have finished the manga though. after that i got into edgy stuff like Black Butler and Death Note pretty much exclusively because i was 13 and emo as fuck, then basically took a big ol break from anime entirely for a few years. only in the last couple years have i gotten back into it and checked out classics like Cowboy Bebop, Lain, KLK, Black Lagoon, Akira. i'd like to get into manga but i'm terrible about not blocking time to read things.
>>1593 thanks anon for this really enjoy the series so far
Besides ghibli movies, the first i watched was One Punch Season 1. However i didn't start really watching anime series until i watched Kill La Kill in 2016, I love this fucking show, rewatched it recently and it's still one the best animes i've ever seen.
(241.71 KB 1280x669 gintama_the_final_anime_movie.jpg)
Can't remember the first, but I watched a lot of shoujo anime like 'Lovely Complex' and 'Ouran Host Club.' The most memorable ones I watched that left an imprint on me were Elfen Lied and Madoka Magica (I watched these when I was around 6 or 7) I also remember watching Rosario + Vampire, it was pretty good minus the constant fanservice (something I've disliked from the beginning). My favorite long-running series was Gintama. (my favorite long-running shounen I've watched to this day, and I'm looking forward to rewatching all the seasons in time for the 2021 movie.) >>also, which series (current/past seasons) are meant to watch /late/ at night? I'm trying to rack my brain for shows I would watch at night but can't remember any. Though I'd recommend watching Samurai Champloo at night.
The Chainsaw Man manga is drawing to a close on Sunday. It feels kinda heavy that it's ending, though I'm also glad it isn't going to do like Bleach where the story just keeps going for hundreds of chapters after the antagonist is defeated, until it finally ends with a whimper. People point out the unevenness of the writing, and I struggle to understand why they would expect something with such a morbid fascination would flow like stardard shonen, or like standard fiction in general. It's postmodern turbodecadence. Anybody else here reading it?
>>1943 I'm just about to start reading it, I've been getting recommended to read it and even though I'm not good with extreme violence, the humor looks like it's right up my alley. I'm happy that it's ending because it means I can read all the chapters without having to wait for more. I'll respond again when I've started to read.
>>1944 A pro move. I started reading from chapter 25 and got hooked, so now I can't remember anything but the last 20 or so. It bugs me, too, because there was enough context and subtext to the story as a whole that I want to sit for an hour or two and reflect on what it all meant, and I'd rather not have to rely on tvtropes to remember things for me. As for the violence, it's mostly over the top slasher movie type stuff you would expect given that the protagonist is made of chainsaws, like people exploding. The sketchiness of the art style keeps it from being too much.
Started reading Angel Densetsu, it's fucking awesome. It's about a guy who's really kind but has a terrifying face. It also has a 45 min OAV, check it out it's on youtube with subs.
>hey /late/, what are some of the earliest anime you've watched? Death Note, Btooom!, kissxsis (don't watch it)
(173.99 KB 621x402 gum.png)
>>1947 got around to reading about a week after I originally posted and I instantly got hooked on the humor and Denji's personality from the first chapter. Power's my favorite character currently, I really love her interactions with everyone. I decided to wait a little longer before I binge read the whole series, at least until there's some visuals of the anime.
(258.54 KB 1519x2209 external-content.duckduckgo.com.jpg)
Earliest Anime? Probably Spirited Away on VHS with my grandma as a kid. Loved watching the creatures in the movie and my grandma probably enjoyed watching it with me.
Earliest anime for me was My Neighbor Totoro, I had a VHS of it that i watched dozens of times. It's still probably at my parent's house, damn i need to check it again.
>what are some of the earliest anime you've watched? First anime I remember watching was TTGL. I would sit in my parents bedroom, lock the door, and just fire it up on netflix. I had no idea what is was or really the plot, but I kept watching. Anytime my mom knocked on the door I just yelled, "I NEED MY ALONE TIME". I was and still am a bit of a tard... > which series (current/past seasons) are meant to watch /late/ at night? Made in Abyss, Kino's Journey,(2017) and I suppose Samurai Champloo
>>646 Pokemon and Transformers Armada back when I was 10 or less. I probably watched anime earlier but these were the ones I started getting invested waiting every day for the next episode to air. Probably the anime I can remember the earliest that I watched was Fancy Lala and Daigunder that I watched when I was 7 or 8 and rememeber watching some episodes.
(309.90 KB 756x442 power.png)
(222.10 KB 700x500 whitecell.gif)
Apparently Hataraku Saibou and its edgy spinoff have become anime. Never forget all the waifus and husbandos whose hard work keeps you alive. >>2153 She's the best!
>>2249 akira
>>646 I watched a lone episode of bleach at midnight while stuck in a motel.
>>2741 What did you think of it?
>>2701 >TTGL first anime >netflix Wow. How do zoomers end up here? I would assume you have to be in your mid 20s at the very least to be browsing depression forums. But you are at the stage where you can still make it.
I watched Princess Mononoke when it came out on DVD. As far as series go, I used to watch Pokemon and Digimon. I remember thinking a bit later that anime was corny and hating it, but I still remember forcing myself to watch stuff like Card Captors, Zoids, and Beyblade. A few years ago, I started watching Miyazaki's other movies and enjoyed what I saw, unlike Princess Mononoke. I'm still don't really consider myself an anime fan, but there are other anime movies I've seen and enjoyed (as well as some I didn't like at all) and am open to watching some in the future.
(24.71 KB 265x375 Maya.jpg)
Pretty much whatever was on TV in the 70's, when I was a little kid. Goldorak (Grendizer) Maya l'abeille Heidi Albator, le corsaire de l'espace (Captain Harlock)
Not that big into anime honestly, I have a hard time paying attention to "passive" media in general like TV shows and movies. Anyway, I remember being 6 and sneaking glances at Sailor Moon in the late 90s, but that's just because I thought the girls were cute. Didn't really pay attention to the plot or anything because I was keeping an eye out for anyone who might walk in suddenly, ready to change the channel out of fear of being judged. Since finally getting a decent computer in 2010, I've watched a few series to completion: TTGL, FLCL, Evangelion, Watamote, and Lain. In that order. Tried to watch Chuunibyou back when it first aired, but then I got to the episode where Yuuta and Rikka spent the night together and it reminded me of how lonely I was growing up. I know real young love isn't sappy like that but it still hurt like hell. Had to drop it mid-episode. Need to get back into Texhnolyze. I watched the first few episodes and liked it, then for some reason I just stopped.
I've been watching Kumo desuga. It's kind of amusing and it managed to involve me in the human-world politics (I stopped reading around the point where episode 10 happens) but it's pretty obvious that this is the sort of thing about which nobody is going to say "oh yeah, the isekai about the spider girl, I need to watch that again." It was fun for awhile, but now it's kinda like a filler arc, except it's the main plot.
>>3700 >I have a hard time paying attention to "passive" media in general like TV shows and movies. I have that problem too, although it comes and it goes. I've had phases where I'm watching a movie almost every night, but most of the time I have problems paying attention to them if I'm watching them by myself. It doesn't help that my schedule is busier than it used to be and that I feel like there are other things I could be doing.
>>3700 I did that a lot when I was a kid too. It was not until I was 16 I got a proper computer with internet connection and even then I downloaded 3gp anime episodes from those wap sites and watched it on a tiny screen of my feature phone.
(42.49 KB 888x480 mpv-shot0001.jpg)
(72.98 KB 888x480 mpv-shot0006.jpg)
>ctrl+f "tskuyomi moon phase" >0 results I want a tsundere vampire loli to kissu me.
(4.10 KB 177x209 p[oarit345.png)
>>3716 >3gp >wap sites boy, brings back memories
>>3716 >>6194 I've never even seen downloads in native 3gp. The lowest quality I saw was usually 144p/240p mp4 downloads. I'd do that for shows I liked in high school and used an awful freeware 3gp converter if I wanted to play them on my phone.
>>1089 if nobody remembers, it didnt happen!