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Welcome home. Quilt 08/13/2019 (Tue) 02:35:16 No. 1
Back in the 8chan days the idea of a /late/ image-board, independent of our parent site was something of a pipe dream. Now we are here, long after our obscure birth in 2015. I couldn't have set all this up without the help of my friend Max, who also made the radio at radio.late.city, though other people contributed music to it. We hope to be in for the long haul, and for you to be in it with us. Enjoy, sleepy anons. And again, Welcome; You have a friend in /late/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Friends of /late/] A place to relax - https://anon.cafe/comfy/ L'Entremonde (Francophone IB) - https://anon.cafe/ent/ 06/09/2022 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello sleepy anons. I wanted to note that the matrix server is down, and apologise for not clarifing this earlier. I'm sorry for any frustration caused. I want to set up a small IRC soon, so that people can drop by and mention any spam, reach out, and talk about the radio and such things. The report function has been broken for a long time, and I am sorry to say that I don't know how to fix this. In the next month I want to try to update the board software and hopefully restore this functionality. I check the board every day to manage any spam and make sure that there aren't any obviously unwelcome or especially out of place threads. As you might have observed, there have been some spammers posting every day using a script. I would personally prefer to not make use of captcha to fight such things as long as this is practical. All these posts come from chinese ip ranges, and I will try to blacklist the whole of the country from posting, if I can figure out how to accomplish this. It is very frustrating, but though I am relatively tech literate, I'm not very good at managing servers, and so there are some oddities here and there on the board. I hope to make some time and marshall some energy to do some cleanup on the board. I'm also thinking of some way to fund this boards costs through donations, alongside my own and other peoples private past contributions. I've become very withdrawn, and I find talking or writing very stressful. I'm sorry that I'm not more communicative at times. I still read and appreciate every post on this board. Thank you for continuing to post and spend time here. -Quilt 23/01/2022 [Old post text] https://rentry.co/yiyqa
Edited last time by quilt on 09/06/2022 (Tue) 00:56:18.
(57.34 KB 490x500 1561128924308.jpg)
(44.68 KB 588x404 skateboard maid.jpg)
Now this is nice.
a nice, new comfy home. I like this a lot
Hey Quilt-san! Quilt-san!

Need any other supplies salvaged?
If you have some of the other threads archived, or any other material of interest, please send it to me. There are some threads that I think I will restore by hand today provided I have time.
I am glad to find you guys are still alive. Are we not revealing ourselves to other bunkers?
I’m so glad you all survived. Even better to see you’ve spun off into an independent instance. Will you be joining the smug/cafe/julay/vch webring?
Erischan is in there and I didn't even knew they existed, so I don't see any reason as to why this board couldn't be.
Please join please please!
>tfw even sportschan joined them
It's unbelievable, please do join
Apparently we're joining the webring soon(tm), not sure if nax/quilt/whoever has asked yet.
(93.56 KB 958x331 late.png)
/late/ has been added to the ring.
Hey guys, a warm welcome to the webring.
(15.42 MB 1062x713 1566034240592.gif)
Didn't realize /late/ had a place already. Should've joined the webring earlier, but better /late/ than never.
Yay, /late/ is here. Nice to have you guys with us.

Fashionably /late/, of course!
Small complaint, but I'd like it if you changed the boards image with something /late/ related. A crescent moon, perhaps?
I was supposed to be working on that but I was stuck in bed all day, random flu got me. Sorry 'bout that.
Hello I see you still have the default thumbnail size
I remember a /late/ anon posted an ad for halloween on my board once, seems like a nice board
This board is top comfy
Let me give you a couple lynxchan words of advice
-global settings -> Overboard uri -> type "overboard"
-use filezilla to upload static pages (contact, global rules, about, links). Copy the templates and edit them with notepad++
-Upload logo using filezilla
It's been a while since I last browsed /late/. I'm happy to see it got its own bunker.
Hey sleepy brothers.
I come from anon.cafe and mle.party asking to be included in your webring rotation.
I'm home!

Also 200 get!
so glad this exists, thought I lost /late/ forever. Thanks to everybody who put the effort in
I remember 2 years ago the /late/ halloween movie night
I wish I had found /late/ prior to the webring. Someone posted a link in another board before it was added to the webring, and after following it, I've found that I really enjoy it here. There's something extra comfy about it.
(86.56 KB 1200x978 the forest of received images.jpg)
Glad to see this place is here.
damn I just remeberes the name for the site. I thought I might find a radio server like last time not a chan. glad to see /late/ is still kicking
Good to see my /late/homeys, here. I started some of the horror games threads back on the old place.Wonder if death stranding is a good /late/ game.
Holy fuck I remember going on /late/ back in 2015. It's only now after I decided to host an imageboard for my city that I've found /late/s new home. I forgot how much I missed this place.
How do we make the old crew and new night owls aware of this place?
we have discussed this before on the dickcord
conclusion was that getting on the webring is exposition enough already, and most people know of this board
those that dont will hopefully find us through julay, going on 8kun is not an option, that place glows like reactor 4 of chernobyl power plant, blin
Is there an IRC for this board?
Unfortunately not. There has been on and off in the past, but activity has been limited, and the discord server has a lot of channels that are active, which is probably why they don't have a bot mirroring stuff.
>the discord server
uh oh, this isn't one of those tranny cult things in clever disguise, is it?
That's a shame. I would have loved an IRC with the people here, and I'd rather steer clear of Discord.
Hey, you could bridge the Discord into Matrix. That would make everyone happy.
I'm not extremely opposed to discord, but I'd prefer not to use it if possible. If it's just shitposting and chilling with the lads I don't really see much harm, but it's not really secure either. Right now I'm just lurking a bit. I might check out the minerman server and then maybe the discord later.
Is the discord decent?
it is
there's no trannys or jannys so its all good
way more active too
Lol wtf is a janny
Janitor, it's basically a mod I guess?
Discount imageboard moderator. I heard the pay is pretty good though.
>gen z shitheads would rather circlejerk in their fucking discord than post here
This is the cancer killing imageboards.
(2.06 MB 1920x1080 PorcoRosso6.png)
Nah, it's not Discord. We're just too old or too slow. Everything's real fast and ephemeral now, image boards make no sense anymore. You post a thing, someone sees it and they move on to the next.
But they're supposed to do it for free! My whole life is a lie!
(43.62 KB 300x100 1424535403813.jpg)
I really like this site. Up, late at night, this my to go. It's such a nice place and I've never felt so comfortable reading a thread. No extremist shit, just people here, all drowsed out, waiting for a friend. I'm going to post here every night and do what I can keep this board from dying. This is to nice to lose.

If you're reading this do what you have to do to keep this a home. A genuine home. Stay comfy and stay tired.

about to go snuggle up with my newly wrapped carcass
Hi, buddy!

... oh wait, it's morning already? Aaah shit
Fuck deadly.
Quilt never should have given a stoner power.
Ban me from here too, bitch, i dont care. I've already added all of my friends from the server anyways.
As closing words, I'd like to say: fuck deadly.
I know back on 8chan /late/ and /comfy/ were once close boards, so I thought I'd just let anyone interested know that /comfy/ is back https://anon.cafe/comfy/
My joy is immeasurable and my night is so much better. Thanks, anon!
No problem, glad it was of some use.
Missed you guys, didn't know if I'd ever be back here. Hope you're all well.
We missed you too
(49.98 KB 550x850 the new infinity cup.png)
Hey, sleepy bros, /icup/ here, we all wanted to invite you to join our friendly virtual sports competition!
Come have fun with us over at https://anon.cafe/icup/ if you want to!
And if you want to add your own team, we'd sure love to sign you up!
It's very nice that /late/ has a home all its own.
I feel like /late/ and /kind/ are sibling boards and I don't know where the latter went. They had a board on Julay and used that as a bunker to their own imageboard but I don't know the address or even if it's still alive.
Try kindchan.org.
Hey guys, what would you think about making a team together?
>t. /comfy/
/comfy/ has always been a close ally of /late/

I think in these trying times we should indeed ally
Who /panic/ when the site is down?
fuggin' glows I swear to perkele I will eat them
(286.58 KB 853x480 infinity cup committee.png)
As a heads up, there is one week left to submit your board's entry to the Infinity Cup! For your entry to be considered complete, we still need a full roster from your board. Since there's no thread here, I'll link you to /comfy/'s so you guys can link up: https://anon.cafe/comfy/res/830.html
(29.25 KB 702x702 latecomfy_logo.png)
Congratulations to the /late/ half of /late/ & /comfy/, your board is now officially entered into the 6th Infinity Cup, a competition dedicated to crowning the divegrass champion of the webring! The defending champion and host for this Cup is /kind/, who defeated /co/ in the final, via a nailbiting penalty shootout. We will be following a similar tournament structure this Cup, with a Group Stage, guaranteeing your board at least 3 games, and a final Knockout Stage to determine the sole champion. The tentative schedule for the tournament is as follows:

>July 31
Second Deadline, for tactics and Player Cards (explained below)
>August 1st
Draw Stream on the Infinity Cup Cytube, determining which teams your board will face in the Group Stage
>August 7th, 8th, 9th
First, second, and third Day of competition
>August 14th, 15th, 16th
Fourth, fifth, sixth day of competition, completion of Group Stage
>August 22nd
First day of Knockout Stage
>August 23rd
Final day of Knockout Stage, and the champion is crowned

So what's the deal with this second deadline? This is for the strategy your team will run during the games, and it's the alternative to live managing. It's a simple text document that the rigger follows during the game that outlines offensive and defensive tactics, as well as substitutes. As for Player Cards, these are the special abilities your players will carry into the game.

>Alright, I think I can handle that
Perfect. The page explaining Team Strategies and how to select them is here: http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Team_Strategies And the page for Player Cards that does the same is here: http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Player_Cards You can send your strategies and player cards to me (SKF@8chan.co or SKF@cock.li) until July 31st, which gives me ample time to actually put them into the game. If you have any trouble with this as well, reach out. I've tried to make those two pages as accessible as possible, but I know there's still going to be issues for those putting it together.

>I want to help but not do that
Not a problem. Most teams don't have their roster pages filled out, and it's likely yours is one of them. Head to the wiki and fill in your team's roster page with images and brief profiles on your players. It really helps the commentators with their shitposts in-game. (Exemplar roster pages: http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//ita//Roster http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//loomis//Roster http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//otter//Roster) We're always looking for 3D models of players on teams, so if you happen to know how to use Blender or have access to MMDs or similar 3D models, pass them along and we'll work on getting them into PES. We're also opening up submissions for adboards for this Cup, the field advertisements the scroll through during play. To submit them, simply post in your respective thread on /icup/, the only requirement is that the images be scaleable to 512x64, as that's the dimensions that PES needs for them to work. And as always, there's also room for any OC you guys want to put together for the tournament.

t. SKF
(7.61 KB 372x279 srs_wsrw.png)
what happened? not sure is it me, or the yesterday and few hours ago I'm getting 502 Bad Gateway on /late/

not that it's a problem now, as everything works fine now.
It wasn't just you. It's good that it's back now, but spotty uptime isn't a good sign.
(3.43 KB 335x391 lateandcomfy-formation.png)
I came up with a strategy, this look good to you guys?

/late/ and /comfy/ Strategy Guide

Formation: 5-3-2

Attacking Instructions
Attacking Styles: Possession Game
Build Up: Short-Pass
Attacking Area: Wide
Positioning: Flexible
Support Range: 3

Defensive Instructions
Defensive Styles: All-out Defence
Containment Middle
Pressuring: Aggressive
Defensive Line: 6
Compactness: 4

Advanced Instructions:
Attack 1: Attacking Fullbacks
Attack 2: False Fullbacks
Defence 1: Wing Rotaton
Defence 2: Off

Player Settings:
Select Captain: Blankets
Long Free Kick Taker:
Short FK Taker:
FK Taker 2:
Left Corner Kick Taker:
Right CK Taker:
Penalty Kick Taker:
Players to Join Attack: (This is a setting specifically for corners/free kicks. It tells a player to come up and be part of the set play, rather than staying in his position on the field)

Substitution Strategies:
Sub off 2 most tired defenders and most tired midfielder at 70'.
Anyone know if the Matrix server is still up, I'm struggling to connect to it.
New discord link would be nice too. Discord shut my account down and is asking for my phone number, had to make a new one.
Disclaimer: I am a rep for another team, also a /comfy/ native.
I like it! If no-one else made a post I would have suggested something very similar. Thank you, Anon.
Possession Game and Short Pass are not only a great combination, they are also characteristically comfortable as well. Same with flexible structure and a large defense.
I can't say all-out defense and aggressive defending match our theme, but those are the tactics I am using so I think it's alright ;)
I'll link this post over on /comfy/ for awareness.
If you don't mind paying for things, there are websites that you can pay $0.50 (bitcoin is fine) for a real (non-VoIP) phone verification on major sites. A couple of them are known to give free trials too.
t. VPN user, popular sites always ask for numbers.
Hey I can’t get onto anon.cafe but it’s probably just my connection
Problem's on your end.
Also there was another site like this for some other board called like /happy/ or something? I forgot it’s name and it’s on the Advertising thread on /comfy/
Posting files has been broken for a couple days. I get an error:

>Blank parameter: boardUri, the parameter is not present.

I'm not into webdev at all, so this is a mystery to me.

Maybe you're thinking of /kind/? I know they have one at anon.cafe.
Its kind.moe
I came from there. Nice to see you guys know about it too.
I'm having this problem too! I want to make a new thread but that's the same error I'm getting, and I've tried from 2 different browsers on this computer and my phone.
Now some glowinthedark bot is spamming generic doomer WAAAAH garbage everywhere and the admin seems to be awol.

same here. or will get a "Connection Failed" message

was wondering about that too. all the sentences are, strangely, incomplete
It's interesting to infer what this sort of attack is meant to accomplish. There's the shitty, depressing music, mentioning the MSM's favorite spree-shooter, baiting people into IRL interaction. The bot even samefagged to fish for information about what we're doing off-site.
Time will tell until then we just wait for the admin to come.
The likelihood of the board being attacked would probably be lessened if it wasn't part of the webring anymore. Kind.moe would want to link here and vice versa if not for that.
Test stream today, just for fun 2 CDT 3 EDT 19:00 UTC https://cytu.be/r/8cup
The Quick Reply box on mobile won't let you scroll to see the captcha.
Just a reminder you have less than a week to finish up tactics and player cards. If you are having any difficulties or are worried no one will step up, leave a post here or in your thread on /icup/. I have an anon on standby willing to put something together for teams who need help. If you're a team who has participated in a previous Cup and you have not explicitly let me know you're sticking with your strats from last time, do so ASAP, as it cuts down on the work I'll have to do in the week after the Draw Stream. If you've already done so, kick back, take it easy and wait for the draw stream. Draw Stream is August 1st, 2PM PDT, 4PM CDT, 5PM EDT, 21:00 UTC. Mark that calendar.

As well, we're still accepting adboards for use during the tournament, visit the dedicated adboard thread on /icup/ and post them there.
alright, player styles:
LB: Offensive Fullback
CB (all): The Instigator
RB: Offensive Fullback
LMF: Hole Player
CMF: Classic No. 10
RMF: Hole Player
SS: Creative Playmaker
CF: Goal Poacher

Player cards:

GK Sweet Dreams
>GK Long Throw
LB City Lights
>Fighting Spirit
>Low Lofted Pass
>Weighted Pass
CB Minecraft
>Man Marking
>Acrobatic Clear
CB Take it easy!
>Heel Trick
CB Hot Chocolate
RB Nightwalk
>Fighting Spirit
>Weighted Pass
>Outside Curler
LMF Nap Time
>Long Ranger
>Long Range Drive
CMF Good Morning! (Captain)
>Weighted Pass
>Low Lofted Pass
RMF Tea Time
>Early Cross
>Incisive Run
SS Gondolina
>Mazing Run
>Acrobatic Finishing
>Long Range Drive
>First Time Shot
CF Blankets
>Mazing Run
>Speeding Bullet
>Acrobatic Finishing
>First Time Shot
>Knuckle Shot

CB Sleeping Bag
>Super Sub
>Man Marking
CB Gemütlichkeit we need another bench player for substition strats
>Super Sub
>Acrobatic Clear
RB Comfy Dog
>Super Sub
>Weighted Pass
LB rainy cyberpunk pixel art .gifs
>Super Sub
>Low Lofted Pass
LMF Rainclouds
>Super Sub
>Long Range Drive
CMF Home
>Super Sub
>Weighted Pass
RMF Sunset
>Super Sub
>Incisive Run
CF Stargazing
>Super Sub
>Acrobatic Finishing

Also since we're using Super Sub please don't sub our players before the start of the game.

Because I think imageposting is still wonky here.
You guys do need one of your bench players to be a GK. Should I just switch Gemütlichkeit to one to be compliant?
GET on /icup/ declare new player Mittens to be the backup and Gemütlichkeit to retain his CB position.
Not only does late still exist, but I come here and see a banner I made years ago? Nice!
/late/+/comfy/ team is playing against /co/ today. Still a while until group C, but group A matches begin in an hour.

Update, we lost 2-4.
Well, at least we managed to get several goals.
Hey is it just me or is the Matrix server broken, i cant send or receive messages on any of my devices
Friendly greetings from
I think we played pretty good.
Quick recap of the scores from today. The full image with an update on Golden Boot will come tomorrow.

/kind/ 1-2 /v/
/japan/ 1-2 /librejp/
/wooo/ 1-0 /sw/
/lego/ 0-1 /bane/
/co/ 1-2 /monster/
/late/ & /comfy 1-2 /cuckquean/
/bmn/ 2-1 /2hu/

If you don't see your team listed above, it means you're playing tomorrow. Matches kick off at the usual time (18:00 UTC). For a more detailed breakdown see: http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Infinity_Cup_6
does anyone feel that probably /late/ admin got lockout or just unable to access his/her /late/ admin account?

based on the logs, the last log actiity is July 12, around the time when image posting got wonky or unavailble, and random spams appearing on various /late/ threads.
If that were so, the admin could still post and say "I'm the admin, I locked myself out, oops." And people can believe or not believe that as they will.

So I don't know if he got hit by a bus or just decided to fuck off or whatever, but I guess eventually his account with the host will become delinquent and the site will be shut down. ¯\ (ツ) /¯
Maybe we could prepare for such an eventuality? As always, archive early and archive often.
and we're back! thanks admin for the hard work
Thanks admin, but I wish you would have deleted all the spam.
>>1417 If you mean the test post, there are still some problems with the website, the catalog and new lines wrapping weirdly. I forgot to delete it.
>>1419 That's not what I meant. There are still spam posts lying around.
(54.07 KB 346x482 1599265048599.jpg)
>>1 The radio seems to be broken, could it be fixed?
(413.75 KB 1245x1000 sousouworks.jpg)
>>1 Would you be interested in becoming friends with kind.moe? It would be nice to have one of our oldest friends join our ring.
>>1442 soon okay? ;-;
>>1442 yeah would be cool if it got fixed. Been out for a few days
>>1445 >>1468 >>1442 I fixed it!
>>1490 I see that! Thank you for your hard work keeping the radio up! I do use it often
(9.96 KB 225x225 download.jpg)
>>1490 Thanks now I can listen to it at night.
>>1 New discord invite?
>>1511 fixed!
Can you allow torfags to post?
>>1540 seconded >>1490 is or will it ever be possible to broadcast on latestaiton? perhaps including mounpoints into liquid soap?
>>1603 What are you trying to do, anon?
>>1609 perhaps hosting a comfy show for late every once in a while
looks like some random posting anon/bot(?) is back >>1657
it says >#+home:late.city is not accessible at this time. what to do ?
Good to see you all alive and well.
The report captcha isn't working.
Putting the date on posts is a swell idea, it makes it much easier to see the context of a thread. good work!
I want to help by reporting spam, but the captcha never works for me.
>>3851 It looks like there's a ton of it now too.
>>3889 Yeah, it's really weird. There need to be captchas on normal posts, or even hcaptcha if normal captchas become passable.
>>3891 Might want to make sure captchas work first before you do that.
>>1 Hello, friends, 314chan installed the webring plugin and they'd like to be linked back from the rest of the webring. Could you add them to the list?
ı cant post anything on late.city ı just only can reply
Captcha is borked isn't it
(54.92 KB 751x791 unknown.png)
>>5385 It works for me
Oh nice, image posting is back.
>>5388 It works when making posts, but never when reporting posts. There's bot spam on the board's front page right now but I can't report it.
>>5385 It is for me, I tried the no cookie one too and it doesn't work either :/
>>5413 Just tested, same here. I tried disabling JS, using the "no cookie" version, and it still didn't work... I worry that with the next spam wave captcha will be turned on for replies and I'll be locked out.
>>5415 i've never understood why some people are so anti-js
(151.16 KB 600x454 webcrawler.png)
>>5444 It's botnet trash, just like everything else they added after pic.
>>5449 kek lmao
>>5444 Executing random code from strangers is a godawful idea. Without JS, an easy 95% (probably closer to 99%) of all browser security vulnerabilities do not apply to you. Mandatory JS also severely restricts your browser choice to one of the three big ones (Firefox, Chrome, Safari) or their derivatives.
>>5480 fair enough i guess >Executing random code from strangers is a godawful idea. aren't all programs just random code from strangers?
>>5480 >>5485 I was going to ask the same thing, what makes JS any different from Adobe Shockwave/Ruffle, the browser you're using, hell even HTML itself?
>>5485 That's a false equivalency. Some rando JS that your browser downloads & exec's automatically is not equivalent to code in a Linux or BSD version control repository that has a history attached to it, showing all commits done by who and when, and with binaries signed by the dev team. I don't know (or care) how Windows or OS/X do it, but I'm guessing they also have some kind of system that guarantees integrity. RMS even has some kind of spield about "non-free JS" but I can't be arsed to search for it because I just avoid JS altogether. However, even that isn't an ideal solution. I'd much rather be back in the good old days of 1980's and early 90's when a simple 8-bit micro or Atari ST or Amiga 500 was all you needed, and a dialup modem text terminal comms software was sufficient to "get online". There at least, the possibility of writing *all* of your own software is realistic, and then the whole discussion about trust is moot.
>>5495 Now you are practically just talking about closed source or otherwise opaque software altogether, JS is far from unique in this regard. >Without JS, an easy 95% (probably closer to 99%) of all browser security vulnerabilities do not apply to you. This is the same argument as saying that Linux is better because most computer viruses are designed for Windows (and nowadays Macintosh). Right but for the wrongest reason possible.
>>5497 Actually JS is open source, because it's just a script rather than binary code. So it's not really about open vs. closed source. The main problem comes from the fact that JS code isn't audited by anyone who even claims to represent you. It's a case of the web browser blindly running Internet code inside a VM and praying that the VM is perfect. Good fucking luck with that! Now browser vulnerabilities aren't the same thing as viruses, so your virus analogy doesn't apply. Linux also has its big share of CVEs, as does every modern OS. In order to drastically reduce CVEs, you would need to drastically simplify the OS, and also reduce the codebase to a much more manageable level. They're not willing to do that. Instead they like to pile on even more code on top. They like to use "magic" solutions like new langages (e.g. Rust) and various mitigations. Those are obviously retarded solutions because they simply address the symptoms of the modern bloatware, rather than directly address the root causes. There's also a good reason for that: if the software actually became good, then it would put a lot of people out of work. And especially the entire "cybersecurity" industry, and the various intelligence agencies would be in deep shit. Because while most tech-related jobs profit from pumping out new and more bloated/janky versions of the same products you already bought dozens of times before, those two sectors are fully dependent on the sorry ass state of modern technology.
>>5495 Nonfree JS is exactly what it sounds like, it's JS licensed under anything but a free software license, so effectively just JS. >There at least, the possibility of writing *all* of your own software is realistic, and then the whole discussion about trust is moot. Holy shit yes, hardware drivers are such AIDS it's unbelievable. Even just looking at package size these things are fuckoff huge for no good reason, which should instantly make you distrust them. >>5498 To be fair to webfags, JS is a huge ogre shit in terms of language design and absolutely would be retarded to use even if there were no concerns about breaking security. I can see the use for something more advanced than static markup but JS is such a cancerous language only turbomongs would willingly use it for that.
Hey Quilt the captcha is broken, it's in constant "reloading" phase so it reads everything as incorrect even if it's right, please fix it!
>>5842 Oops I forgot to also write that the nocookies captcha is broken too, it produces a base-64 string 112 characters long when the captcha says it only wants 24.
(2.61 MB 2074x2684 christmas film festival.png)
Greetings, /late/. As our contribution of the webring Christmas event this year, we at /yuri/ decided to put together a 7-day war film marathon starting December 18. Film lineup, schedule, and details are on pic related. We'd be honored if you would join us on this special time of the year. https://streamchan.org/#shizuruslovehut For direct streaming https://streamchan.org/hls/shizuruslovehut.m3u8 rtmp://streamchan.org/live/shizuruslovehut.flv Questions or concerns? https://anon.cafe/christmas/res/21.html Feel free to pay us a visit https://smuglo.li/yuri/
(6.12 MB 2105x1561 X-mas card 2021.png)
Merry Christmas, /late/! From /co/.
>>1 I know it's probably oversaid, but I really appreciate this site Quilt. You have made an imageboard among imageboards, and the last comfy place I know of on this Internet.
(229.23 KB 500x579 glow.gif)
>>6149 Thank you for your words.
Thanks for creating this site, and for maintaining it. I truly appreciate it, and it's one of the few places on the internet that I feel at home. On top of things to fix, I don't think passwords for deleting posts works, for some reason, no big deal though.
Is there a way to change the settings on your captcha? Both /late/ and /kind/ have this problem where global reporting spam says "Wrong answer or expired captcha."
Newfag hear, it's pretty comfy in here and minimal faggotry. Hope this board stays alive. Logging out for the night.
(58.37 KB 640x640 sad gang.jpg)
Hey just found out this comfy board because some fren posted a link on another site. Nice place, lurked a few and I like it. Count me in.
(69.43 KB 599x400 1642367099226.jpg)
When I was 16 I had to go to the doctor to get circumcised and her 12 year old daughter saw me. How do I cope with this?
Can Anonymous be changed to Latecomer?
late night lurker here, place seems chill
(64.95 KB 779x528 discord.png)
good afternoon I hate discord
The most annoying thing about Discord is that every game or community has one, and now info that used to be on a wiki or otherwise on the open web is cloistered on a discord server, often in a role protected channel or lost somewhere in a chat, which is of course, usually full of faggots arguing over unrelated shit, and overseen by powertripping mods. Have fun finding an invite and verifing your phone number to see that shit too. Server politics are disgusting, and ubiqitous. Informal pecking orders, a million different colored roles, so we all know who has the biggest e-dick. As many kinds of retards as they have pronouns with Discord. I HATE discord.
>>6391 If you are a totalitarian government you don't start off saying that you want to destroy dissenters, you always say you're destroying a spooky boogeyman, like le Nazis in this case. As if all the alphabet people grooming kids there weren't doing real-world violence. It's all just an excuse to develop Big Brother and then eventually they will extend it to everything else.
>>6394 yeah, more or less. even if it doesn't descend into blatent censorship- with such laughable names like ADL, SPLC and journalists (lol, consulting journalists) you can 100% expect at the very least explicitly biased policies under some nebulous, kafkaesque goal of "equity"
Can't you put a word filter on the cp poster? You could just make a quick string search if his post contains url to that site and delete it automantically.
(42.40 KB 412x329 valis.jpg)
Have any of the anons here posted on 8/vg/ back on 8ch? We're trying to make a board revival with a spiritual successor. https://anon.cafe/valis/catalog.html If you haven't, 8/vg/ and now /valis/ is a comfy vidya board for actual game discussions. Come check it out.
(47.11 KB 248x419 SaveMeJebus.jpg)
latestation still down plz fix radio jannies.
>>6731 Some day, one day, all shall return to us. I hope
(9.29 KB 582x110 ClipboardImage.png)
So /comfy/ is apparently ready to join the next Infinity Cup as the joint team /late/+/comfy/. Would you like to join them as you did in the previous one?
>>6991 On what IB this post was posted ? I HAVE to know.
>>7062 I'm going to venture a guess that it's /icup/ on anon.cafe.
>>7066 Yes it is. thanks.
>>6991 How does this infinity cup thing work?
>>7107 Maybe it's a good idea to go there and lurk. Also you can ask directly on /icup/, they are kind. As little as I understood it's an interboard championship on a soccer video game (PES). It's hosted and streamed live with a chat. May be interesting even if I'm not into soccer nor vidyas.
Since I didn't want to make a discussion on the original banned post, the report function is still broken, but if you want to report content via email, I pretty much always have mail notifications on.
>>1 Hey just noticing you featured La Planche here. I sincerly appreciate. t. /planche/ BO
(55.65 KB 200x200 74188.png)
Latestation is back but no comfy backgrounds are loading on it. sad but I guess beggars can't be choosers.
>>7161 Welcome! I'm a fan of your board. >>7271 The folder with the images may not be linked? I'm not sure. I'll take a look into the missing images this weekend.
>>7281 >Welcome! I'm a fan of your board.
Hello to the /late/ half of /late/ & /comfy/, ICUP 7 is about to start soon. We already have some streamers and commentators ready, but if you are interested in helping with match commentary please let us know over at anon.cafe/icup/. The more the merrier. In regards to your entire team, it is currently valid. For extra fun, I recommend uploading portrait images for each player (to replace the empty icons in the Game Plan view) here or over at /comfy/. Finally, if you are capable of doing 3D modelling, creating OC, working on the wiki or just helping in any way possible feel free to reach out as well.
(223.96 KB 326x394 lcformation.PNG)
>>7490 I think it'd be good to go over our tactics again since the team hasn't performed so well in the past. What do you think of this? I tested it out and it seemed to work. Formation: 5-3-2 as in pic Strategy: Attacking Style: Possession Game Build Up: Short Pass Attacking Area: Center Positioning: Maintain Formation Support Range: 8 Defensive Style: Frontline Pressure Containment Area: Middle Pressuring: Aggressive Defensive Line: 6 Compactness: 4 Advanced: False Fullbacks Change these players: >AMF Good Morning! (bronze) Style: Hole Player Cards: Track Back, Speeding Bullet, First Time Shot >AMF Nap Time (bronze) Style: Classic No. 10 Cards: Weighted Pass, Low Lofted Pass, Early Cross >LB City Lights Style: Offensive Fullback Cards: Fighting Spirit, Incisive Run >RB Nightwalk Style: Offensive Fullback Cards: Fighting Spirit, Incisive Run I'd also get rid of all the Super Sub cards on the bench.
>>7545 I don't see anything wrong with the changes, but I suggest that you also talk with /comfy/ to see if they agree with those.
>>7550 Yep I'll do that. Also, how about making this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5K0wsdil_I the team's anthem?
Are the post dates hidden for good? I wonder how slow this board is now, probably as always or worse. But that might be for good. Whatever
>>7573 Ok, for some reason couldn't see them on the mobile
(3.56 KB 486x116 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7545 >>7550 >>7554 Looks like they replied: changes confirmed. I'll go ahead and update the wiki page with the new formation and anthem. Please let the /icup/ staff know as well.
>>7545 That's Tea Time and not Good Morning!, of course. >>7554 And this victory anthem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faMbphxdpnQ >>7588 Thanks! I'll post it in our thread soon.
>>7545 by the way, the team has 3 empty player slots that need filling with new names. >I'd also get rid of all the Super Sub cards on the bench. Might as well either replace them with a skill or keep them.
Didn't there used to be a Discord server or something? Whatever happened to that?
>>7554 yessir that song works plenty fine. appreciate the evening tunes
>>7545 Can you think of any more players? We have some slots free on the bench. /comfy/ want to move Minecraft to the bench and replace them with a new player, Traveller. That would leave us with 2 open slots, if I'm not mistaken.
(200.34 KB 1230x1144 ICUP7 Draw Stream.png)
The draw stream is going to happen on Friday this week, 18:00 UTC at https://cytu.be/r/infinitycup The attached image shows the start time in various timezones (from https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?p1=1440&iso=20220812T18&msg=Draw%20Stream ). End time is unknown, but it should last an hour or two at least because it will be used to run test matches, and will probably fail catastrophically at some point.
>>7688 >>7722 So we've got less than 24 hours to complete the roster. We just need one more player.
(77.86 KB 648x298 lcroster.png)
>>7730 Any objections to this roster?
(684.84 KB 852x521 lc.png)
(2.40 MB 320x240 chino.gif)
(13.27 KB 692x95 ICUP 7 draw.png)
After a disastrous draw stream that started an hour late, we now have the group stage draw. I'm not seeing any of the predicted rivalries. Group B appears to be the Group of Death. Here is the test/draw stream, be warned that it starts off horribly due to a missing noise reducer on the microphone. https://fedimovie.com/c/icup_stream7/videos?s=1 Fair warning, this is a PeerTube instance, so if the P2P bothers you then click My Settings on the left, then unselect "Help share videos being played" (you don't need to login). This isn't necessary for the stream, just the replay. >>7738 Nice Chino.
(28.86 KB 500x562 Schedule.png)
Here is the schedule for this weekend.
>>7763 Where to watch stream ?
Starting stream in an hour Link here >>7766
>>7795 /late/&/comfy/ won 2-0 against /leftypol/ Congratulations!
(273.16 KB 112x112 ducktwerk.gif)
>>7805 Congratulations guys. I was busy at work so I completely forget to watch the match. I remembered about it only in the morning. Are there a replay somewhere ?
>>7806 It'll be uploaded soon here: https://archive.org/details/ICUP7
(27.12 KB 513x579 Schedule.png)
Here is the schedule for this week's set of matches.
Starting in one hour. You'll be playing against /cuckquean/ in the seventh match of the day. https://cytu.be/r/infinitycup
>>7830 Apologies for the delay, but your match against /cuckquean/ ended in a 2-2 tie. Here's the raw if you're interested: https://archive.org/download/ICUP7/Day%204%20Part%201.mkv Starts at 3:43:30
(21.13 KB 268x606 Schedule.png)
Here is the schedule for this weekend's matches.
>>7858 LATE VS. ISLAM!!
Starting in one hour. You'll be fighting for your tournament lives against /islam/ in the last official match of the day. https://cytu.be/r/infinitycup
>>7870 It's starting now
>>7871 You won 3-0 against /islam/
(268.54 KB 869x1200 entremonde.jpg)
>>1 Hey BO, I plan to kill la /planche/. Here's the new place : L'Entremonde https://anon.cafe/ent/ Feel free to update accordingly. t. /planche/ /ent/ BO.
>>7873 /l8/ janitor here, so this is to replace the 8ch board in the pinned listing right? just making sure
>>7875 Hiya >>7873 I'll make a note of planche being in the process of moving boards, and link the new board as well as old until things are settled; unless you would like just the new link? Do advise your preference. I'll miss the 'planche'. My regards >>7872 Deus lo vult!
Edited last time by quilt on 09/05/2022 (Mon) 07:28:25.
(122.00 KB 565x634 FRlain.png)
>>7875 >so this is to replace the 8ch board in the pinned listing right? Yes sir. >>7876 You can already replace the link to point to /ent/ as I plan to wipe the planche in the coming days. I think I will let it open for some times with an indication to the new board and a quick explanation before totally nuke it. >I'll miss the 'planche'. Same BO on /ent/ so basically same spirit with a touch of cafe. I went quite autistic with the CSS on /ent/ tbh. Planche was more a draft to give a try at board management after the death of the last french IBs. 8chan don't need approval for board opening so it was simpler. I must admit, being hosted on 8chan with some weird boards in the neighborhood was a little bit problematic for me and to attract french posters. Overall being hosted on anon.cafe is more simple and the general spirit of the cafe fits better for this project. There are still good boards on 8chan I visit regularly tho. And again, thanks for your interest toward my derisory attempt at maintaining a french board out there. There is nothing left to do but to bring in french speaking users now. We're not a lot to use IBs here but with some parsimonious and clever advertising it may be good or not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
>>7878 I think L'Entremonde being hosted on anon.cafe is a great idea! I've butchered the pinned post. Let me know if anything else needs to be done. Au revoir!
Edited last time by ranch on 09/08/2022 (Thu) 05:41:40.
(32.76 KB 200x192 planche.png)
>>7878 >Same BO on /ent/ so basically same spirit with a touch of cafe I'll miss the silly plank with the beret is what I meant, but I'm glad you aren't giving up on the enterprise, planche was a cool place to visit. Have you archived any threads? Something to consider before nuking imo. >being hosted on anon.cafe is more simple and the general spirit of the cafe fits better Moving is a bold decision and I hope it pays off handsomely. I think being a board on anon.cafe is probably a better fit in the long run. I also hope you succeed in attracting enough french speakers, there deserves to be at least one notable francophone IB. >>7883 cheers
>>7883 >I've updated the pinned post. Thanks, I'm glad anon.cafe accepted my board. >>7884 >plank mascot You can buy it as NFT if you want kidding. It was created by /404/ BO on 8chan, then I added the beret. I must admit it's a funny board-tan. >archiving I don't know as nothing very valuable will be lost; no OC, just some ramblings and not important discussions. But hey, why not, I will consider it. I'm still working on some minor tweaks on /ent/ CSS then will move some things from /planche/ and let it open with a unique post redirecting to /ent/. I will delete it later
The draw is here and says that your first match of the knockouts will be against /dup/ No time set for now
>>7892 Sick!!
(16.76 KB 487x533 final_schedule.png)
>>7892 Schedule here /late/ & /comfy/ vs /dup/ happening tomorrow at 20:00 UTC
Knockouts starting in 30 minutes https://cytu.be/r/infinitycup
>>7932 /late/ & /comfy/ vs /dup/ starting now
>>7934 You won
And we're in the next round.
Good game guys, the end was quite difficult with those retarded goals tho.
Starting soon Which teams will move on and which ones will bite the dust? Find out over at https://cytu.be/r/infinitycup
>>7953 /late/ & /comfy/ vs /retro/ starting now
>>7955 And we're in the next round.
(512.13 KB 1920x1080 Infinity Cup 7.png)
Infinity Cup 7 is now complete! Congratulations to /eris/ who joins the ranks of champions as they defeated /japan/ 3-1 in the Final! Stay tuned for the award winners over at our /icup/ board. Thank you to every anon who chipped in throughout the Cup, and thank you especially to all the anons who took the time to tune in. We'll see you in the next one!
>>7960 this was fun!
Been a while, my mobile hotspot is IP banned, I have to bum off free wifi for a little while.


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