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(65.87 KB 539x371 1000get.jpg)
Post here every time you're on /late/ Anonymous 06/13/2020 (Sat) 09:23:24 No. 1000
aka the comfy bants thread.
I hope you all are doing well today. Lets survive!

Also, 1000 get!
Posting because I'm here.
Also, have a comfy movie:

It is true that I am on /late/... Yet it is not late.
What a strange dream.
(168.89 KB 237x234 waterfox_UEAkelBdBR.png)
I am not here
(194.21 KB 728x1092 ANA_SATSUJIN.jpg)
(59.89 KB 400x382 x.png)
reporting in.
it's very nearly /early/ but there's still no sunlight so we're not gonna count it.
(124.58 KB 811x280 BIRB.jpg)
(728.74 KB 483x483 1591382028234.gif)
>be me
(85.46 KB 624x187 sick.jpg)
Back again.
(71.78 KB 248x188 cscasc.png)
(1.49 MB 1563x879 benis.png)
wtf omg is that a cade???
(1.47 MB 1563x879 catte.png)
Of course not.
hehe nigga cade
I disagree
Hey moon, its just you and me tonight. Everyone else is asleep.
(1.31 KB 113x60 a small ball.png)
hello /late/.
Very nice ball
(268.89 KB 1080x1080 net.jpg)
(3.20 KB 236x129 aciu labai.png)
Thank you, friend
(499.10 KB 500x375 boingboingboing.gif)
(429.93 KB 1600x1200 EbCe414U4AA-MDE.jpeg)
going stir crazy
even as a shutin I like to go out every 3months to remember why I stay in
(14.01 KB 400x330 skel.jpg)
You're concerned about plague-larpers telling you to put on a mask or something?
(113.95 KB 1280x720 isabelle.jpg)
(64.32 KB 750x1000 EbKpz3aWoAcsUd6.jpg)
I wish i could stay in the /late/ forever.
(946.30 KB 1536x2048 Don'tworrysomuch.jpg)
(493.38 KB 500x281 97g6g7.gif)

> it's 2020

> still don't have the technology to link/connect our minds to the internets
(34.17 KB 640x480 staringincyberpunk.jpg)
Soon we'll be able to receive unsolicited government malware directly into our brains and the "NPC firmware update" meme will become literally real.
(297.66 KB 1865x1008 mpv-shot0278.jpg)
(358.07 KB 1865x1008 mpv-shot0279.jpg)
(321.69 KB 1865x1008 mpv-shot0283.jpg)
(261.20 KB 1865x1008 mpv-shot0284.jpg)
(303.60 KB 1865x1008 mpv-shot0314.jpg)
Sadly it'll probably close to ghost in the shell where all it's gonna be used for is political maneuvering, and normal people will still be in their slums living their lives. I'm sure doing so would probably be a very noisy endeavour, seeing how you can't go many places now during the daytime without it being very noisy and tiring.
(190.84 KB 581x590 robowaifu.png)
Im here.
(1.02 MB 5760x3240 1585258083767.jpg)
Party hard
I really do forget to come here, sorry lads
(36.57 KB 500x462 C74zdicXQAAhvD1.jpg)
its all getting in the way of real life
I was never scared for a second
what up mu nigs
hows yous all doin
(21.83 KB 240x240 yameiieye.jpg)
I see you
(17.93 KB 202x457 you.jpg)
I hear that. I went to a store last week, and I don't know how some of these retards expect to stay in business. You're not allowed to browse the shelves.

On the bright side, public transit is effectively free, since you can't pay normally anymore even if you wanted to.
(836.91 KB 500x375 434565432.gif)
>tfw have to go back to work tomorrow
>where does a week go
>heeeey moooooon

due to some mental workarounds i've actually felt rather invigorated lately. nothing about my life has changed from two months ago when i was so miserable i cried while i was driving home, but i think i've successfully put enough mental subroutines in place to have a more hardened and more positive outlook. going back to work is still benis but we'll see if the system works. i'm not miserable anymore. i feel invigorated.
(260.65 KB 513x376 benis.png)
>more hardened and more positive outlook.
That's good. It's hard to stay level these days. I was thinking this morning that I'm not getting anywhere trying to feel a particular way. I just have to acknowledge it, and perhaps let the pain pass through me like a cleansing fire. Just getting tired of feeling tired.

Also, that 502 gateway error wasn't the death knell of the site! Probably. Hooray!
(32.00 KB 286x288 yotsuba_drawer.png)
Hello? Yess?
This is the drawer goblin here!!
I’m new here what do I do?
(19.91 KB 270x334 13-2.jpg)
You already did. Now, do it again.
(30.48 KB 640x910 1545733727531.gif)
I fell asleep for a few hours without accomplishing anything today. I accidentally exited the game I was playing while asleep as well and lost all progress. Now I can't sleep, but I've been explicitly told I can't call off work this week. Ah well.

Just chillax.
Some guys backported Super Monkey Ball Deluxe to the Gamecube, so I've gotten back into the series recently. I still get fucked up from Exam-C.
Do I have to?
Man I remember this manga. Can't remember why I dropped it though.
(The hyenas were pretty cool at least).
I finished reading it recently, and the last two or three chapters vindicated it, though it dragged in some places. I realized only at the end that the author was employing some degree of visual symbolism, and that it was used throughout. I had only given it a literal reading, like it was written on the same level as all the braindead garbage I read.

I feel like I probably missed out on whatever he had to say about the various broad subjects he was really talking about: happiness, nihilism, and redemption.
Good evening.
same guy you replied to. a week later i'm still feeling strong. i've started making some positive changes almost on accident, things that i've failed at for years. meaningful positive change is a slow game, especially if you've been inundated by bad things your whole life. but with will, effort, faith, strength, all that kind of stuff, you will eventually see change and take joy in simple acts of improving. after years of grit and grovel it will almost seem effortless when it clicks. even small seemingly insignificant things you've overlooked could kick it off.

i believe in you bro.
Im in dire need for phisical contact, I will now procceed to slam my head agaist the wall.
Im also having trouble posting pics fuxxx
I forgot about this place! I'll be sure to come more frequently now that I've taken a different approach to life.
From /kind/ with love
Thanks, bro. I've been on the self-improvement grind for a few years now. It feels great when the ball starts rolling. Keeping the momentum is hard, especially this year with its parade of overwhelming absurdities that lead one to question what the future could possibly hold that's worth having.

As it happens, today reminded me that while the vicissitudes of life may make increasingly absurd demands, they have yet to demand more than I have. You can always surprise yourself as long as you never listen to despair-peddling faggots.
is it /late/ for you

or morning?
What is this, anon?
this place is comfy
Time to read my book and then call it for the day. I hope everyone's day was fine.
Is zchan dead pls tell me is not trueaaaaa wtf
They were talking about that on 8chan.moe. I think someone had a screencap of the admin declaring he was going to cut and run.

What a bitch, I heard he has many failed ib already but I wasn't expecting this.
What are you testing?
I dont actually post here everytime I stop by.
Me either. The sensible thing seems to be visiting less rather than posting more.

Rules are rules, you know.
i exist
despair-peddling and doom-parroting are some of the worst things you can pay attention to. mirth and goodness in your life will always do you better.

shameful display, flouting the law of the board. you shall be sentenced to seven exposures to full noon in the daywalker gulag.
>despair-peddling and doom-parroting are some of the worst things you can pay attention to.
Makes you wonder why some are so intent on spreading it everywhere.
I would post here more, but posting is always broken.
Well, now it works.
(32.00 KB 286x288 yotsuba_drawer.png)
Why can't I post gifs?
It's still giving me shit when I try to upload images. :|
We'll just have to wawit until the admin comes.
how many of you are living in a area where lights are at nearly every corner?

personally i feel that the area i'm in now (in fact, the whole country, save for the various nature reserves and destinated areas) is overlit.
so much so that i think the life of native species of birds are affected.

but can't help it, i guess. the lights are there so that anyone would "feel" safe, should they were outside late after midnight. though i would say this thought is pretty misguided, as even in broad daylight there will be people insane enough to attack random stranger.

also, thanks to the lights (and the pollution it contributed to the sky), most of us don't get to see the stars, unless we travel to specific places.
I went out at night recently, i enjoyed the way the lighting and darkness interacted. I'm not sure if your area has removed all dark spots but if they did that would make it a lot less comfy.
Does anyone know what happened to zchan?
Got ddos'd and the admin threw in the towel. It's not coming back, but one of the vols is supposedly setting up a new one. You should probably keep an eye on 8moe/v/ for updates.
I think you'd find that darker areas have more crime. Not limited to robbery, but more predominantly break and enters, vandalism, etc. It's just easier to do stuff you're not supposed to if you can't be filmed with conventional, non-FLIR cameras while you're doing it.

Both the crime and the light pollution are city problems. "Part and parcel" as they say.
10:50 AM, on a Tuesday (July 21st 2020) I came on last night, but realized I forgot to post in this thread.

I'm getting really sick of pessimistic, nihilistic, negative fiction. It's so overplayed.
It's only good times from now on.
I love everyone here, and I love this website.
To live forever.
There's something oddly comforting about coming to this board when you're having a shit day. Even if the only reason you're feeling like shit is because of your own weakness and helplessness. It's all my fault.
I like this board, but half the time it won't let me post images.
currently there's a problem with that since last week >>1180

hope it will be fixed
I have that game.. for the DS I think. I used to play it a bit when I was younger.

I also used to play something called Marble Blast Ultra on the Xbox 360. I kind of like ball rolling games.

anyway I haven't been on this site before. it seems alright
this, the easiest solution to both is don't live in a city. there's certainly an appeal to it, but personally i feel the negatives grossly outweigh the positives.

don't say that man. whatever happened, emotionally flagellating yourself will only make it worse. getting back up to keep moving, with the new conviction to not make the same mistakes, is always a better idea. no matter how many times you fall, you always get back up. you'll come out of it stronger.
I don't like having to scroll past two stickies everytime I come here. I think the MC server address should just be a header or something.
Is it really that bad? I can't tell since I always post from a computer.
I mostly use the desktop as well.
>having to scroll past two stickies everytime I come here
what do you mean?

browse this site in catalog view.
I shall eat the world!
Hey anons, hope you're doing alright.
hey, you too!
It's so quiet here. Too quiet.
I want image posting to be a thing again.
we all do, anon

we all do.
I was overcome by sickening emotion and screamed until my throat was raw. I may never speak again.
It only seems to bring me pain, anyways.
sorry to hear that, anon
What's the admin's email or contact information?
Hope you've overcome that emotion and feel better now.
could be this (from the front page):
Just found this place. This is my first post, I'll continue lurking for some time after this though.
enjoy your stay here
>imageposting is still broken
my bones hurttt
This sucks huh? 1 post per day now. Sad to see it die. I was banned, but i hear the discord is little better. Ah well. A little piece of old internet does withthis place, and so another nail snmbeds the imageboard coffin
This is the comfiest board.
I guess it's /late/ for many of you.

damn I hate the morning rustling and noises.
Contrary to your likes, I actually prefer the chirping in the morning.
What happened to image posting?
Hello. Not sure why I keep visiting /late/ when I'm a homeless /early/ bird. But I get out of bed when it's still dark so maybe that counts?
You're welcome here regardless. It's kinda slow at the current times, though.
Well /early/ doesn't exactly exist.
reporting for duty
What division are you in, soldier?
the chirpings are fine. any sounds from nature are fine.

it’s the man-made noises though..
that wonderful invention that makes lots of noise and moves some leaves around. a hand-held motorcycle with no wheels.
you can hear birds chirping, cats meowing at night and if you go near the river you can see people having goats/sheep.
Is anybody out there?
I'm here. Delivered and recieved.
It's gunna be one of those nights, guys.
Holding down the pillow fort.
>>1396 Does this have any relation to 8ch /late/? I've been searching for a while after it's death.
>>1410 Same team, independent website. late.city is the direct successor. Welcome back!
Edited last time by quilt on 09/01/2020 (Tue) 23:23:42.
(495.38 KB 848x1200 75383994_p0.png)
tfw can't walk the streets at night here without fearing for my life big cities really suck
(54.19 KB 716x670 1591610087771.jpg)
*duck noises*
mourning things that aren't gone yet
(1.46 MB 640x800 IMG_4848.MP4)
>>1416 Which country is that?
I just finished watching Welcome to the NHK.
>>1422 US. Partly overcautious, mostly a terrible neighborhood. >>1425 Been meaning to check that out, thanks for the reminder.
>>1413 I missed you all.
>>1416 I know the feel. I don't live in the US but hopefully I get to move away soon to somewhere where I can enjoy the nightlife.
Missed you lads
(1.09 MB 700x1080 pyihjxn57yx-.png)
I know it's an old game and is pretty much dead amongst older and veteran players. but sometimes I log in for nostalgia sake (T T)
(150.94 KB 690x987 photo_2020-09-01_18-10-36.jpg)
>>1430 I remember this from somewhere, wait is this animated version of that twitter guy or something?
(731.95 KB 1000x948 cover.jpg)
>>1444 I know the dead mmo feeling, anon. Not just a game, but a community faded away. Brothers and sisters disappearing to time. Hopefully you kept some outside the game. If not, don't worry too much, you're far from alone. That's my only personal regret: Not cherishing what could have been long-term, even lifelong relationships. o7
>>1446 Yeah I its from a youtube comment
Hi friends how are you doing? Did something happen to cafe? /comfy/ seems to be down
>>1458 god damn it one of the only comfy places on the net and its down(((((((( missed this place when it was out for a few how you guys been? my mind feels too clouded to study chemistry, which i desperately need to do
>be me >buy hamburger from store >they send me an extra one >forget about it, put it on my worktable >wake up today and find burger >eating burger for breakfast Hell yeah
(264.92 KB 1920x1080 2rt4wtw4.jpg)
>>1464 living the life!
(1.03 MB 1011x1400 20200828_025313.jpg)
Finally stood up up to my boss, he tried denying me a company transfer that he had no authority to have a say in. The coward won't even answer my calls or voice mail now. Pathetic.
Heya. It’s been a while since I’ve been here but I’m back
>>1474 Where had you been gone to? Was it enjoyable?
Late night here, listening to Wiley....
(73.24 KB 720x947 Berserk_37_011.jpg)
checking in, hope you all are doing alright. just cant seem to sleep tonight. ah well, just more hours spent up late eh?
1 post a day huh? that kinda sucks what are some other comfy communities? lainchan is cool.
>>1486 imageboard social wiki has a decent list of options. however the more it's known, the more the quality degrades. higher quality boards will always be a word-by-mouth sort of deal, I imagine. >>1481 doing well, could be better. need more night people in my life. be with me!
>>1495 >need more night people in my life. second that, all the night people in my country are drunks or junkies. definitevely agree with your first point, though. rather have a place thats nice and quiet.
>>1500 >all the night people in my country are drunks or junkies As someone who has been one and lived with both, I can tell you with certainty that they can be very interesting people to keep your company at night. So long as you never turn your back on them they can lead you on wonderous adventures.
(629.55 KB 2937x2203 203 birds.jpg)
Each post is of the utmost quality and sincerity. Mostly. You have a friend here. Naturally, I think, a smaller community will be more tight-knit. I value that greatly. Thank you, late nighters.
>>1513 KITTIES!!!!
(216.80 KB 800x515 Halloween_Greetings.jpg)
Did the site get new colors or am I going crazy?
(222.74 KB 1448x1024 1588822899504.jpg)
>>1515 no, I do noticed it too
>>1515 indeed they changed. i like it.
>>1518 Hm, it's back to normal again. Weird...
(87.75 KB 900x600 1584732252996.jpg)
>>1515 It never happened, and you can't prove it happened. Just go to sleep...
(10.80 KB 308x409 winter day.png)
(6.06 KB 241x169 3 am at night every night.png)
(2.40 KB 258x212 sleeping pills be like.png)
(8.10 KB 362x328 wish i were asleep.png)
(8.45 KB 273x255 reflection in suspension.png)
(18.69 KB 675x359 have a shitty day.png)
I remember frequenting here in the early spring and summer, and it was very quiet. Has anything important passed since then? Seems much more active now.
just spent about two hours removing a thorn from my foot. not very comfy. hope you lads are doing good. >>1528 eh, idk. certain boards have come and gone. i have been shilling this place to friends and around other boards those are some very comfy draws friend.
(22.29 KB 342x706 boötes.png)
(18.94 KB 510x349 peace.png)
(11.34 KB 459x349 arbuckle.png)
(7.76 KB 400x295 monk.png)
(15.26 KB 1039x504 this place.png)
(8.73 KB 578x232 guitar.PNG)
>>1533 >those are some very comfy draws friend. Thanks, I draw a lot in my free time. Listening to Van der Graaf Generator at 1:35 AM, things are pretty nice
>>1534 What is "this place" about? I'm curious.
The time has come! And so have I.
gonna try to spend another night up late, wish me luck late friends. what do you guys like to drink this late? some black tea for moi. >>1545 spooky, its not halloween yet anon >>1538 i dont know, but to me it looks like some sort of storage/docks area, outside of the city. strangely familiar...
My sleep schedule is flipped so I'm up usually at night and sleep in the daytime. Gotta say, being up at night is a lot more comfy than the day.
(4.07 KB 94x100 4479169.gif)
>>1547 Welcome to the dark side. We have cookies!
>>1548 It's been a long time since I've seen that bunny.
(163.19 KB 604x780 DzlIQhK.mp4)
it's raining over at where I'm at. really nice /late/ weather, for productivity or indoor entertainment, or just slothing around, taking things slow in spite of the world keep on shouting to keep up.
It's hot where I'm at and it'll stay hot until maybe December. It's even pretty warm at night. I just wanted to enjoy a cool autumn.
hello anon, this is my first time on late.city o/
(23.30 KB 410x412 planet.PNG)
(15.57 KB 687x545 inktober (day 1).png)
(16.92 KB 320x469 inktober (day 2).png)
(2.01 KB 120x120 legacy.png)
(3.20 KB 410x412 lego man.png)
(11.75 KB 408x446 in bed.png)
(21.00 KB 360x405 caving.png)
(9.75 KB 247x247 guy who sings about sheep.png)
Half past 10 PM, in bed, some water, just chillin >>1538 THE PLACE is simply where I was in a dream. It was a storage garage or whatever they're called, overviewing a city. The sky was red and there was dust flying around. The land was really flat.
>>1560 I really like "planet" and "in bed". Keep it up fellow /late/m8
(9.07 KB 391x211 burned out.png)
(3.17 KB 232x158 business as usual.png)
(21.00 KB 360x405 caving.png)
(46.50 KB 300x100 comfbanner 2.png)
>>1562 Thanks anon, I draw a lot of little things in MS Paint.
>>1566 Do you use a drawing tablet or mouse? If a mouse I’m really impressed. On another note, I’m sick and my internet went out. They won’t be out to fix it until tomorrow. It’s kind of comfy, actually. It’s oddly freeing not being able to use the internet on my computer and I finally had a purpose for my large mp3 collection lol. I spent most of the day yesterday playing vidya and listening to music.
>>1568 Oh, just a mouse. >On another note, I’m sick and my internet went out. They won’t be out to fix it until tomorrow. It’s kind of comfy, actually. I wish I could stand internet outages but it ends up just being constantly trying to see if the internet's still working.
One of the boards where I feel at home is back. I'm talking about lizchan.top. It's pretty nice to have a place where you're one of the regulars even though I don't have a website of my own.
no posts all day, RIP >>1570 hey, i remember that place! always great seeing a board lazarus its way back, lets hope it sees some activity >>1569 your art is actually really good, reminds me of my own style a lot. maybe i should try some /late/ themed draws.
I know of a supremely comfy oekaki site. If you guys keep drawing, I'll post it.
Hey, how is everyone doing? It's nice to see that /late/ didn't die will all the shit that's happened in the past while. Hope you guys are around for a while longer.
(17.93 KB 761x436 konbini gondola.png)
>>1573 Do share.
good /late/ (or afternoon, if you are around the same timezone as me)! seems like Among Us is gaining populance not so recently. not that i'm playing it but the rampant use of "sus" kinda... annoys me.
never posted on this boutique alt-chan before. Hello.
just popping in to post in here
(431.13 KB 4032x2268 20200819_023828.jpg)
Just came across this alternative imageboard. Guess I'll leave my first (and most likely only) mark.
(969.47 KB 768x960 sprout exe.png)
reporting in after a long while away. /late/ will always be my home, that i visit like once in a long while to rest between long journeys like a pirate.
(126.31 KB 833x555 o098er4y.jpg)
how are you, fellow /late/? it's coming to November. Time really kinda flies.
>>1000 Happy Halloween >>1638 Pretty good. I will drive around a bit later to watch Halloween decorations in my area.
(3.68 MB 2848x2230 raft_in_Renearson_Slough_4697.jpg)
Just passing through on the slow boat. I used to watch endless train loops on 3AM club from old 8chan /v/. Not sure how I found this place. Probably from comfy.
>>1638 Taking it easy. Easy! it's kind of scary how quickly the months go by >>1591 Neat
(22.81 KB 854x480 iamgenuis.jpg)
>haven't been by in a long time >check the top row of threads >shit, all these threads are a few months old. I guess the place died. >realize that it's actually november right now, and not whatever month I thought it was >imageposting works again so I can post mfw Nice to see the place keeping on.
>>1652 We will always be here.
Gee peggy the words i dont know could fill a dic
(78.33 KB 640x640 1600146307215.jpg)
is it too late to stay...?
>>1657 It's a beautiful day...yaay.
>>1674 snippets of this video play in my head sometimes right now it's the part where peggy says something backwards.
(46.54 KB 825x715 xrxjtZRHMNJz.jpg)
>>1677 That's funny. It seems to have the same effect on most everyone who's seen it.
What a strange place I’ve discovered. Hello.
>>1685 Hi.
>>1000 I remember when I first came here it was just barely past 100 posts. I can't believe its been over a year since my first post here
>>1691 to be honest it's the same for me when I first came here.
>>1691 >>1692 *pat* *pat*.
(54.76 KB 1094x599 hallucigen.png)
(11.21 KB 468x412 bernds traum.png)
(19.13 KB 692x346 pie jesu.png)
>>1572 I wouldn't mind some more /late/ art myself
(64.60 KB 770x702 wow.jpg)
hey i just came across this place for the first time ^-^
(50.46 KB 551x720 66eas7g4.jpg)
>>1699 welcome
(181.10 KB 365x360 1602249279226.png)
>>1699 this is my first time, too some late hour browsing got me here seems nice
>>1699 >>1705 welcome frens, we have plenty of room available for comfy
(29.17 KB 846x800 1602590086312.gif)
>>1706 thank you :) ive been looking for comfy places on the web since work started creeping into my afternoons
I've discovered this place very recently. I posted on /late/ a lot on 8chan, and I was disappointed when it shut down. The threads on /late/ were not recovered, and I do not know of any archive for this board. Goodnight anons.
(3.30 MB 1920x1080 1601406260015.png)
>>1709 goodnight and sweet dreams, anon wake up refreshed and filled
The night is still young. I'll read some manga I bought while listening to the sound of rainfall outside.
Recently finished watching Welcome to The NHK. It was pretty neet. For real though, the feels. Truly inspiring. プルプルプルリン、プルリン‼
i managed to fuck up my sleeping time again. lol.
(623.23 KB 495x364 1386903481.gif)
>>1717 ive heard of that anime, this is the second recommendation i've gotten on it. i guess i'll have to check it out then. well, i need to finish lain first
(103.62 KB 500x376 1385333497.gif)
>>1718 take advantage of it, anon. the night can be really welcoming if you allow yourself to live in it.
if you're online, make sure you check by latestation. it helps knowing there's other anons out there after sunset
(75.63 KB 1280x720 arinothumb.jpg)
I finally remembered the term "gell-mann amnesia". It's such a useful concept, and having a specific handle for it is indispensible. https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/65213-briefly-stated-the-gell-mann-amnesia-effect-is-as-follows-you I'm very happy about this. >>1726 I read the manga ~15 years ago. It definitely sticks with you.
(236.67 KB 1070x884 0302b.jpg)
>>1736 never heard of the phenomenon before, i'll give it a look
(959.67 KB 500x375 1387469581.gif)
i hope you all are doing okay im probably going to watch some lain and hop on the mc server. i logged onto the server for the first time last night and damn, it's much nicer than i thought it would be.
>>1680 i guess so, i haven't seen many people who seen it besides my brother who i think also has it in his head. i showed it to my friend a couple months ago but i don't think he remembers it much.
(16.12 KB 856x548 watermusic.png)
As much as I hated my terrible sleeping schedule over the summer I kind of miss it. Mainly because I had nothing to do and I spent my days hanging around on 4chan, /comfy/, /late/ and whatever small imageboards I could find. Hope everyone's doing good tonight.
>>1751 im doing good and yeah, summer sleep schedules are great, a lot of warm days and comfy nights.
(259.87 KB 500x380 1386548725.gif)
just finished lain for the very first time, i cannot really put into words how good it is. i need to rewatch it stat, though it's a little far into the night to do that. i hope you are all doing well. may /late/ live forever.
The first snow of winter has passed through.
Now I am neither happy nor unhappy. In the end everything passes... May /late/ prosper
>>1762 you're getting snow already? where i live it looks like it'll be a warm winter
(417.02 KB 1014x1080 1367105047.png)
okay i fucked up i kept getting an error while trying to post a lain thread, but apparently it was working an now there's six threads for Lain.
>>1767 *Memento mori* in the cosmic time scale, we only just came into existence and evolved to use technology to build better versions of them. so don't live as if we'll be here for a long time. life can be snuffed out randomly, just like that.
>>1762 >>1776 you people have winter? *sobs in nothing-but-hot-&-humid-and-wet-&-cool-&-humid*
>>1790 If it makes you feel any better, I have a bunch of blankets and rugs and shit tacked up over my window to try to keep the cold out. It doesn't really work.
Weather lately has been a to-and-fro of fairly hot and fairly cold. Also been getting some spring showers (quite heavy for "showers").
Happy thanksgiving, /late/! I'm thankful that I found this place again.
You ever read one of these threads that's been around for eight months, and you have no goddamn idea which posts are yours anymore?
>>1790 I feel you. It's almost December, and yet in my area we're still in that "grab a jacket in the morning only to not need it by noon" temperature range. Can't wait until I can wear the thing comfortably all day.
>>1808 Happy Thanksgiving! hope you all had a good time. i spent the whole day with family, having fun and playing board games.
I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving to you all in America. Here in France we celebrated the end of WW1 on the 11th of November, that was also the national celebration day for Poland.
Only recently discovered this place. Really like it here. Thanks to the owner for keeping it going.
(19.13 KB 500x701 2825185 - lain.jpg)
>>1824 happy celebrations all around! >>1831 stay as long as you like, we've got some good stuff here. slow in terms of traffic, but pretty comfy.
Checking in on my way to bed. Stayed up about four hours later than usual, listening to chill tunes and looking through some boards on the webring. Staying up late really gives me time for solitude and reflection that I can't get during the daytime. Hope you're all doing well here. >>1761 I have been meaning to watch Lain for at least twelve years, but just never got around to it. I'm not watching anything at the moment so maybe now is the time.
(1.49 MB 2528x2735 1385914693.jpg)
>>1835 it's a good anime, but also requires a lot from the viewer. the plot is purposefully ambiguous and unexplained, so you have to put the pieces together yourself. but it's a wild and incredibly fun ride all the way through.
>>1820 I know that feeling.
I bought the dvds of the anime at some flee market in Belgium alongside Ergo Proxy, but i haven't started watching them...yet. I really want to tho, i just don't take the time.
(16.52 KB 225x344 weh584.jpg)
>>1761 >>1839 i first watch Lain after a impulse purchase of the VCD set - the cover art was the picture attached. initially didn't knew a thing about Lain, as back then my house didn't have a computer or internet connection, but after like first few episodes i'm hooked. Was wanting to watch the series sporadically over a week or two, decided to binge it within 2 nights. looking back now, i guess that jump start my habit of watching anime at night, although.. there's already anime showing after 10 PM on my country's free-to-air channel.
I was on a three day streak of good sleep, I managed to go to bed at a reasonable hour before midnight. Tonight I fucked it up though, it's 4am where I am rn so eh I thought I'd post something on /late/. Thankfully I don't have anything to do tomorrow.
Getting a Thursday off in addition to the usual weekend has really given me a chance to relax. Especially with all the pressure we've been under at work. It's been causing me to act rude (well aloof, but to 50+-year-olds that's "rude") towards customers, and I've had a few fits of road rage lately just because of all the pent-up stress. But after getting to unwind for just one more day than usual, I feel much better.
I've had one of the scariest experiences of the year today, and really it was just a simple conversation. The problem was that it was like the person I knew was someone completely different. A person in denial, and I was so shocked by their cognitive dissonance I didn't know what to say. The topic in question had to do with government tyranny, and this person had shared my opinion for a long time but now with the passage of time this year has changed their mind. Its been keeping me up all night, but I will try to sleep soon.
>>1845 It's always nice to have someone who share the same thoughts and views as us, however we can't force anyone to stay the same. Some things might happened to them directly or indirectly, which caused the shift or change. That's life, isn't it?
had my wisdom teeth removed today, i've slept most of the day and now i'm stuck awake at night. never thought i'd have to get them removed, but it's recommended in case you have to later in life. but hey, my mom got some videos of me high on the anesthesia, so that's a plus.
(2.06 MB 640x360 fuck_this_gay_earth.webm)
>>1845 >like someone completely different >cognitive dissonance It starts to seem like literal brainwashing, doesn't it? Like there's been a systematic campaign of psychological abuse leveled at people in general, and which has reduced a swath of the population to begging for some jackboots to lick. 🤔 >>1844 Same. I have to remind myself often, it's just a ride. Or maybe even NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO. One needs a connection to the numinous in times like these, to "turn the volume down" on daily bullshit.
(82.14 KB 1024x736 bed.jpg)
been about a week since the surgery, and i'm feeling better, pain being pretty minimal. I finally got a physical copy of SEL, ordered a dvd+blu-ray combo pack off ebay and it finally arrived today after three-something weeks, so that's nice. other than that, it's the usual holiday season. right now, however, it's a late night and i'm just chilling online.
>>1930 Glad to hear you're feeling better mate. Hopefully you'll be back to normal when Christmas comes.
Did a little wikiladdering after figuring out what "SEL" is. It is, of course, serial experiments lain, circa 1998. You know what else came out around that time? Cowboy Bebop. I thought for a moment about the voice actors and if they're still active. The guy who voiced Joseph Joestar and Jet Black passed away a couple years ago. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unshou_Ishizuka F
>>1931 thanks, i think i'll be fully recovered by then. still feels weird not having those teeth, definitely have to get used to it. >>1932 i have yet to see Cowboy Bebop, i really need to check it out.
(2.92 MB 2560x1920 Venom_Spiderman.png)
>>2007 my brain looked at that and came up with colonial Venom just a symbiote-powered patriot tearing through redcoats i'd watch that ngl
>>2011 Is the Venom movie any good ? >>2007 Looks really good. I wonder where that's from.
It's 1am here, I have a train at 7:45am so i need to start getting ready at 5:45, I'm not sleeping tonight. Coming back to Southern France for the holidays. I'm packing up my stuff right now, probably gonna spend the night playing SRB2K or reading Angel Densetsu.
reporting for duty
sup. taking a break from things, been thinking about going under a new online name and meeting new people for the 30th time idk whats wrong w me
>>2039 Same. I've been feeling tempted recently to cut off everyone and everything I knew and start again. Both online and irl. Doubt I'll have the balls to though.
my smartphone died and ive been using an old brick dumbphone for a few weeks and realized that basically i dont need it at all i just carry my laptop around if i actually need anything downloading music off soulseek to put on it was a nice experience i dont even go outside besides the nightwalks anyways
>>2045 Out of curiosity, what job you have that lets you cut off from everyone like that? Envy aside,I'd say go for it if you can, sometimes life just bears down too heavily on someone.
How late is late? It's 9:38, which doesn't seem that /late/, but it has been dark for hours now. Feels late.
>>2045 so far i feel really good, i made a new snap account (i rarely use it only for school mates) and deleted discord, etc, and my head has been a lot more clear, same with all social media basically, focus 100
i really want Quilt to add this to latestation, dont really know where to put it though https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_UdJBWLWEk
>>2049 everyone else in the house must be asleep first unless they are also night owls imo
(492.82 KB 750x750 1572250088061.png)
>>2045 It's been about 4 years since I've cut everyone beside parents out of my life. Deleted all my social media, deleted all the numbers in my phone and haven't talked to anyone I used to know since. I get enough human interaction through my parents, the webring and kohlchan. I've been able to take it so much easier ever since doing that. So if you have the ability to do so I'd recommend it.
(3.47 MB 270x480 z0mby.mp4)
have a video of z0mby from goroncity sperging out on this girl he fucked
first time posting. i was looking for a comfy chan and i found it. im home boys
recently i went outside while it was dark in my neighborhood. i live in the city but just the feeling of the cars zooming by and everything else just made me feel uneasy, and i immidiately just rushed back inside. this is the first time that anything like this has happened. i tried to go back out but i just couldn't do it. should i get help? lmao
(6.05 MB 640x360 no_sleep.mp4)
just woke up, caffeine migraine is killing me. gonna have cake and coke cola for breakfast. feels gud to be a neet.
(1.79 MB 400x600 1449497073115.gif)
>>2061 >So if you have the ability to do so I'd recommend it. yeah, agree. me too. well, just that for me, it's no one wanna talk to me as personally i'm just not good at small talks. plus the things i'm interested in, aren't something my old circle would understand or would want to. social commentary would say that this is not healthy. i would say this is really fine, and people like me don't need 'help'. People will just imply their views or feelings on being alone onto us, but, i mean, if they can't stand long period of uninterupted solitude, that's on them (or their own problem) so they shouldn't make it as if it's our problem and we need to solve it in order to be or even appear "normal". what does complying to be or appear "normal" according to 'society's' standard have to do with anything. ¯\_(ツ)_/
vibing. it's christmas and my parents wont let me come downstairs while they're setting stuff up, so that's awesome. merry christmas late
(54.18 KB 600x450 8545563_p0.jpg)
Too awake to sleep, too tired to do anything but blankly stare at the screen and listen to a webradio.
With hearts toward none
(126.70 KB 1280x720 Sad anime girl building.jpg)
What do you think of committing suicide out of boredom? Personally, I can't see shit getting better nor exciting, food and games still draw out some semblance of interest. Also anyone here know of any place one could talk about web animation?
>>2114 newgrounds or awn forum also, things will eventually get better, lockdown sucks. if you keep having these thoughts try to seek help
>>2115 The lockdown has actually been good to me, lets me keep away from college fortunately. Those forums are nice, I was thinking of discussing a specific web-series. Thanks for responding by the way, I hope the lockdown hasn't been treating you too badly.
(40.34 KB 1024x962 a38.jpeg.jpg)
>starting using Ouija board to get possessed because bored and lonely >nothing >mfw demons don't even want to spend time with me.
(291.19 KB 600x400 WEEGEE.png)
>>2124 Ouija boards are a meme. If you want to summon dæmons, you need a Weegee board.
>>2122 i'm glad you enjoy them, take care anon
>>2124 the demons are social distancing
now... feast! (feast on what man)
(143.94 KB 1284x1272 squeeze2.jpg.jpg)
(136.14 KB 1284x1290 squeeze1.jpg.jpg)
>>2167 Chocolate milk.
Happy New Years /late/. Wishing you all a great new decade.
(60.15 KB 600x400 french toast.jpeg)
>>2167 On french toast, of course. >>2178 Thanks, hope you have a great decade as well.
>>2178 Thanks buddy, you too.
(38.02 KB 480x476 1607225237947.jpg)
Here from /dead/ Looks comfy
>>2190 Are you alright, man?
(304.14 KB 840x854 schizophrenic_wojak.png)
>>2194 Yes, I'm just fine.💀
(19.25 KB 746x551 I trust you.jpg)
>>2201 Alright, anon.>>2201
>>2146 >>2161 I use the thing as a coaster now.
Wanted to say something nice, but I'll just say something nice instead. You're not cherished enough!!
>>2212 I don't know the source, but that's a pleasant picture. I love lush landscape scenes.
tadaima isn't it ironic that we can find camaraderie in loneliness?
>>1055 molly nilsson, she makes some of the comfiest music for late at night or whenever really, found her on chance with 'i hope u die' when it was rly late and been in love ever since :) >>1182 i keep forgetting abt here too and then remember it randomly when i'm up 4 too long again as it's just too comfy not to immediately come back when i do ^-^ just glad i found /kind/ to have a place for when the sun's out, giving the love back to a fren <3
(19.65 KB 587x158 wc3nightmares.png)
LATE AS FUCK HIGH AS FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my eyes are buring and my vouc is high ans wtf the fucj aw wow WHOOO HELLO TO YOU IN TH FUTURE DON:T GUBERMENT VACCINES COVID IS FAKE
(160.60 KB 681x900 telsalovecraft.jpg)
ah wow
(1.52 MB 1024x991 lulz.png)
(74.66 KB 960x540 blam.jpg)
first time really back on the board in the new year, kinda kept the tab open but didn't go in. i've been on the mc server, though, and got a few irl friends to play on it, so feeling pretty good.
I had finally managed to fix my sleep schedule, yet here I am again.
(1.58 MB 2500x1664 1438334426319.jpg)
>>2281 we all manage to come back here somehow, this board's got a pull
Still here, trying to get to sleep. Got the fan on as it's hot.... Haven't been here for a whole, though...
Mathematics can be fascinating at times, but when solving exercises some of them can be really hair pulling, guess it's all just part of the fun, it's like a game you see. >>2282 Where else to post late at night if not at /late/?
(64.42 KB 500x496 Cover.jpg)
(200.43 KB 1108x831 serial-experiments-lynch.jpg)
>>1836 You warned me but I still wasn't prepared. They should call this Serial Experiments Lynch. It's a fun but bizarre and disjointed ride.
i was here. so were you. are we the same?
(283.42 KB 1138x1500 2010-05-11-277082.jpeg)
>>2301 glad you watched it, anon. surreal experience lain is another nickname i made up for it. there's a lot to glean from it, but you can also just sink into the surrealism of it all and just enjoy it. it's a personal favorite of mine mainly for that reason.
(238.38 KB 800x1200 Er9SMyHXcAo0GtI.jpg)
(282.24 KB 1280x853 media_Er9SLwJXcAUNHcR.jpg)
Hello late yuros from former late burger turn daywalker.
>>1000 I want to go to sleep, but I also want to keep hearing music, and seeing what's on Discord, maybe read. Why does sleep have to be so boring?
(204.57 KB 318x360 danya.PNG)
Hello, friends. How is 2021 for you so far
>>2340 Very nice. Been getting hundreds of dollars worth of loot from dumpsters Mostly just dozens of boxes of holiday themed snack cakes though. It's hard finding people to give them to.
>>2341 dumpster-diving sounds so fun, honestly
>>2345 It is, try it. I recommend a good light that you can magnetically place against the inner walls of dumpsters. Gloves are good too. Many shops put suitable product in black bags and regular trash in white, but check by weight generally regardless. Light? Probably empty packages, papers, and normal garbage Good fun
it's a cold day today.
It's not that late, but I am here.
(361.55 KB 680x504 comfy.png)
i've got an early morning shift, so here i am again. >>2347 i definitely want to give it a shot when i have the time.
>>2341 >>2347 Is dumpster-diving legal? If I were to try it, would the cops yell at me or would it be considered stealing? I'm assuming there is some kind of "fine print" notice on the dumpsters or in the dumpster contracts that says all of it's contents belong to the garbage collection company.
>>2358 Where are you from?
(71.38 KB 296x276 86702627_p0.png)
I was browsing pixiv and saw this image. I like how her face is drawn
>>2358 Where I live, it's completely legal unless the dumpster is locked. Nevertheless, my mother(in-law) avoids cops at all cost before checking a dumpster. Where I used to live before I met her, and where I was living late last year, it was legal too, and I've known people to care much less about being seen doing it. My other mother in law even did it in the daytime.
thinking about my long gone friend again
>>2358 Just like stickers, you don't have to worry. If they catch you just say you're putting the stuff back. if no cops you're fine. I've never been caught. With stickers if you're putting them up you can just say oh Ill take them off.
(517.80 KB 1770x1093 114dcc683f0fe1784e3df2882e5f371e.jpg)
It's the dead of winter, but if weren't for the cold, I'd almost say it feels like summer What's /late/ up to tonight?
>>2371 wishing my hands weren't so busted
First time in a while that it’s rained in Cali. 1:20am rn sitting here listening to songs that remind me of my life a few years before everything went to shit. It’s been a while since I’ve been here but it’s good to be back /late/
Getting ready for a late meal with SO, probably going to game, might do some work.
(95.01 KB 379x927 socks gondola.png)
reporting for duty
(125.36 KB 704x792 1594190419914.jpg)
>>1000 Yo It's 2am and I'm watching Attack on Titan's final season
(43.21 KB 864x480 kai.jpg)
>>2371 I should buy a lamp.
How are you feeling /late/ly?
(92.14 KB 1280x720 happiness.jpg)
>>2415 Pretty good tbh.
(529.09 KB 2048x1592 EqpSmngU0AEgZM0.jpeg)
I wish I had more to contribute to online communities I'm part of, sorry /late/
>>2422 You contributed a nice house, at least. I've got the same problem as you, maybe if we talked about what we liked we'd contribute more.
>>2422 >>2423 I'd like to know what you two like.
(3.00 MB 2319x3150 francois chifflart.jpeg)
>>2422 I don't either. I've been around many communities, but I've not once been involved enough to actually create OC of any sort.
>>2427 You should.
You ever wonder how many imageboards are out there /late/? So many online communities that spring up only to have a few people on them. There must be a few hundred image boards out there.
>>2429 I used to keep a big list of all the boards I knew about, and go hunting for little ones. I haven't done kept up with that for a long time now, and most of those boards are just a hazy memory now.
(42.44 KB 540x540 65g5w1rg615rg.jpg)
>>2358 >>2362 >>2367 it shouldn't be illegal, you know? i mean if something was being thrown out for whatever reason, it is "owner-less" and technically is free for anyone to pickup and repurpose or gave it a 2nd life. some things/regulations just makes you scratch your head. >>2402 what type of lamp? camping lamp, or old style one. >>2422>>2427 you coming in here and say a simple greeting is suffice >>2429 probably alot. not just english language ones, but also foreign languages based in other countries. i would imagine they too have sub-boards created for users to comment in english. maybe. i don't know, just a wild guess.
>>2438 When I dumpster dive in small towns, it's a mystery why anyone would say you shouldn't do it. In the city, though, people make a gosh dang mess. Throw trash all over, just dump what isn't useful outside the dumpster to make room to search more. That's at least a real good reason why they'd lock the dumpster at night, and it's fair that if you lock something, it shouldn't be legal to pick the lock and plunder it regardless of the purposes of its contents. But for taking garbage to be illegal itself? It's silly nonsense. Never lived in such a place. I believe it was legal in the many counties in several states that I've been. Still, if it is illegal in a given place, it may be due to the potential nuisances. Not what I'd call the best solution for the problem, but it might be the reasoning
>>2438 >what type of lamp? camping lamp, or old style one. Something to add a little ambiance. Using an empty milk jug to diffuse my phone's LED is pretty good, but probably not good for the phone.
i really want to go fishing but my dad never taught me how ive gone out there and tried to catch something at least 4 times and nothing yet :( >>2429 id say theres like..... at least 20.000 boards out there man i know of at least a few hundred just for my language, and ive come accross many for even more obscure languages. pair that with all the niche interests that get made into boards... you get an exponentially large number of individual little dead communities. >>2442 buy a nice compact light and put a few layers of masking tape over it, difuses the light really well, but still enough light to look around. red lights also work. >>2422 i often sit here looking at this thread thinking of what i could write
>>2435 I still keep a list though it's not as up to date anymore. >>2443 I have a hard time believing that for imageboards proper. I'm only talking about clearnet ones though. Most boards do not last a month.
I need to start getting into pixel art and RPGmaker 2003. Want to do a Yume Nikki fangame. Any recommendations ?
>>2426 Literature, vidya, talking to people. John Koenig created a word the feeling when you realize that everyone you see, has a life as intricate and complex as yours, a life you will likely never know,Sonder. He even made a video about it, the video seemed a bit too pretentious to me, but hey he did name the "realization". I think imageboards, let anons show a side of themselves, they wouldn't show otherwise. People are like a fiction being written in real-time, one we can only read select chapters of. >>2443 >a few hundred just for my language Spanish? Either way that's an impressive number. Don't have the faintest idea for the total number of imageboards, that does get me thinking of how many non-western imageboards there could be: Indian, Russian, Arabian, etc.
(494.21 KB 1631x2317 goodies.jpg)
>>2216 Looks like the Amiga version of Iron Lord (Ubi Soft, 1989).
(103.41 KB 768x576 trs80_pharaoh_start.jpg)
>>2456 Oops, I mean to reply >>2223 Also tonight I was up late because trying to digest my food (ate late). But I was looking for an old text adventure based on AD&D 1st edition modules, and found it finally. No time to play it now though, going to sleep at last. XD
(16.25 KB 1920x1440 1491246066578.png)
>>2451 I'd like to do pixel art myself, but I'm not sure where to begin. I've been trying to learn regular drawing a little bit before getting into pixel art, which I've wanted to learn anyway. Also need to get a tablet since I'm left handed and can't draw with a mouse at all.
(1.39 MB 2184x726 try1.png)
>>2458 How does it look? I tried doing something, using only filters and other tools in gimp.
(71.73 KB 408x479 d2d81_6459259.gif)
>>1000 it is late I am tired I don't want to wake up tomorrow and repeat it all again
(64.20 KB 490x508 IMG_4118.JPG)
>>2442 how about a candle, especially a scented one? it should be nice. or if you wanna go cheap, get a cheap usb-powered mini lamp/light stick and plug it onto a portable charger.
>>2464 I'm leaning toward a lava lamp. Hopefully not the kind that bursts into flames.
(175.62 KB 1172x720 1612327421383.jpg)
Greetings /late/, hope your night's doin well
>>2462 Hold on tight anon. We all have hard times. I wish you a good week. Don't forget to do things that make you happy when you can.
>>1000 hopeful for the weekend, maybe i can hang out with some homies, sleep in, whatever.
It's not late yet but I just woke up and it's almost 5pm so we're getting there
>>2540 it's the witching hour for me now. drank about 2 cups of coffee few hours earlier, but not gonna drink another cup of caffine as now my whole being is feeling off.
>>1000 icarly is on netflix.
the virgin 4 AM pudding vs the chad 5 AM oatmeal
>>2614 Oats are for horses not people.
>>2617 Hay now... oats are a good source of oat. Name ONE other food where we can get that.
>>2626 gOATS
>>2628 I don't have the makings for 5 AM goatmeal, though.
(13.02 KB 500x324 DZYLdDVW4AUbyea.jpg)
it's /noon/ (is there even a board for noon? LOL). just did my laundry as the sun is absolutely kill. well, at least it helps with drying now i'm tired and sore from the chore. like the thread >>1772 discussed, it'll cool (pun unintended) to live in a /late/ planet.
(554.92 KB 1176x654 I'm kind of dumb.png)
>>2700 what's up >>1000 Anyone here knows what happened to anon.cafe? Wanted to see their /comfy/ board.
>>2708 owner went awol and nuked the server and then nuked himself
>>2709 shid DDDD: Was there a reason? I didn't visit much, but I thought cafe was doing well.
>>2710 That's a pretty bold accusation, what do you have as evidence, sir?
>>2711 Well, I have the evidence that I didn't visit much, which happens to reflect negatively on the case I'm trying to present to you, my esteemed colleague. Are you saying the board was dying before the admin abandoned it, or was this just a case of the admin having a fit because his mail-order bride turned out to have a penis?
>>2709 jk im just stirring up unnecessary drama, they probably just forgot to pay the server bill
>>2713 Ah. It doesn't seem like anyone knows anything, but information might appear here: https://8chan.moe/site/res/1650.html
>>2714 >Cakechan No thanks. Anon cafe was always the stable back up. Is the onion link down too?
>>2715 Apparently so.
reporting for duty
Any friends from /comfy/ here? Do you know what happened? It's been down for a few days now.
>>2733 No. Go away we're full. BO, can you keep an eye on the newfags turning up please? I've noticed a shift in tone and post quality since anon.cafe dropped.
Youtube just recommended this 13 year old video to me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSlQwV-cEUE This video is a mood
>>2708 >>2733 they're back
(397.96 KB 646x509 zV2St.png)
Hey anons, what a night. Thanks for reading.
>>2772 def looks like a windows theme to me
DAE feel that sometimes adulting is so hard?
Where do you go when you're so very tired and want to escape anime, video games and all the escapist fantasy types and find a real connection with someone?
(1.83 MB 1240x1753 f-01.png)
>>2793 Just go outside and talk to animals that don't have cellphones. Stay away from birds, they tweet constantly.
>>2794 I was going to post a whole page of effort nobody would have ever read. This answer is much better. >>2793 Nature, kinda like the other anon said. You meet a healthier kind of person by the river than you do in the city.
>>2796 Not this anon >>2793 but I'm in a similar boat and I guess I'll try this out.
>>2796 Effort post please. I'm serious and not memeing despite the meme answers. I've been in those same circles for years and I need to find an escape route. >>2797 Nature is great. It's too cold for long nature walks at the moment but summer is always good.
>>2798 >Effort post please. There's hardly any place to find people now that we're legally prohibited from interacting like normal human beings. Any place that isn't closed is probably obligated to enforce arbitrary, dehumanizing rules. Good luck forming a "real connection" six feet apart with your faces obscured. And that's why I suggest parks. The other thing is that most people are products of the information age: dopamine addicts who, like more obviously problematic types of addicts, have their priorities and assumptions about life upside-down. Like a lot of addicts they don't regard themselves as having a serious problem even though statistically most people are lonely and have very few, if any, real friends. You would think people would be more interested in having real relationships, but they're not. They need an intervention and detox from social media and whatever other bullshit they do that keeps them glued to their phones. So it's not just a question of where you go, but the approach you take with people, where you're either mentally prepared to meet a lot of tech junkies, or you have some sort of strategy to deal with the addictedness of most people. It's just discouraging to think about how weird the ordinary person has gotten. I myself intend to drop into a skating club after the snow melts, because I feel like it's time to stop being a nightwalking hermit. Not sure how that'll go (I hate that I can't lurk IRL) but at least it's a physical activity.
>>1000 I fucked up my Samsung, it was a few years old and top of the line in 2018. Anyway, I found an old Moto G4 and using that now.
>>2801 Whining about people being part of the information age while you use double speak straight out of 1984 is ironic.
>>2801 from where i'm at, there are exceptions made that excuse one from wearing a mask while doing either of these activities: eating, and jogging/running/much of any intensive exercises.
I might make a post in the depression/confession thread. I've been feeling okay for the past couple weeks, but ever since Monday, I've fallen into a melancholic state again. It's hard to describe it. I guess I'm just tired of feeling like there is no future to look forward to. The helplessness and hopelessness. We've been losing more than gaining, and even the act of existence for one's own self-preservation has become a crie. Looking at the Heisei Era Archeology thread on smug, it's crazy to see just how much we lost and how little we've gained. >>2801 This is also part of why I've been so down. The realization just makes me feel even more helpless. My only consolation is that I live in a shitty third world country where a significant number of people don't give a shit about quarantines are just going about their business. I was taking a walk just now and passed by a run down bar with a bunch of boomers drinking shitty alcohol and playing pool. None of them were wearing masks. It made me relieved that some people still some capacity for independent thought, no matter how little. I imagine that the number of people who act like this will only increase in other countries as economic conditions deteriorate.
>>2812 I find this kind of hopeful: https://www.bitchute.com/video/eEycNqcKzTDt/ I don't even agree with a lot of what she's saying, but it's great to hear these things from someone who, just judging by appearances, would be the last person to say them. People can still surprise the shit out of you, and lately when I'm depressed I try to focus on creating the conditions and being mentally and emotionally prepared for something extraordinary to happen. >>2805 >you use double speak You can elaborate if you like, otherwise your post signifies nothing. You need to understand that anybody can throw "orwellian" or "1984" or "hitler" at literally anything.
>>2813 >I find hope in trashy whores saying fuck Canada You must think cyberpunk 2077 is the best game ever made if your standards for hope are that low. Fuck me I at least expected a corn field and a blonde woman. I'm not going to explain to you how because I want you to keep it up. It's a good way to understand the type of person you're talking to and it explains why you're linking to the crack whore shaved head style women on bitchute. The language you use tells people the things you read and interact with. You know if someone says kike they're likely in national socialist territory these days. You have similar words which say you're clearly not.
>>2814 >You must think cyberpunk 2077 is the best game ever made No, that's Deus Ex. I didn't really follow the cyberpunk drama. >if your standards for hope are that low There's hope for "wheatfields", which obviously this is not, but there's also hope that the way you've come to frame reality is wrong, or has fallen out of date. Modern political discourse is nightmarishly tedious, mostly because of its total lack of nuance.
(680.17 KB 731x595 falsehope.png)
>>2817 I'm not discussing her politics, rather someone covered in tattoos with purple hair and a side shave is not hope. It's a dystopian looking woman who just 20 years ago we would have considered a sci fi stereotype for a fucked up loser.
watching the livestream, waiting for the Perseverance rover to land on Mars
>>2832 and................ touchdown!
>>2825 that chick is really gross. if we have any ladies here, please do not emulate mentally ill feminist such as this one. your future self will thank me
>>2814 why don't you go to church then, retard
>>2852 Churches are all heretical now. You will be preached acceptance of things God forbid and killed people for. The good girls go to church memes a lie too. Most fathers are cucks and their children are slutting it up to rebel against their religious upbringing.
>>2853 well said anon.
>>1000 trying to buy a new phone. i have a budget of like $150-200. don't know what to look for :4
I told myself that I'd start going to bed sooner starting today, it is not 2 am, and I'm posting in a board dedicated to night-owls and what they do. Fortunately, my disappointment is quite small. Also been thinking of killing myself out of boredom, I don't know what keeps you alive, but I can't stomach the thought of hurting my parents with my death.
>>2888 What do you want from it? >>2890 Go to bed faggot. You're attention seeking attempts failed. If you want to suicide do it and stream it. Wear a /late/ shirt
>>2891 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
>>2891 alright camera, good battery, nice build, up to date software.
>>2895 probably going to get a pixel 4a or iphone se, but realistically i'm gonna get an off brand android lmao
>>2898 I have a motorola something or other and it's worked great so far. Good camera and it gets a signal when other phones struggle. Even has a headphones jack
>>2899 >has a headphones jack This is one of the important feature! >>2895 please consider!
>>2901 It was my most important feature.
(60.72 KB 639x599 linuxborntofrag.jpeg)
>>2888 Pinephone.
Is anon gonna drink anything tonight? >>2890 These past couple of weeks were the first time in several months I actually considered an heroing. Though unlike you, it's not so much boredom as it is lack of future prospects and hopelessness.
After substantial digging, I found some of my old half-baked game ideas from when I was 16. Got reminded of when I thought I had the skills to be a solo dev on the level of Pixel. Couldn't call them good times with a straight face, but they were certainly interesting times.
(281.08 KB 580x435 hb-14.png)
>>2933 I know it's so fucking awful and pathetic, but sometimes seeing posts like yours, I imagine: Maybe it'd be worthwhile to ask if they'd want to go out together, lonely desperate weeb style. Maybe one of us could pretend to be the other's waifu through chat to make leaving easier, and it wouldn't be alone. Get that last wish in to leave things on a good note. almost continued on with a very lengthy blogpost Anyway anon, you... are probably cool. You visit this site. I think that says a lot on it's own. I love you guys.
>>2933 >Is anon gonna drink anything tonight? i-is coffee okay? i'm too noob to really appreciate alcoholic drinks. Plus, alcohol makes me sleepy than anything 😅
>>1000 Does anyone know where to get pdfs or whatever of books online? I have some books I've been meaning to read on my phone. Thanks.
>>2961 libgen.rs has tons of books, and there's also a bunch of stuff on archive.org
>>2966 Thanks!
It's crazy how much more productive I am with my job if I'm working /late/. Just me, some music to listen to, no one bothering me about anything, no noise outside. I can get stuff done so much more quickly. Though I still prefer getting all my work done during the day so I can take it easy at night.
(78.27 KB 2086x1174 1851783.jpg)
>>2968 100%, although, i feel like my mental health is so much better when i maintain a sleep at night awake at day schedule but; nothing beats working and hearing the birds start to chirp while the sun rises.
(16.55 KB 80x72 081900keycell2.gif)
(8.92 KB 300x300 phosphorus.png)
i wish for the night to find me. i wish to find myself.
how are you, /late/? it seems like the month of March doesn't have much public holiday.. heh.
My first time here, I already like this board
Being on the webring has ruined /late/.
(135.62 KB 1351x572 SketchBook_DdAtoBfSp9.png)
>>1000 I have so many things to do and I'm trying to stick to a routine, I'm too lazy to do it, I am really self-aware of this but at the same time, I don't do as much as I'd like. It's always like this, I feel almost no energy but I'm tired of being lazy/procrastinating all the time. I feel like I'm on a loophole, I watch, learn and search for philosophy and other cool concepts I like and try to follow, but I always feel like in the end, it will never matter like I'm stuck in an infinite hole, I can see the light beneath me but I just can't get out of it. I am trying to learn about resilience and the importance of never giving up, I want to be a really good artist, and I think this concept can help. Wishing luck to Anons that are in this same hole, you can do it! Let's do it together!
>>3089 What webring?
>>3089 The quality of /late/ has gone down hill the past few months which is unfortunate. (such as to name a few: holocaust deniers, racists, facists, retards)
>>3097 Holocaust denial is mindbogglingly stupid, but "racist" is just thought-terminating language for anyone whose racial views fall outside the incredibly narrow range of "acceptable" political opinions.
>>3098 Listen, I'm no leftist, but it's common knowledge that race """realists""" reject modern genetics research because it contradicts their beloved 1960s books by Bertil Lundman and such.
>>3100 What modern genetics research?
>>3107 David Reich etc.
>>3109 It's obvious that every human population group is a mixture of previous group, if that's what you mean. There's no such thing as a 100% pure race, but that's frequently used as a red herring argument to try and sidestep racial differences. A lot of "racists" tend to cling to outdated ideas (e.g., the Khazar hypothesis), but they usually get the basics right in that there are real, meaningful differences between different population groups.
who here melee
>>3110 Why are these differences "meaningful"? Why do you care?
another day another shitty meaningless existence
>>3235 Darker skin means more melanin, which means less susceptible to UV ray damage. Native americans are more negatively affected by alcohol. Blacks tend to have more upper body strength. Look at the diversity of the 100 meter dash. And then we have IQ. It would be cruel to pretend these differences don't exist, because when they innevitibly play out what do we do? Blame others for their genetic shortcomings? Praise people for things they were born with through no choice or action of their own? Or what many cultures and societies currently do?: Point fingers at an imaginary patriarchy, racism, etc. We see where that road leads. It creates people like you who either fully believe something so insane it's hard to fathom, or don't even believe yourself but it scores the good boy points (or avoids gbp deductions).
>>3235 Because of the social ramifications of those differences. We can either let our knowledge inform our policy decisions or let the problems snowball and then wonder why everything has gone wrong.
911 was an inside job
7/11 was a part-time job.
(32.94 KB 599x401 lol.jpg)
Sup, I have around $300 and need a reliable laptop. I'm looking for around 8GB ram and around 128GB at least of SSD.
(411.47 KB 1308x1080 1367105380.png)
been a bit since i've been up late and on my computer, i hope everyone's doing well >>3309 you've got a nice setup there. for that price i'd recommend a hp notebook: https://store.hp.com/us/en/pdp/hp-laptop-14z-fq000-9vn16av-1 i used to have one and it served me pretty well. if you want my opinion, though, you should just wait and save up for something better, but i don't know your circumstance so there's that
>>3310 this is perfect for the price, all i need, thanks anon!
>>3312 no problem, friend glad i could help
(8.44 KB 464x581 mar21.png)
>>3402 almost a decade since.
(46.33 KB 1035x1035 just_the_bends.jpg)
It's an ephemeral kind of feel.
>>2459 That's actually pretty impressive. Looks just like a title screen background or something from a pixel game. Would be interested to know how you did it.
(1.99 MB 289x373 4t073Pg3.gif)
been away for a while, as I'm not feeling well due to the weather. Not that the weather from where I'm at is ever nice. Anyway, hope you stay chill and safe, /late/!
>>3497 where did he go
>>3508 Outside ;_;
(49.65 MB 320x180 higher_quality_shrek.webm)
In case anyone is bored. Here's Shrek as a webm
reporting for duty
Still here, I like to drop in from time to time.
(386.61 KB 960x720 donefor.mp4)
(118.54 KB 480x360 tg.jpg)
>>3645 Baste Tourettes Guy.
(1022.29 KB 640x360 gitfucced.webm)
>>3650 He is quite the turkey.
(2.29 MB 1064x842 yume.webm)
first time here pls b nice to me
I can't tell if this is all just a loose schizo or botspam.
>>3673 >>3672 >>3671 most chans just need to die, don't forget kiwifarms, it's almost like people forgot to go outside once in a while jesus fuck
>>3676 moot should've just cucked 4chan in 2015 when he moved to google instead of giving it away
>>3676 I like the idea behind Kiwifarms despite the posters being insufferable.
in another life bro could ve taken dad s biz and turned it into a profittable manga stuff who knows lol
(326.45 KB 1008x720 1377528865.jpg)
checking in, it's been a while /late/. i've been getting good sleep, i'm almost glad i'm staying up a bit since that means i can hang out here. hope everyone's doing well. we really need to come up with some fun threads for this place haha.
(230.47 KB 1280x720 br.jpg)
I figured out how to post to this board from a text-mode browser. I managed to do that with only one accidental post. It seems I'll only be able to upload one image, because once I select an image, that fucker's getting getting uploaded immediately. I'm trying to cut back on non-text browsing, because the attractive nuisance of the internet has become a problem, and a properly "anti-designed*" solution will hopefully make my behavior less compulsive. *https://njms.ca/posts/ethical-anti-design.html I feel like it also fits the nature of an imageboard to have a deliberately minimalist interface to it. It's text and pictures, and sometimes video. A dozen or two lines of python can scrape the posts from a thread page, and a little more can display them with decent colors and formatting. An anon on smug/tech/ mentioned the idea of displaying a thread as a graph of posts, which is also cool. You'd probably center it on the OP, from which would spring some number of replies. Any post can have arbitrary numbers of both parents and children, and that non-linearity makes the idea of a non-linear display interesting. It could be a mess in practice, though— not everyone tags the OP, which would make those posts orphans like the OP itself. To understand the position of such posts, you have to consider the time dimension rather than just ancestry, such that distance from the origin/OP scales with time. I'd settle for an ncurses interface where I can press up/down to navigate the posts in chronological order, and right/left to expand/retract replies to a particular post inline. In that kind of interaction, you punt media to external programs rather than try to integrate everything into a centralized web browser interface, which is good because the inline player in a browser is never preferable to the standalone program you normally use. This sort of thing would probably just use cURL to upload posts or something, and that would be less retarded/more flexible about images than the text-mode browser I'm using. This is the sort of shit I think about after dark.
(30.98 KB 720x480 1377989293.jpg)
checking in, 2nd day in a row, first back-to-back check-in. i want to make something for this board, like a weekly broadcast or something. i'll get back to everyone if i come up with something. >>3702 >text-mode browser sounds cool and terrible at the same time, i definitely wouldn't use the internet for long periods like that(which is the point, i respect that).
It's always /late/ somewhere.
>>3721 Yep. I got 2 free months of shudder, pretty decent to watch at night. Not a massive horror fan but the range is decent. Watching 'The Banishing'right now. AMA.
(21.58 KB 853x480 fug.jpg)
(80.20 KB 947x664 giveup.JPG)
Postin at 2AM !! I'm sick and my nose is running like hell!
>>3735 Better go catch it.
(52.59 KB 768x576 1376909929.jpg)
3rd night in a row! don't know if that's a good thing or not haha
(200.60 KB 620x720 1367100115.png)
4th in a row! this week's been full of morning shifts, so the night belongs to me haha!
Ya know, things aren't -that- bad. Yes, everything is going to shite, but it seems like the descent into chaos and sorrow has slowed down a little, so yay to that. Also, have a comfy song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrERexQiXMc
A little girl walking with her mother looked at me as I passed and said "hi daddy." I guess I've got that Big Dad Energy. Unobligatory chill tune for enjoying the collapse: https://youtu.be/4LEN8smfxp0
Another late night, but again, under slightly-less depressing circumstances than usual. I'm up working on a commission, so there's something to keep me from getting too contemplative. More comfyness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVlkFN6itzU
a decade ago it was just one of those days. it's been a long, long day.
(411.47 KB 1308x1080 1367105380.png)
here again, 5th night lol this time i've got a valid excuse: helping out family with some late-night video editing. and when night falls on the internet, to /late/ i return.
(536.20 KB 1058x1054 1367104228.png)
>>3779 talk to us, anon what's got you down? also 6th night lol
(2.56 MB 300x424 terry.gif)
>>3783 How late did you sleep in this last 6 days?You are probably most active /late/ user rn.
(728.61 KB 640x360 only_shallow.mp4)
overwhelmed rn
(352.90 KB 850x455 iwannadie.png)
(548.12 KB 520x930 flutteshy_happy.gif)
>>3807 >clearly .jpg image >.png I can see why you would want that
>>3795 banger song
(102.80 KB 1165x1329 box.jpg)
>>1000 here 4 the first time.
(1.42 MB 1438x696 happy.PNG)
>>3808 sorry
>>3816 >sorry >does it again what.zip
>>3757 Reporting in, this'll be night four. Helping some friends with some concept art BS, so I actually have a valid reason that isn't 'existential crisis' or 'wish I were dead, but feel guilty for wishing that'. How are you, /late/? Are we doing okay? Auditory comfort: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8rk949pvWk
(248.45 KB rarity.flac)
>>3816 I didn't mean to make you sad, i swear. >>3823 People look at me and i don't see disgust in their eyes. I now have friends i can talk to in real life. Soo it is kinda good for me.
(353.72 KB 1242x2208 szxcvdfs.jpg)
>>3823 Just trying to accept the fact that things online last forever and it's out of my control. I've gotta stop worrying about it, and my stuff that's still out there, but it's eating me alive. Oh well, time to get back to it.
First time on here. >>1000
>>3827 Welcome to our humble website, here is your first (you)
>>3827 welcome friend
>>1000 Nice get. I think I'm gonna like it here. Shoutout to the other guy listening to the radio with me.
>>1000 The rain and the dark night make a comfy combination. Brings a level of zen just staring out the window.
>>3824 Good to hear things are on an upswing for you! (I had some dumb attempt at a joke about people not looking at you with disgust because you're a hot chick with purple hair and a successful clothing shop, but I decided against it.) >>3826 If that's your artwork, that is a deck I'd absolutely rock...if I weren't too uncoordinated for skating, terrified of broken bones, etc.
(59.49 KB 500x500 1195706 - lain.png)
hey, /late/! hope everything's going alright. feels nice being on here, broke my streak but it doesn't even matter. just nice to be back online, in a little corner of the Net, lainposting. doesn't get much comfier than this.
>>3841 Haha, nah. Just something an old friend showed me. I'd feel bad if I were to ruin the artwork from just general wear and tear of skating. I also really injured myself a while back skating and no longer do so. Sick board though, agreed.
I didn't post last night, i broke my activity chain too(kind of). I had a really bad headache for the last 3 days soo i tried to not be near radiation and screens last night. I still have headache but it is slightly better than before. Soo i am here, posting in morning...
It's 2 am for me. I've been playing Project Mirai on my 3ds. But I feel irritated because of online classes. I wish I could go back to anything besides this....
(3.64 MB tasukete.mp3)
I ran into an ex from a decade ago and we spent some time together catching up, re-meeting each other and had great times. She confessed she misses those times, and I was apprehensive, but caved because it felt right. Then I woke up. It's 4am and I'm alone, jobless, loveless, nearing 30.
New here. I don't understand this place, and I'm not sure if I will come back, but have my bump.
well it has been...painfully over dramatic... i could just die now by cringing over david f*ster's disproportionate twitter follower count and his over inflated self worth in britsh*t idol. heck, if not not for the britsh*t got talent, you'd mistake him for an ish*sts or yell*wcows with that family portofolio lol
I slept early this night too, i am writing in morning again. >>3898 >>3899 >>3900 >>3901 >>3902 >>3903 What put you in such hate?
I'm at a friend's house it's 2:42 AM and i can't sleep, our bed is just too hot. I went downstairs I'll sleep on the couch tonight. Right now I'm not tired and, time to launch youtube. Sleep well anons. <3
(52.59 KB 768x576 1376909929.jpg)
reporting in i have a couple ideas for what we could all do together as a board: 1) writing general, where we all write comfy shit, and 2) a weekly broadcast containing reading said comfy shit, playing featured songs, and recommending comfy movies. i want to know what u think, anons. i think it'd be fun.
>>3940 We'd have to break anonymity somehow, or go by random nicknames so things can be coordinated and no trolls can ruin things.
(32.76 KB 1008x720 1377483577.jpg)
>>3942 why would we have to break anonymity? we'd just have some anons write comfy stories/poems/etc in a general thread, and then an anon can narrate them and put them together in a video.
>>3943 Sounds like a fun idea
>>3943 I really like this idea.
>>3943 I like this idea as well, we can write fanfics and stuff too.
>>3943 make the thread already!
Reading this thread calmed me down for work. I have to go to bed early. I just listned to "Hagane Miku", a metal version of Hatsune miku. https://vocadb.net/T/7203/hagane-miku could be satanist.
>>3940 This sounds super-great. I'm in.
(234.38 KB 482x500 nano_spin.gif)
(30.98 KB 720x480 1377989293.jpg)
i'm back on for a comfy night, got work in the morning so not for long. i'm glad people like my idea, and i'll make the thread when i get the chance. i just built a pc for the first time, so i'll give that a run and edit whatever comes out of it.
(29.56 KB 720x450 hwqgz.jpg)
I'm about to make myself some coffee. What're you up to, anon?
(109.45 KB 600x600 qo8b7eoy4vo11.gif)
>>4076 Learning about IRC. May make my own server in the future.
(344.70 KB 1008x720 1377551509.jpg)
>>4076 just got home from work and settling in for a good hour or two of late-night play and chill i'm also thinking of putting up that writethread, but i need some more energy before i do that(plus allergies are affecting my voice, so i wont be able to narrate posts as clearly)
>>4097 i'm excited for the thread!
'finna get drunk when I get my lab results back.
(149.63 KB 244x199 1398942541.gif)
it seems like there's a decent amount of people online atm alright >>4107, wish granted! i'm putting the thread up tonight!
It's past your bedtime buddy
I want to have a threesome with Big Chungus and his gf.
(497.54 KB 444x250 ika-chan so cute.gif)
Looks like it'll be a lazy day. How about you, anon?
>>4207 It was a lazy day for me, i did nothing more or less.
(40.91 KB 423x278 chen_matte.jpg)
>>4207 I'm always lazy
>>4263 i think your dementia is getting really bad with all of these incoherent ramblings anon, don't worry, i've already called some old people homes.
(307.11 KB 848x1019 1367106766.png)
hey, everyone! hope the night is treating you well. not gonna be up for too long tonight, but thought i'd spend some of my waking moments here anyway.
so dead inside. supposed to be sadder. but i guess holy dont care either. why would you?
(37.21 KB 720x480 1378057225.jpg)
hey again, lainanon here wishing you all a good night, sleeping or not. i'll be on for a bit, might go on the mc server. make sure you check out /wg/, and write something if you want! last night i wrote a short story about a girl returning to her hometown in a post-apocalyptic world. wishing you all well again! and spamanon, if you're reading this, maybe make a new thread? you making a lot of posts that don't quite fit in here.
>>1000 I want to throw myself at a wall, endlessly, until the end of time. I want to make content for the internet, but at the same time, I despise the internet. I hate most things about it, but I want to share my stories. Also, fuck cancel culture. Genuinely. anyway, night.
(1.71 MB 995x1400 1616308338831-1.png)
Good evening. I see Anon's had an even more fucked up week than mine. Evening's not a great word for the after-midnight, but I've never heard anyone use a better descriptor of it. Maybe we should make one up, /late/.
(146.71 KB 2048x1224 aae3eec339d4159e75e2de5041675cf2.jpg)
Ohayo, schizo-anon.
(688.08 KB 1358x768 reki.png)
All quiet on the western front, anon? Even schizo-kun seems to have gone to sleep. I suppose most anons have to wake early on monday. I do too, actually, but I'm cramming for exams, taking occasional breaks to try and talk to people online, but everywhere I look seems dead at the moment. It feels a little silly, being lonely even in the wired.
i'm starting to realize i probably have ADHD and it's the reason why i can never stick with anything consistently i'd bring attention to it, but there are bigger problems in my family rn and i don't wanna take up any extra energy
(149.16 KB 1024x1024 example-80369.jpg)
Nothing gets me nice and sleepy like an hour of picking up heavy things and then putting them down.
>>4507 what is that pic?
(415.46 KB 512x512 seed79849.png)
I was listening to King Crimson's Sheltering Sky earlier and felt nostalgic for an emotion I couldn't quite place. But an image dropped itself into my mind just a few minutes ago and I have to write it now before it goes. Small brick buildings erected over lightly foliaged ground--ferns, I think--half finished? I am the size of a child, and I'm playing alone in a yard with these buildings here, as well as a raised storm drain entrance beside me. Beneath the foliage the ground is only gravel. I have a ball in my hands. Greek Columns? Another image, but the same emotion, a haze like the sky before a storm. A construction machine is moving atop a hill. The rear is a set of big drums, like a roadroller's. There's, four?, drums segmented from each other, articulating over the curve of the hill. A large scoop at the front. The machine is now in a grassy yard, making some raised earthwork. I am again a child, playing, again, alone, in the shade of the earthwork. As I write this the images have slipped away from me at this point and I'm only going off on a memory of an image, yet the emotion still lingers. >>4507 Maybe I should exercise more often, corona-chan has made going to a gym unviable for me though. >pic That website's high creativity setting makes for prime album art material. >>4508 https://thisanimedoesnotexist.ai/
>>4513 Is that just a familiar feeling but not based in reality or some distorted memory? I have some early childhood memories that I suspect might not have ever actually happened. It's an eerie feeling. Discipline's a pretty good album, by the way.
(284.61 KB 2048x2048 0u90f209odu61.jpg)
>>1000 This is a nice imagebord. I feel like sleeping. Goodnight. God loves you.
>>1000 I’m here (again)
>>1000 Reporting in
(16.04 KB 428x424 fml.jpg)
>>1000 I'm here cause I can't sleep due to bipolar.
it is 3.45, i have been practicing drawing/luring internet for 5 hears without getting up for about 4 hours now. I don't know why but at night ADHD doesn't hit as hard at nights even when i have less distraction at day. I am kinda sleepy but i know if i sleep my drawing won't ever past the "autistic kid scratching paper" stage. I can't believe i practiced this long without adhd meds. This is a blessed night.
It’s 3:30. I dreamed I was in an affluent rural area, but somehow also my high school at the same time. I had upset one of my friends and she wouldn’t talk to me any more. I went up to the Lord’s old manor and it was full of old people scheming - local councillors I think. I wasn’t feeling good so I went to the pharmacist. People there were really sick. Slurring their words and eventually collapsing. The pharmacist lady I had spoken to went silent and stiff, grabbing me and pulling my face into her chest and holding me so right I couldn’t breathe. Then she let me go just to grab the sides of my face and started panicking to me in 3rd person. “She’s really sick, you’re losing her, she’s not gonna make it, save her, she’s about die” and as she was saying it her face would change. Even in films I’ve never seen a human face change like that. And she had her face so close to mine and she was screaming. I only slept for 2 hours and I have to get up in three but Jesus Christ I’m not sure I want to sleep again
Here again after quite a while. glad to see this place is still up and running
(548.34 KB 1164x1080 1367109871.png)
it's been a long week, and i accidentally slept the evening away. but hey, that just means it's night, and i've got this place.
I almost got in a car crash today, it really made me think about how terrifying death is. Unavoidable and unknown.
>>4559 Cars really are metal death traps. It's too bad there's not a better alternative to driving one.
>>4560 Yes, American infrastructure and urban planning was built around them, its a pain in the ass to get around without one. You're a second class citizen.
(238.48 KB 1008x1020 1384963645.png)
>>4559 it truly is. i believe there is more beyond this life, but the concept of death is still a very scary thing. it also makes me appreciate life so much more; after seeing death and destruction online and off, the tranquility of life really reveals itself. >>4561 makes you wonder what could have been if we never moved on to cars. i imagine it would be much slower, and that's the trade, taking a risk in exchange for speed and time. whether or not that exchange was worth it depends on the person, i guess.
(353.78 KB 757x1038 1367106811.png)
>>4555 that sounds like a really surreal experience, i wouldn't want to go back to sleep, either. the mind really is a scary place.
>>4562 I don't think it was worth it personally. I wish we could go back.
>>4561 >>4560 The personal automobile and it's consequences have a been a disaster for the American landscape. But it's just one more thing that adds to the awfulness of American suburbs. I've hated cars ever since I became interested in living spaces for people, but it never really hit me until I visited Japan and saw their cities (and even those have too many cars, but at least you can get around by bike, foot or train unlike 99% of the 'kwa).
i had soda today for the first time in months after drinking water non stop. it's awful. fuck soda.
My whole life has been condensed to a few imageboards and chatrooms. Its very sad, I don't even feel human anymore.
I'm listening to some prog rock, it makes me feel like I'm flying when I close my eyes. I'm going more schizo by the day.
>>4580 this was me until i realized if i deleted everything and went outside i could have friends again
(459.35 KB 1262x1080 1367106109.png)
>>4581 i really like this, sounds like something that'd play at the end of a comfy movie good stuff >>4580 you need to create, and i mean create something outside of the internet. whether that be lifting, drawing, writing, you should be doing some activity that betters you. life's more enjoyable when you're getting better at a craft.
(32.00 KB 720x480 1377928909.jpg)
back again! hope everyone's doing alright tonight. i'll be working more on /ltv/, maybe even make another writefag post there. if you haven't checked out the thread yet, give it a read and maybe contribute to it! i'm pretty optimistic about the project and i hope to have some results soon.
(50.23 KB 678x465 1378751641.jpg)
>>4599 lol nice
Ahoy, it's 3 O'clock and my sleep cycle is fucked again. Cheers.
(363.45 KB 1080x1350 dangiuz-15.jpg)
>>4608 It's 1:42am here. Planning to get to sleep by 4:00am, if I don't have any irl obligations my sleep schedule always drifts towards 4:00am - 12:00pm. >>4390 Nice picture >>3940 Streaming something comfy is always a good thing to fall back on.
i'm thinking about making fake adult swim bumps because i'm bored but have no idea where to post them..
(378.97 KB 955x814 1367105542.png)
hope you all are doing good, won't be up long but i'm reporting in just because. >>4632 you could make a new thread or you could put them on /ltv/, it fits the theme
(43.89 KB 500x500 sad_pepe_lain.png)
Haven't popped in here in a while, life's been kinda crazy. I haven't been able to stay up /late/ recently because of work, but trust me I still feel tired. Life's been kicking me in the balls here recently. Hope you're all still doing well.
>>4643 man from tomorrow everyone
(365.42 KB 1008x720 1378728997.jpg)
>>4647 you are, too! happy tomorrow time, everyone! also hi >>4643, nice seeing a fellow lainposter here
(334.23 KB 1000x700 lain_art.jpg)
>>4647 I'm magic. >>4649 Thanks brother, always nice to see lainposters in random little corners of the web. That's where we thrive I guess, lol.
my Zune arrived today...
>>4666 I always wanted a Halo Zune.
(545.22 KB 733x904 1363439772199.png)
full day today, probably need some rest by i think i've trained my brain to shut down this way. i'm in that mode of being too tired to sleep and also super energized despite wanting to sleep, it's a frustrating feel. hung out with friends most of today, didn't realize how little i've seen them lately until we all got together. it was great. got a figma in the mail today, too. i'll have to set it up one of these nights. it's of sinon, the sniper girl from sao. i've wanted to get some figmas for a long time, they look neat and i want to get some for my favorite characters just to have around and to pose. probably not the best use of my money, but hey, i live frugally as it is.
I'm working on releasing one of my first (technically) EP's on tape/cd. I'm not sure if I'll ever put it online, but yeah there's that.
(9.85 MB 1280x720 akutagawa - 光と影.mp4)
Wtf is with this schizo bot lately? It's not even pleasantly strange or interesting, it's just "everything sucks".
I missed this place. Very happy to discover it's still here, as a separate entity from 8chan, no less. So it's summer. The heat is killing me and I've been on a very odd sleep schedule due to making some radical changes to my life. I have a long-term plan in regards to where I want to be. Gotta undo some bad choices and rebuild. I know I can do it. Have a wonderful night, everyone.
>>4802 it's just the 2021 late experience lol
(49.34 KB 827x775 sg23234n.jpg)
>>4867 hope things work out for you >>4868 YES YOU ARE >>4868
(1.51 KB 121x108 cartoon sun.png)
>>4513 to me it reminds me of a dream i had when i was little of being in a place that was basically featureless, except for the ground which transitioned seamlessly into the sky. there were no clouds. maybe a few houses or whatnot on the ground but otherwise featureless except for a cartoon sun. everything was this weird sickly shade of greenish teal, even the sun and whatever was laying around i've been obsessing over magma and i haven't listened to king crimson in months but i'll always hold the sheltering sky close to me.
>>4867 Good luck Anon. Go get em!
(157.37 KB 975x1200 E24xQK2VcAAhXeJ.jpg)
i miss being a kid it's currently 1:45 a.m. and i have just shifted from sadness into a comforted nostalgia i hope you are all holding up well, wherever and whenever you are please enjoy this song, i find it very comforting when i am alone and reminiscing in the late hours https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFdyBA1FBtc
>>4889 This is a nice song, thank you.
(490.80 KB 1207x1080 1367109925.png)
lainfag reporting in
(128.95 KB 600x600 1508203709813.jpg)
>>4897 Good evening fellow lainfag! How have you been? And how has everyone else been recently?
(1.52 MB 1280x1024 1385952433.png)
>>4898 it's going alright. work's taken the life out of me lately, i'm seeing things get better but i'm still drained. nice to come here and relax after a long day. >>4889 accidentally left autoplay on and it's played one piano cover after another, thank you for this anon, this is nice.
>>1000 first time on this board, feels comfy
(72.76 KB 1024x709 sit.jpg)
>>4902 welcome, friend!
(84.04 KB 657x600 1618867667472.png)
>>4903 and ive come for a visit yet again. thanks for the warm welcome fren
Taking a train at 5 am.
>>4912 let us know how it was never taken a train at night before
sup again lads
>>1000 Hello lads been a while. How is everyone tonight?
(1.59 MB 1656x1243 fishing.jpg)
>>4916 it's going alright don't work tomorrow, so i can afford to be on later. i'm planning to make some bumps for /ltv/ out of some game footage i got a sunrise, don't know if i'll have it done by tonight but i imagine it'll be soon, Lord willing. hope you're doing alright, anon, as well as everyone else online and off.
Have any introverts met anyone who is just genuinely kind? Most of the time you can tell when a normalfag is forcing conversation really hard but there are few that you can really tell actually care and are not trying to just make small talk because they hate silence,
>>4919 I already met some people like this yeah.. but these are kinda rare
>>4919 Yes, and I suspect one of them is autistic.
>>4922 >>4929 I personally avoid everyone but they make me second guess that choice. Thank you if you're one of them.
is platonic love real?
>>4941 In what way?
(10.62 KB 387x429 amorzinho.png)
>>4941 I mean, if you can feel it then it's real.
Hi there, to anyone reading this hope you have a great day!
Hi there, the board seems to be quiet lately eh? i wonder how's everyone doing lately? as for me i spent most of my days staring my laptop screen in my room.
>>4976 usually just lurking about decided to reply.
Didn’t get a wink last night, otherwise I’m doing mighty fine. How are y’all doing?
>>4976 Recovered from an injury and I'm getting my chest/back/shoulders into shape again. Enjoying dawn and dusk walks, working all night on cool shit, fasting and doing nofap. Life's pretty good, now that I think of it.
Hello frens
i just switched to linux. kinda regretting taking the ubuntu pill over the opensuse pill because of all the command line shit and opensuse is more gui based. But besides that it does just work.
(40.34 KB 1024x962 a38.jpeg.jpg)
Autistic guy at work got fired for sexual harassment for "flirting" with a woman, he would ask everyone where they are from and she mistook him as a creep. He asked me the same question 3 times before because it was his way of starting a conversation, he didn't even understand the situation and simply told me he had to go home early his last day; He once told me that he is the sole supporter for his diabetic mom so it hit hard.
I'm complety drink, it's cooler to see hoje changeable tour perception is. I Donald even know how irmãos able to tapete tis..
(42.49 KB 404x404 1372097480493.jpg)
>>5037 That's horrible.
>>5037 Damn, poor fella. If they fired him really fast without looking into he'll at least get a severance package and be paid for a while right?
Need to wash cat feces off my backpack so I can unzip it & get my wallet out
>>5037 Holy shit, thats absolutely horrible.
>>5002 Honestly, just bite the bullet and get used to the command line. It's the standard interface and makes many things so much less of a pain once you're used to it. You'll thank yourself for doing so.
>>5056 DONE DID IT
Finally taking a vacation once next week ends and I intend to make it a creative one. I've needed this for a long time. Take care of yourselves.
>>4976 I haven't been posting lately myself, despite my sleep schedule becoming even worse.
>>5056 Animal feces is the reason I don't even consider getting a pet. RIP anon's backpack.
>>5123 dumbass reason. i've had a cat for nearly 10 years and it's used it's litter box every fucking time for the past decade.
>>5127 Mine does too, but you still have to scoop it up everyday. And cats do puke.
>>5176 why?
>>5176 Remember that the time you'd have spent on steam is worth more than $600. Assuming you did that on purpose, lol.
(558.76 KB 1402x1080 1367108296.png)
been about a month since i last visited. it has been a busy month, to be fair, but i still missed coming here. hope you're all doing alright.
(358.14 KB 621x466 mantis-1.png)
also i got a friend a couple nights ago. haven't named her yet, but i've got some ideas floating around.
>>5186 holy shit!!! thats sick
(14.60 KB 319x331 1617911099507.jpg)
>>5193 thanks, man >>5194 why would you do that, anon?
(113.67 KB 1024x582 1611549117527.jpg)
pulling an all-nighter right now, i have to be up early and i've been sleeping in far too often to trust myself with bed. it sucks, but at the same time it's not too bad-- haven't had this much time to myself in awhile.
>>5186 name her Teresa. because yknow, praying mantis.
(12.40 KB 628x480 monke.jpg)
(4.16 MB 854x480 You deserve better.webm)
I've been tired all day and I need to get up early for work tomorrow, but now that it's /late/ I can't sleep. What else is new? Have a .webm I made for /wsg/ a while back.
>>5225 like anyone under 25 signs petitions or has the slightest interest in politics
>>5247 They're often the most interested, or at least the loudest.
>>5246 I've seen that clip before. Where's it from?
>>5252 The Serial Experiments Lain PlayStation game.
(2.79 MB 4032x3024 IMG_6685.JPG)
update on the whole mantis thing: jamarmin's gone, she was a rather old mantis and kinda just died on her own after a few days. she did eat a small cricket i found for her, so that was nice. rip in peace, Jamarmin(yes, that was the name i settled on, was some gibberish a friend gave me for a name). however, seems this month has been a very blessed one. this is my second mantis. he's younger and far more energetic. if i had to guess, Jamarmin didn't last as long because she was a female who'd already laid her eggs and had nothing left to do but die, but this guy hasn't mated and therefore has not been eaten by the female. i fed him a whole katydid i found a few hours ago and he's taking to it with a fervor, have no idea how he's managing to fit all that down his stomach. something's up with my neighborhood, these mantises are showing up left and right. i ran into a 3rd one on a walk home from work a couple days ago. my guess is, with autumn approaching, this is their mating season and they're getting it done before autumn kicks in and they go under. however, with a little research, i learned that these guys can last months in captivity, meaning if i treat this guy right, he could last the winter. we'll have to see how it goes.
>>5265 That's really cool anon. I'm sorry about Jamarmin, may your younger mantis live a long life.
>>5265 F for Jamarmin. I think some mantises can live for around a month all the way up to a year in captivity. GL, and update with more photos sometime.
Hello /late/ hope you are all doing well
(157.13 KB 1280x620 000222A1.webm)
almost 2/3 of 2021 has passed is autumn coming to where you're at, /late/?
>>5270 no. it was 100F yesterday
>>5269 hope you're doing well, too, anon >>5268 thanks, i'll definitely post more of my boy. i've got videos, too, so i'll make them into webms for everyone, too.
>>5270 >almost 2/3 of 2021 has passed It's almost hard to believe for me that's we've still got that much time left with all the stuff that happened this year. >is autumn coming to where you're at, /late/? Yes, and I'm not looking forward to it.
>>5270 I can't believe another year is almost gone. Autumn is almost here and I must say I'm excited. I hate winter with a dying passion, but autumn is peak /comfy/
>>5281 >t. sniper
>>5279 nice pic. did you take it?
thinking about getting a mac mini and an ultrawide. i don't really game anymore and i've moved to productivity based shit/programs. i have 2 monitors right now. my pc is a shitbox too so idk. not for sure if i want to go back to using the "apple ecosystem" lmao
(77.65 KB 526x796 idiot.jpg)
I thought I had finally escaped from sabotaging my own sleep schedule. A few weeks later and here I am again. How've you been holding up, /late/?
>>5340 Every day I tell myself I'll sleep before midnight, and fail almost every time. You're not alone. >How've you been holding up, /late/? Surviving... for now.
I went to a fair tonight with friends, we drank and did that attraction where you're on a big pillar that takes you to the top and then drops suddenly. Tonight was a pretty cool night. Goodnight to all /LATE/ anons
(2.61 MB 640x360 ralph-1.webm)
eating an all-nighter, thought i could stay up a little and now it's 5 on a Sunday mornin'. it's a little comforting seeing i'm not the only one; may we all find good rest. the extra hours did let me make this webm, though. say hi to ralph!
>>5390 he's so majestic
>>5265 What's his name?
Everything is either a bore or a chore.
>>5435 Beats being a whore.
Anyone watch Helluva Boss?
>have to /early/fag tomorrow >go to sleep at 10:30pm >wake up at 2am Don't tell me my body normalized my sleep deprivation.
(1.62 MB 1024x768 playstation234234.png)
>>5459 Sadly that's the case for me too. Gotta be somewhere at 2:30PM. Normally sleep till 4:30-5PM and there's no way I'm getting a full 8 hours at this rate.
(442.53 KB 455x500 comf2534534.gif)
>>5265 Hard to tell because I'm not an expert. But chinese mantis which are naturalized to North America now are native predators of the spotted lanterfly. If you're in a region where those invasive bastards are their presence might be driving a mantis population boom. I've seen more of them too recently and can't really explain it. Your mating season idea sounds equally likely.
I want to disappear
Reporting in, trying to get a little done on an animation I'm making before I lay down for the night.
>>5503 What's the animation for?
(235.51 KB 1417x1109 1533_fd24c8f18111e1a2.png)
Reporting in. So mantisbro is gone. It was a good run, almost a full month, so I really can't be too upset; still, I thought he'd last the winter. I think the temperature change in our room got him, someone changed the thermostat and it climbed like ten degrees. Rest in peace, Ralph. I'm thinking about /ltv/. I'm the OP of that thread, and I've been so busy waging that I haven't contributed much of what I wanted. I plan to make some fun bumps for the thread, and I've even considered trying to start a nightly stream featuring cartoons, /ltv/ bumps, and whatever else I can think of for /late/. I can't guarantee all of that though, being a wagie, but it's at least a goal. Hope you're all doing alright tonight. I'm trying to normalize my sleep schedule while also coming on here, curious to see how that turns out. And I can see with >>5459 and >>5462 that I'm not the only one with a fucked sleep schedule. Here's to /late/ reclaiming their sleep schedules.
>>5506 >So mantisbro is gone. That's unfortunate. I'm not very familiar with mantises, but I did hear that they can be rather sensitive to temperature changes indeed. In any case, rest in peace. >/ltv/ That reminds me I've been meaning to write something for /ltv/ for a while; I had something sort of sketched out in my head at one point, but procrastination got the best of me, and the mood subsided. I really should just sit down sometime and try thinking of something; not the best writer but it might be fun I suppose. Good luck on your sleep schedule, looking forward to what you have planned for /ltv/.
>>5505 Partially for fun, partially for learning. I've always been enamoured with the idea of putting together a good workflow entirely of open-source stuff that could be easily explained to beginners (for democratization of media/dirty open-source hippie reasons), so sorta kinda working towards that. Here's a test I did from a few weeks ago: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/638891493381242902/887578413295099914/BUMPGRRL0000-0406.mp4 (audio isn't mine, it's from The F Plus)
>>3940 I would listen. I can't really contribute - I am an awful writer - but I am definitely on board.
(440.01 KB 1600x1200 1580760298529-2.jpg)
Hi frens. Just got finished editing a radio show I am doing with a friend. If anyone wants a fun hobby I highly recommend it. Either presenting or the autistic tech aspect.
>>5508 hey, that's not too shabby good work!
(47.26 KB 558x370 diggit.PNG)
Be sure to be well hopped up on stimulants dudes. Or well rested. Either or.
(775.97 KB 2276x2276 chicago_aprtment_cyber.jpg)
Checking in again. How is your night going /late/?
>>5516 Thank you! >>1000 Checking in on a Saturday morning in between bouts of homework...but: it's always late o'clock somewhere.
>>5518 That room is cozy af. I'm jealous
(1.78 MB 4096x2731 EyHsEt0U4AArlNt.jpeg)
I got busy and forgot to visit my last post was ~9mo ago
>>5518 moar
Posting. I just ordered a printed circuit board I designed, it cost $2 plus shipping. We're living in an insane time, how does a custom printed circuit board cost pocket change? Why do cell phones cost hundreds of dollars when they are printed circuit boards in a case with a screen? Anyway, I'm posting to post, we're living in a cool time.
>>5548 What tools are you using to do the design? I really want to build my own computer one day, but I’m starting from zero.
>>5518 Just woke up at around 2:30am. Feeling sick thanks to eating nothing but two bags of chips and a big tub of ice cream the past two days.
(139.36 KB 719x765 1629751630905-0.jpg)
>>5538 >>5525 I swear I saved another pic like the last a few days ago but I can't find it. I've been skimming old /r9k/ comfy threads the past couple days. This is the best I can do.
(153.31 KB 756x1200 wwqMgiIw.jpeg)
>>5565 Batch-cook something nice and healthy anon. It's important! Get a stir-fry going tonight or something.
i started driving recently. going 90 on the interstate with no other cars at night is very /late/ and nice
Being disciplined never gets easier, huh? It's always hard but I guess that's the point. I want to be more disciplined and also stop indulging in self-pity so much. I guess those are my early New Year's resolutions. I don't think it's gonna make life any easier for me, but maybe it will make life a little fuller and less sclerotic.
feeling like shit again got used to it at this point
>>1000 Reporting in. Kind of a mixed week - good test scores, school's going okay, but still dealing with insomnia and panic attacks. Might go see the campus shrink about it.
reporting in!
>>5571 Based, I got too used to drinking. I am just waiting to die at this point.
>>5609 goddammit i need to stop too lol
First time I've actually checked in here. Þought þis þread was a new one þat would die soon þe first several visits, for some reason.
hello people
Late night snacks?
>>5629 I like toast and cereal. I'll occasionally mix it up and do cereal and toast.
>>1000 I'm here everyday as of late. Can't think of a comfier place to be, well except neetmoe but it's kinda slow
>>1000 remember to drink plenty of water
(1.04 MB 1200x1106 bunny life.jpg)
It's 01:27 am, rainy and windy outside and I'm reading an e-book after a long day and planning to play a game to go alongside the book since they share the same theme and I enjoy doing this whenever I can, best time of the year, hope November brings more of the same.
>>5610 It is funny if you look at life the same way, good luck anon.
I might just givd up on NNN. Every time I try anything, I realize there's no point and none of this matters. It's relieving, but becomes annoying. My nihilism is usually comfy, but makes long-term goals more difficult.
>>5702 >nihilism >long term goals step up to the plate coward
(35.39 KB 585x411 01.png)
my online paranoia is getting worse. i honestly wish i could use my nokia and some schizo linux distro, but honestly, it doesn't fucking matter if i use an iphone with winblows 11 or not because either way i'm still being surveilled by my government :D
>>5710 I think this is a solvable problem. If it isn't then it's becoming mor and more solvable. Compared to a few years ago, now there are multiple free-and-open-source hardware phones, not just the software but the hardware too. There are more and more tools for encrypted chat, it's just becoming easier over time. I am all for having complete privacy now and I try to, but wherever we fall short I think it becomes easier over time so even if we're not completely secure now we can switch over to new tools over time.
I keep ruining my relationships with people I like
Just checking in I found this board a few days ago while exploring the webring and liked the format However, seems to be pretty dead
>>5715 Why do people think slow means dead? Posts here are extraordinarily regular, just scarce.
>>5715 >However, seems to be pretty dead Nights are slow and seemingly endless but you'll understand it returns again.
>>1000 I feel hollow
(315.94 KB 1280x960 comfy253534.jpg)
3 years on and I'm still falling asleep between 5 and 8am. The world rotates yet I am still. https://youtu.be/G-y0F7dLqMI?t=5337
(126.26 KB 1024x1024 1637096228802.jpg)
hi I do not know what this board is but I would like to contribute content anyways
>>5727 nice song anon
i have my permit now meaning i cant drive unless i have an adult with a license in the car. kind of annoying. i want to drive whenever, alone
>>5797 How old are you mate?
>>5718 Haruka Nakamura!! I've lately been in love with 光 piano ensemble. Need to explore more. So glad to see others loving as well. Bless you, anon. :)
>>5809 I'm glad to find someone else here who appreciates his music! I don't listen to him as often as I used to these days, but his work holds a very special place in my heart, and I really like his sense of aesthetics. You said you're still exploring -- if I may offer a suggestion, I would recommend his album "Meteor" with Ichika Aoba. It's a personal favorite of mine.
>>5807 probably half the age of people who frequent this forum
Posting. How are you doing you nightowls.
>>5854 Been good lately. Keeping busy, socializing more and with less personal drama.
>>5857 Good to hear. This past 2 years has been challenging, innit.
also can we get a /late/ tv type livestream thing setup that replays old cartoon network shows? i'd be happy to set it up
Reporting in. I just found this website and i do not know how it works tbh. Anyway, currently procrastinating .. have to write an important term paper. Any tips against procrastination? Anyway I hope yall have an amazing night. Currently 2:25am here.
BEEN a while LATE!
>>5873 Hello there.
>>5861 I would love that. Not sure how the timing would work and all, but it's worth a try
(20.79 KB 500x375 1636685789072.jpg)
>>5861 that's what I'm trying to get done with /ltv/. check it out and contribute if you'd like. speaking of, I made a couple bumps for /late/! I'm posting them on /ltv/ for simplicity's sake, lemme know what you think!
(78.23 KB 1172x1612 1636676352566.jpg)
hey, all! it's been awhile i switched my pc's OS over to Linux and fucked over my memory. millions of pics gathered over image boards, suddenly gone. i have a decent collection again, but it's still nowhere close to the massive hoard i used to have. losing all that made me realize how much i've gotten from the internet and from boards like this. art, music, hard truths, and useful advice; i really don't think i'd be the person i am now if i'd never used the internet. i'm glad places like this are still around, and i hope they stay around for many years to come.
>>5883 >i switched my pc's OS over to Linux and fucked over my memory. Do you mean storage ie: HDD /SSD, or the actual RAM?
>>5883 you didn't try any data recovery software? if you had such a big and wide collection it might be worth it to shell out a few bucks for the real deep ones.
(1.40 MB 1040x1388 1636688221429.png)
>>5885 HDD, specifically external i had it plugged in and the installation wiped it >>5889 i tried several data recovery tools, but either i didn't do it right or it was impossible to recover. so i just let it go.
Most likely gonna be spending Christmas alone this year. It seems like my mind hasn't decided whether to feel happy or sad about that yet. I guess I should probably do something special for it, cook up a nice big dinner with some comfy music or something.
>>5894 >i had it plugged in and the installation wiped it Sorry anon I'm not saying it's impossible to recover, but it'd be extremely difficult and beyond my ability at least. >>5895 I'm spending half of christmas eve online with anons, funposting.
I'm still here. Hope y'owls are surviving.
>>5944 I am, and it seems others are too. Nice get on the dubs by the way.
At least father Gym streamed so things might be on the upturn
i have ap classes next semester so that will be cool. not very excited
>>1000 You all ready to celebrate New Years /late/?
(82.84 KB 384x494 Immunity Dog.jpg)
>>1000 Just checking in, visiting while I do some trading. Thank God for the Christmastime rally this year. How is everyone?
>>5980 I almost never actually do, but I suppose the further away we get from COVID tyranny, the better.
>>5973 >cool >not very excited Are you being sarcastic or bipolar lad? What subjects for AP?
this is my first time here
>>5973 AP classes are great. the people in them are usually a bit smarter and the teachers give more of a shit. And you can learn a lot of interesting things in AP sciences like Chemistry Biology Phys C and Calculus. Bio and Calc were my favorite subjects.
>>5895 I think christmas is one of the loneliest times of the year. For most people, either you stay alone with all your friends gone home for the holidays. Or you go back home and have a boring time with your parents.
>>5980 I think next year might be the first one in a very long time where I feel my life might turn for the better in a significant way. And if not explicitly better, more exciting at least. So yeah. While maybe not celebrate, I'll sure enjoy the feeling that something good might be coming if I don't fuck up.
Happy new year, nightowls. Let's hope 2022 will be better. Good luck and may kami-sama bless us all.
(781.49 KB 1366x768 marker5.jpg)
Come play with remote control cars, shoot a paintball gun, and so on: https://remocon.tv There is a discord server for talking with people but there aren't really any members yet: https://discord.gg/CqueFZhYBf That said it would be cool to play soccer with the remote control cars while talking with people on discord or other voice chat. I tried to make this a separate post but the captcha didn't seem to be working for me.
>>6014 The paintball gun might be low on air so there's a chance it will sputter and shoot multiple paintballs at once. I might try to refill it but if not just letting you know, it's still fun to shoot. Turn the volume up if you do because for whatever reason the audio stream is low volume.
>>6014 Also if you drive the cars then put them back to charge when you are done, drive them into one of the magnets sticking out of the charging box. If a red light turns on then it is charging, if it doesn't then it isn't. Also be careful not to get the cars to flip over or get stuck. Happy driving.
>>6015 The air has been refilled, so the paintball gun is at maximum capacity.
Stay frosty, nightowls.
I wish this place was more active
>>6141 We should find ways to get it more active. It's a cool board.
(1.06 MB 1920x1080 back22.png)
>>6160 I'm not sure it would be that fun if we were much more acitve. At least it isn't dead.
(516.64 KB 720x720 1573329204140.png)
(102.86 KB 500x636 bibi.jpg)
It looks like the chink commercial spammers are finally gone Feels great
>>6166 It definitely wouldn't feel right if it had 4chan's level of activity.
it feels a bit too slow for my liking, there's like, what, 1 or 2 posts on average every day? it's one of the nicest places I've seen on the internet so I do hope there are slightly more posts in the future
>>1000 henlo newfrens
>only ever visit /late/ around lunchtime I'm a rebel
(103.35 KB 600x426 106549849849.jpg)
>>5629 mac & cheese
>>1013 Neither are we
(33.10 MB 1072x1072 20211223_060823.mp4)
Took this video while taking a bike ride home at 4am. Stopped beneath some electric cables
how do people write plots for rpgs? game development is hard
>>6207 a lot of developers resort to overused tropes such as "ancient evil awakens and hero from small village needs to find the doohickey to stop it and save the world"
(8.50 MB 3024x3024 20210807_010924.jpg)
>>6206 I took this during the summer. It was a late night cruise after a really boring time with friends. There's a video too, but it sucks worse than the picture.
>>6209 Breddy cool pic. >>6207 >>6208 It's a cliche but it just werx, as long as the gameplay itself is not crap.
I'm here...
>>6223 Nice to meet you Here, I'm Anon
(344.31 KB 1600x1200 Photo-0036 (2).jpg)
(331.25 KB 1600x1200 Photo-0008 (2).jpg)
(432.76 KB 1600x1200 Photo-0009 (3).jpg)
(310.89 KB 1600x1200 Photo-0012a.jpg)
>>6235 Hi Anon. I'm Anon. Some night shots I did some times ago, wandering the night.
(110.77 KB 640x779 fbyuuhpksb971-8814670159.jpg)
>>5629 Usually a bowl of cereals with milk when I go to bed. >>5636 pic related ?
(455.20 KB 1016x948 avatar rakka34534543.PNG)
What happened? The board 502'd for a few days there.
Hello everyone in /late/, welcome back ! Love you all !
it's never too late to love. later space lateboys...
(101.77 KB 1024x1004 retrofuturistic.jpg)
I'm here, lurking.
reporting for duty. it has been many moons but i return home.
feels late, man. i lurk, but i hope this board never completely dies.
my ritual every time i go on the computer is to open two tabs, one for email and one for late. i don't know when this happened but at this point it's instinct
Feeling very deprived of sleep atm. I don’t like it, yet I accept it.
still one of the best boards around
(768.42 KB 1920x1080 uzbek.png)
checking in after losing this place for a long time. been busy trying to figure out what grad school would be the comfiest.
>>6333 this is my first time on this board. What are your choices anon? Cheers!
first time also, maybe i'll come back
>>6346 in regards, to managing school + work + anxiety, you got this anon. It'll be a pain in the ass, and you'll wanna give up at times, but you just have to roll with it. When I was in my last couple years of college my anxiety/depression was at its worse, I was working two jobs, and a full-time student. Just remember, if something were to go wrong, just take a breathe, and get back to it. It's not over until it's over.
i just finished watching Ouran High School Host Club with my gf today. At first I hated it, but damn it really grew on me. Blows that it's only one season haha.
(1.20 MB 1125x1415 IMG_0758.jfif)
>>6336 I'm thinking St. Andrews but we will see. Think I'll be able to get in but don't want to count my chickens.
I wish it would rain forever
>>6360 same here. it's starting to get warm already where I am at, it blows ha.
>>6356 good luck anon!
it is late so i must /late/post
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QW3KRaz4aI4 just saw this video show up in my recommendations feed, couldn't believe my eyes because this guy was the prof. for one of my courses and a really good one too. only one of two classes I showed up to that semester. really kind as well, every couple weeks he'd show up with snacks, chocolate chip cookies or w/e for the whole class never thought I'd actually know someone from those "expert reacts to" type videos
(214.15 KB 348x468 teach-a-monke-to-fish.png)
>>1000 It's very late. I am very depressed. At least I can vent by shouting into the empty void that is the internet.
(31.26 KB 678x710 1646691208856.jpeg)
(361.69 KB 1440x900 1598405831117.png)
my bedtime has shifted from 12 to 7am and counting in the span of like 3 days the disconnect from time and reality is mildly unsettling but the freedom of living however i want to is kind of nice it is awkward to hit deadlines and fit my schedule like this though, the world isn't designed for people to live like this hope yall doin ok
>>6462 I've lived like this for years, it's really not that bad if you can manage to sometimes stabilize it around times you're most comfortable with, which to me is whenever the sun isn't out. Day time is just too active and hectic.
Today I learned how big of a sperg I am. Few weeks ago I met up with an online friend for the first time. And I thought everything was going well, but literally just today she told me she thought I hated her, that I seemed uncomfortable and angry at her and evaded questions she had for me. She now said she's not sure if she really knows me. I kinda find it comedic though, like I'm the same person. I am just absentminded and have a very monotone voice and body language. With the questions I was just doofing around cause I thought she would have picked up on my sarcasm. I guess being a sperg gotta sperg. I kinda both love and hate how everyone has wildly different interpretations of me.
>>1013 that was far deeper than it needed to be.
Created a blog today. Was thinking about making one for some time. I would be posting cool pictures, paintings, music, movies, architecture, comic strips, manga, usless trivia and what not. Right now I am themeing it, will shill it here once I get some 100 posts on it.
(59.86 KB 615x923 1644963540094.jpg)
>>6520 Cool shit anon can't wait to see it.
>>6520 Between this post and the recent blog thread, now I'm thinking about starting one too. I think it would be comfy for dumping my late night ramblings in a sort of pseudo-essayist type of thing.
(562.22 KB 640x451 1633457798941.png)
im hungry
>>6567 Then eat some bread dude
(320.66 KB 360x360 ctdnc.mp4)
>>1000 first time posting, but not the first time here tho. Somehow felt like I had to read the previous posts in this thread first. This place is very comfy and I hope it doesn't fade away at least too quickly.
(200.36 KB 1200x800 Jeff-Bridges-The-Big-Lebowski.jpg)
>>6567 Nice marmot.
(139.92 KB 1920x1080 00458.jpg)
What do you guys think about?
>>6641 People
I have arrived.
(571.52 KB 930x1307 cagoule mélancholique.jpg)
(74.18 KB 1280x960 photo_2022-04-25_23-54-15.jpg)
>>6641 What project to take after I have finished this current translating project. I'm fan translating a random novel from JP to EN, currently.
(186.67 KB 370x360 I_cant.mp4)
>>1000 Latestation is Down!!!
Hey, it's me again
(250.19 KB 1920x1080 1650858900183.jpg)
(68.83 KB 640x660 Belzebun.jpg)
quite sad today. it's okay. sadness is okay.
hahaha benis
>>6725 Still here. Still sad. Still life.
There's a point at which you're going AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA continuously for a long time, but then you go OOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.
>>6728 Sadness is so comfy. It's the only "negative" emotion that comforts you like a dreary blanket. It also has the effect of drawing people towards you to see what's wrong and often this leads to a few hugs too.
Been working the night shift for the past half year or so. Thought it would be cool. It is. I really do miss the sun though. Life's getting dusty.
>>6732 emo faggot get some sunlight every day
>>6732 >It also has the effect of drawing people towards you to see what's wrong and often this leads to a few hugs too. As a sad guy, I strongly disagree on this one. I don't want people to come to me because I look sad nor because they feel pity towards me. Sadness is more some kind of armor against modern degeneracy in those times when society looks like some sort of sordid decaying Disneylad. Sadness as a form of rebellion. But( I'm not just a sad fuck, I also have great joices in my life, even greater because I accept sadness as a normal thing despite trying to reject it. >t. radical romantic. >>6750 Nightworking since 4 years now. I work outside and I like it. I do my best to keep some daylight routine when not at work because sun is important for mental and physical balance.
Back again for a little r&r before sleep
Hey, hi latefrens !
(34.60 KB 700x366 cute700.jpg)
>>6765 Hello, to you too, latefren. How is your night? Comfy, right?
>>6773 >Comfy Yeah pretty.
late night comfy vibes checking in
>>1000 im here
(2.15 MB 540x540 1544215551368.gif)
I may be here.
I dreamt an irish bus driver kept incorrectly correcting my pronunciation of regular English words. Woke and thought "yeah, that's pretty much how it is."
(2.68 MB 2000x995 DanWitz_DogDiptych.jpg)
I'm here, obviously.
(31.69 KB 500x500 retireahuman.gif)
/early/ today. 2 AM is peak wakeup time.
>>6906 I just lurk because I find the users insufferable.
>>6894 What an eerily uncanny picture.
>>6906 >wanting to post on kiwifarms
>>6964 Go with your family. You never how long you've got left with relatives and you'll always wish you'd spent more time with them when it's too late. Your cats will be there when you get back.
>>6972 If you live with them and you really don't want to go I don't see the harm in not going - if you have to work or study in that time. Elsewise, then I'd go.
(1.46 MB 1280x720 Night_Shift.mp4)
I'm here to kick ass and scream into the void. And I'm all out of ass.
(69.31 KB 400x363 1535887575632.jpg)
>>1000 that feel when no pussy to eat
>>6964 Just go with family and bring something to entertain yourself. Camping trips with family for me involved Game Boy/DS, poker cards, and if I was lucky a laptop. If you really don't wanna go just hang at home and do nothing for 12 days.
hi pals :}
>>7019 hi :D
(106.35 KB 1074x1342 chillburger.jpg)
>>6964 Wandering the beach in the rain is pretty comfy.
its funny, i used to be so smug in my dismissal of misanthropes and now i am one. probably some type of coping mechanism, somewhere to direct negative feelings without an outlet. Maybe the NHK would be a better choice, but I don't think its something one can choose. Honestly, I cant stand people these days. I don't feel like myself around them, when I'm alone its almost like being a pure ego - if I want to be someone different I simply can be. No need to keep up consistency with past behaviors or thinking patterns. Consequently, every action I take can be backed by my entire will. Seeing myself reflected in the gaze of others, I am objectified and my will is lost. All that remains is habitual social interaction. Maybe misanthropy is more than just a coping mechanism.
>>6520 that's sick. are the pictures and paintings going to be your own? i've been thinking about making one too but I always get scared that my stuff will get ripped off
>>7051 Thanks for sharing. Forums definitely have their place. I'll file that next to Agora Road's Macintosh Cafe and lewd.sx.
>>7051 >i don't find forums as engaging as imageboards I generally feel the same way, but years ago I browsed some small forums that had good communities. Sadly they shutdown over time. It's almost impossible to find good forums anymore as they usually shut down, move to reddit, or move to discord. >>7022 Walking in the rain in general is pretty comfy, especially the fresh smell after it dies down and everything is wet and green.
>>7022 >me >summer vacation >hot weather >on the beach >big thunderstorm with heavy rain appears >all normies run away >me alone on the beach >go full naked >swim in the angry ocean with free benis >the feeling of the rain on my naked body Were very good feels.
(407.11 KB 1569x1489 coins.jpg)
>>7061 UwU wuts this snibety-snab hehe XD
When no one delivers past midnight in this city.
What is your learned ultimate truth about life? whether schizo or autistic.
>>7118 The universe is a cellular automaton. Just a set of simple rules playing itself out in fantastically complex ways.
>>7118 >>7124 we can make any kind of unprovable metaphysics (including cellular automata or a more garden variety atomism), but cannot live without one. Metaphysics is the only universal, and meta-metaphysics is the only true metaphysics.
>>7086 WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT BIGFOOT? >>7118 Existence is an endless sandbox game with no limitations, but we have to finish the annoying tutorial mode we're currently playing through to move on to the meat of the game.
(166.79 KB 1080x1920 IMG_20211204_233133.jpg)
Just passing by. Hope everything is fine /late/. Take care of you. It's comfy to go through the night! Take this birb
>>7118 Life is just a big Sims game for some apathetic higher being watching this shit unfold.
Life good.
Forgive me /late/ for shitting up this place. But I think I need to vent and I am left with no one to talk to about this without being extremely uncomfortable. I feel I have nothing to live for. Absolutely nothing. I don't even know where to start about this. I have a family which I despise. I see nothing good in them. They are cowards, lazy, dumb, hysteric, liars. I seriously can't name one good quality about them. Yet I have to see them every fucking day and it drives me nuts. I have to deal with their issues, even if the only reason these issues exist is because they can't look further than their nose. I don't even believe they care about anything. Sure, I can imagine them crying if something bad happened, but to me they seem closer to machines than people. They seem to cry because it would hurt their ego that they aren't a perfect parent, or that they might be stupid, or whatever. Not because they actually care about the issue at hand. Further then I have these classes at the circus that calls itself school. I need to work with people, but sadly. No one besides me gives a fuck about the work and they leech off me in hopes that I'll finish it. They don't actually even know how to do anything because they never paid attention. Which alright, fine. Fuck it, I can do the work. But I did that once and then I got complaints that I shouldn't do all the work and let others do it too. I fucking can't. I'm forced in this fucking circus where I have to pretend to work for hours, but can't actually work too fast anyway. I can't even do things I enjoy cause I'm monitored and have to work. So I essentially spend my days staring at walls pretending to do something else just to go home to an other circus. Part of me wishes I just had some good time in my life. But I don't know what good happened in my life. I spend my childhood and teens just keeping myself together from mental issues. Now I spend my early adulthood dealing with stress from complete bullshit. I literally don't have anything in me left besides anger. I have no people I trust, I have no escape from this situation. I can't do things I actually enjoy. I kinda miss the times when I felt something too. Even if it was sadness or shame. Nowdays I just feel nothing. Sometimes a laughter passes through. Sometimes a bit of hapiness, but the only thing that stays is the feeling of irritation and anger. What do I even have left? I feel every day I'm more and more becoming someone with nothing to lose. And I don't mean this as I want to commit some act of violence, but part of me wants to say fuck it. Just hop on a train and see where it will go. Just walk forward into the wild. It's not like I have anything to life for. I might as well just go some direction and see what I'll come across. I just haven't been pushed so much to the edge as to literally disappear.
>>7146 All extremely relatable, and I'm sorry you're having a bad time, anon. I'm 37 and grappling with a lot of the same shit. In fact, I wish I could go back 20 years and explain some things to myself. The NPC meme is real, as is Nietzsche's "last man". We do not live in a society. Don't forget, though, that resentment is itself a kind of cowardice; one which the weak feel toward the strong. That probably sounds absurd as there's nothing "strong" about these people or the terrible ways in which they choose to live. But their strength comes from inertia (having benefited from easier economic conditions) and numeric superiority, as there will always be more dimwits ready to beg for a handout than creative, productive people able to refuse their demands. In other words, don't worry about the drooling jackovasaurs around you; just focus on becoming a man of means— for escape, if nothing else. I could have fared much better if I knew the real terms of the "social contract", and how the game is to be played. I could have grown out of my slackerdom much more quickly in the knowledge that the future was going to be a parody of dystopian sci-fi. >What do I even have left? I feel every day I'm more and more becoming someone with nothing to lose. And I don't mean this as I want to commit some act of violence, but part of me wants to say fuck it. Just hop on a train and see where it will go. Just walk forward into the wild. I often imagine the joy I'll feel in the silence and solitude of some place far from civilization, just doing the things I usually do, in a building that wasn't constructed from the cheapest possible materials, by the ugliest and most half-assed of plans, without the interminable noise of construction as walmarts and highways metastasize around me. I used to imagine having a circle of friends and found meaning in that possibility, but the people around me are nothing but a drain and a menace and have made a renunciant of me. For awhile, I didn't see much point in living just to renounce the world and work remotely by satellite internet, but more and more it seems good in and of itself. People have allowed their habit of media consumption (and the concomitant outsourcing of their thinking to "experts") to turn themselves into paint-licking retards. The really direct, concrete warnings started, as far as I can remember, in the early 2000s: that the internet was changing how news media is consumed, making journalism a race to the bottom instead of the oligopoly it had been until then. Now it seems we're at the bottom, and that the only way out is for the character of the mass-man to drastically improve. WEW. Anon, I hope you're on the hunt for the best-paying job you can find in whatever your field is, and that your prospective employers know that in a field overrun with slack-jawed assholes, you're the one who actually gets shit done. We're gonna make it, lol.
>>7146 >but part of me wants to say fuck it. Just hop on a train and see where it will go. Thats what our ancestors have been doing since the dawn of time but there is now nowhere left to retreat in to the unknown. Humanity is so alien and far gone, enjoy what you can while you can and find a decent job to fund it. I've turned my anger into indifference and just watch it all burn as an observer. They all deserve nothing.
(198.54 KB 1200x1200 there is no escape.jpg)
>>7152 >there is now nowhere left
>>7152 Really shouldn't come as a surprise, eh? Land isn't free, though in the Yukon it's probably as easy as it gets (if you're not a braindead youtuber, at least.) If you really want the nanny state landlord off your back, buy a ship instead and live out your grandest Captain Nemo/Ahab fantasies at sea. Though I don't know much about that.
Meant to direct that to >>7159
>>7163 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Principality_of_Sealand >Land isn't free I agree with you. It would piss me off if there was not as many people roaming the earth right now. Imagine any fucking normie deciding to go in the wild and "claim" lands. That's why I am grateful to nanny State to regulate this. The nature cannot be alenated by anyone and as long as people are too dumb we need a superior governance to make choices. Ideally I would prefer no State for sure and be free to go where I want to build my "dream cabin". And state ownership is not the perfect solution as they can be corrupted to sell lands concession to private industries as many destructive to the nature than one anon chosing to live in the forest.
Finished another father's day with family I barely care about, but at least I only see them at holidays. >>7159 There goes my plans to live in the woods off the grid. Or is that still doable if you're not a retarded normalfag who records himself breaking trespassing laws?
I'm 17 in high school, still haven't had a job ever yet. I have anxiety about it, and it's somewhat debilitating. I don't want to do fast food, yet considering working at a pizza place in the meantime. How do you guys cope with this?
>>7263 I drink, you'll learn that everyone gets anywhere by connecting with others. That is all that matters. My first day of work was fastfood and I was thrown into a lunch rush with no training my first day. Everyone was mad.
>>7253 >There goes my plans to live in the woods off the grid. That's right, communist gangster police will BEAT YOU BLOODY and haul you away to FEDERAL INSANITY PRISON!
(1.12 MB 1881x796 night1.png)
Just turned 28. The older I get the more I seem to give up on things. I feel old before my time, like I'm aging twice as fast mentally as I am physically. In my head, I'm already in the mental retirement home just idling and waiting for things to end. The inertia of life just builds and builds and it's gotten too big to fight anymore.
Turning 28 in a few months. Recently read through the Easypeasy Method, and managed to deal with my porn addiction. Nowadays I only do it when I feel like it + cost/benefit analysis, instead of it being a daily routine. Looking back, porn addiction had set me back in life. It's truly the most dangerous weapon (((they)))'ve made, second only to the usurious financial/banking system. Glad I got my life back. Currently attempting to make my own manga, so I've been lurking around /loomis/ a lot. I'll probably be posting something over there as soon as I'm done with this semester.
(98.19 KB 640x641 big_dog_hed.jpeg)
Hi there. Hope you're good anon.
>>7298 > It's truly the most dangerous weapon (((they)))'ve made Oh FFS, "the juice" don't care whether you enjoy erotica or not, and occasional consumption doesn't actually hurt you unless you're watching some really fucked up shit. You should probably stop listening to Jordan Peterson and friends, they're really not doing you any favours.
>>7328 The juice are too busy staging wars and psyops to care about you fapping like once a week.
>>7330 chill out
(23.11 KB 326x326 05950209-3069328204.jpg)
>>7328 Porn addiction is actually an issue, and too much porn can lead to greater dependence on more hardcore porn or weirder fetishes while also turning off against "normal" or more softcore porn. Jerking off too much also can affect libido. I've seen juice blamed for promoting weird porn as well as censoring it, so idk what the fuck to make of it. You are right though that occasional consumption isn't a problem.
I feel less suicidal now, and I'm planning to go back to therapy. Maybe things are getting better. Goodnight, /late/.
(8.32 MB 480x360 Time & Tide.mp4)
>>7351 Nice anon. Don't let the depression overcome your life. Sadness is comfy but don't let it be the sole purpose of your existence. Keep it up my friend. t. an old suicidal guy who learned how to deal with it and moved on.
(69.24 KB 1104x621 hug.jpg)
>>7352 Appreciate you!
(187.19 KB 1600x1200 when the codeine kicks in.jpg)
(627.11 KB 1920x1080 She is right in front of me.png)
I will not be on the internets a lot these days. Just to wish you the best. Stay safe /late/ and see ya soon.
(370.33 KB 1202x720 miyaichi.jpg)
I LOVE MIYAICHI-SAN! >>7380 Best of luck to you, friend.
How are you enjoying summer?
>>7396 Just trying to rediscover joy and meaning in the ruins of civilization. The usual.
>>7396 >>7411 I'm just wageslaving for the summer to pretend I still feel any sense of purpose in life and distract myself from my crippling depression, gradual lessening of enjoyment in my old hobbies, and lack of friends to talk to in person.
>>7150 >The NPC meme is real, as is Nietzsche's "last man". Yeah, I feel that too. I even get the sense that we not only don't even expect any great man to come alive, we outright try to make sure it doesn't happen. If I told something like "all the best music has been made", a huge chunk of people would agree with this. It's even plain obvious in general how less we really expect if you see what people's expectations were in the past of the future. People used to talk about teraforming planets and traveling the galaxy. Nowdays poeple think slapping a second camera on a phone as some great advancement of humanity. Then outright being great is discouraged too. Every idea one has that is slightly apart from the "norm" will be attacked. I all my life even heard the phrase that "ideas don't matter, it's all about execution", which reminds me of a line, propably falsly, attributed to Henry Ford. “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses”. We really became a society of faster horses. Where nothing great can take place. Only small tiny adjustments that barely are noticable and lead to dead ends. There's even this not-so subtle bureauracy of egalitarianism in place, something ironic in times with such economic inequality as now, which seems to make poeple equal in their dullness. I even heard that nothing really was ever that great or original, which reminds me a lot of how people with trauma talk. Something good might happen to them, but they locked themselves up from risk of something good. So they start dreaming up some ad-hoc explanation how it really isn't that good, or how they don't deserve it, or whatever. We really have this kind of trauma on societal scale. Saying that though, it's not like i'm some demigod or anything. I haven't done anything yet in my life to shove what I said down anyone's throat. But at least I try. I know many people who's life starts and ends in consuming products. I don't think they are exactly terrible people, but I never want to be like them. >I didn't see much point in living just to renounce the world and work remotely by satellite internet, but more and more it seems good in and of itself. I mean, it might work, but I feel it's lacking to me. It's fine to relax, but It's not a way I would want to live forever. I want something more out of life. How exactly to get that I don't know. I hope to find out. >We're gonna make it, lol. I hope we will somehow
I'm posting... Part of me wishes that this place wasn't so empty but, another part of me likes the emptiness
>>7146 I suggest taking the initiative and going out to see what happens. I was exactly where you are now in my early adulthood. I hated everything; constantly angry. Just wanting to run away and never return. I was finally able to parlay that feeling by simply feeling nothing. I was never able to get over my fears of failure so I never took that plunge. I don't know about you, but I'm a coward at heart. That's my central issue. Instead of attempting to improve myself all these years I always gave myself an excuse to fail over and over again. I'd like to think I'm better now, but I always do. If you're feeling disillusioned, and you have an idea that makes you more happy. DO IT. DON'T put it off. Go out and live your life anon. Don't be someone like me, who stagnated and waited too long and now can't even care enough to try.
>>7424 Story of my life. I love and hate being alone simultaneously. It's hard to explain without experiencing it yourself.
>>7426 Call out to the void and it'll answer back eventually.
>>7463 That's what I'm afraid of, yet I embrace it.
(3.72 MB 480x640 ffeefhasf.gif)
I have to say /late/, today is a very comfy night. I'm snacking musli with milk, listening to great music and shitposting online. In a day I'll be taking a trip to Grandma.
Finally bothered doing laundry after weeks of putting it off. I hate going to the laundromat, but I love getting into clean sheets at night.
>>7425 >I was never able to get over my fears of failure so I never took that plunge. I don't know about you, but I'm a coward at heart. I was one too. So I understand. But as time went on and I feel things just don't matter as much, I no longer really am that afraid. I mean, really. Outside of dying or some extreme pain I don't know what makes me flinch anymore. I genuinely feel stripped of most feelings. I'm just irritated with life. That's consistent. Some people get rewards and punishment to motivate them through their life. But everything I wanted to do in life has been denied from me. I asked my parents when I was young if they could help or provide me means for hobbies I had, and none of that was answered. I think I had been denied passing a year through my school years like 3 or 4 times. For most bullshit reasons too. Ever since I was 9 or so I had bad anxiety attacks which made me feel like I was choking or had sharp pains in my chest. As I had no one to trust for various reasons, I went through them essentially alone. My life has always been pretty bad, and all I really got on top of it was dealing with bullshit. I never had any choice. I was stomped by things outside of my control and the only thing I got from it is the ability to pick myself up from essentially anything, dedication and discipline. Which would be fine if I was older, but I'm in my early 20s. I live outside of time and space. I don't have youth in me, I'm not really mature either. Everything is clear to me, yet alien at the same time. I guess there are few things I want to do. Some hard, some a bit easier. I'll try them. But it's a bit weird to me. Why did my life need to by defined by pain with a glimmer of hope here and there? Maybe something will come out of that hope one day. >Instead of attempting to improve myself all these years I always gave myself an excuse to fail over and over again. I'd like to think I'm better now, but I always do. Why do you think you make the excuse? You implied fear, but what exactly are you afraid of? I don't think it's too late. Let's be honest, you can say that at every age. Shouldn't stop you from doing what you want. apparantly Julius Ceasar has said at the age of 30, "I have not just cause to weep, when I consider that Alexander (the great) at my age had conquered so many nations, and I have all this time done nothing that is memorable?". Few years later after he said that his name was set in hisory. Maybe it's a silly excuse since I don't think Ceasar should be a role model for people, but you get my point. >If you're feeling disillusioned, and you have an idea that makes you more happy. DO IT. DON'T put it off. Go out and live your life anon. Don't be someone like me, who stagnated and waited too long and now can't even care enough to try. I've been thinking about this too. To just let go. But it's a certain death sentence I think. I have nothing to support myself with besides my family, and living my life the way I want would mean going against them. I think either way I have to save up for at least few years if I want to survive somehow on my own. Which really makes the point of going my own way moot. I'm just so tired of waiting. I'll try to do things in my control now and see how it goes
All I fantasize about anymore is owning a starter home and some land away from the suburbs. I don't care if my job has less statusmaxxing opportunities. I want to sit on its porch at dusk with my soda and listen to quiet nature after watching my animes.
>>1000 Heeey what's up anons. Love you all.
>>7479 I'm working toward this right now. I work very long hours in poor conditions, with the hope of someday being able to afford land.
(202.84 KB 1280x960 photo_2022-07-18_22-02-07.jpg)
drinking a mai tai in celebration of finally getting my shit together for school. i started an accelerated calc class and had a low C for a bit that went down to a D when i failed a test right before midterms. i re-took it and studied for a few days straight and got a 90% on the midterm. adderall helps a lot ^^; feeling very relaxed and accomplished right now. things have been really hard for a while and they're finally getting better. i've done more since last august than i have in the three years before that, i think. i'm starting to go over all the big things that have happened to me in the last decade and it all feels new... i've been very overmedicated since high school and titrated off everything over quarantine. buncha SSRIs, a SARI for sleep, clonazepam for a few reasons, and some others all at pretty high doses. since then i've realized that i *do* need medication, but now it's very minimal and the entire process has made me a new person, at least internally. i absolutely cannot describe the wealth of emotions and sense of presence that i've developed since then. i knew i didn't need all that medication, but i didn't know it was *that* bad for me. it's good to feel human for once. it's very pretty where i live right now. the awful part of the summer is over, now i get to experience the dramatic beauty of arizona monsoons for the first time, despite growing up here. my interest in hobbies is coming back, too. >>7473 that sounds good, think i'll clean my sheets tomorrow. i have a few sets and like to change em out every week or so but it has been a bit. school and work have kept me really busy. this place is nice. i'm looking forward to checking in.
(907.30 KB 268x476 ruveg.mp4)
What is up my friends, first time here in a while. Good to see that not much has changed. /late/ is a good frame of reference
>>7421 >I even heard that nothing really was ever that great or original, which reminds me a lot of how people with trauma talk. Something good might happen to them, but they locked themselves up from risk of something good. So they start dreaming up some ad-hoc explanation how it really isn't that good, or how they don't deserve it, or whatever. We really have this kind of trauma on societal scale. Not that anon you were replying to, and I don't necessarily agree with everything in your post, but I do think this is a profound observation, something I never thought about before. It explains a lot, honestly.
(20.79 KB 500x375 1636685789072.jpg)
lainanon here after... what the fuck, has it really been months?! well for anyone still sticking around, hope you're all doing well. glad to see this place is at least semi-active still; i'll try to be on more often.
also pilotredsun's playing on the /late/ radio station, extremely comfy taste.
>>1000 man im really tired of these cheese pizza bullshit
>>7510 oops forgot to delete the > line
>>7510 happens to all small imageboards, doesn't seem like anything can be done to stop it.
>>7510 Same. Those sick fucks try to ruin everything.
>>7517 are those really people behind those posts? i always just assumed they were bots just sent loose into the net.
>>7542 I imagine it's bots, but there would still be people behind the bots.
It's late and I'm on /late/.
Hope you're good.
>>7421 I've mostly come to terms with the "last man" stuff at this point. It's a black hole line of thought; you can't really square your expectations with how the average person thinks and acts. Dwelling on it becomes a self-negating activity, like how the archtypal internet incel endlessly fumes about externals. Ultimately he's been tricked into buying some subset of modernity's absurd notions about how life works rather than just discarding those assumptions and starting over. Lately I'm just trying to cultivate a feeling I remember from the early oughts. Things like "The Matrix" were relatively fresh in our imaginations and had a strong aesthetic appeal. Not the leather and sunglasses, but the idea that you and your clique are this sovereign, awakened elite in a sea of sleepers through whom the System has free rein to act. Through that lens, I saw how older people approached politics (which was less fraught with psychotics than it is now, but still intolerable) and understood that it was a trap for retards. It was already apparent that we were living in a Rat Utopia, but it still felt like life was full of possibility, and that the rules of the system were mutable given a sufficient application of willpower. That's the handle by which I want to take life, anyway.
(129.48 KB 1130x480 sasori.jpg)
Evening frens. Working on my annual Lain watching. Can't decide on whether to go dual monitor or just go solo big for the PC... not a gamer so I just need to make one or the other happen. I just discovered taquitos and I may never chimichanga again (takes too long to cool down after microwaving).
>>7558 dual. trust 🙏
>>7559 Roger that; appreciate it.
Can't sleep, first time in long as I've dropped bad habits such as imageboards and replaced them with strict daily discipline based on TODO list. Been like this for almost a year and managed to get promoted to senior dev so its cool, it turns out that its not even tiresome to do all productive stuff if you have a list and dont think what to do, just pick from the list. Strange to come back here, guess i got sick a bit. Also went on /agatha2/ again to check up on Sunny even though i shouldnt. I hope to find girl as cute some day but it will be hard;_;
Had a great run actually sleeping like a normal person for once. Went to bed around 11 pm. Wide awake by 2 AM. Watching the sun rise right now. This is going to be a long day. At least it's not hot.
>>7582 Wake up early in the morning and watching the day rising is comfy. I usually be awake at night cause night working but when I can I love to sleep early and enjoy the morning with a good coffe and some music.
>>1000 wanderlust here in for the whole evening :)
>>7589 I'm not getting up early enough to watch the sunrise but I don't get to enjoy late nights now as I have to go to sleep at latest at 11pm. This way feels much better for my intense 5+ days per week training but less /late/ comfy
I'm now on dayshift.
>>7622 >>7603 wait are you same anon? bro you're missing out on some quality, if sparse, conversation in the late.night late city! either way what do you do? i'm an east coast dweller selling loans on the west coast working off the interwebz. i gotta say that missing the sunrise in the morning is an absolute shame. guess it depends on when you get off work. hopefully we all can achieve a lifestyle where those limiting factors don't apply anymore
(71.06 KB 1200x1200 a0168267452_10.jpg)
hello. this is my first time posting here. this is what i'm listening to right now: https://youtu.be/pkSyBkk99VE
>>7640 Welcome anon. It's a nice place. Hope you'll enjoy the /late/.
>>7640 >>7641 >atmospheric / depressive black metal Listenning rapidly rn, not bad but some singing parts are weird (around 12'). Will give another try later at home.
>>7640 i'm checking it out now. what kinda stuff you getting into tonight while listening to this?
(88.21 KB 800x534 3amagain.jpg)
And most my fediverse friends won't be active for another five to six hours. Not to mention, Roku in the living room was acting up, which is why I'm onna PC in my bedroom right now -- not that I was finding much to watch there anyway since recommended videos on gulagjewb (which is what I watch out there in the living room) likes to keep a tight bubble of similar stuff.
>>7624 The best shift for many people, especially early morning.
>>7622 I should watch an hour(s)-long breakdown of the story of SEL so I can finally get why it's so popular. I watched and it was 2deep4me.
wanderlust checking in dog sitting day 3 going so well. i almost want to post this in /comf/ cuz i'm feeling rather cozy tonight. the big ol' dog "Bear" has fallen in love with me i think. he gets extra walks, some small strips of frozen pizza i'm sustaining off of away from home in lieu of cooking. he even crawls up on the couch with me to sleep its so sweet. went out on my harley this evening about 1am around an hour ago to get some beer and a few munchy foods. came back with a redbull and gas station burgers for tomorrow. baking a pizza now. hey guyz this dog is super adorable he's got half of his extra long tongue sticking out the side of his mouth because of some nerve defect. let me know if you'd like me to post a pic i will totally do so. he's cute. wow this thread is really getting some extra growth lately. are there caps on this imageboard like 4c? that's about the only other similar site i'm used to
(161.03 KB 758x1024 proud dog mom.jpeg)
>>7645 I listened some Rallizes while working on my board CSS, studying MxLinux. I may install it but I wait to get back my testing laptop I let at my parents home as I'm too lazy to install it on my everyday device, implying I have to move folders, save some shits and don't even be sure I want to use it everyday. >>7656 >post this in /comf/ I wasn't sure it was you but we talked together there. Was not really free last night to chat. I'm not a lot into chatting anyway but you seems to have good time dogsitting. Scratch that doggy for me and stay enjoyed.
yarr, watch vivarium it is a good horror movie