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(65.87 KB 539x371 1000get.jpg)
Post here every time you're on /late/ Anonymous 06/13/2020 (Sat) 09:23:24 No. 1000
aka the comfy bants thread.
I hope you all are doing well today. Lets survive!

Also, 1000 get!
Posting because I'm here.
Also, have a comfy movie:

It is true that I am on /late/... Yet it is not late.
What a strange dream.
(168.89 KB 237x234 waterfox_UEAkelBdBR.png)
I am not here
(194.21 KB 728x1092 ANA_SATSUJIN.jpg)
(59.89 KB 400x382 x.png)
reporting in.
it's very nearly /early/ but there's still no sunlight so we're not gonna count it.
(124.58 KB 811x280 BIRB.jpg)
(728.74 KB 483x483 1591382028234.gif)
>be me
(85.46 KB 624x187 sick.jpg)
Back again.
(71.78 KB 248x188 cscasc.png)
(1.49 MB 1563x879 benis.png)
wtf omg is that a cade???
(1.47 MB 1563x879 catte.png)
Of course not.
hehe nigga cade
I disagree
Hey moon, its just you and me tonight. Everyone else is asleep.
(1.31 KB 113x60 a small ball.png)
hello /late/.
Very nice ball
(268.89 KB 1080x1080 net.jpg)
(3.20 KB 236x129 aciu labai.png)
Thank you, friend
(499.10 KB 500x375 boingboingboing.gif)
(429.93 KB 1600x1200 EbCe414U4AA-MDE.jpeg)
going stir crazy
even as a shutin I like to go out every 3months to remember why I stay in
(14.01 KB 400x330 skel.jpg)
You're concerned about plague-larpers telling you to put on a mask or something?
(113.95 KB 1280x720 isabelle.jpg)
(64.32 KB 750x1000 EbKpz3aWoAcsUd6.jpg)
I wish i could stay in the /late/ forever.
(946.30 KB 1536x2048 Don'tworrysomuch.jpg)
(493.38 KB 500x281 97g6g7.gif)

> it's 2020

> still don't have the technology to link/connect our minds to the internets
(34.17 KB 640x480 staringincyberpunk.jpg)
Soon we'll be able to receive unsolicited government malware directly into our brains and the "NPC firmware update" meme will become literally real.
(297.66 KB 1865x1008 mpv-shot0278.jpg)
(358.07 KB 1865x1008 mpv-shot0279.jpg)
(321.69 KB 1865x1008 mpv-shot0283.jpg)
(261.20 KB 1865x1008 mpv-shot0284.jpg)
(303.60 KB 1865x1008 mpv-shot0314.jpg)
Sadly it'll probably close to ghost in the shell where all it's gonna be used for is political maneuvering, and normal people will still be in their slums living their lives. I'm sure doing so would probably be a very noisy endeavour, seeing how you can't go many places now during the daytime without it being very noisy and tiring.
(190.84 KB 581x590 robowaifu.png)
Im here.
(1.02 MB 5760x3240 1585258083767.jpg)
Party hard
I really do forget to come here, sorry lads
(36.57 KB 500x462 C74zdicXQAAhvD1.jpg)
its all getting in the way of real life
I was never scared for a second
what up mu nigs
hows yous all doin
(21.83 KB 240x240 yameiieye.jpg)
I see you
(17.93 KB 202x457 you.jpg)
I hear that. I went to a store last week, and I don't know how some of these retards expect to stay in business. You're not allowed to browse the shelves.

On the bright side, public transit is effectively free, since you can't pay normally anymore even if you wanted to.
(836.91 KB 500x375 434565432.gif)
>tfw have to go back to work tomorrow
>where does a week go
>heeeey moooooon

due to some mental workarounds i've actually felt rather invigorated lately. nothing about my life has changed from two months ago when i was so miserable i cried while i was driving home, but i think i've successfully put enough mental subroutines in place to have a more hardened and more positive outlook. going back to work is still benis but we'll see if the system works. i'm not miserable anymore. i feel invigorated.
(260.65 KB 513x376 benis.png)
>more hardened and more positive outlook.
That's good. It's hard to stay level these days. I was thinking this morning that I'm not getting anywhere trying to feel a particular way. I just have to acknowledge it, and perhaps let the pain pass through me like a cleansing fire. Just getting tired of feeling tired.

Also, that 502 gateway error wasn't the death knell of the site! Probably. Hooray!
(32.00 KB 286x288 yotsuba_drawer.png)
Hello? Yess?
This is the drawer goblin here!!
I’m new here what do I do?
(19.91 KB 270x334 13-2.jpg)
You already did. Now, do it again.
(30.48 KB 640x910 1545733727531.gif)
I fell asleep for a few hours without accomplishing anything today. I accidentally exited the game I was playing while asleep as well and lost all progress. Now I can't sleep, but I've been explicitly told I can't call off work this week. Ah well.

Just chillax.
Some guys backported Super Monkey Ball Deluxe to the Gamecube, so I've gotten back into the series recently. I still get fucked up from Exam-C.
Do I have to?
Man I remember this manga. Can't remember why I dropped it though.
(The hyenas were pretty cool at least).
I finished reading it recently, and the last two or three chapters vindicated it, though it dragged in some places. I realized only at the end that the author was employing some degree of visual symbolism, and that it was used throughout. I had only given it a literal reading, like it was written on the same level as all the braindead garbage I read.

I feel like I probably missed out on whatever he had to say about the various broad subjects he was really talking about: happiness, nihilism, and redemption.
Good evening.
same guy you replied to. a week later i'm still feeling strong. i've started making some positive changes almost on accident, things that i've failed at for years. meaningful positive change is a slow game, especially if you've been inundated by bad things your whole life. but with will, effort, faith, strength, all that kind of stuff, you will eventually see change and take joy in simple acts of improving. after years of grit and grovel it will almost seem effortless when it clicks. even small seemingly insignificant things you've overlooked could kick it off.

i believe in you bro.
Im in dire need for phisical contact, I will now procceed to slam my head agaist the wall.
Im also having trouble posting pics fuxxx
I forgot about this place! I'll be sure to come more frequently now that I've taken a different approach to life.
From /kind/ with love
Thanks, bro. I've been on the self-improvement grind for a few years now. It feels great when the ball starts rolling. Keeping the momentum is hard, especially this year with its parade of overwhelming absurdities that lead one to question what the future could possibly hold that's worth having.

As it happens, today reminded me that while the vicissitudes of life may make increasingly absurd demands, they have yet to demand more than I have. You can always surprise yourself as long as you never listen to despair-peddling faggots.
is it /late/ for you

or morning?
What is this, anon?
this place is comfy
Time to read my book and then call it for the day. I hope everyone's day was fine.
Is zchan dead pls tell me is not trueaaaaa wtf
They were talking about that on 8chan.moe. I think someone had a screencap of the admin declaring he was going to cut and run.

What a bitch, I heard he has many failed ib already but I wasn't expecting this.
What are you testing?
I dont actually post here everytime I stop by.
Me either. The sensible thing seems to be visiting less rather than posting more.

Rules are rules, you know.
i exist
despair-peddling and doom-parroting are some of the worst things you can pay attention to. mirth and goodness in your life will always do you better.

shameful display, flouting the law of the board. you shall be sentenced to seven exposures to full noon in the daywalker gulag.
>despair-peddling and doom-parroting are some of the worst things you can pay attention to.
Makes you wonder why some are so intent on spreading it everywhere.
I would post here more, but posting is always broken.
Well, now it works.
(32.00 KB 286x288 yotsuba_drawer.png)
Why can't I post gifs?
It's still giving me shit when I try to upload images. :|
We'll just have to wawit until the admin comes.
how many of you are living in a area where lights are at nearly every corner?

personally i feel that the area i'm in now (in fact, the whole country, save for the various nature reserves and destinated areas) is overlit.
so much so that i think the life of native species of birds are affected.

but can't help it, i guess. the lights are there so that anyone would "feel" safe, should they were outside late after midnight. though i would say this thought is pretty misguided, as even in broad daylight there will be people insane enough to attack random stranger.

also, thanks to the lights (and the pollution it contributed to the sky), most of us don't get to see the stars, unless we travel to specific places.
I went out at night recently, i enjoyed the way the lighting and darkness interacted. I'm not sure if your area has removed all dark spots but if they did that would make it a lot less comfy.
Does anyone know what happened to zchan?
Got ddos'd and the admin threw in the towel. It's not coming back, but one of the vols is supposedly setting up a new one. You should probably keep an eye on 8moe/v/ for updates.
I think you'd find that darker areas have more crime. Not limited to robbery, but more predominantly break and enters, vandalism, etc. It's just easier to do stuff you're not supposed to if you can't be filmed with conventional, non-FLIR cameras while you're doing it.

Both the crime and the light pollution are city problems. "Part and parcel" as they say.
10:50 AM, on a Tuesday (July 21st 2020) I came on last night, but realized I forgot to post in this thread.

I'm getting really sick of pessimistic, nihilistic, negative fiction. It's so overplayed.
It's only good times from now on.
I love everyone here, and I love this website.
To live forever.
There's something oddly comforting about coming to this board when you're having a shit day. Even if the only reason you're feeling like shit is because of your own weakness and helplessness. It's all my fault.
I like this board, but half the time it won't let me post images.
currently there's a problem with that since last week >>1180

hope it will be fixed
I have that game.. for the DS I think. I used to play it a bit when I was younger.

I also used to play something called Marble Blast Ultra on the Xbox 360. I kind of like ball rolling games.

anyway I haven't been on this site before. it seems alright
this, the easiest solution to both is don't live in a city. there's certainly an appeal to it, but personally i feel the negatives grossly outweigh the positives.

don't say that man. whatever happened, emotionally flagellating yourself will only make it worse. getting back up to keep moving, with the new conviction to not make the same mistakes, is always a better idea. no matter how many times you fall, you always get back up. you'll come out of it stronger.
I don't like having to scroll past two stickies everytime I come here. I think the MC server address should just be a header or something.
Is it really that bad? I can't tell since I always post from a computer.
I mostly use the desktop as well.
>having to scroll past two stickies everytime I come here
what do you mean?

browse this site in catalog view.
I shall eat the world!
Hey anons, hope you're doing alright.
hey, you too!
It's so quiet here. Too quiet.
I want image posting to be a thing again.
we all do, anon

we all do.
I was overcome by sickening emotion and screamed until my throat was raw. I may never speak again.
It only seems to bring me pain, anyways.
sorry to hear that, anon
What's the admin's email or contact information?
Hope you've overcome that emotion and feel better now.
could be this (from the front page):
Just found this place. This is my first post, I'll continue lurking for some time after this though.
enjoy your stay here
>imageposting is still broken
my bones hurttt
This sucks huh? 1 post per day now. Sad to see it die. I was banned, but i hear the discord is little better. Ah well. A little piece of old internet does withthis place, and so another nail snmbeds the imageboard coffin
This is the comfiest board.
I guess it's /late/ for many of you.

damn I hate the morning rustling and noises.
Contrary to your likes, I actually prefer the chirping in the morning.
What happened to image posting?
Hello. Not sure why I keep visiting /late/ when I'm a homeless /early/ bird. But I get out of bed when it's still dark so maybe that counts?
You're welcome here regardless. It's kinda slow at the current times, though.
Well /early/ doesn't exactly exist.
reporting for duty
What division are you in, soldier?
the chirpings are fine. any sounds from nature are fine.

it’s the man-made noises though..
that wonderful invention that makes lots of noise and moves some leaves around. a hand-held motorcycle with no wheels.
you can hear birds chirping, cats meowing at night and if you go near the river you can see people having goats/sheep.
Is anybody out there?
I'm here. Delivered and recieved.
It's gunna be one of those nights, guys.
Holding down the pillow fort.
>>1396 Does this have any relation to 8ch /late/? I've been searching for a while after it's death.
>>1410 Same team, independent website. late.city is the direct successor. Welcome back!
Edited last time by quilt on 09/01/2020 (Tue) 23:23:42.
(495.38 KB 848x1200 75383994_p0.png)
tfw can't walk the streets at night here without fearing for my life big cities really suck
(54.19 KB 716x670 1591610087771.jpg)
*duck noises*
mourning things that aren't gone yet
(1.46 MB 640x800 IMG_4848.MP4)
>>1416 Which country is that?
I just finished watching Welcome to the NHK.
>>1422 US. Partly overcautious, mostly a terrible neighborhood. >>1425 Been meaning to check that out, thanks for the reminder.
>>1413 I missed you all.
>>1416 I know the feel. I don't live in the US but hopefully I get to move away soon to somewhere where I can enjoy the nightlife.
Missed you lads
(1.09 MB 700x1080 pyihjxn57yx-.png)
I know it's an old game and is pretty much dead amongst older and veteran players. but sometimes I log in for nostalgia sake (T T)
(150.94 KB 690x987 photo_2020-09-01_18-10-36.jpg)
>>1430 I remember this from somewhere, wait is this animated version of that twitter guy or something?
(731.95 KB 1000x948 cover.jpg)
>>1444 I know the dead mmo feeling, anon. Not just a game, but a community faded away. Brothers and sisters disappearing to time. Hopefully you kept some outside the game. If not, don't worry too much, you're far from alone. That's my only personal regret: Not cherishing what could have been long-term, even lifelong relationships. o7
>>1446 Yeah I its from a youtube comment
Hi friends how are you doing? Did something happen to cafe? /comfy/ seems to be down
>>1458 god damn it one of the only comfy places on the net and its down(((((((( missed this place when it was out for a few how you guys been? my mind feels too clouded to study chemistry, which i desperately need to do
>be me >buy hamburger from store >they send me an extra one >forget about it, put it on my worktable >wake up today and find burger >eating burger for breakfast Hell yeah
(264.92 KB 1920x1080 2rt4wtw4.jpg)
>>1464 living the life!
(1.03 MB 1011x1400 20200828_025313.jpg)
Finally stood up up to my boss, he tried denying me a company transfer that he had no authority to have a say in. The coward won't even answer my calls or voice mail now. Pathetic.
Heya. It’s been a while since I’ve been here but I’m back
>>1474 Where had you been gone to? Was it enjoyable?
Late night here, listening to Wiley....
(73.24 KB 720x947 Berserk_37_011.jpg)
checking in, hope you all are doing alright. just cant seem to sleep tonight. ah well, just more hours spent up late eh?
1 post a day huh? that kinda sucks what are some other comfy communities? lainchan is cool.
>>1486 imageboard social wiki has a decent list of options. however the more it's known, the more the quality degrades. higher quality boards will always be a word-by-mouth sort of deal, I imagine. >>1481 doing well, could be better. need more night people in my life. be with me!
>>1495 >need more night people in my life. second that, all the night people in my country are drunks or junkies. definitevely agree with your first point, though. rather have a place thats nice and quiet.
>>1500 >all the night people in my country are drunks or junkies As someone who has been one and lived with both, I can tell you with certainty that they can be very interesting people to keep your company at night. So long as you never turn your back on them they can lead you on wonderous adventures.
(629.55 KB 2937x2203 203 birds.jpg)
Each post is of the utmost quality and sincerity. Mostly. You have a friend here. Naturally, I think, a smaller community will be more tight-knit. I value that greatly. Thank you, late nighters.
>>1513 KITTIES!!!!
(216.80 KB 800x515 Halloween_Greetings.jpg)
Did the site get new colors or am I going crazy?
(222.74 KB 1448x1024 1588822899504.jpg)
>>1515 no, I do noticed it too
>>1515 indeed they changed. i like it.
>>1518 Hm, it's back to normal again. Weird...
(87.75 KB 900x600 1584732252996.jpg)
>>1515 It never happened, and you can't prove it happened. Just go to sleep...
(10.80 KB 308x409 winter day.png)
(6.06 KB 241x169 3 am at night every night.png)
(2.40 KB 258x212 sleeping pills be like.png)
(8.10 KB 362x328 wish i were asleep.png)
(8.45 KB 273x255 reflection in suspension.png)
(18.69 KB 675x359 have a shitty day.png)
I remember frequenting here in the early spring and summer, and it was very quiet. Has anything important passed since then? Seems much more active now.
just spent about two hours removing a thorn from my foot. not very comfy. hope you lads are doing good. >>1528 eh, idk. certain boards have come and gone. i have been shilling this place to friends and around other boards those are some very comfy draws friend.
(22.29 KB 342x706 boötes.png)
(18.94 KB 510x349 peace.png)
(11.34 KB 459x349 arbuckle.png)
(7.76 KB 400x295 monk.png)
(15.26 KB 1039x504 this place.png)
(8.73 KB 578x232 guitar.PNG)
>>1533 >those are some very comfy draws friend. Thanks, I draw a lot in my free time. Listening to Van der Graaf Generator at 1:35 AM, things are pretty nice
>>1534 What is "this place" about? I'm curious.
The time has come! And so have I.
gonna try to spend another night up late, wish me luck late friends. what do you guys like to drink this late? some black tea for moi. >>1545 spooky, its not halloween yet anon >>1538 i dont know, but to me it looks like some sort of storage/docks area, outside of the city. strangely familiar...
My sleep schedule is flipped so I'm up usually at night and sleep in the daytime. Gotta say, being up at night is a lot more comfy than the day.
(4.07 KB 94x100 4479169.gif)
>>1547 Welcome to the dark side. We have cookies!
>>1548 It's been a long time since I've seen that bunny.
(163.19 KB 604x780 DzlIQhK.mp4)
it's raining over at where I'm at. really nice /late/ weather, for productivity or indoor entertainment, or just slothing around, taking things slow in spite of the world keep on shouting to keep up.
It's hot where I'm at and it'll stay hot until maybe December. It's even pretty warm at night. I just wanted to enjoy a cool autumn.
hello anon, this is my first time on late.city o/
(23.30 KB 410x412 planet.PNG)
(15.57 KB 687x545 inktober (day 1).png)
(16.92 KB 320x469 inktober (day 2).png)
(2.01 KB 120x120 legacy.png)
(3.20 KB 410x412 lego man.png)
(11.75 KB 408x446 in bed.png)
(21.00 KB 360x405 caving.png)
(9.75 KB 247x247 guy who sings about sheep.png)
Half past 10 PM, in bed, some water, just chillin >>1538 THE PLACE is simply where I was in a dream. It was a storage garage or whatever they're called, overviewing a city. The sky was red and there was dust flying around. The land was really flat.
>>1560 I really like "planet" and "in bed". Keep it up fellow /late/m8
(9.07 KB 391x211 burned out.png)
(3.17 KB 232x158 business as usual.png)
(21.00 KB 360x405 caving.png)
(46.50 KB 300x100 comfbanner 2.png)
>>1562 Thanks anon, I draw a lot of little things in MS Paint.
>>1566 Do you use a drawing tablet or mouse? If a mouse I’m really impressed. On another note, I’m sick and my internet went out. They won’t be out to fix it until tomorrow. It’s kind of comfy, actually. It’s oddly freeing not being able to use the internet on my computer and I finally had a purpose for my large mp3 collection lol. I spent most of the day yesterday playing vidya and listening to music.
>>1568 Oh, just a mouse. >On another note, I’m sick and my internet went out. They won’t be out to fix it until tomorrow. It’s kind of comfy, actually. I wish I could stand internet outages but it ends up just being constantly trying to see if the internet's still working.
One of the boards where I feel at home is back. I'm talking about lizchan.top. It's pretty nice to have a place where you're one of the regulars even though I don't have a website of my own.
no posts all day, RIP >>1570 hey, i remember that place! always great seeing a board lazarus its way back, lets hope it sees some activity >>1569 your art is actually really good, reminds me of my own style a lot. maybe i should try some /late/ themed draws.
I know of a supremely comfy oekaki site. If you guys keep drawing, I'll post it.
Hey, how is everyone doing? It's nice to see that /late/ didn't die will all the shit that's happened in the past while. Hope you guys are around for a while longer.
(17.93 KB 761x436 konbini gondola.png)
>>1573 Do share.
good /late/ (or afternoon, if you are around the same timezone as me)! seems like Among Us is gaining populance not so recently. not that i'm playing it but the rampant use of "sus" kinda... annoys me.
never posted on this boutique alt-chan before. Hello.


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