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(65.87 KB 539x371 1000get.jpg)
Post here every time you're on /late/ Anonymous 06/13/2020 (Sat) 09:23:24 No. 1000
aka the comfy bants thread.
I hope you all are doing well today. Lets survive!

Also, 1000 get!
Posting because I'm here.
Also, have a comfy movie:

It is true that I am on /late/... Yet it is not late.
What a strange dream.
(168.89 KB 237x234 waterfox_UEAkelBdBR.png)
I am not here
(194.21 KB 728x1092 ANA_SATSUJIN.jpg)
(59.89 KB 400x382 x.png)
reporting in.
it's very nearly /early/ but there's still no sunlight so we're not gonna count it.
(124.58 KB 811x280 BIRB.jpg)
(728.74 KB 483x483 1591382028234.gif)
>be me
(85.46 KB 624x187 sick.jpg)
Back again.
(71.78 KB 248x188 cscasc.png)
(1.49 MB 1563x879 benis.png)
wtf omg is that a cade???
(1.47 MB 1563x879 catte.png)
Of course not.
hehe nigga cade
I disagree
Hey moon, its just you and me tonight. Everyone else is asleep.
(1.31 KB 113x60 a small ball.png)
hello /late/.
Very nice ball
(268.89 KB 1080x1080 net.jpg)
(3.20 KB 236x129 aciu labai.png)
Thank you, friend
(499.10 KB 500x375 boingboingboing.gif)
(429.93 KB 1600x1200 EbCe414U4AA-MDE.jpeg)
going stir crazy
even as a shutin I like to go out every 3months to remember why I stay in
(14.01 KB 400x330 skel.jpg)
You're concerned about plague-larpers telling you to put on a mask or something?
(113.95 KB 1280x720 isabelle.jpg)
(64.32 KB 750x1000 EbKpz3aWoAcsUd6.jpg)
I wish i could stay in the /late/ forever.
(946.30 KB 1536x2048 Don'tworrysomuch.jpg)
(493.38 KB 500x281 97g6g7.gif)

> it's 2020

> still don't have the technology to link/connect our minds to the internets
(34.17 KB 640x480 staringincyberpunk.jpg)
Soon we'll be able to receive unsolicited government malware directly into our brains and the "NPC firmware update" meme will become literally real.
(297.66 KB 1865x1008 mpv-shot0278.jpg)
(358.07 KB 1865x1008 mpv-shot0279.jpg)
(321.69 KB 1865x1008 mpv-shot0283.jpg)
(261.20 KB 1865x1008 mpv-shot0284.jpg)
(303.60 KB 1865x1008 mpv-shot0314.jpg)
Sadly it'll probably close to ghost in the shell where all it's gonna be used for is political maneuvering, and normal people will still be in their slums living their lives. I'm sure doing so would probably be a very noisy endeavour, seeing how you can't go many places now during the daytime without it being very noisy and tiring.
(190.84 KB 581x590 robowaifu.png)
Im here.
(1.02 MB 5760x3240 1585258083767.jpg)
Party hard
I really do forget to come here, sorry lads


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