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(274.75 KB 656x742 darkshower.jpg)
Dark Showers Anonymous 07/06/2020 (Mon) 01:51:23 No. 1113
You should try taking a shower in the dark sometimes. It's very relaxing.
he speaks the truth
boutta go do one myself
truly? it sounds horrifying how does it differ from normal showers?
you don't see when you slip and fall
I'm always worried that something will decide to pay me a visit while dark showering and thus can't get comfy.
(862.11 KB 500x534 3ww33.gif)
I.. err...

took showers while laying flat on the ground sometimes

quite cathartic, honestly..
If someone comes for me while I'm in while I'm in the shower, they're also gonna come for MUH DIK if you know what I mean.
Fucking hell its because I'm actually autistic
I even got banned from Reddit I hate my ducking life

Other adults don't get called out for t
The darkness makes the water feel comfier.
So it's a sensory deprivation type of thing?
there's still the sense of the water hitting your skin from a height, and the splatters when it hits the floor..
nah.. not much of sensory deprivation
I do this, too, OP. It's one of those very small but very wonderful pleasures.


Yeah, a few times when I've been feeling really unbelievably down, I've lain down in the shower in the dark. And it didn't really make me feel better, but it did at least calm me down.


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