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On Board Creation Anonymous 10/16/2019 (Wed) 07:50:25 No. 151
Would you consider allowing a couple more boards for anons who lost their homes?
What boards?
I sure do miss /cyber/
(650.60 KB 1264x690 _server_-188-multi-style-board.png)
I made an experimental board before which had a /cyber/ thread on it, I got tired of running boards on poorly managed sites so I deleted them
I might run a board again if it be on a site like this but haven't decided anything
I made the board again on anon.cafe, this time it'll stay
Just letting you know in case anyone's interested
I miss the old toku board
Do you mean mecha and toku?
kys hik
(141.53 KB 857x1200 kamen rider 01 shf 2.jpg)
(214.91 KB 857x1200 kamen rider 01 shf 1.jpg)
I mean the old tokusatsu board, I forget what it was called though
I don't know why you're being toxic, I never outed you even now
I merely left
Call me retarded, but I can't even find the other boards.
>responds to a name
>I never even
>even now (ICYMI I'm the bigger man)
To think I posted on the board of a complete faggot.
You have brought shame to the webring with your weakness.
Kill yourself effective immediately.


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