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Dreams Anonymous 2020-10-15 (Thu) 05:46:19 No. 1581
First, I just wanted to say I love you all. I feel less and and less these days that are places on the internet I enjoy, but this place immediately feels like home to me. I hope everyone is doing well, staying safe etc. As for the main thread though, I've been /late/ for a fair amount of time now, has anyone else been having/avoiding bad dreams? I've started lucid dreaming, with no intention on my part, which has resulted in some very strange, some very scary dreams that result in me staying up to avoid them. Can anyone relate? Any tips? After writing this I realised there's already a thread about dreams. Apologies if this is seen as flooding, I just kinda wanted to make sure this place isn't entirely dead
i agree that theres a lot less places left for this sort of thing. just a comfy community, i guess ti doesnt attract as much attention as other things care to describe your dreams? i have been having strange dreams all year. probably to do with the bad vibes all year, something like that any sort of dairy tends to make me dream a lot more vivdly and for longer, so avoid them if you think its an issue. me? even though theyre kinda spooky i still enjoy it. i treat it as a sort of built-in horror game. free brain DLC, bro. i dont mind the board getting some more activity, tbh. place is kinda dead huh? hope youre well too anon.
I hope you're doing well and staying healthy too, anon. This place is special to me as well and I hope it continues to thrive in its own quiet way. I've definitely been having some weird dreams lately. In my whole life, I've never really had any "happy" dreams; just mainly uncomfortable, awkward, strange ones with a smattering of actual nightmares thrown in. But lately they seem to be getting a little more intense. For example, in the last one I remember, I fell asleep (in the dream) at my Dad's house where I used to live, and began to have a lucid dream within my dream where I walked up to the upstairs hallway and my deceased Grandpa was standing outside the bedroom when my Grandma died. I was shocked that to see him but in a way I was happy to that I got see his ghost and maybe ask him about the afterlife. I walked up to him almost to give him a hug but I realized quickly he couldn't speak and just stared at me, expressionless. I reached out and put my hands on his arms, but as I did that he started to fall forward on to me. As he did so, his face began to melt off and I fell backward trying to keep the bloody, exposed skull away from my face. I woke up gasping, (still in the dream), and left my Dad's house right away and wandered off to some abandoned mall where I went looking for books. Soon after that I actually woke up in real life. If I feel like avoiding dreams and just want a night without them, taking a cannabis edible before bed can help. I usually wake up feeling a little weird, but most of the time I wont dream anything and wont wake up intermittently.
I used to dream fairly regularly that I was in a big, polished shopping mall. It's a basically fun and exciting place; I run around, go up the elevators, notice the dusty, barely-inhabited expanses around the outer edges, and puzzle over the alien looking control panels that block off the administrative areas. I had one dream about a month ago where I was running around and appreciating the wacky architecture. Then I went outside, and there was a whole gang of thugs dressed in blue smoking and loitering. I nonetheless have to take the bus home, so I go 10 feet up the street into the shade of an overpass where I met an associate— a guy who looks like "beard" from Hotline Miami, and who also has the peculiarity of being the cashier in every store I visit. We exchange pleasantries until I notice a guy I knew from school lurking behind a concrete pillar. He's unkempt and overdressed for the weather. I call out to him and can't remember what we spoke about, but it became obvious he had become a paranoid schizophrenic. Something I said set him ranting and gesticulating and trying to calm him down just made him start doing taekwondo moves in the air, so I got the hell out of there back into the mall. The door opens to a long, empty corridor. I get through the entrance and the dude's right behind me. He hits me with a side kick and I go flying down the corridor and wake up. Last night I dreamt I was in a bigbox store just trying to get some groceries, and the dude's there stuffing merchandise into a filthy sack. He starts shouting (at no one in particular) something like "OH NO! That's too expensive! If I steal THAT, the store will go out of business!" He was really worried that he wasn't staying within whatever set of social policies that only he understands, and which he had established for himself. I've had a lot of dreams like that lately, where I'm trying to run errands but I can't navigate an endless labyrinth of rope-cordons, or because the bank has emptied my account "because covid" and no further explanation.
Most of my dreams tend to be downright comfy, or at least strange in a good, silly way. rarely do i have nightmares. Last night i think i had one of the worst nightmares in my life. Almost passed out when i woke up. i go to sleep, and when i awake(on the dream) i am standing up, looking down a set of stairs. I feel everything so vividly. i remember i am watching, waiting for something. I hear a creak behind me, turn around, and theres this thing. A HUGE deer skeleton/skinwalker/wendigo(?) thing is standing over me. Its antlers are so tall it reaches the roof of the cabin im in. Its face seems to stretch, coming to at least two meters. Its smiling at me. i try to draw my pistol, but the dream ends as i hear a loud crack. Maybe im not good at describing it, but it was the scariest nightmare ive ever had. >>1701 Weird, i also get the mall dreams. Doesnt look like any mall ive been to, my mall looks like the ones from the 80`s. I guess you running out of money in your dreams might be your economic worries from the real world manifesting in your dreams.
i don't remember my dreams anymore
>>3148 Same. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
>>3202 BAD!! Dreams are so beautiful and important!
>>3207 My dreams are usually pretty mundane. I rarely have nice ones anymore, and a decent amount are downright uncomfortable.
>>3207 Especially the dream where I beat the shit out of Justin Bieber in like 2012
>>3207 not the ones i dreamt
I just had a dream where an Asian spy who had an unrequited love for me was after me and my parents. I think she got shot, but I don't remember if I was responsible or someone else was. She had some strange data collection device with her that ended up getting destroyed. It was like a drone with a fax machine or printer inside it. >>1602 >I've never really had any "happy" dreams; just mainly uncomfortable, awkward, strange ones with a smattering of actual nightmares thrown in. Didn't see this post before. Mine tend to be that way too.
I can't grasp exactly how to trigger the dreams, but every night i try something that will do. At least 1 or 2 times a month i have dreams that feel as real as the real thing, if not more. Last dream i had was in a city with huge architecture. Like something Albert Speer would do. It felt more like a dystopic world, felt much like our current one but much colder, gray and a lingering oppresive vibe all around, like being observed. A world made by the wet dreams of a brutalist architect. I remember being in a school, being a teenager, maybe, and while in class i was at the next to last desk, besides the windows and i wasn't paying attention to the class. I was talking with someone, a girl. She was pale as chalk and her dark, long hair only accentuated those features even more. I remember she took my hand and i felt it, it made my heart skip, my skin desired it to be real. It felt like the first time you held hands with the person you loved. Like embracing someone for the first time. An experience that shakes your body and drive your senses into heights you never thought you would feel. The last thing i remember was she telling me "Don't you want to come home?" Sadly i woke up and i had that girl on my mind for the whole day. I've been trying to meet her again with no luck for the past couple of weeks. I hope i can see her again.
(125.53 KB 500x500 source (2).gif)
>>3550 I have girl like this in my dreams too. A method I found effective to have dreams is to not use electronics for an hour or 2, and to let my thoughts drift in bed, maybe with some music on.
>>3550 She's a succubus. They are nice and lovely creatures, and I hope you'll get along.
>>3556 >I have girl like this in my dreams too And what happens in those dreams, anon? Do you think she is an "idealization" of someone you know or knew? >>3596 I'd be ok with that
>>3619 As for your question, you can ask her to visit you again. You can just speak to her, she listens. I found the minutes between sleep and wakefulness are the best for communication. She would answer if, how and when she wants to, which may be days, months, or years later, never when you expect. Be patient. Never demand her anything. Always be polite. If she offers you something, anything, you can accept or refuse. Spirits respect our free will. Please share your further experiences. I would like to know more about her. I have met a very similar being many times, and I wonder if they are the same.
>>3619 My story with this girl in my dreams is somewhat strange. She was a girl I knew in my late high school years. I had a crush on her and we were in marching band in the pit section. I only stayed because of her. To me she was perfect, I always felt happy and alive talking and working together. Sadly, I had to move away. She's been in my dreams ever since I've known her even to this day. Her presence is very very rare in my dream adventures, and all she really does is accompany me where ever I go. Whether it be at a band event, a mall, a living room, or an abandoned warehouse. She'll sometimes make small talk with me, or ask me to follow her around. It's hard to remember exactly what we say to each other, but she always has a smile. The warm feelings I had with her back in the day always return when she's around. I don't know why she's still in my dreams. It's been years since I've moved away and I don't think or dwell on the past or on her, and yet she pops up from time to time. I suppose part of the reason is that she's still the only one who made me feel special in that sort of way.