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Describe "comfy" Anonymous 11/18/2020 (Wed) 06:39:49 No. 1708
what makes something comfy for you? if some alien came down and asked you what it meant, how would you describe it?
"Contentment. Joy in life." "Zen is not some special state, it is our normal condition, silent, peaceful, aware, without agitation."
To boil it down to one sentence, I'd say something comfy makes you feel secure against the future and your environment. For some people that's blankets and cocoa and free time to spend in front of a computer screen, because it contrasts with being cold, hungry, and having to do what some dickhead tells you to do. Melville wrote in the early parts of Moby-Dick that you can't be really comfortable unless there's some part of you that's uncomfortable. Comfiness can't just be sloth, or total segregation from the problems of normal life; it's the sensation of contrast. I think the older you get, the more you'll tend to get that feeling of security from music you liked when you were younger. It reminds you of the world you knew, and makes you feel like that world still exists in some sense.
(229.23 KB 500x579 1391522857.gif)
>>1716 >>1714 i like these definitions. i've heard the term so often i forgot the definition of it, but i feel it at times like this, sitting at my computer at midnight with all the time in the world. I've known what comfiness is when i feel it, but i could never really put it into words. when i wake up in the morning(or noon sometimes, thought i tend to avoid that), i feel the need to do something productive and get through whatever life flings my way. but right now, with soft music in my ear and the light of the monitor on my face, i don't have that need. it's like my burdens and worries just fall off, and im a kid reading books under my covers again. i can do anything i want at night; i could watch anime, i could post here and listen to latestation, i could go for a drive on the freeway. it's one of the few times where i feel true peace and freedom. i guess that's why comfiness means to me. i get to be me.
>>1729 This zen quote I found in a long-since lost invisionfree forum best sums up the concept of comfy. "Casting aside the splendor of nobility, a few twigs in the fireplace burning in the winter air. As we chattered like nitwits with our friends, in that moment, I felt content with the universe.
(2.04 MB 3692x2400 1521006365000.jpg)
i would say that 'comfy' can be applied to nearly anything (whether it be clothing, an image, a room, a color, a food, a sound, or even smells) as long as it brings you a sense of satisfaction without the assistance of any external actions/forces. if i have a particularly comfy hoodie, i feel comfortable just by wearing it, regardless of my surrounds or what i may be doing. if there's an image that i deem comfy, it's because just looking at it brings me a sense of contentment; and for however long i admire it, any external worries or stresses seemingly melt away. it really is an elusive term and i think that in itself brings a sense of /comf/ort, it's an incredibly subjective/personal term, and for that i love it.
>>1774 now that's a comfy image
(259.45 KB 800x1200 pata.jpg)
I would define comfy not as a positive experience, as it differs from person to person, some may find their local bar to be comfy while introverts would prefer their own home. I would say comfy is a lack pain, negative experiences, pressure from work or school... things we come here to experience.
>>1803 lack of pressure is a definite contributor to comfiness imo. i tend to feel most comfy at night after work, when i know i dont have anything i need to be up for in the morning.


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