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This is a pretty sweet internet spot Anonymous 11/19/2020 (Thu) 02:19:28 No. 1720
I dont know how the fuck I got here, but... I like it
(499.53 KB 500x333 1385922241.gif)
>>1720 just found this place myself last night its neat other people still find their way onto image boards
(39.90 KB 852x480 arino.jpg)
Feel free to stick around. It's pretty relaxed around here
Its comforting in some way, that much like ancient ruins of dead civilizations, people will continue to stumble upon this place even after it dies. Welcome, anon.
>>1742 unless the hosting stops
(3.59 MB 600x600 1600312940000.webm)
>>1747 until then, may we float adrift in the invisible sea for many years to come.
i literally just searched "best image board sites" and came here
i like the anonimity of image boards and this place is really sick and people are super inviting and chill :)
(3.61 MB 403x303 japanwave.gif)
I found this place through the webring earlier this year. It' one of the comfiest imageboards out there. anon.cafe/comfy is another good one.
>>1747 spin this shit up on AWS, access an economic loophole, infinite hosting
>>1720 Glad you’re also enjoying your stay. I always feel bad for failing to post enough given the state of the webring and things generally.
>>2067 >access an economic loophole What do you mean?
>>1749 Any sauce on the music for this webm anon? It's beautiful.
(365.74 KB 1830x854 EpQU6xmUcAIJRa-.jpg)
I just stumbled across this board today, and this reply is literally my first post on this entire board.
(506.49 KB 220x165 congratulations.gif)
>>2182 Congratulations.


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