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(152.06 KB 1050x700 stalker.jpg)
comfy mobie bread? Anonymous 11/20/2020 (Fri) 23:22:15 No. 1740
comfy mobie bread. you should watch stalker, its just great. there seems to be a lot of russian speakers here, but for those who dont, this version has pretty ok subtitles. https://youtu.be/TGRDYpCmMcM recommend other comfy mobies here. we should organize a movie viewing event, i went to /comfy/`s halloween night and it was very fun. maybe one for christmas? surely enough time to do it, and we seem to be picking up steam. hell, if we each invite a friend we could have a real party.
(22.53 KB 854x480 tiddies.jpg)
I saw Mortal Kombat (1995) recently. It has some nice painted backdrops and terrible '90s CG like you'd see in sci-fi TV series from around that time. It also has a lot of puppets and low-budget effects, and if they remind you of the TMNT movies, it's probably because both movies are the produce of New Line Cinema. Some of the fight choreography verges on being decent, but it's mostly "man in animatronic puppet-suit"-tier. There's a hilarious token black guy who exists to smile and nod approvingly at Johnny Cage, and then get his shit pushed in by Goro, to the horror of all the good guys, even the ones who presumably didn't even know the guy's name. comfy/10
(499.72 KB 500x250 laputa.gif)
i watched castle in the sky a little while back, such a comfy movie to watch early in the morning. >>1744 sounds nice, ill have to give it a look. loved those old tmnt movies. >>1740 how do movie viewing events usually go down? ive never really been to one.
>>1745 Castle in the Sky might be my favorite Miyazaki movie.
>>1748 it's the only ghibli movie ive seen and i love it. i know they all have a pretty comfy feel to them.
>>1750 Kiki's Delivery Service is probably my other favorite, although the only one I've seen that I didn't like is Princess Mononoke (which I first saw as a kid). I haven't seen The Castle of Cagliostro or Porco Rosso and don't care to see anything after Spirited Away though.
>>1757 >dont care to see anything after Spirited Away is it because it was so good, or does it go downhill after that?
>>1758 I think they'd start to feel more contemporary to me in an aesthetic sense, and that's just not something I'm into. I'm not really into movies made past the early 2000s. I do enjoy Spirited Away though.
>>1759 okay i see i plan to check them all out, if the newest ones hold up in aesthetic ill recommend them


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