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Planet /Late/ Anonymous 11/24/2020 (Tue) 05:37:02 No. 1772
Pluto is definitely a planet for /late/ (despite what the IAU says about what is considered a 'Plsnet')
(153.30 KB 1024x640 neptune.jpg)
>>1772 idk, i'd say neptune is more fitting that's just me, though
I feel like Neptune, Pluto, Or Uranus would all be great fits.
>>1784 yeah the colder planets further out really exude that solitary comfiness imo
I like Mercury. You're right next to the sun, so there's basically infinite solar power. It's hotter than hell on the surface except in the craters, where I guess it's near absolute zero because there's no sunlight and no atmosphere. You'd only need to convert a little of what the sun is dishing out to heat a dome city.
>>1786 >near absolute zero there's radiation man. even if you're not hit by direct sunlight, the radiation from the core will still slowly cook you. like the famous Cave of the Crystals here on earth - the heat was unbearable and there's set time limits for every group that goes into the cave and do whatever science findings. i think most cave would have some heat if there's no proper or designated airflow so you'll need to build buildings that also shield occupants while cooling the interior at the same time.
>>1772 It's a fictional planet, but Terachnos from RaC a crack in time would be pretty good for /late/. It's basically a planet where it's always night time.
(274.13 KB 1920x804 qeh35.jpg)
>>1814 talking about fictional planet, Vormir as depicted in Avengers:Infinity War (and Endgame) is also pretty nice as a /late/ planet.
(103.70 KB 1050x553 forge.jpg)
>>1842 yeah Vormir looks particularly comfy. the scenes where the water is so still you can see the stars in it was beautiful. the star forge in that movie also looks really nice.
>>1772 Kepler B.
space-habitat would be cool aswell
pluto-tards need to know their place, it's just a rock, sweetie. It was demoted from planethood for a reason.


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