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What do you do late in the night ? Anonymous 11/25/2020 (Wed) 22:25:47 No. 1796
What do you usually do when you stay up way beyond midnight or just do an all nighter?
>>1796 usually i play video games or go on youtube, sometimes i work but not much tho. Maybe i should spend these sleepless night doing something productive but then i'm afraid i won't be able to spend the upcoming day normally and not fall asleep at 6pm
>>1796 i wank my whilie
I'm always on the search for new music so usually when i don't have work or school the next day i deep dive into rym, youtube, and music imageboards trying to find good obscure stuff. Usually i don't find anything good tho :/
>>1987 >i wank my whilie noice >>1993 What genres of music do you like? The ones you listen to the most ?
>>1796 Usually I just do random shit on my PC >>1987 Epic coomer moment
just think about sleep, the future, and how i'm almost through high school with no career path in front of me or goals
reading is a classic but 3d modelling is new to me and pretty comfy it requires just enough effort to stay awake and take benfit from the focus you get at night time, but still chill enough to do while im laying down on my bed i guess it depends a lot on the program but tinkercad is enough for my tiny brain not doing anything serious on it, just sketching really >>2040 hey, at least youre free to choose anything right? well, not anything. dont think you can be an astronaut, but youre still young so you can teach yourself most of anything. im in kinda the same spot.... not sure what to do.
>>2058 i don't know, computers are cool, music is cool, editing videos are cool, so much is so fascinating, maybe one day ill figure it out
>What do you do late in the night? Everything I would do anytime except the things that would wake up my homies xD
>>2040 You know I'm in uni and I still don't have any real career path or goal in my mind so you should take it cool and look at what you like in life for answers.
>>2058 >3d modelling Good hobby! How did you learn 3d modelling? I'm using a blender tutorial on yt. I hope it's going well for you. I'm thinking on giving up learning it.
When I stay up late, it's to shitpost on imageboards and also >>1987
>>2144 yeah, its kind of easy to get burned out on tbh im using tinkercad so its easy, good enough to learn on and design most things i work a lot with wood and metal so im always getting ideas for new project, and i try to sketch them out i dont have as much of a problem getting thought into paper like i do with drawing
>>2149 Pretty cool that you work with wood and metal, I appreciate seeing works made from them, when they infrequently appear. Tinkercad sounds interesting, I'll have to take a look at it, maybe did wrong by jumping headfirst into a program Blender.
(2.12 MB 1111x1216 1454057290130.png)
usually i plan on doing something productive and instead end up surfing the web as late at night is the only time i find myself not completely braindead and following the traces all around to wherever, mostly just imageboards or obscure websites, but also reading wikipedia or other articles and webblogs while watching some videos or listening to music. for whatever reason my attentionspan is dead during the day, the night is rly where i feel most free and unburdened, maybe just because no one is around to bother me even by just being awake or because the day has this paralyzing pressure to be productive
Late has been my truth for 19 years. My parents never stoped me and now chest is on fire with weed and I get regular angina. every night for my whole life particularly the last five years I go to bed regretting that I stayed up. Why did I stay up Latr? because I was a dopamine addict and it's killing me.
>>2264 Sorry to hear that. I never thought late would be a hurtful vibe
(15.40 KB 549x299 D_KQ2wEVAAAIv2k.jpg)
Think about nothing, I feel like I must be doing something but all I can do is live in the moment. I wish the night can last forever because the world seems to pause for just a moment but then it starts back up again.
I like to stare off into the abyss and zone out. If I can't sleep anyways, it's the next best thing. It's actually really comfy and to some extent is mentally refreshing even though it isn't equivalent to sleep. 90% of the time when I'm up /late/ at night it's because I'm jacking off or I can't sleep and books aren't putting me to sleep.
>>2308 >the world seems to pause for just a moment but then it starts back up again I think that too sometimes, the world moves too fast, I can barely enjoy myself before being reminded of some other pressing matter.
>>1796 My college timetable allowed me to sleep during afternoon and evening. I would stay awake the whole night. I'll put on a movie on laptop, cook some noodles and have some bottles of cola. Sometimes I'll watch youtube videos. Then at 5am I'll make some coffee, take a shit and head for gym. Good times.
(44.43 KB 1108x720 despair apartment.jpg)
>>2308 i've felt more like this in the last year than ever before. i'm realizing as i grow older that i'm living in a dystopian era of history, and i want to do something about it like all the heroes of the past. i just feel so tiny and powerless in the midst of it, but i'm still driven by this feeling that there has to be something i can do and that i should be ashamed of myself if i find peace and enjoy myself while the world churns about me. i don't know, man, it sucks.
>>2018 Sorry for the late reply, classes came at me like a bitch a few days after I posted and I’m only finding time to come back here now. My absolute favourite artists are always changing, but usually I stay in two lanes with genres. If I’m aiming for upbringing hype shit that I can fuck with in the background I’ll always put on some form of hip-hop, be it cloud rap, boom-bap, gansta rap, trap, hardcore hip-hop, just anything that succeeds at creating a vibe. Not really the sorta music you’d associate with the /late/ feel, but I’ve always been exposed to hip-hop in my life and have gotten really used to it. On the other side of the spectrum, when I’m feeling like calming down or finding time to watch the world go around I put on some form of folk, like contemporary stuff, baroque folk, avant-folk, ambient, psychedelic folk, anything around these labels. Hbu anon? I’m always looking for new music, and listening to what other people like is always an interesting experience.
(360.47 KB 500x375 1608849879799.gif)
>>1796 Usually I just watch anime but I'm thinking about picking up anime video game after I recently completed Recettear.
>>2377 *another video game I'm fucking retarded lol
>>2317 you’re not the only one brother. reject marxism, try not to give your money to globalist plutocrats by supporting local businesses, dont use google, etc. hang tough man, we’ll get through this together.
>>2317 No matter how bad the world is, you're not going to help it by destroying yourself. Even in the trenches men found ways to blow off steam and relax. If you don't you will end up burning yourself up and going insane. You can't help any one if you end up drugged up by malicious shrinks. >>1796 I troll imageboards. It's fun to troll and people have forgotten that and take things too seriously. No one can take a joke any more and it makes them ripe for posting some conspiracy and see it taking off. Imageboards became popular because anons had fun trolling people, it needs to be brought back and spark some life into the old girl.
>>2565 Ok troll me anon
Nighttime is the best time to sit up and think about what to do with myself, and what I actually want out of life. For these sorts of nights, I listen to cyberpunk music for a certain dreamy feeling that engenders insights and changes of perspective. There's something about the aesthetic that just has that effect. https://youtu.be/6G9VWenxeXw When you watched The Matrix in 1999, there was meaning in the leather, because how you say something matters as much as what you say. Mere ideas are insubstantial and need the heft of sense-experience to make them real. I'm getting older and the fires of my hopes and frustrations are now just embers, but I still have the romantic notion of being up all night doing something in total freedom and single-minded concentration, until rosy-fingered dawn streaks across the sky. The idea of being awake and wide-eyed to experience such ephemera still grabs me by the heart. >>2565 Trolling is the sincerest revolt against mediocrity.
>>2590 No. :^)


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