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radio.late.city Anonymous 12/07/2020 (Mon) 22:05:44 No. 1923
Can't say I've posted here before, only that I use the radio and know this place is struggling with activity. Shoutout to the other 3 late friends last night on the radio.
>>1923 Hey Hi buddy, glad you enjoy the radio, I listen to it most days when I get back home or when I'm just alone in my room.
>>1924 Neat. I've been using the radio more lately. You'll see me around in the audience count.
(84.17 KB 450x600 noice.jpg)
>>1923 we've got 3 people tuned in rn let's goooo
Hell yeah! Now we got 5 people! Dang, I've never seen this many people listening before.
>>1933 this has to be a record. i wonder why we've got so many tonight, maybe the holiday season? idk
>>1935 My guess is that attention was brought to it.
>>1720 >>1923 just came here and i'll say it's pretty comfortable here might stick around
listening rn if anyone wanna join
>>2054 this song is pretty comfy hope youre doing good anon
>>2055 </3
this song would be a lot better if it were actually snowing outside instead of just being cold and rainy :/
I haven't tuned in in a while. Forgot how nice the music was here.
It only ever shows þe artist and title of þe first song, unless I go to þe URL in a new tab.
>>5092 It's been showing þe song title & artist pretty consistently since I posted þis, actually. Maybe too many tabs were open, idk


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