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/late/ jobs Anonymous 12/15/2020 (Tue) 07:40:32 No. 1977
As much as id like to live as a NEET and not have to work, i still need to make money. What are some /late/ tier jobs? Being a security guard isnt "nice", really, but its definitely /late/core, more so on the spooky and dangerous side. Train conductor seems pretty chill. plenty of time to shitpost and enjoy the late atmosphere. Medical field also springs to mind, not really comfy unless you like blood and guts. Taxi/uber/etc driver is peak /l8/ aesthetic, though it requires an active and tenacious mind. What are some other jobs that allow you to stay up late?
>>1977 Fireman probably, they have to deal with people all the time. Police too, but i'm not sure you'll really be interested in that. Maybe baker, but you don't really stay late it's more like you sleep and wake up at 4am actually. Hotel and Resort front desk clerk is also something that'll let you stay up late That's all the ideas i had in mind, I hope i helped.
(53.84 KB 600x400 itunert-1.jpg)
>>1977 cashier/staffs at 24 hours convinene stores (i.e. 7-11)
>>1977 Train conductor sounds like a really comfy job, but where the hell do you even find work like that?
>>1977 working retail is pretty comfy when it gets into the night hours. i work until 11 pretty often, and once it gets dark and people stop coming in as frequently the ambience of the store is really calming.
>>1994 apply online, i guess. that or find a railway company near you and apply in person. sounds comfy to me too, would be worth at least a look.
>>1994 depends where you live, but >>2014 has the right idea. generally you need to work your way up to conductor( shifting boxes around, doing sing work, etc) but it seems like a fine option >>2013>>1983 ive never worked retail, but the ambience of a almost empty store at 4am is just something else walking into a gas station some 100 km from the nearest town at night is just /late/ as fuck guess working there would also be equally late and hey, you can probably sneak in some funposting here on the board
>>1977 recently just applied to this computer store near me, they had jobs on indeed and if i get it i'll be so happy, jobs usually make me want to die so if i get this i might be happy for at least a little bit !! jobs still suck though fuck working i hate jobs and i want to kill my boss
>>1977 >Being a security guard isnt "nice", really, but its definitely /late/core, more so on the spooky and dangerous side. Chain smoking while staring at the orange glow of light posts illuminating the seemingly endless concrete lots at a ware house; This has been my nights for about a month and I love it. Some of the other guards and I see and hear things there too, I personally think it is a comfy spooky, especially with the cold weather and thick fog that comes in late at night. Time seems to crawl.
>>1977 I've always kind of wanted to work nights at an airport bar or restaurant. I like airports, and it's always so interesting watching people come and go, knowing that most of them are embarking on a major journey in their lives.
>>2065 Right there with you, anon. Something that's helped me a ton is shaving expenses to put a lot into savings. Now at any point I feel comfortable with telling my boss to fuck himself if I see fit, since I can live off my savings for more than enough time to find different work. Yeah it's still work, but at least I don't feel bound to something I very well understand I fucking hate.
(226.20 KB 1920x1200 1431182233991-0.jpg)
>>1977 Night stocker at a grocery store, cleaner for office buildings, etc., baker, factory or meat/fish processing plant, delivery truck loader/package sorter for UPS for Fedex, hotel front desk, hospital administration These arent glamourous jobs by any means, but they're all necessary and all need to be done overnight
(347.15 KB 1920x1080 1529811911136-3.jpg)
>Security Guard Outside of bars, predominantly black cities, and public events, security guard jobs are fairly tame other than the occasional drunk bitch. >Train conductor You actually need a bachelors degree to do that now. Also because of the railroad unions you'll have to do back-breaking labor for about ten years to maybe get promoted into it. >Medical field If you like working with people >Uber driver It's a side gig, not a full-time job. If you're gonna do that anyways, you should take advantage of the pandemic and work as a food delivery driver since you'd make more money and be exposed to fewer sick people. >What are some other jobs that allow you to stay up late? Overnight stockers are usually in high demand and make decent money. Same with overnight milk/sugar/beer processing facility employees and pallet stackers. Any kind of overnight or late shift factory work is usually pretty comfy and pays the bills. I know guys who work what's called "dispatch" for the truckers (basically the guy who gives directions, handles emergency situations, and does all the behind-the-scenes paperwork for truck drivers) and they say it's pretty good work and the pay is decent. If you work a commercial fishing vessel it's 18 hour "days" that start in the middle of the night usually for three months, then you get to collect unemployment for the other nine months out of the year, but it's backbreaking labor. Oil rigs tend to be one week on one week off or two weeks on two weeks off and have you swap every other hitch between morning tour (night shift) and day tour working 14 hours on 10 hours off during your tour. If you go into any of the technician jobs for the Navy you basically work through the night while at sea from what I've been told.
>>2013 I miss working late evening retail. If my current job didn't have me up at the crack ass of dawn, I'd probably pick up a late evening part-time shift as a side hustle.
A /late/ job might be nice, but I would never take one, simply because the city is too dangerous at night.


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