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Dream Thread Anonymous 10/27/2019 (Sun) 05:01:00 No. 204
What would /late/ be without talking about your dreams? Had a strange one this morning where I was stuck in a gothic cathedral that was actually a mall inside. There was a hidden space underground with comfy chairs and vidya. I can't really remember much else directly though.
Malls are great places when they're empty. There's a strange part in my local mall that's a bit hidden from view with shops long closed and lights that don't always work. It's still open because people can walk through it to get to the main part where all the activity is but no one stays there long.

It's been a while since I've remembered a dream clearly, but last time I dreamed of a girl. She was really nice and gentle to me, and me to her.
I woke up feeling a bit empty like the part of the mall I mentioned. Maybe it's a passing emptiness.
I dreamed that I was helping a friend move some trash into a bin. We then hung out in an alley and browsed some alleyway stalls. One had DVDs, and my parents were running a hat stand. My father was working on building a new desk and we helped him. Mom gave us a hat for free afterwards and we left after some more conversation.

Then I woke up. That friend I saw died two years ago from cancer and both my parents have been dead and gone for a long time.
(143.80 KB 572x303 confuss skeletal.jpg)
I got two in a single night, kind of surprising since I don't remember any.
>first dream
>girl I like, maybe I'd even go as far as to say I love irl is there
>go to talk to her
>she's giggling at me as I approach
>"geez anon you're disgusting"
>"anon, you're such a piece of shit I wish I had never talked to you"
>I'm legitimately distressed
>continues to insult me until the dream fades away into the next
I'm not really sure what to make of this one, besides it making me feel shitty. Thankfully, the second dream was much lighter on me.
>dream no. 2
>a video game, or maybe an RPG campaign is being explained to me
>player character(s?) travels from town to town solving problems
>each town is described in great depth with lots of different characters in every town
>there's a BBEG looming over the horizon
>eventually PC(s?) have to fight off the BBEG in a giant crystalline tower that reaches into space
>BBEG controls some sort of super weapon made up mostly of valves and tubular bells
>as he dies, BBEG forces PC(s?) to exterminate one (or was it all but one?) of the towns they visited.
Thanks for ideasguying for me, dream.
since I usually* don't remember any; I fucked that up.
(29.39 KB 789x109 Capture.PNG)
obligatory John 2:15-17 post
I was wearing a thick winter coat, a gas mask, and driving a weird machine that looked like an oversized landmower but instead of cutting grass it kept spraying some kind of chemical into the air that seemed to kill something dangerous in the air. Something like an invisible creature kept dying whenever it breathed the gas. The sun didnt move from its spot in the sky. I woke up sweating bullets.

... WWI is getting weirder and weirder in my head.
(238.56 KB 400x320 665.gif)
that's one freaky dream, are they uncomfortable to experience?
that must've been very comforting to experience, but very distressful when you woke up.

I don't get dreams often but when I was getting sober I'd have these very realistic dreams of getting high/drunk. I'd wake up that morning on the verge of tears because they were so real and I had thought I lost my sobriety date. Fuckin' trippy.
I dreamed I was commuting to work, but the train was completely empty. Minutes turned into hours as I zipped through the tunnel, and then I had to see what the hell was going on. Standing up, I tried to walk away through the endless corridors. Each one was slightly different - a bag here, a poster there, the handlebars were different - I kept walking 'forwards' for hours.
(1.96 MB 3276x2184 D34MeUMUcAAJfWN.jpeg)
does anyone have any good lucid dreaming info links?
I find myself often stopping in dreams and saying "this isnt right this is a dream" but then I either half wake up or cannot fully control the lucid state and it becomes surreal and falls apart to another dream
(48.53 KB 1651x1100 1569554277376.jpg)
Not even sure if I am capable of lucid dreaming. My sleep quality is really poor and I struggle to fall asleep often. I'd like to be able to though.
Keep trying, anon. It's worth it. Some suggestions:
>eat a handful of almonds before bed. It doesn't help you lucid dream, but it increases the vividness of your dreams and how well you remember them when you wake up
>put some very very quiet ambient music or some form of white noise on in the background
>do your reality checks all throughout the day, keep a dream journal by your bed, all that
>meditate before bed
>read about lucid dreaming. the more you think about it, the more likely it is that you'll experience it. This is especially true for beginners.
I couldn't sleep at 3 AM. Slowly I began to lose conciousness in short bursts ,The thing is, I wouldn't call it sleeping more like nodding off. I started to dream in these short bursts and it was the same dream over and over again with only minor changes. My dreams followed the same format that night, I woke up in the dream I went down stairs and either began to make oatmeal, coffee or talked to one of my family members. The only difference in some of the dreams was the length and activity I was doing. I dreamt like this for a while, waking up and checking the clock thinking about just giving up trying to sleep and just beggining the day instead.
Eventually I did, eventually I got up and went down stairs... it took me a while to figure if I was in a dream or not: maybe I still am.
It's not like this is re first time this has happened, for a while I would sleep on the bus ,while I was in school, or in class and dream about doing the rest of my day. I found myself slipping, I would read clocks not for the time but to make sure I wasn't dreaming. It's a strange feeling, a quiet and cold one.
(1.28 KB 74x74 walking along.png)
(1.04 KB 77x75 dream.png)
Here's a few dreams that I can list that I can remember. Most are pretty interesting but I forget them. I'd love to be able to lucidly dream, more than I can anyway.
Dream 1, when I was maybe 10 or so
>Inside classrom, classroom is empty
>Open door
>Dark stairwell suspended in a dark, cavernous place
>Go down staircase, has floors numbered from 1 to 99, then from a to j or even more
>When I reached j, I woke up
Dream 2, when I was around 15
>Most of the dream was a blur
>Teleported to my kitchen in the middle of the night; I can see the night out of my window
>Loud gunshots, and my dad screams bloody murder
>Wake up and stare at the wall before going back to sleep
This post was originally much longer but I decided to cut it down because most of the posts are only one recent dream. And one was a little too personal when I reread it.
Sweet dreams, friends.
I was reading the Buu Saga before bed.
>Bulma Brief's kitchen
>Goku finds a bag on a countertop with a picture of a dog on it
>"Huh... smells alright."
>starts shoveling handfuls of kibble into his mouth
>Krillin enters. "Uh... Goku?"
>Goku pays no mind, continues eating the kibble
>Bulma enters, is also shocked
Not sure how the scene would have ended other than "lol, Goku's an idiot!" sadtrombone.wav
I was at a house party. People were mingling, and I overheard this fat chick describe some kind of personal misfortune. Overwhelmed by sympathy and definitely not sensing easy prey, I walked up and gave her the thirstiest, sweatiest, most drunken proposition I can imagine. Something about going back to my place "but just for sleep, not sex XD" or some shit, and I was so alarmed by the words coming out of my mouth that I woke up.
(21.21 KB 380x377 1532779103492.jpg)
I was at a some kind of government/military building, I had a gun. My father was there for some reason too, seemed like we were guarding the leader of a country, I felt I had to shoot him, but it felt like somehow my father knew what I was going to do, and he'd rat me out. I woke up.
I'm off to bed, hopefully I have a not so weird dream, maybe something pleasant.
(270.34 KB 746x650 191126210843.png)
Recently I've dreaming a lot about going to college again and having casual fun with my former classmates. I dropped out from two schools, and remembering my ex-classmates and friends (that I haven't seen since I left) fills a strange void in me with a sorrow.

I also had a couple of movie-like dreams (they were like watching a movie because I wasn't present in them). One of them was about how a group of teenagers spends their vacation in a cabin in the woods, while a separate group of kids decide to camp in another part of the forest. Anyway, the "plot" is that before everyone appeared, a girl mysteriously disappeared (in reality something kidnapped her), and both groups directly or indirectly find more about her disappearance until they find that the forest hides multiple portals to an alternate world full of fantasy creatures, creatures that have been kidnapping people in order to protect their forest. Sadly, I don't remember anything else of that dream.
Other movie-like dream was about how I, my family, Homer Simpson (wut) and Fat Tony (wat) were trapped in what appeared to be a mix of a mail center and a prison. I don't remember anything else, except that at some point guards found us trying to escape and were pointing at us with guns.
I dreamed that I went fishing and caught a feelsbadman frog while lounging at the docks.

Feels bad man.
(388.69 KB 2048x1536 EQAqGJZUcAEXOdq.jpg)
I normally remember my dreams but recently they have become frighteningly vivid
however they don't have any deep meaning
(92.32 KB 617x850 vf-22-battroid.gif)
I keep having dreams about being a mecha pilot. Most of the time just shoot generic bad guys, wondering what it means though.
(19.73 KB 450x450 theabyssgazesback.jpg)
Lots of "watching an awful sitcom" dreams.

The Drew Carey show was running in what would have to be its 25th season. Drew, now 62 years old, was in his kitchen showing off a 7 foot tall, arch-shaped device he described as both a nuclear reactor, and a cryptocurrency vault that was to reside at the bottom of the sea remotely powering his Internet of Things. He was hodling Lino.

The scene smash-cuts to five minutes after everyone leaves, and he's laying on the kitchen table with his lower half mostly out of the shot, but we can see the device straddling his pelvis and being bounced spasmodically by stagehands. Because of course it was also a nuclear fleshlight. The camera turns to Drew's face for a moment so we can soak in how fat, depressed, used-up and saggy he's become. A moment later we see the device is replaced by a cloris leachman: Drew's mother in law, who gives him a pep-talk. Drew, it turns out, married Christa Miller's character, who later died. It was absurd and disgusting with a few comedy beats, but there was no laugh track. Just Cloris Leachman straddling Drew Carey.
I dreamed about snow last night. The heat's starting to get to me. I don't know how anyone can enjoy summer.
I don’t remember most dreams but the only one I somewhat remember is me in one of those massive supermarkets just walking around talking to people I know.
is posting working again?
I don't usually remember my dreams for much longer than a few minutes after I wake up. I have had a couple of lucid dreams.

I don't remember the specifics of how it happened, but I realized that I was dreaming, and so I decided to fly. Below were two pine-covered mountains with a river flowing through the valley between them. Every so often was a non-pine tree whose leaves were either gold or red. I kept following the river, and eventually the mountains started to flatten out, but the trees continued. On the right side of the river in the trees, I saw a large black hole/whirlpool type thing in the ground that was sucking in the trees and ground. I flew over towards it, and it sucked me in and I woke up.

In my second lucid dream, I was in a large, long, ground level condo (I've had several other non-lucid dreams at this place). It was dark and cloudy outside, and there was some sort of creature outside. I closed all the blinds so it could get in, but somehow it got in through the entrance stares past the kitchen en at the far end. It looks like some kind of werewolf, with grey fur and many sharp teeth. I looked at it, and thought that such a thing couldn't really exists and realized that It was just a dream. It started rushing at me, so I woke myself up to get away from it.
This dream seems to have killed the part of my brain responsible for having dreams, but I did have one last night where I was playing squash with a hipster I know IRL, and we couldn't converse at all because of this incredibly loud Japanese woman nearby.

I had fallen asleep with my headphones on watching Okayu playing Super Mario RPG.
A short one. My eyes were bloodshot red and a bass wave noise crumbled my ears as a girl similar to the morimiya school shooting game appeared staring at me. She was smirking as far as I could see
interesting article

>Sleep in quarantine: is the lockdown affecting our dreams?



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