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Dream Thread Anonymous 10/27/2019 (Sun) 05:01:00 No. 204
What would /late/ be without talking about your dreams? Had a strange one this morning where I was stuck in a gothic cathedral that was actually a mall inside. There was a hidden space underground with comfy chairs and vidya. I can't really remember much else directly though.
Malls are great places when they're empty. There's a strange part in my local mall that's a bit hidden from view with shops long closed and lights that don't always work. It's still open because people can walk through it to get to the main part where all the activity is but no one stays there long.

It's been a while since I've remembered a dream clearly, but last time I dreamed of a girl. She was really nice and gentle to me, and me to her.
I woke up feeling a bit empty like the part of the mall I mentioned. Maybe it's a passing emptiness.
(143.80 KB 572x303 confuss skeletal.jpg)
I got two in a single night, kind of surprising since I don't remember any.
>first dream
>girl I like, maybe I'd even go as far as to say I love irl is there
>go to talk to her
>she's giggling at me as I approach
>"geez anon you're disgusting"
>"anon, you're such a piece of shit I wish I had never talked to you"
>I'm legitimately distressed
>continues to insult me until the dream fades away into the next
I'm not really sure what to make of this one, besides it making me feel shitty. Thankfully, the second dream was much lighter on me.
>dream no. 2
>a video game, or maybe an RPG campaign is being explained to me
>player character(s?) travels from town to town solving problems
>each town is described in great depth with lots of different characters in every town
>there's a BBEG looming over the horizon
>eventually PC(s?) have to fight off the BBEG in a giant crystalline tower that reaches into space
>BBEG controls some sort of super weapon made up mostly of valves and tubular bells
>as he dies, BBEG forces PC(s?) to exterminate one (or was it all but one?) of the towns they visited.
Thanks for ideasguying for me, dream.
since I usually* don't remember any; I fucked that up.
(29.39 KB 789x109 Capture.PNG)
obligatory John 2:15-17 post
I was wearing a thick winter coat, a gas mask, and driving a weird machine that looked like an oversized landmower but instead of cutting grass it kept spraying some kind of chemical into the air that seemed to kill something dangerous in the air. Something like an invisible creature kept dying whenever it breathed the gas. The sun didnt move from its spot in the sky. I woke up sweating bullets.

... WWI is getting weirder and weirder in my head.
(238.56 KB 400x320 665.gif)
that's one freaky dream, are they uncomfortable to experience?
that must've been very comforting to experience, but very distressful when you woke up.

I don't get dreams often but when I was getting sober I'd have these very realistic dreams of getting high/drunk. I'd wake up that morning on the verge of tears because they were so real and I had thought I lost my sobriety date. Fuckin' trippy.
I dreamed I was commuting to work, but the train was completely empty. Minutes turned into hours as I zipped through the tunnel, and then I had to see what the hell was going on. Standing up, I tried to walk away through the endless corridors. Each one was slightly different - a bag here, a poster there, the handlebars were different - I kept walking 'forwards' for hours.
(1.96 MB 3276x2184 D34MeUMUcAAJfWN.jpeg)
does anyone have any good lucid dreaming info links?
I find myself often stopping in dreams and saying "this isnt right this is a dream" but then I either half wake up or cannot fully control the lucid state and it becomes surreal and falls apart to another dream
(48.53 KB 1651x1100 1569554277376.jpg)
Not even sure if I am capable of lucid dreaming. My sleep quality is really poor and I struggle to fall asleep often. I'd like to be able to though.
Keep trying, anon. It's worth it. Some suggestions:
>eat a handful of almonds before bed. It doesn't help you lucid dream, but it increases the vividness of your dreams and how well you remember them when you wake up
>put some very very quiet ambient music or some form of white noise on in the background
>do your reality checks all throughout the day, keep a dream journal by your bed, all that
>meditate before bed
>read about lucid dreaming. the more you think about it, the more likely it is that you'll experience it. This is especially true for beginners.
I couldn't sleep at 3 AM. Slowly I began to lose conciousness in short bursts ,The thing is, I wouldn't call it sleeping more like nodding off. I started to dream in these short bursts and it was the same dream over and over again with only minor changes. My dreams followed the same format that night, I woke up in the dream I went down stairs and either began to make oatmeal, coffee or talked to one of my family members. The only difference in some of the dreams was the length and activity I was doing. I dreamt like this for a while, waking up and checking the clock thinking about just giving up trying to sleep and just beggining the day instead.
Eventually I did, eventually I got up and went down stairs... it took me a while to figure if I was in a dream or not: maybe I still am.
It's not like this is re first time this has happened, for a while I would sleep on the bus ,while I was in school, or in class and dream about doing the rest of my day. I found myself slipping, I would read clocks not for the time but to make sure I wasn't dreaming. It's a strange feeling, a quiet and cold one.
(1.28 KB 74x74 walking along.png)
(1.04 KB 77x75 dream.png)
Here's a few dreams that I can list that I can remember. Most are pretty interesting but I forget them. I'd love to be able to lucidly dream, more than I can anyway.
Dream 1, when I was maybe 10 or so
>Inside classrom, classroom is empty
>Open door
>Dark stairwell suspended in a dark, cavernous place
>Go down staircase, has floors numbered from 1 to 99, then from a to j or even more
>When I reached j, I woke up
Dream 2, when I was around 15
>Most of the dream was a blur
>Teleported to my kitchen in the middle of the night; I can see the night out of my window
>Loud gunshots, and my dad screams bloody murder
>Wake up and stare at the wall before going back to sleep
This post was originally much longer but I decided to cut it down because most of the posts are only one recent dream. And one was a little too personal when I reread it.
Sweet dreams, friends.
I was reading the Buu Saga before bed.
>Bulma Brief's kitchen
>Goku finds a bag on a countertop with a picture of a dog on it
>"Huh... smells alright."
>starts shoveling handfuls of kibble into his mouth
>Krillin enters. "Uh... Goku?"
>Goku pays no mind, continues eating the kibble
>Bulma enters, is also shocked
Not sure how the scene would have ended other than "lol, Goku's an idiot!" sadtrombone.wav
I was at a house party. People were mingling, and I overheard this fat chick describe some kind of personal misfortune. Overwhelmed by sympathy and definitely not sensing easy prey, I walked up and gave her the thirstiest, sweatiest, most drunken proposition I can imagine. Something about going back to my place "but just for sleep, not sex XD" or some shit, and I was so alarmed by the words coming out of my mouth that I woke up.
(21.21 KB 380x377 1532779103492.jpg)
I was at a some kind of government/military building, I had a gun. My father was there for some reason too, seemed like we were guarding the leader of a country, I felt I had to shoot him, but it felt like somehow my father knew what I was going to do, and he'd rat me out. I woke up.
I'm off to bed, hopefully I have a not so weird dream, maybe something pleasant.
(270.34 KB 746x650 191126210843.png)
Recently I've dreaming a lot about going to college again and having casual fun with my former classmates. I dropped out from two schools, and remembering my ex-classmates and friends (that I haven't seen since I left) fills a strange void in me with a sorrow.

I also had a couple of movie-like dreams (they were like watching a movie because I wasn't present in them). One of them was about how a group of teenagers spends their vacation in a cabin in the woods, while a separate group of kids decide to camp in another part of the forest. Anyway, the "plot" is that before everyone appeared, a girl mysteriously disappeared (in reality something kidnapped her), and both groups directly or indirectly find more about her disappearance until they find that the forest hides multiple portals to an alternate world full of fantasy creatures, creatures that have been kidnapping people in order to protect their forest. Sadly, I don't remember anything else of that dream.
Other movie-like dream was about how I, my family, Homer Simpson (wut) and Fat Tony (wat) were trapped in what appeared to be a mix of a mail center and a prison. I don't remember anything else, except that at some point guards found us trying to escape and were pointing at us with guns.
I dreamed that I went fishing and caught a feelsbadman frog while lounging at the docks.

Feels bad man.
(388.69 KB 2048x1536 EQAqGJZUcAEXOdq.jpg)
I normally remember my dreams but recently they have become frighteningly vivid
however they don't have any deep meaning
(92.32 KB 617x850 vf-22-battroid.gif)
I keep having dreams about being a mecha pilot. Most of the time just shoot generic bad guys, wondering what it means though.
(19.73 KB 450x450 theabyssgazesback.jpg)
Lots of "watching an awful sitcom" dreams.

The Drew Carey show was running in what would have to be its 25th season. Drew, now 62 years old, was in his kitchen showing off a 7 foot tall, arch-shaped device he described as both a nuclear reactor, and a cryptocurrency vault that was to reside at the bottom of the sea remotely powering his Internet of Things. He was hodling Lino.

The scene smash-cuts to five minutes after everyone leaves, and he's laying on the kitchen table with his lower half mostly out of the shot, but we can see the device straddling his pelvis and being bounced spasmodically by stagehands. Because of course it was also a nuclear fleshlight. The camera turns to Drew's face for a moment so we can soak in how fat, depressed, used-up and saggy he's become. A moment later we see the device is replaced by a cloris leachman: Drew's mother in law, who gives him a pep-talk. Drew, it turns out, married Christa Miller's character, who later died. It was absurd and disgusting with a few comedy beats, but there was no laugh track. Just Cloris Leachman straddling Drew Carey.
I dreamed about snow last night. The heat's starting to get to me. I don't know how anyone can enjoy summer.
I don’t remember most dreams but the only one I somewhat remember is me in one of those massive supermarkets just walking around talking to people I know.
is posting working again?
I don't usually remember my dreams for much longer than a few minutes after I wake up. I have had a couple of lucid dreams.

I don't remember the specifics of how it happened, but I realized that I was dreaming, and so I decided to fly. Below were two pine-covered mountains with a river flowing through the valley between them. Every so often was a non-pine tree whose leaves were either gold or red. I kept following the river, and eventually the mountains started to flatten out, but the trees continued. On the right side of the river in the trees, I saw a large black hole/whirlpool type thing in the ground that was sucking in the trees and ground. I flew over towards it, and it sucked me in and I woke up.

In my second lucid dream, I was in a large, long, ground level condo (I've had several other non-lucid dreams at this place). It was dark and cloudy outside, and there was some sort of creature outside. I closed all the blinds so it could get in, but somehow it got in through the entrance stares past the kitchen en at the far end. It looks like some kind of werewolf, with grey fur and many sharp teeth. I looked at it, and thought that such a thing couldn't really exists and realized that It was just a dream. It started rushing at me, so I woke myself up to get away from it.
This dream seems to have killed the part of my brain responsible for having dreams, but I did have one last night where I was playing squash with a hipster I know IRL, and we couldn't converse at all because of this incredibly loud Japanese woman nearby.

I had fallen asleep with my headphones on watching Okayu playing Super Mario RPG.
A short one. My eyes were bloodshot red and a bass wave noise crumbled my ears as a girl similar to the morimiya school shooting game appeared staring at me. She was smirking as far as I could see
interesting article

>Sleep in quarantine: is the lockdown affecting our dreams?

>coming out of my old high school building
>sky is dark
>it's raining
>there's a bunch of algae and squids in the puddles
>"oh, the rain must've brought along the squids seeds"
>leave them be
That was a pretty pleasant dream.
(73.52 KB 1362x1022 20200811_055629.jpg)
Here is a dream I had a few months ago and wrote down, I still try to think of its full meaning: I got out of work and started driving home as I mess with my phone trying to get it to sit up on the dashboard,I can't so I stop trying. As I then turn on to the main road home my headlights go out, the road is eerily illuminated by a faint blue glow like daylight poorly attempting to shine through the thickest overcast you could imagine but still too dark to actually see without headlights. About 100ft away, I see the silhouette of a person wearing what looked like a rain jacket walking down the street towards my direction. As I preemptively drive towards the center of the road to pass it and keep going, I see the silhouette extend their right arm towards the center of the road. Shortly after more silhouettes come in to view further down the road, this time two adults and what looked to be some children seemingly searching for someone or something. My instincts tell me not to stop, I then drive through them hitting something and never looking back.
(29.42 KB 229x320 pigman.jpg)
Had a fun nightmare recently. Was homeless, in this middle class suburban neighborhood in autumn, and there were these bald sasquatch/pigmen sort of humanoid "animals" roaming about. Img is most similar thing I could find. They didn't bother us, we didn't bother them. Anyway, one day hunting for a sleeping place in someone's backyard, I spot a human body sort of covered in some leaves. Freak out a bit, then a bit away spot one of those pigmen walking down a path visible from the yard, lugging a rope over the shoulder. At the end of the rope was a mangled/crunched up human body. There were more of them too, just dragging roped up corpses. Some of them even had rifles. Spooked as fuck I cover myself in a bunch of leaves hoping they wouldn't spot me. One does though. There's enough distance for me to get up and book it. I sprint up into the woods down a path that leads to a gun range. Along the way I meet a bunch of kids coming back from the range all with rifles. I grab one from them and demand ammo, but they say they zero'd out at the range. So now I'm freaking out telling the kids to follow me back to the range ASAP or we're fucking DEAD. And that's all I remember. What a thrill though.
>>1440 That looks like a troll, I do wish to dream like that though so I started looking in to lucid dreaming. Cool story.
>>1441 Thanks (bro), I think. I put no conscious effort into it at all. As for lucid dreaming: In my experience, it's very difficult. May even go as far to say that some people just are not capable. Be careful though. If you succeed, you may find that you enjoy being asleep more than being awake. And that's not happy...
>>1448 I am just interested in what the mind is capable of if you try hard enough.
It started off looking like one of those PC98 VNs, interface and everything. I was in a house on an island resort near a beach, first thought was something like "oh man I'm going to meet so many hot people here", probably because it looked like I was in a VN at first. Then I heard my mom's voice. And I realized I wasn't alone; my whole goddamn family came with me. The whole theme of the dream turned on a dime right there, from a quaint (and possibly romantic) vacation to the kind of family beach trip I hated getting dragged to as a teenager. Which is to say, one whole week of visiting every tourist trap under the sun, pretending to have fun at the beach while secretly envying all of the couples, and wishing there was a girl my age in my same situation so we could be happy together for a short while. Anyway. Having nothing better to do, I start wandering around the beach. Peeked inside some bars, some stores, stuff like that. And since everyone's houses were unlocked for some reason, I snuck around in a few of those as well. Eventually the sun starts to set, so I decide to head on back to my house. On the way there, everything starts to take on the appearance of a shopping mall. A weird dude tries to grab my shoulder, but I push him away, pissing off another dude nearby. Said dude starts yelling in my face talking about how he's not in the mood for any of this shit, etc etc. My response? Politely asking him to shoot me in the head. So he obliges. He whips out the skinniest revolver I've ever seen, points it right between my eyes, and gets ready to fire... then I wake up.
(35.86 KB 768x768 repeat.jpg)
>walking around the street >run into my ex >ask her how she's been etc. >she says good >ask her what she's doing >she says "messaging you" and showed me her phone which she had just sent me a message on >makes me happy >wake up This isn't too hard for me to interpret considering my ex and I were talking (just friendly catching up, nothing romantic at all. We ended things on friendly terms) last weekend and she just stopped texting me mid conversation. I don't think she meant anything by it, but it seems to have upset me on some level.
>>1455 Annnddd I messed up the formatting. I must be more tired than I thought.
>>1456 Nah, it's an issue with the site. For some reason newlines aren't getting translated into br tags.
>>1457 I was wondering why as well, thank you for the explanation.
>>1455 I don't understand how people can just be "friends" after ending a romantic relationship. Acquaintances sure, but friends? If a woman is close enough to be considered a friend, I would want a romantic relationship. However if there are unchangeable things I learn about her later on that are a dealbreaker, I just couldn't consider her a friend, nevermind a lover.
>>1466 We're not friends, I said we ended things on a friendly note (as in not angry/upset with each other. We just decided it was for the best if we didn't stay together). We hadn't talked in months and were just catching up, nothing more.
>>1466 >If a woman is close enough to be considered a friend, I would want a romantic relationship. That is where you fail.
Dreamed of an ex from nearly 7 years ago today. We shared some humor, kissed.. I saw her body again. She asked if she looked like she's been taking well enough care of herself. I said yes, and that I'm glad. I returned the question, and she was surprised at how I'd transformed from a scrawny boy to a fit man. I said that I'm disappointed at myself for neglecting my back. Then I was woken up. I wonder how different she looks now. I really should work more on my back...
(33.43 KB 182x277 wayfarers.jpg)
I dreamed about a recent friend who i got the news had the 'rona, in the dream he seemed to have won tons of money and had a very interesting house, i was in the living room/tv room and it was dim illuminated, a comfy carpet, wood paneled walls and black leather sofas, some windows on the ceiling showing it was past sunset or sunrise. I remember hanging out there, laughing and then he invited me to another room, it was more of a hall than anything, with tons of cool bottles and he offered me a drink from the bottle from a special glass cabinet at the end of this place. The cabinet had triangular with wooded details, very cool, like the Wayfarers Church, and inside there were some glass stands with a very, very small cup like in those ceremonial japanese tea rituals. The bottle was like a Grey Goose one, opaque and had some birds in it, i heard his and his gf's voices telling me how to serve it, then told me to enjoy. When i took this small shot i legitimately felt a strong internal feeling, from groin to head, kinda like an orgasm mixed with cocaine, also similar to showering/getting a bucket of ice cold water suddenly. It was so strong i woke up and had to check myself to see if i hadn't a wet dream. I wanted to sleep again to see the guy again but couldn't, haven't know anything about him either so it makes me wonder.
I had a dream that I started cutting again. I was with my brother and I randomly took out my pocket knife's scissors and began to cut away at my arms. It actually felt like it hurt. The blood ran all down my arms so I got a napkin and started cleaning the wounds, and then I woke up. I've been clean for over 7 months now, so I really don't know why I had this dream last night.
I had a two dreams last night after me and my flatmates partied together: The first was very weird. I'm still not sure what even happened in that dream, I can only describe it in a vague way: Basically in that dream I think I was either me or some unknown character with two 30-40 year old women (one was blond and the other black) and we were uphill watching a small lake in which a bunch of people were swimming with a waterfall dropping into it, and then we assisted to the coming of some kind of giant golem made of red earth or clay. And afterwards I don't really think I know what happens next, I think we went into the city just next to that small lake to either run away and hide from the giant golem, or maybe we tried to get rid of it, I can't remember. But anyway later in my sleep I had another dream. Now the second dream is still pretty clear in my mind and it's pretty short: In this one I tried to reach out to my first ex using PS3's messaging system. I saw that she was online and I proceeded to send her: "Yo" then I sent "How're you ?". And then she proceeded to block me, the ps3's menu had a yellow thing that when hovered on said something along the lines of "This user blocked you" I was with this girl when I was 13, now I'm 19, why is it that since all this years, I have had two dreams about her? I try to never have any regrets so I can advance in the future more easily. However I feel like I do have regrets I don't assume, that's why I sometimes have dreams linked to past event that don't remind me good things.
I had a dream where I was in a living room with a beautiful girl (who in my dream, was my girlfriend). We were playing Star Wars Battlefront 2 Classic on a large flat screen TV. She sat close to me, and was warm. It felt very real and vivid and I felt rather happy being with her as she was quite energetic and cheerful. When we took a break from the game, she handed me a folded piece of paper. I opened it and it read along the lines of "I'm sorry, but I'm not your girlfriend because this is a dream and I am not real". I looked over to her and saw she was small baby, standing up and staring at me. The shock woke me up.
>>1954 I want your dreams.
Last night I had a dream where I was sitting on the back of a dinosaur walking through a prehistoric swamp. I look down and see a smaller dinosaur devouring Scooby-Doo. Then the world around me was filled with megalithic empty factories, highways and piplines, all made of blueish black steel. I was pulled into space, seeing the planet covered with megalithic constructions, then again and again, untill the universe became a small glowing dot in the darkness. After that I remember standing at a window, looking at two identical Moons and a firework show. Though it was dark outside, I was sure that it is still daytime, so I tried to ask around if full solar eclipse just happened. Nobody had any answers for me. Than my mom said not to bother the centaur, who was standing near, inside the bus we were in.
(5.46 MB 480x360 nobody here.mp4)
>>1311 >is the lockdown affecting our dreams Yes. For me, the "lockdown" is the state I have been living in for the past 3 years. I used to have to have dreams of people I know, in locations I frequented. Now there is nothing. I either have no dreams, or I don't remember them if I do have them. It is just a void. I lie on my bed and either listen to music or watch videos. I fall asleep, but I am not aware that I fall asleep. It is just a blur to me. When you go out in the world, experience things, meet people, have a schedule, see different landscapes, your brain has material to work with. I have no diversity in my experience. I see the same walls and same people. I am doing the same things. I am repeating behaviors and readings and actions from five years ago. It feels the same, but wrong in a way. I could not have imagined things turning out this way. I have terrible deja vu...................
i stopped having dreams for a long time or im just easily forgetting it
i've heard of people being able to control their dreams and dream about whatever, but mine are really weird and make zero sense. just wanna dream about a beach, playing the guitar, chilling
(77.28 KB 220x326 Hereditary.png)
I dreamed that I went up the stairs in my house in a strange way - walking on a radiator that is above stairs and walking on walls That is what I remember from my dream
(14.94 KB 600x337 moon phase.png)
I had a dream where I could see different galaxies in the sky as if sky is embedded not with stars but whole galaxies. I wandered around for a while and climbed a staircase carved into a tall rock. Upon reaching the last step I look up again and see multiple moons, basically like the pic related diagram, all moons in different phases at the same time. I felt very uneasy.
>>204 when you smoke lots of weed every day, it messes with your rem stages of sleep. at least for me it did and i didn’t have dreams for all those years i was a stoner. i stopped smoking about a year ago and started having dreams again. their usually just dreams of me killing people. cant recall any specific details, just killing
>>2148 act upon your dreams and please stab me
>>1954 nice.
I had an eery dream a few days ago. I woke up on my bed and, in a morning haze, went to the living room, where I saw a christmas tree. I woke up no my bed again, went to the living room and saw the christams tree again. Third time I woke up in a hospital, with a mask on my face connecting to life support system. I stood up and took it off, feeling absolutely fine, Nurse came and escorted me out. The dream quickly devolved into nonsense, until I woke up on my bed again, hopefuly for real.
I had a dream I was working back in an office, but it was unfamiliar. I was moving to a different building and while carrying my stuff a bunch of cafeteria supplies fell from the ceiling of the new building. Can't remember what happened after that but as I was on my way home, I stopped by a public restroom that was next to a barber shop before going to a train stop. I was apparently in a very dense city that appeared to be entirely made of brutalist concrete architecture, and the sky was PITCH BLACK. I mean no light whatsoever other than the artificial lights of the city, I think the city may have been underground or something. Although I do remember a blue sky at my office so I don't know. Anyways I realized I left my wallet at the restroom so I ran back, but I saw a whole bunch of people had also lost their wallets... and they all looked very similar to mine. I picked up one that I thought was mine when some young lady came up to me and said it was hers. She offered to help find mine and after that go to her place to make some meatballs. Then I woke up and really wanted some meatballs.
>>2172 Great ending. Now I too want to eat meatballs
(40.59 KB 800x530 55695651.PICT1267.jpg)
Tonight i had a cool dream where i was on a car driving through a seemingly infinite street. We were two guys and two girls on the car, i was sitting on the right side of the car's hood while we were driving down this street listening to house music. The street we were driving in was mostly grey, not really happy, sometimes the street became foggy too. It felt like being in a music compilation, like these synthwave compilations on YouTube. I remember in the dream that if what we were leaving was really a music compilation, it'd be called "Concrete Jungle". Anyway i think i've just been listening to a lot of synthwave, chillwave comps with car visuals lately and that's why i have this dream.
Does anyone else have dreams of beautiful almost magical towns and villages that you wish you could visit? I regularly have dreams where im walking through my own town but ill stumble across a public stairwell or a street ive never seen And as im walking down it i find myself in these towns built into cliff faces, with waterfalls and parks everywhere, white marble buildings built right into the cliffside and roads winding down the cliffs connecting the layers of the town Or ill find myself in what looks like the old days, with brick buildings lining dim streets and what seems like a story behind every door, and an experience in every little storefront Pic related is along the lines of the things i see to give some visualization I wish i could visit one of these places but i know nothing so immaculate could exist in this world, maybe they did exist at one point long ago, and im just too late to see them, maybe one day ill stumble across the ruins of one of these places as i explore the woods I live in the northeast of america yet multiple times in real life ive stumbled across fairly large ruins of stone castles tucked alongside rivers deep in the forests with no explanation atleast from what i can google to their existance or what they once were And even in my own town when i walk down the rivers i can see small stone inlets that look like storm drains or some kind of small entrance,(pic related but more "primitive" looking, and with only the very tops of the archs exposed) made of the same stone and construction as the "castle" ruins, but far too low to be connected to the towns sewers or anything, especially since they would have to drain into a system even lower than the outside faces are, maybe one day ill find the courage to try and go inside one of them. I can only imagine the world that must have once been, and i feel as though i am given a taste of it through my dreams.
I was at a place in the tropics called Cat Island, where an internet streamer I know owned some property. Basically a house with a semi-public bar in it. One day his plumbing got backed up, so he decided to move the bar to the second floor and turn the ground floor into a "swimming pool." <it's a pool now >yeah, but it's a pool of piss and sewage >well all the pee settles at the bottom <do you not understand how diffusion works? He explained that his solution, rather than fixing the septic tank or draining the pool of urine, is to use "laminated iron" surfaces because "bacteria can't live on it." Cue the seinfeld bass riffs as the scene ends. A promotional video for the island showed thousands of cats swarming over some kind of rusted-out industrial behemoth, like an abandoned oil refinery or something, in such numbers that they were bumping each other off of high places. This footage was backed a song by RHCP written to the tune of "Snow": Take me back to the place Where the cats and the rats And the rats and the cats And the cats and the cats And mostly cats live And so on like that for way too long. It did not inspire me to want to visit Cat Island.
I had a nap earlier where I had a dream that I got into a car accident on the way to work. Nobody was injured, but I dented two cars. The weird thing is that I didn't even really notice it until I got out of the car, and one of the owners of one of the dented cars just seemed unconcerned and drove off without getting the situation settled.
>>204 I keep getting advertisements in my dreams. I'll just be chilling on a beach and some robot will walk over with an iPhone 12 advertisement. Shit's starting to really get annoying.
>>3626 i want whatever drugs youre on
(26.21 KB 1130x480 3f54.jpg)
>be locked out of my home >it's midnight >suddenly panic as I realize I have nowhere to sleep >get a blanket, decide to sleep on the curb >suddenly spot a group of people walking my way >try to hide out of embarrassment >it's a group of people I knew from high school >they come up to me and ask me if I'm okay >they're completely sympathetic >dream ends, I'm back in my warm bed Very weirdly emotional dream for some reason. Then I had another dream about high school where the halls were all lined with toilets, and I was helping some kid on his homework about a space-race era conspiracy involving a secret CIA operation known as "Project Bloody Blooddagger", but I can't remember much.
>>2928 I have dreams like those, too. I remember a particularly beautiful one from some time ago. It was cold, winter, probably the holiday season. It was snowing gently. The sky was overcast and grey. The streets were cobblestone with a light dusting of snow on them, and the buildings were also of a stone and wood construction, most were 1 to 3 stories high. In the windows and doorways I could see yellow light glowing brightly from within. I was wearing a warm jacket. Around me, there were people walking on the street with the occasional horse and rider. Behind me was a large body of water, the ocean maybe, and it was still and grey, glasslike. Running alongside the street I was on was a canal that led into this body of water, and over the canal were arched walkways. A canoe was on this canal, almost like something you might see in Venice. The cobblestone road up ahead continued and went under a large stone arch, above which was a raised walkway about the height of a 1 story building and this walkway also went across the canal. The raised walkway itself disappeared on either side into doorways on taller buildings. On the walkway (which was quite wide) I could see tables and chairs, and large heat lamps with flames in them kept the people warm. I think a restaurant had outdoor seating up there. Farther ahead the road I was on curved and I could see shops and people going in and out of them. And all the shops were very nice and quaint, a bookstore, a small restaurant, a shoe cobbler, a tailor, things like that. I wish I could go somewhere like that in real life.
>>5461 >"Project Bloody Blooddagger" That sounds like some MI6 Bullshit. kek
>>204 When I was 13 I remember I dreamed about fucking my cousin. She was bare naked and had a considerably big penis that ejaculated when the I suddenly woke up with a raging boner. Shit was hot and had a major influence iver my current hentai tastes but not so much in the sexuality ir porn departments
The aliens are ramping up the dream psychic attacks before "arrival" because 1. Fuck your life and existence, your brain aint off-limits to be toyed with, and 2. They can only do that from a close distance because theyre already among us, tough shit you don't get a vote. PSA: RE-TELLING YOUR ALIEN PSYCHIC ATTACK DREAM TO A WIDER AUDIENCE ONLY SERVES THE ALIEN PROPAGANDA PURPOSE. Even if your dream doesn't involve aliens, right now, this year, IT'S ALIENS. Don't read these, scan them, because any alien dream thats communicated through humans for other humans, is charged and intended propaganda. Here is more evidence of them ramping up their dream psychic attacks: https://www.[redacted].com/r/aliens/comments/gogckk/aliens_attacked_me_in_my_dreams/ https://www.[redacted].com/r/aliens/comments/gmv40m/communication_with_some_entity_through_a_dream/ https://www.[redacted].com/r/aliens/comments/gn7gm1/weird_dream_any_insight/ https://www.[redacted].com/r/aliens/comments/kx71xy/my_interesting_dream/ "My acquired insights sustain that ALL nightmares are varied degrees of telepathic attacks used by and delivered from a varied collection of negative-thought-entities who strive to ‘reside’ within such “core-images”, and at least, make ethereal connections from us to them by imposing traumatic, horrid imagery. Post-abduction “nightmares” especially fall within this realm." - Paul Schroeder https://paranormalalienabductionghosts.wordpress.com/2018/01/11/exorcising-aliens-dr-william-baldwin/ https://archive.md/p8dXw The alien parasite is locking the body down during dream psychic attack. The alarm on high, but muted against fabric is no longer enough for a wake-up, the wake-ups in that configuration now are insufficient for an interruption because the dream sequences transition to it per the aliens will. So an alarm has to be situated unobstructed and loud. Set alarms for every half hour, or randomized once within the hour, to prevent worse head pain and worse body misery from sustained pulse wave telepathic psychic pain infliction.
>>5461 I would have liked to see that dream anon
>>5639 just don't do it in real life, anon
>>204 I'm starting to get sick of work-related dreams, especially when I'm off. Any tips?
I dreamt I fucked someone I know irl that I didn't wanna fuck. It disgusted me so much that at one point I saw his hairy floppy ass turn green and bubbly. Then I woke up thinking, "what the fuck did I just dream about! ?"
(36.13 KB 467x350 Waifu.jpg)
>>6395 That is normal (nowadays) Anon. I have had similar dreams of taking part in or witnessing things I detest and have felt disturbed by them. I believe it is (at least in part) our minds venting all of the degeneracy we see every day in [society] and working through processing it. Don't feel bad, because your dreams don't represent you, much less Freudian 'repression' as most normalfags would want you to believe.
(91.06 KB 720x720 GNFrens.jpg)
Most of my dreams consists of dreaming about my past girlfriends. It always make me kind of sad. But I like love related sadness. >t. radical romantic.
>>6447 Same. Past girlfriends and past friends. I don't have any friends now. I have no social life whatsoever. My dreams are always about me socialising with various friends from my highschool days.
Been having lots of odd dreams the past month or two. This morning I awoke to being in Morrowind, in Vivec, talking to random citizens who looked like they were going to kill themselves and talked them out of it. The last one I debated xian-to-atheist style over things like "god didn't really get out-wrestled, he just sent down words to test the guy" it made sense in the dream. And as the guy pivoted to buddhist stuff, I told him that suicide would really suck because that meant the nano-second he died he'd be reborn in the womb of a pig or something lowly and good luck being reborn as a human again within the next trillion years.
(688.90 KB 500x281 snake.gif)
Alright, so just woke up and have to write this till I forget. I dreamed I was a detective on a very long island. It had a long road stretching around it with a hill to the right and the cliffs and the sea to the left. So long it stretched to what seemed to be infinity till it was blocked by the mist. I was walking down the road when I saw a tank. I opened the hatch and before my eyes was Solid Snake. He told me he needed me to hunt down the metal gear so we decided to walk inside the island. The town we found inside looked like some restaurant or pizzeria stuck in the 90s We never actually found metal gear. We were just laughing together and the town having everything bootleg. From wine glasses to lego blocks.
had a dream i was in europe and that my house was falling apart. mayb i was communicating with my ancestors. i remember only that i needed to get to spain
My dreams have been a weird mix of being happy with a girl that I've never met, and nightmares I can barely remember. Depression's a bitch.
I was walking down a nature trail on a wonderful summer afternoon. There was a section where the trail became a hilltop, with steep ravines on both sides. For whatever reason, a grey-haired boomer couple, both at least 60 years old, were running up behind people at random, tripping and shoving them so they fall off the sides. The boomer woman tried it on me after I'd already seen her doing it to a couple other people, so her attempt to skulk up on me just got her judoed a hundred feet down onto some rocks. Which, you know, didn't feel great. Why did this dumb bitch put me in this position where it's her or me?
>>7101 Anon, did you just admit to 1. witnessing murder and 2. murdering someone
This is more of a nightmare. In the dream, I was playing games on my computer late at night as usual, and suddenly a little girl with pale blonde hair rushed into my room. She stood still and kept staring at the window, with her back facing me. I asked who she was and she didn't respond, so I keep asking a few more times with the same result. So I approached her and grabbed her shoulder, and when she turned her face towards me i was forced awake in a sleep paralysis. A female voice screamed in my ear, telling me to die several times before I managed to regain control of my body. I've been having several more of these hauntings afterwards, so I'm a believer in the supernatural now.
>>7293 Tonight it was WAR CRIMES. I was at the end of the Facility stage of Goldeneye 64. I was aware of having repeated this situation a hundred times, and now I was doing it for real. For whatever reason, my intention was to ignore the mission objectives and just try to blow up the soldiers instead. The alarm was blaring, the DEADLY TOXIC NERVE GAS SMOKE was safely inside the containers, a couple dozen guys had failed to notice me in the corner, so I detonated the remote mines, sending those scum-on-top communist gangsters flying bloodlessly through the air. Instead of leaving, I ran back the way I came only to find myself blocked by a door that isn't usually locked. Like I wanted to keep screwing around in a defunct situation, but the conditions suddenly turned against me.
Last night's dream was just waking up and getting ready for the day. (making breakfast, changing clothes, etc) I fucking hate those dreams. It's like the terrible reality of being awake, but still sleeping so I get to experience it again.
Had a SCHOOL DREAM. Haven't had one of these in years. A little different this time: instead of desperately trying to find which class I was supposed to be in or realizing it was the end of the semester and I hadn't done any of the homework, I was in the bathroom finding that I couldn't take a piss without being surrounded by illiterate thugs casually discussing their next crime spree. Class was boarding the bus to take a field trip downtown, and I wasn't going to make it if I didn't sprint, which I could have done easily. I was fast when I was 17, and I felt like I had all the training I've done as an adult, on top of having a 17 year old's body. But I was wondering if anyone would know if I was hotdogging to get out of the trip if I dawdled. Some damn nerd on the bus called out to the driver to stop as he was starting up. The driver pulled ahead and signaled that he was going to pull over again a block away. Sigh. I didn't catch the bus. Moreover, I was already downtown. On top of that, there was some kind of a incident unfolding on this street— or maybe it was just Tuesday in a dystopian hellscape— so an army of riot police swamped the street, clearing everybody out, leaving me and for some reason, Ceres Fauna. To whomst I was listening as I fell asleep. She was just hanging out, like a busker or something, and I said to her, "holy shit, kid, we have to get outta here!" indicating another platoon of faceless, heavily armed goons goose-stepping down the sidewalk. An obese cop standing nearby with his visor turned up and a patchy orange pube-beard ejaculated something like "HEH! Yeah, you better! HEH!" so I took her by the hand and led her in the direction of the platoon, through a gap between them and the glass wall of whatever bank or office, which was empty on the inside and partly boarded-up. Fauna started singing "happy birthday, dear sapliiiing" as we ran, which I found to be unnecessarily conspicuous for such a situation, but the cops aren't bothered about it, so whatever. Alas, I woke before we could return the city to nature.
Bob Barker: We're sorry, you won't be receiving the all-expenses-paid trip to Paris. Contestant: That's alright; Paris isn't the sort of place people get out of alive these days. Bob was ancient, and this statement gave him a sad "I've pooped my pants again" kind of look. Bob Barker: Then why do we keep sending people there? I laughed so hard I woke up.
(22.00 KB 450x443 Fb6yFJoX0AA4tuk.jpg)
I had a pretty crazy dream last night. Cant remember all the details but i think i was in some sort of apartment with a friend of mine. It was a rather empty house like we had just moved in or whatever. And we were just chilling, until some kid showed up out of nowhere. Now, the brat was pretty annoying and i think he was trying to scam us or rob us or some shit, so i ended up kicking him out of the house. And he started whining about how he was calling his brother and shit but i didnt pay much attention, i just closed the doors shut. So then his brother shows up, and guess what? He's a fucking alien. This blue guy just entering through the closed doors looking for me because i bullied the kid (who never shows up again btw). I had no option but to fight him, and after i killed him, it turns out he was calling more aliens to beat my ass. At some point in the fight me and my friend just kinda ended up at my aunt's house, and we where holding some sort of party or whatever. Nobody batted an eye, even i treated the sudden teleportation as if it wasnt anything interesting, like i was there the whole time. Now i dont remember exactly what happened, but for some reason, more aliens started to show up. I found out the aliens had different forms, at first they looked like humans of different colors (blue skin with blue hair, cyan skin with blue hair, then orange, red, green etc), but from time to time you'd see them in like this weird, glossy form with no face and a gladiator hat. They could also shapeshift and would generally use it to take goofy costumes like a looney tunes character. So anyways, i started fighting the motherfuckers right inside the house. I learned with the blue guy that they were very resilient, and that if you kill them without removing the head, they come back, and not in the same body, but in a completely healed body that shows up out of nowhere in unexpected places. As a result of that, every fight ended with me stomping on their heads or something. It was actually pretty bloody. I'd come out unscathed mostly but the aliens would lose eyes, ears and shit because i focused my attacks on their heads. So around the end, some friends from back in highschool started to show up, and they joined me in the fights. Just in time because apparently, not only was the ringleader showing up, but he was bringing the whole fucking army. So they bring the whole fucking army with the whole fucking mothership and various mecha and giant aliens into the god damn house somehow. And me and my friends just start beating our way through them until we reach the leader, and we jump him, leaving him a bloody mess with no ears nor eyes. I wanna add, the leaders human form looked very similar to channing tatum In the end, all of us together couldnt kill the leader, but we beat him enough for him to escape and bring everyone else with him. But he left a final alien with us. We started fighting the final guy but that's when i woke up.


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