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money Anonymous 12/22/2020 (Tue) 14:41:11 No. 2080
how do you guys make money as neets? i am given money a few times a year and i usually buy stuff online and lie about not getting it so i can get a refund. that way i can get more stuff for less. it sucks not having a job though, i have no financial freedom so if i want something i can never get it.
i wageslave my days away.
i pretty much never buy anything, so money isn't really an issue for me.
im planning to learn programming since im already glued to the computer all day so why not make money via the computer
My car got hit by a truck when I was an infant and the children's court settled with the company for a large sum in annuity. Large to normal people, not millionaire tier by any stretch. I basically have a small trust fun I've been mostly funelling into crypto since 2016 and almost have enough to buy a small house in the country now. I don't feel guilty about it because my family is working class and the company should have maintained the trucks brakes which failed and I have muscular-skeletal and neurological problems from the accident to this day. Sorry if that doesn't help but real talk my payments aren't much more than neetbux. Crypto is just insane. A few grand in ethereum turned into tens of thousands of dollars. I also live at home with my mum which means I don't have to spend all my money on expenses like rent.
I have a job in a research lab, but I work from home, 2-3 hours a week at best, though the contract says 20. The pay is tolerable by local standards, plus I have a small schoolarship from postgrad studies where the last time I had to do anything was two or so years ago, and a couple of minor but better paying freelance jobs from time to time.
I was born to a wealthy family that is genuinely concerned im going to kill myself or others without a safety net.
>>2080 Local business wagie. High hourly pay, low hours. Although, unfortunately, the hours are steadily increasing.
unemployed in hs right now, but every couple hundred dollars i get from relatives goes into savings or stocks. i should look at crypto but i've had shotty experiences with it in the past
At some point in life, should realise don't really need a lot of things. Don't even need 3 meals everyday (which is kind of bull unless you work in a heavy labor environment). One heavy meal and in-between snacks should be enough. Cutting down what are the things that makes you more hungry, thirsty and poor. Junk food, sugary drinks and the latest unfixable electronics. Will definitely feel terrible and FOMO anytime you're out in the streets and see others spending money and not giving a hoot about it. Might even be told that you're torturing yourself for not enjoying life.
I work a warehouse job. I can't afford to NEET.
>>5853 >Cutting down what are the things that makes you more hungry, thirsty and poor. Very true, I know a coworker who works hard but has a poor money sense.
(33.39 KB 663x138 baire.png)
>how do you guys make money as neets? is it common for neets to have income?? I don't make money. I have some savings that are slowly being depleted. my friend has been telling me about day trading/algorithmic trading but it honestly just sounds like gambling, markets are just too efficient what with RenTech/Two sigma/Jane st/etc. doing anything outsiders do but with much better data/computing power
>>6818 I've talked to people who claim stocks are easy to make money with once you figure it out, but it's always a gamble which is why I've never invested in stocks. >I have some savings that are slowly being depleted. Been there, couldn't find work for a year and dropped savings to 0 when I finally found a shitty min wage job to wageslave myself in to at least pay rent. >>5856 Growing up, my parents collectively made over $200k/yr before getting divorced, but somehow we had to borrow from my grandma who was on unemployment to pay for food/clothes. Now they wonder why I never spend money on anything as an adult. I don't know how anyone can live like that.
>>6953 Naturally, you should paper-trade before investing anything into the big gay casino. The time invested in paper-trading will eventually pay off, provided that you don't get caught on the wrong end of any shenanigans, like last year when The House started losing too much and they un-did a bunch of trading to protect the hedge funds and other big-money assholes. But yeah, if you want to eventually scrounge some cash that way, it's doable. Just make sure your strategy is solid before you put any actual money in.
>>2080 Just pretend to be a girl online, or at least act girly. Bonus points if you can go for trap/vtuber appeal.
>>2080 Just make a shitty porn game or VN and set up a Patreon/SubscribeStar.
>7297 >7258 Have you ever "just" done these things? Anything with a low barrier to entry has about a billion people with the same idea.
>>7302 >>7297 Add to it that drawing halfway-decent-looking erotica requires considerable practice (drawing tits is even more annoying than drawing hands), and putting together a VN requires at least a little coding and narrative skill.
(57.58 KB 960x956 failure.jpg)
I used to do transcription for an online service. It was pretty fun; people uploaded all kinds of things, like interviews with celebrities, corporate meetings discussing products before they're announced to the public, and hilarious backdoor admissions of the absurd dysfunction of the american school system. I wrote my own software for handling the formatting and editing, adopted all the best techniques that others were using, and even managed to outrace the floor as it fell out from under us. We watched from month to month as the pay declined and the difficulty of the work went up, because not only has the internet and its infinite scabs turned what used to be a fair salary into "gig work", but advances in speech recognition have more or less destroyed even that. Very sad. I hear the same thing happened to loom operators some time ago. Notwithstanding the observation that technology has obviated entire lines of work in the past, online "gig" work is shit and if your inclination is to do honest work for an honest wage on the internet, you're going to be sorely disappointed. The most important skill seems not to be anything value-generating like shoe-cobbling or carpentry or even programming, but "theory of mind" or straight-up psychopathy: the knack for trolling and knowing the right (wrong) thing to say to derail a thread and send normies into paroxysms of impotent flaming. If you understand how to push people's buttons like that, then you also understand what they're interested in, what they're afraid of, what they need, etc. Or maybe the thing that makes money isn't so much theory of mind as it is "reading the zeitgeist" so that you know what to dropship. Don't be a tortoise in the race to the bottom!
>>7324 Is the move now days to just use Google Trends and search for trending products, and drop ship them online?
>>7324 >the knack for trolling and knowing the right (wrong) thing to say to derail a thread and send normies into paroxysms of impotent flaming I miss old griefing videos on Youtube. They've been dying out due to stricter moderation in games and muh cyberbullying. Even Minecraft, one of the biggest games to grief in, added report functions under Microsoft and global bans. And yet somehow people are getting more sensitive and making themselves easier targets of griefing/trolling.
>>7360 >And yet somehow people are getting more sensitive and making themselves easier targets of griefing/trolling. atleast in certain places you can still joke and make fun of certain things irl.
>>7360 I've also noticed this. Everyone will act like you've murdered their entire family when you destroy their minecraft base that can typically be easily reverted. They treat it like boring virtual legos instead of an online game of spergs griefing each other like it really is.
>>7371 >Everyone will act like you've murdered their entire family when you destroy their minecraft base that can typically be easily reverted. Pretty much. I've dealt with griefers multiple times on public servers and mods could usually revert the changes. If there's no backups in place it's the admin's fault for not managing the server properly. I used to bypass grief protections all the time using creepers, lightning fire, trampling crops, water/lava cobble structures, etc. Grief prevention only goes so far if your server is about virtual legos more than a sandbox survival game. I even had some frenchies grief a private server I had for a couple friends. I just changed the IP, reverted the backup, and moved on. Reverting the old save was a little tedious, but I was more pissed how bad they were. Banning them wasn't even worth the effort. They acted like wannabes of larger griefing groups, and 3 months later they still never made a video despite advertising their no-name youtube channel.
>>2080 Unfortunately I don't make money even though I thought I was a good person. People don't even want to associate with me and they don't even know me.
(3.21 MB 4160x1872 memecoins.jpg)
I buy memecoins and then sell them on ebay for 10x
>>7654 you just fucked up your niche market. now a bunch of anons are going to do the same and flood you out. that legit is a decent scheme. i actually don't think you'll get overtaken in the market because of this post so i gotta ask for more details. are you buying those dumb shit infomercial coins and selling them after they stop airing on old people TV? that sounds pretty genius. can't imagine what some of those original 9/11 coins go for nowadays
>>7657 Nah, these are literally meme coins, not some infomercial stuff. But I actually missed the boat and didn't find out about them too late, so I would have to buy them on ebay for 10x if I want one. ;_; The project was all started and funded by some anons on 4chan/biz/ in the /pmg/ general threads. It's been going on for years because they have several other meme coins with different designs from prior years (Aputania, The Bog, WAGMI, Holo the wolf...) But there's another anon in that general that makes money from buying old sterling silver on ebay (in the form of silverware and such). Apparently some people don't know wtf they really have an list their items as "silver plated" when in reality they're legit sterling .925 silver. For someone with a lot of free time and a bit of savvy, there are certainly some opportunites to pick up cheap silver that way, which can then be sold at a profit.
(177.29 KB 890x1187 WAGMI.jpg)
Eh, my image didn't upload. Oh well here's another one.
Got a job, I hate the zoomers but the money is good. I bought a minifridge to keep my drinks cold and a computer to play my games. Worth it overall.
(3.08 MB 3024x4032 yotsuba 9.jpg)
The yotsuba coins finally shipped.


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