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Anonymous 01/04/2021 (Mon) 19:40:40 No. 2210
visiting home and i don't know how to handle my dad talking all the time and not having control of my routine. realizing i'm far more autistic than i thought. advice?
>>2210 Perhaps the best thing would be for you to communicate your frustrations. The result of your emotional state may inadvertently affect others, so it's not a selfish complaint I think. If nothing else, maybe just bring it up lightly. Something like "Man, haha. Didn't realize how stressful it would be coming by for the holidays. Just goes to show I really haven't figured myself out yet!" I think it would follow with a pretty predictable "What do you mean?", which gets your foot in the door. "Well, I'm used to more silence for focus, more of my own routine..." etc.
>>2210 What is your routine?
>>2210 more details
>>2210 Try jelqing
>>2210 Just listen to some music, I generally find that helps when there's too much background noise for me. >>2245 bruh
That gif is so fucking scary
>>2245 I know you're joking, but speaking from experience that's dangerous shit.
>>4616 please share.
>>4620 I ended up with hard flaccid and am still not cured.
>>4623 that's awful anon, hope you find a fix someday. jesus.
>>4628 I'm confident that it will get better at some point, as people are finally starting to talk about the condition. It finally got a Wikipedia page recently, after years of medical "professionals" completely ignoring it and telling people they were fine. I'm better than I was when I first injured myself and my dick was completely numb, but it still sucks a lot. Even aside from the obvious physical symptoms, it really takes its toll on your self worth.
>>4633 I injured my foreskin over time by masturbating and developed pathologic phimosis. Instead of circumcision, I'm using the Japanese Glansie which is two-pronged (there's a three-pronged one by an American company). It hurts a lot to stretch it to the limit to create micro-tears to rub in the steroid cream.
>>4656 I'm circumcised and also developed stretch marks and discoloration from regularly jacking off without lube. I wouldn't mind being circumcised if it wasn't for that.
>>4664 at least you don't have vitiligo Sadge


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