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8chan /late/ Anonymous 2021-01-14 (Thu) 08:16:16 No. 2305
I just came to know that 8chan /late/ was recovered, old posts are there but almost all images are missing.
Took them long enough! Here's to hoping more boards are brought back as basically static archives of the mid to late 2010s.
I wish I could find my old post again :(
>>2305 One day I hope /doomer/ is recovered and or properly revived somewhere. If anyone knows of a bunker point me in the right direction please.
>>2305 Hey! That last one is me! I posted that!
>>2305 Is there anywhere that you can find the majority of the 8ch website archived in one place?
>>6643 Be the freak you want to see.
>>8534 No, you'll have to dig deep into archive.is for old saves.
>>8534 8kun itself, if you dare to go there, has a bunch of boards preserved, albeit with the images gone.
>>8840 Any idea why the images are gone?
>>8850 Maybe jim trying to cut server costs of all those images? I'm pretty sure it was when he killed 8ch and the boards that applied for conservation were transferred. Images posted after that work fine (not that anyone really uses it).
>>8850 >>8851 Correction on that last bit. Even some new images still 404.