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putting everything behind for the 3rd time Anonymous 01/16/2021 (Sat) 11:13:05 No. 2323
i've got nobody to talk to about this so here it goes pretty much i've been trying to make content on YouTube forever and the moment i post a half assed meme it sends my channel into orbit (1000+ subs afterward) and it just opened my eyes to how fucked it is anyway, on the verge of giving up and just putting it on hold because youtube isn't special for me anymore and it hasn't been forever. been thinking about deleting everything and moving on, i think it's time to put the past away
you can always put the past away and not delete it. Personaly I don't delete things like that. I keep them so I can look at them later on at life and reflect on it. What I would do is private or un-list everything. or just keep it public and not interact with it. If it is really bothering you and you want to keep doing it later on, just take a break. you may not have the same amount of viewers when you come back, but if it helps it helps.
>>2324 on my older projects, i usually just privated them and downloaded all the videos locally. i do this for privacy reasons so if i ever want to ungoogle myself i can just delete everything and still have a copy of the content ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
>>2323 >youtube isn't special for me anymore and it hasn't been forever nothing feels special forever and no matter how passionate you are about something there will still always be periods where you don't feel anything for it or may even hate it, that's just the nature of things just something to keep in mind before you give up, i have no idea what youtube means/meant to you but i think it would be a shame if it was something you cared about and ended up giving up on it also putting it on hold or quitting is one thing, but deleting everything and robbing yourself of the opportunity to go back in the future or at least look back on what you've done isn't a good idea imo, you can't really know how you might feel about things in the future
Embrace the algorithm.
that's a big oof if i were you i would try to separate my real identity from the channel and monetize the fuck out of it and make as much money as possible from the the channel and abandon it as soon as it's not profitable anymore
How do you mean 'fucked'? Like, how popularity is capricious and stupid?
>>2323 I really thought this thread was going to be used for self promotion and to get some validation after narrating a sob story, but on a site this inactive? Are you really that serious about your youtube channel?
>>2323 I know how you feel OP. I have a weird issue like this myself right now. I set up a youtube channel a few years ago to do Warhammer painting videos. I got some decent growth and was getting 4k views a video if I whored it around in the usual fashion. I ended up losing interest and walking away. I set up another channel a while later and tried to network hard, got lots of feedback and improved my video quality because of it but ended up abandoning it for a year or so. I recently got an e-mail from youtube saying I had hit a subscriber mile stone (10 times what I had when uploading regularly) and one of my videos had a lot of views. I'm now torn on returning to the channel or leaving it dead. I really want to get into the industry as a tutorial writer. I don't have the personality for video making, or rather youtube won't let me have my personality. I'm not the cartoon character click bait guy so I'm never going to make it big off of youtube (those guys raped the community too. Click bait crushed a niche group because it appealed to the kickstarter fake nerds over the real ones and now you can't find any good content because of it). I can't tell jokes because my sense of humour is dark and I'm already concerned of youtube banning me for posting WW2 tank model videos. So I'm stuck in this limbo where I can't make videos in the style I want without risking losing the channel, not because I'm edgy but because every purge goes deeper and I expect "How to paint German WW2 tank model" is going to be on the chopping board the moment they see the iconography on it. It's this weird limbo where I need exposure but in modern times exposing yourself only leads to being fucked over unless you're so bland no one cares or so over the top you can molest a bunch of teenage girls and everyone gives it a pass. It's sad that DSP's route of so bad it's good is the most creatively interesting avenue left.


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