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(2.43 MB 3264x2448 20210124_233359.jpg)
new newfag here Anonymous 01/24/2021 (Sun) 23:45:42 No. 2368
stumbled upon imageboards about a month or 2 ago , found this one a couple of hours ago , seems pretty chill its not late late but like late enough to emerge and say hi lol. amny advice for a ratard like me coming into a place like this? thx
(77.38 KB 700x700 OP robs sperm bank.jpg)
>>2368 Nice to know that at least we’re getting some new ppl. This place has been dying
(50.53 KB 827x785 image0-178.jpg)
>>2369 just got bullied and told im gay , gonna go drink cum and forget my problems
>>2375 doesnt look too dead
>>2368 Interesting choice to post a pic. Welcome, uhhh lurk on boards more in general anons here are pretty kind but that won't be the case everywhere you go. Post something when it feels like vibes with a given thread when you want to be amiable. You're not doing too bad, no major formatting issues in how you write so you're not a turbonormie or anything.
>>2383 thanks for the advice , also just thought fuck it for the pic , seemed fitting enough for a board about being past someones bed time
Just take it easy~ Read some threads and post whatever is on your mind. It's all for fun and being comfy.
>>2369 Perfect advice actually, like when you think about it it's actually pretty smart >>2368 Just take it as you want, check the radio out it's really nice I listen to it almost everyday. We also have a minecraft server it's pretty chill. And the imageboard itself is really nice and comfy. Most people are very friendly, we post gondola memes, we play video games, listen to chill music and watch anime (especially Lain). That's the average user of /late/ right there for you. -Your dear anon who believes in you
>>2452 thanks anon , hopefully i wont make myself look like a twat
(3.27 MB 3714x1833 x's world234525234.PNG)
>>2383 I'm the anon who posted this the other night. It seems I didn't read the room well enough myself. I came off a little standoffish on purpose because the culture on many imageboards would bulli relentlessly for a facepost. I enjoyed it though and your post is original for culture here. I gotta get in on that minecraft server when I have the energy. Hope yinz stick around long enough. I started playing X's alpha minecraft world a little while ago and am working to expand his old base in a way that makes aesthetic sense. If I remember I'll see if I can get another image of the tunnel I'm digging to the mountaintop station.
i know that you spent 200 english pounds on a macbook that was sold in 2012, i also know that you have a samsung A3 Hey brother
>>2466 havent played minecraft in a while , might get back into it lol
>>2469 use an onion you pleb!
>>2469 HOW
>>2466 post the world so far!
(349.44 KB 921x1055 1367106505.png)
nice to see a new person joining us. can't say much more than everyone else here; just chill and have fun! this is a good place to go when you can't sleep and you just wanna talk.
>>2368 this shall be the thread that people use to introduce themselves
>>2452 iv been here for a while and i don’t recall seeing this radio. where is it?
>>2566 radio.late.city
>>2567 thanks
Newfags should lurk moar and post less. At minimum you should be waiting 6 months before you interact on image boards
>>2532 nice idea , but probably wont be a thing
>>2599 guess ill go back to lurking then
>>2658 See if you can find your shift key while you're at it. And learn how to quote multiple posts at once. Newfags always need to lurk. It's a golden rule and no one remembers it any more.
>>2532 >>2599 i know this sounds mean, but this thread will be more of a "this is not how you should do when you're new to imageboard" example to newcomers. in fact, not just imageboards, but any places at all, i mean, even irl you don't expect other people to come to your house or a shared place/platform, and start acting like it is now their house. there are certain ways of doing things in any place, and ah... people got to understand that by observing/lurking first.
Is no one going to mention how OP is an obvious glownigger?
>>2717 wdym he literally is just being normal and shit
>>2717 What? Why would we be infiltrated via a psyop?
(2.23 MB 1920x1080 wallhaven-4gwldn.jpg)
>>2721 > wanting normalfaggots on your IB Spoonfeeding is the worst thing one can do. Either lurk or gtfo
>>2599 First time posting here, long time imageboard user (started circa 2007ish), you were to lurk two years last I checked when people did care. Now they don't.
>>3578 Spoonfeeding isn't the issue with normalfaggots really. The only thing that could get them to behave is to forcefully explain things to them after all, not that they'd listen of which is why indeed gatekeeping is warranted. Not that any IB is good at gatekeeping, they either have rigid rules or just let the gay on in. Third option is they are dead in traffic because the traffic IS the sheep you hated. So, autism, gay shit, or dead.
>>3578 Sussy
>>3578 based


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