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(956.27 KB 1920x1017 javaw.png)
old minecraft aesthetic / comfy thread Anonymous 02/02/2021 (Tue) 06:33:12 No. 2474
old minecraft is very /late/ and comfy, please post your experiences and screenshots, i'll start
>>2474 I have a map I've been playing on Alpha 1.2.6 for around 9 years now, will share in the morn.
>>2474 Did I inspire you with my x post a few nights ago anon? I'll post the tunnel tomorrow sometime thanks for making this thread
>>2476 maybe
(456.23 KB 1366x738 mcshot.png)
(503.83 KB 1097x636 old comfy server.png)
I love seeing screenshots of alpha Minecraft, those times coincided with what I'd say were the happiest days of my life. Had just reached adulthood, was almost done with high school, recently made friends for the first time, finally had money, could afford to replace my toaster from 1998, and overall felt hopeful for once. First pic is the only alpha screencap I have left. I thought I took one from this old /v/ server, but I guess I lost it. It was a cool picture. We found a really interesting mound with a big hole through it and made a watchtower out of it. I remember us also using a server mod called "Runecraft" that let us cast spells by placing multiblock structures. I also have a map of a server Tohno-chan used to have, one of the comfiest servers I've played on. Especially with the Painterly Pack loaded.
>>2480 Man, the painterly pack, nostalgia. Good story Anon, I'm glad to see someone else shares the same good memories from this game as I do.
>>2480 windows 7 </3
(661.80 KB 1394x704 unknown.png)
(505.81 KB 1394x704 unknown (1).png)
>>2474 base i've been makin'
(264.08 KB 854x480 skylight.png)
>>2483 skylight
(1.41 MB 3815x2081 2.png)
(1.70 MB 3827x2091 3.png)
reuploading the first one from the other night. I'm playing X's world from X's Adventure's in Minecraft. Working on finishing what I assume was his plan to build a tunnel to the Mountaintop Station. Planning on building a rail network named X-Link.
>>2493 this is nice, i've made a lot of progress on my world (post above), i'll post in a few days after the bridge is done
i was not privileged to have experienced the old days of minecraft it makes me sad :(
(486.08 KB 800x551 800.png)
(602.70 KB 800x450 234534.png)
(40.20 KB 399x599 399.jpg)
>>2510 there's always time to start. pick an alpha version before the nether was added in 1.2.0 If you want to get really esoteric you could try playing infdev or even indev. Infdev is probably the farthest back you can go where the game is very playable and still has gameplay loops that are mostly familiar. Infdev still generates the best cliffs and mountains in my opinion though alpha rounded out the generation to be more coherent. Indev had cute mobs and highly experimental terrain generations.
>>2510 yeah just do what >>2510 said alpha post nether is pretty cool, but i have an affinity for the light green grass
(1.24 MB 1920x1017 bridge.png)
>>2504 bridge is probably like 2.5/4 of the way done, need to finish the frame to make it not look awkward, but there it is
>>2521 Woah, that's way bigger than I thought it would be.
>>2522 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
(578.95 KB 792x964 1602369968964.png)
would it be possible to get a server running on alpha minecraft? that could be a cool alt server for anons who'd find that comfier
>>2530 i'm thinking about it but i've had really bad experiences hosting servers in the past, but if someone else wants to set one up and manage to get h-mod setup (pre-bukkit) and some working plugins, i'd be down to play (like authme, etc)
(634.82 KB 1920x1027 bridge1.png)
(1.34 MB 1920x1027 bridge2.png)
>>2521 done, gonna work on a huge waterslide and post a yt video when it's done.
>>2546 somehow i depleted all my iron, diamond, and wood reserves so i practically have to start over and mine for better tools so i can finish the waterslide, but it's around 1/8th of the way there, will post pics in the morning
(575.82 KB 1920x1027 longfall.png)
>>2546 long way down...
(619.76 KB 1920x1043 storefront.png)
(789.84 KB 1920x1043 park.png)
(450.55 KB 1920x1043 main_base.png)
(789.84 KB 1920x1043 park.png)
(2.18 MB 1920x1043 above_i_guess.png)
(323.63 KB 1920x1043 and_they_call_them_miiineeesss.png)
y'alls nostalgia made me load an old abandoned world i had just for screenshots, nothing as impressive as the things here but whatever... now im sad :(
>>2620 ...dammit, fucked that one up real good
>>2620 This isn't even my world and it makes me sad :( just something about wandering around an old abandoned Alpha world seems so surreal to me.
>>2624 that's insane, i stopped playing on my world (the pics from earlier in the thread) and it will probably look like that one of these days
(439.66 KB 854x480 wsprogress.png)
>>2563 been busy with school and life, here's progress i guess
>>2620 I wish I could get alpha to work on my computer so I could share screenshots of my first-ever world. I don't know if it's a Linux thing or a launcher issue or what, but it just refuses to start up. Then again, there's a chance I've carried that world over to beta or even the full release, so alpha may not even load it anymore.
>>2661 the latest version to load it in being safe would be up to Beta 1.7.3, anything beyond will break the map file
>>2661 the latest version to load it in being safe would be up to Beta 1.7.3, anything beyond will break the map file
>>2656 pausing work on the map, a tree fell on my house and destroyed everything lmao
>>2702 salvaged the map file from the accident, gonna load it on my laptop
>>2702 Wait? A real tree on your real house!? I hope you don't have winter wherever you are anon that really sucks.
>>2732 yeah lmfao, everything's alright though it didn't do too much damage.
(636.55 KB 1920x1027 wsprogress2.png)
>>2656 a bit of progress now, the show must go on.


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