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It's late and I'm not happy Anonymous 2021-02-05 (Fri) 00:27:05 No. 2497
Make me happy now or I will lay a curse on your bloodline.
Here, watch this video why Shrek is the best movie ever made. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wiFU5gPbnw
(29.43 MB 636x360 what a classic madoka.mp4)
>>2497 Hard to know what will make you happy with so little info, but I'll give it a shot. >>2498 >pyrocynical Isn't he some yt drama faggot?
>>2499 Yep
>>2500 How in the actual fuck do people pay attention to yt drama, how are they personally invested in the lives of yt people, beyond what they make?
>>2499 Your bloodline is now double cursed. They will have slant eyes and buck teeth forever! >>2501 YT faggots work like a cult. In place of family and friends these youtubers raise children from cradle to grave. If your mother and (if you know him at all) gave you an ipad at 3 and sat you in the corner who do you think you would bond with more? Minecrafty Mike or the woman who puts you to bed and gives you one of the three foods you eat?
>>2506 Oops that playlist is locked. here's the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SY3y6zNTiLs
>>2507 That was great. It made me laugh. The Cacodemon blesses your family line with great hair and a winning smile!
>>2542 The cacodemon curses your bloodline with a youtube age verification and the head of every household will go on his TV show and shove butt plugs up his asshole every chance he gets.
>>2499 >Isn't he some yt drama faggot? he does dabble in some drama bullshit but i watch more of his video essay content
>>2545 please forgive me cacodemon
>>2571 No. Post better videos!
(2.67 MB issue1.pdf)
Donk and Spud
(5.30 MB issue2.pdf)
water sports
(5.41 MB issue3.pdf)
marine corpse
(6.87 MB issue4.pdf)
pretty head machine
(11.05 MB issue5.pdf)
a void at all costs
>>2578 The cacodemon blesses your bloodline with fast jumping skills and the ability to shout "HUH!" better than any one else. How many obscure fanzines and comics have been lost over time? That would make a good /late/ topic.
>>2587 the degra>>2587 grrrrrrrrrr submit to your black masters, please