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Comfy cooking Anonymous 02/10/2021 (Wed) 03:01:36 No. 2640
It's 2am, you don't know where your life went so wrong but you need something to eat. Post your best videos and recipes for comfy /late/ nights. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRVbi2Tk_1Y
>>2640 two eggs two slices of chedder cheese
s-s-say no more. >>553 though to be fair a few simple crackers, and a cup of hot coffee or choco would be fine i mean i don't want to feel full, just wanna 'eat something'
>>2640 Ramen, every time.
usually i just grab whatevers in the fridge but ive made spaghetti with potatos a few times , doesnt work but works for me
scrambled eggs is good eggs are cheap too so you dont feel bad for eating a bunch money is tight that or some fresh baked bread now thats some REALLY good stuf i mix an individual portion of flour, an egg, milk and some oil and put that in the oven, doesnt take too long to bake and makes you feel nice and warm >>2646 what do you do with the eggs do do you just eat them raw?
>>2684 >do you just eat them raw? ugh no way! i dont make scrambled eggs, more like an omelette. i eat one or two every morning for the good cholesterol as my arteries are fucked from years of cigs and weed. sometimes ill add some bacon jerky
(1.82 MB 900x506 crossfire.gif)
>>2684 so i ate some frozen kale and blueberries with greek yogurt a few hours ago and now im shitting full sized blueberries like that old board-game crossfire. i guess i should chew my food in the future
Salad, Italian dressing, Italian bread broken up and toasted to imitate croutons. Green lettuce, parmasan cheese. When I need fiber I eat lentils. When I want meat it's hot dogs, bologna or pepperoni on a sandwich usually.
>>2695 Far too fancy. Why not just boil up 24 eggs and eat one whenever you're hungry?
If you have dried bread you don't know what to do of, do this: In a bowl put some sugar (any amount you want, than crack an egg (crack two if you have a lot of bread) Then put some milk (like a glass/cup) and mix it together until you feel it's good enough. Cut your dry bread in slices that can fit in the bowl. Duck the bread slices in the bowl so it gets drenched with the preparation. Make sure not to do it to long so it doesn't crumble. Then heat up a frying pan, put some butter in it. When the butter has melted put your drenched bread slices in the frying pan and let it rest, moving it from times to times so it doesn't burn. Return the slices too so both can fry. Do this until both sides are golden. Put it in a plate and put some sugar on it until you're satisfied. And there you go. This is called Pain Perdu (Lost Bread in french)
Beans, rice, meat, in a pot, with some turmeric (mostly for color) and chili powder. I like this because 45 minutes of effort translates to quite a bit of protein and calories, but it's pretty boring unless I use something pre-spiced like italian sausage. Fortunately, staying retarded about this is voluntary: https://www.seriouseats.com/2016/09/best-dried-beans-add-aromatics-herbs.html >onions, carrots, garlic, and celery, and then heartier, woodsy herbs, like rosemary, sage, and thyme, which marry beautifully with the earthy-sweet flavor of beans The idea of using an infuser for this make brain more feel big, I must say. I also like ochadzuke, which is literally "rice with tea poured over it", but the idea is more like rice soup using tea for stock. You can put whatever else you want in it, usually salmon with some kind of garnish. You can cook the rice in the tea, but for the sake of 2 AM no-effortism, just pouring the tea on microwaved leftovers yields something relatively tasty, with that extra pre-dawn caffeine kick.
>>2640 ramen w/ a ton of chili powder, chicken seasoning (or broth), garlic, etc.
my favorite dish is spicy spaghetti with chicken meat


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