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unexplained stories or random scary experiences Anonymous 02/12/2021 (Fri) 05:16:35 No. 2723
it wouldn't be /late/ without a story to keep you awake all night.
>>2723 i saw a tall figure outside the glass door at 3 am probably, it could've been anyone in my house but still crazy
(33.21 KB 512x288 Hermit.jpg)
>>2723 Not really scary, in my opinion, but I really feel bad for whoever Le Loyon is. The poor guy was just living innawoods and normalfags got the police all over him for no reason. I doubt it, but does anyone know anything about the guy personally?
>>2723 Does anyone know if there were any actual crimes related to those clown sightings that happened a few years ago? I remember hearing about kids all over the country having problems with them, and even some schools took precautions around them. I assume most of them were just Halloween pranksters, but were there any actual criminals that took advantage of the trend?
(1.76 KB 70x125 SPOOK.jpg)
>>2723 I want to know if anyone here has played Schnell Online. It got taken down pretty quickly, but what was the gameplay like?
(12.24 KB 282x180 Luminal Road 2.jpg)
>>2723 >be me >27 year-old ginger neckbeard >Born and raised in Appalachia (WV) >Mountaineer by trade, not for fun >Work with survey teams for local mining concerns >Just signed with new outfit, looking for new coal deposits >Friend transfers with me, we'll call him 'Phil' >Phil works with survey equipment, I guide the team >Company is based in California, has no clue how things work out East >Most of the crew are bussed in from San Francisco, never been east of St. Louis >Decide to fuck with them >We have an urban legend, pretty much completely spread by local black-lungers >The Coalman (Urban version) or the Howler (Miner version) is said to walk the hillsides, trying to kill work crews in its "territory" >Guys blow it off, except Phil, since he grew up here and knew the background of it better >Start out >The particular mountain we're climbing has a winding ridge we ride to the proposed dig site >Getting dark >Shit.png >Bears come out to hunt game in the evening; we set up camp >Start telling stories, mostly about women, while eating our crappy bean rations (we were saving the good stuff for the trip back >Cars can't fit on the ridge, so we are backpacking our equipment >Sun goes down >Most of the new guys get into their tents, but Phil and I stargaze because we don't mind the cold >Distant howling >Phil looks at me >Just wolves.mp3 >5 minutes pass >Getting ready for bed >Louder howl >~225 db plus (guessing obviously) >Not a wolf >Fml >Howler is said to be like the Rake in appearance, but hates getting close to its targets >Realize he's trying to disturb the sediment with shrieking >Kek >Get the Califags up and book in for nearest overhang, leave most bags and tents >Minor avalanche, nobody hurt, and the thing fucks off >We watch the opposite hill (where he was screaming from, or at least where it sounded like) >Doesn't come back >No radio check in >DNR gets a helicopter to us, because the company is too cheap to pay for these things >Helicopter stops briefly over the dig site >Camera flash.mov >When we get back to valley (town) company finds shitton of coal at the side of the peak I think that thing was guarding the coal, but obviously I kept that to myself. Most of the guys did, they knew suitfags wouldn't care. Still joke about it, most guys like the legend, never seeing it of course. Still mountaineer, try to avoid coal jobs, finished my contract and work for an iron firm now. Thank God we made it out. Picture unrelated
>>6123 Weird, I have similar stories about different creatures that sound similar to that, same area in the Appalachians too. Coal mining is a pretty creepy job in it's own right. >>5977 Afaik, Schnell was an art experiment made by another attention whore from /x/. I don't know if the online demos from NEXPO or whatever are even real.
>>6127 Shame about Schnell, it looked like a neat 90's experiment. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had a collection of [original] SCP threads from /x/ (such as 689, etc.); I love SCP in its original format, but it is getting hard for me to sort out new and old, and I don't have the patience to read a new one by chance and be disappointed. Thanks, frens.
>>6130 Here's 137. https://web.archive.org/web/20080605225613/http://4chanarchive.org/brchive/dspl_thread.php5?thread_id=70544932&x=Special+Containment+Procedures I didn't care to look for more, but I just went to DuckDuckGo and searched for an SCP, and then checked the wikia page, then searched SCP (whatever number) /x/ archive
>>6138 Thank you, Anon, there are enough in this thread to get me by for awhile.


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