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(629.68 KB 768x1024 Solitude.jpg)
Anonymous 2021-02-12 (Fri) 05:52:57 No. 2725
who /schizoid/ here?
>>2725 no because mood stabalizers rn
i've considered it due to a few things, but mostly just refuse to entertain the idea because that will make it true.
I'm a sperg but have a decent amount of schizoid traits.
Me. It's just me in my own little world, can't ever connect to the outside it seems.
>>2725 fuck i looked up what it means and i think im very close to it
I thought I was a schizoid from a glancing perusal of wikipedia before. There are quite a few similarities between whatever I have and SPD, but there were ultimately some cracks and then breaks in that idea. I feel you though man.
I was diagnosed with aspergers as a kid, so I have schizoid-like traits and symptoms due to comorbidity
Fuck I think I might have it
(247.35 KB 449x478 1636081193492.png)
>>2725 I've considered the possibility before but don't actually believe it could be true.
>>3086 Same here, except I didn't get diagnosed until way later. I have no social life outside my family and don't really want one either.
(3.23 MB 750x748 CanvasGondola.webm)
>>2725 >Affected individuals may be unable to form intimate attachments to others and simultaneously possess a rich and elaborate but exclusively internal fantasy world. >Other associated features include stilted speech, a lack of deriving enjoyment from most activities, feeling as though one is an "observer" rather than a participant in life, an inability to tolerate emotional expectations of others, apparent indifference when praised or criticized, a degree of asexuality, and idiosyncratic moral or political beliefs. >Symptoms typically start in late childhood or adolescence. Not exactly my biography but it's close. Of course I haven't been diagnosed, and reading about things on the internet really proves nothing. But it would explain quite a bit, at least. If I were schizoid, though, what would getting diagnosed gain me? There's not really any effective treatment, maybe some pills to dull my mind. At that point, it's just a label to point at and say "Look, you're mentally ill, that's why you'll never fit in, never belong." I know that already.
it feels like that sometimes. either i pick to be more social at the cost of feeling genuine, or feel more genuine at the cost of never talking to anybody ever
Wouldnt be surprised if I'm a schizoid myself. I was diagnosed with avpd as a teenager. Theres a lot of overlapping traits for me, pretty much everthing in the greentext anon posted above. Especially isolation, and dificulty maintaining relationships with people.
(1.85 MB 3440x1440 1619674143192.jpg)
I've considered myself Bipolar ever since I was 14/15. Had really bad depression, anxiety and manic episodes all through out my teenage years which lead to moderate drug/alcohol abuse. The weed made me feel so calm in my chaotic and suicidal mind. Im now 21 and still have heavy depression. The weed doesn't help a lot anymore. My alcohol tolerance doesn't make drinking enjoyable anymore. I should probably see a therapist but I have trust issues and will probably never open up to a random person that wouldn't care at all if I wasn't paying them.
(23.82 KB 400x544 1616452044768.jpg)
i don't feel so good schizbros...
>>6434 I think you should see a therapist. You don't have to trust him or her, he or she will handle your issue discreetly [i] because [/i] you pay them. It's good to receive an objective viewpoint your issue. Kind of like posting on /late/ with the difference that a therapist is better qualified than anon to give you advice on how to handle your emotional issues.
>>6454 Im not looking for an anon to help me through my emotional state. I'm just venting to add unique content on this board. I think therapy is scam because at the end of the day. Eating healthy, working out, going outside, socializing, and surrounding yourself with positivity will help a lot.
>>6478 Absolutely do not see a therapist. What I would urge you to do consider is talking aloud to yourself like a crazy person whenever you get the chance - seriously have a one-sided conversation (speak in first person). It's completely different from the regular inner monologue, and in talking to nobody you might discover more things about yourself in a week than if you merely thought to yourself for a year. It's also more effective to talk yourself out of bad things out loud than in your head (use first person, don't refer to yourself as "you"). On the converse, meditation is also very valuable. Good luck anon.
>>2739 i think that's the best way to explain it.
>>5827 thirds. i like my circle, what's wrong with that?
>>5832 specifically: >a lack of deriving enjoyment from most activities, feeling as though one is an "observer" rather than a participant in life i literally told my s/o today that I envy people that can just enjoy things, I always have to analyze it
>>6434 >I should probably see a therapist but I have trust issues and will probably never open up to a random person i honestly felt the exact same way, but then the last two years of college I decided to see one and it honestly eventually helped and i was able to appreciate the difference
>>6478 >I think therapy is scam because at the end of the day. Eating healthy, working out, going outside, socializing, and surrounding yourself with positivity will help a lot. not that anon, but just live that life my friend. i'm right there with you brother.
>>6434 Is it weird that I have trust issues, but still open up to random people because I don't care if they are able to hurt me? I feel like a nihilistic approach does me better than continuing to despair down a circle of fear of trust violation.
>>2725 I was diagnosed with this about twenty years ago, when it wasn't the hip mental disease of the hour, I remember I was the first case the psychiatrist ever had. It kinda explained a lot because nothing in my life really made sense until that point and I felt like an actor that just goes through the motions but not really like I'm a part of it all. Life was all very confusing and disheartening for young me, I felt like some kind of psychopath. The diagnosis was also important in order to get a tugboat, which was incredibly necessary because I just stopped going to school one day, and my parents were very nonplussed abut that. (I just couldn't really pretend anymore that I cared. The school was haunting me for way too long with "support" because I was such a good pupil, which just exacerbated my alienation) I just couldn't imagine doing much of anything in my very social society where connections and "soft skills" are important. Haven't really done anything since. I collect old computers and generally swim in last century nostalgia. I live a comfy life in a small apartment with my small computers. The greatest thing to happen to me was the progress of AI storytellers and solo RPG games. I tried all kinds of therapy or medication, but none did really change anything for me in a lasting or meaningful way, although I still do online sessions with a therapist which is very understanding in that I just don't "need" much. I now take LSD analogues once in a while, they're still legal where I live. It doesn't "heal" me either and I eventually drift back to my old self, but it allows me to see things out of the box, which I find very enriching and helped me a lot out of this mental "poverty" I find myself falling into sometimes, where I turn into some sort of automaton. (I take them rarely, often going months without them) It could be worse. Important is to accept yourself for what you are, as lame as that sounds. It's pretty clear that the analogues will be put under a blanket-ban in my country and it's pretty much a matter of months at this point. I do need psychedelics to not disappear and I'm not sure what I'll do.
>>6621 On a tugboat, it sadly isn't that easy. I guess I'll finally learn about crypto and certain markets. Luckily, as buttmad as my gov. is about the sales of such substances, the law side doesn't care much about acquiring/consumption. It was still nicer to do it all perfectly legal.
>>6622 There's still shroom spores and mimosa bark.
I never bothered to go to anyone for a professional diagnosis, since I’ve been to a therapist earlier in my life and it left a bad impression so I have no desire to go to another one. In the course of researching on wikipedia various psychological things that had been bothering me (probably due to an existential crisis, or a loss of sense of self, or something to that effect), I came across the article on schizoid personality, and like any other disorder read on the internet, I took it with heavy skepticism knowing that it’s easy for anyone to slip into hypochondria and start checking boxes on a list of symptoms and conclude “omg, that’s so me”. I’m not looking for a psychological diagnosis to wear on my chest like these histrionic / bipolar types, or like the autists / spergs as an excuse for their odd behavior, I just want to better understand how I’m different from the rest of the normal world. If I can understand what makes me different from a normal persons perspective, then through the inverse I might understand what makes normal people different from my perspective. I kept finding my self coming back to the wikipedia page for it, so I looked into it a bit more. So what I finally stumbled upon was a treatment handbook for schizoids, which combines and analyzes information about schizoid personality from many different psychologists, as early as Carl Jung, regarding diagnostic criteria (including differential diagnosis, which is important for distinguishing between schizoid, schizotypal, schizophrenia, autism, etc.), and treatment strategies (good to read, but don’t expect to be able to actually treat yourself with it). This was what took me from “hmmm, well maybe that’s me, maybe not” while reading the wikipedia article to “oh fuck, that’s dead on”. Too much matched up with me, and some parts read like an autobiography, so I can’t deny it. The title is “Treatment of schizoid personality - An analytic psychotherapy handbook”, in case the pdf doesn’t upload. www. proquest .com/openview/10cb591b9eb8147e5881ffc5bb279e66/
How can you tell the difference between avoidant and schizoid?
(92.03 KB 980x694 Fig 3.2.png)
(155.10 KB 752x864 Fig 3.12.png)
(134.79 KB 682x918 Appendix II.png)
(107.64 KB 993x710 Appendix V.png)
>>6734 In yourself or in others? Appendix II should answer your question either way. Depending on the context: some look at avoidant like a milder form of schizoid, and others see it as one of the subtypes of schizoid personalities.
>>6736 I meant it to myself, but won't hurt knowing about others. One of main difference is avoidant wants to be around other but can't because of bad experiences in the past while schizoid are born and content to be like that. did i get it right?
>>6742 No, your mistake is in thinking that anyone is born with any of these personality disorders. While there are certain genetic traits that can make people more susceptible to developing a disorder - it isn't fate. Past experiences, upbringing, traumas, etc., especially in childhood and early life, can influence anyone into developing a disorder. If you're trying to understand your self better, focus on your self as you are now, and which of these criteria you match up with (if any) while distinguishing from the others; only after that should you look to the past. If you were schizoid and looked at the schizoid profile, you would probably match, to at least some degree, with items on the list the higher it is, but find there are too many items on the avoidant profile high on the list that don't match you at all. If you were avoidant you would have several traits of the schizoid, but would experience the social anxiety and stress, fear of rejection, feeling inferior, etc. that a schizoid would not. Keep in mind that with this view of it all being on a spectrum of schizophrenia, that there is going to be a bit of overlap. If you've concluded that there are too many matches with one of the profiles for you to ignore, and there are too many things missing or wrong with the other profiles, then you can start trying to figure out the past to understand how/why you are the way you are.