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How do you spend your /late/ nights? Anonymous 2021-02-13 (Sat) 04:25:51 No. 2746
What do you do while everyone else is sleeping? What websites do you browse? What hobbies do you do while the moon is high?
>>2746 > What do you do while everyone else is sleeping? Think endlessly about the future, my future, what I'm gonna do when I need to get a job after graduating, my dreams. > What websites do you browse? This one, Reddit, whatever I can find in the corner of the net. > What hobbies do you do while the moon is high? see above
>What do you do while everyone else is sleeping? Pretty much what I do during the day, honestly. Especially when it's -30 outside, I can't see for shit, and everything is covered in ice. But also, >>2611 >What websites do you browse? I try not to, but I can't help humping a few bookmarks for content: gab, bitchute, late, 8chan. Idle scrolling is bad for you. >What hobbies do you do while the moon is high? Programming. Lately I'm learning Forth and Scheme, and trying to make it so that I can send code from my editor to an interpreter running in the background. Japanese, too. Gonna watch this titty witch play Chrono Trigger later and try to absorb. I saw a TED talk yesterday saying that you can learn a language in six months if you immerse yourself AND actively try to grasp meaning. You need to be in a state of half-ignorance in order to grow; you won't learn anything from total ignorance or total knowledge, and the lynchpin is context. I understand the context of CT very well. https://youtu.be/m88Eok9_6zc Educational titty witches. What an age we live in.
>>2748 You just want to watch some buck tooth, slant eyed thot and simp for her. You aren't going to learn a language by watching titty streamers.
>>2749 How's your night going? Are ya winnin, son?
>what do you do while everyone else is sleeping meditate, talk with eurobros, wait for something to happen. sometimes i cook. >what websites do you browse this one and other altchans. that's pretty much it. I've been trying to catch up on my reading more than surf the cyberwaves lately. right now I'm trying to familiarize myself with Jung. >what hobbies do you do while the moon is high /nightwalk/
>>2746 > What do you do while everyone else is sleeping? probably jacking off or thinking about things i could've done and daydreaming (but this is when everyone is sleeping so it's nightdreaming ?) > What websites do you browse? Reddit, Youtube, /Late/, Discord > What hobbies do you do while the moon is high? Thinking about becoming a game dev and drawing shit but doing nothing about it because im a lazy shit cunt
>>2750 I am.
>>2755 Definitely go for it. I just hope you're not the type to lose motivation quickly like I am. Been trying since 2010 to make games and all I have to show for it are a Tetris clone, some puzzle game based on another anon's idea, and at least 5 unfinished projects. Maybe I just dream too big. About the only advice I can provide is to use a premade engine instead of making your own. Also, if success is one of your goals, then you've got to network with people. E.g. if your game is inspired by another game, look for a community centered around that game and try to make friends there as you're working on yours. If you're lucky, someone there might have a decent following and will share your game with their buddies if they like it.
>>2758 >About the only advice I can provide is to use a premade engine instead of making your own. Also, if success is one of your goals, then you've got to network with people. E.g. if your game is inspired by another game, look for a community centered around that game and try to make friends there as you're working on yours. If you're lucky, someone there might have a decent following and will share your game with their buddies if they like it. qft. I never had much success with gamedev. Lots of ideas (many of which were good enough for others to independently invent and implement) and plenty of talent as a programmer, but I always insisted on doing things "my way", which is to say "not using any gay-ass engine" like gadot or unity. But worse was my refusal to network, which was partly owing to my failure to develop an idea with the intention of selling the finished product or which other people might at least plausibly give a shit about. You have to make gaining some kind of return part of the plan, because the lower you aim in that regard the faster you'll realize "if I'm going to sweat this much over a task, I should apply the effort to something else in my life that'll actually matter."
>>2758 >Also, if success is one of your goals, then you've got to network with people. i might be the weird one here because making profits isn't the only reason i want to become a game dev because i like sitting on a computer typing shit and i really like coding but again im a lazy shit cunt so i don't go very far (for now maybe) and i used to draw a lot (not very good mind you) but now i barely touch a pencil thinking about rekindling my past hobbies to better myself
>>2758 If you're barely done it in ten years you have no real interest in it. >>2760 Less than 1% of games make a profit If you're doing it to make a profit you will make one game and never touch game dev again. >>2787 I wish there was a website good for finding new hobbies. All the click bait ones are bitch basic or consider trading stocks as a hobby
(1.46 MB 1257x1641 p9.png)
I collect old stuff, because I pretty much don't like new stuff. If I had the space and money, I'd get a real library going, and some old computers from the 80's. But since I'm a poorfag, I instead download lots of related stuff, and use emulators.
>>2795 The feel of using an older system and emulation is very different. Emulation by cart feels slightly closer to the original because you have invested in it. Being able to download hundreds of games at once and switch to them with a flick of the wrist makes them all equally worthless. Having to get up and change the cart and physically buy/get it makes you value them a lot more.
(46.48 KB 700x524 Amstrad CPC 464.jpg)
>>2806 I'm mostly interested in computers though. Basically everything from early kit computers like Nascom up through the death of Commodore (mid 90's). My parents bought a text-only CP/M computer in the early 80's (Osborne 1) that I got to use on occasions. That was my first real exposure to computers and everything about it felt immensely satisfying to me. Nobody taught me anything, but we had all the (very extensive and high quality) manuals that came with the computer and documented everything about it that anyone from complete novice to seasoned assembly language programmer would need to know about it. Sitting down in front of the computer at age 9 with those big fat binders with thick paper that talked about CP/M commands, batch files, MBASIC, memory layout, etc. was pure magic. I don't think this experience could be replicated today, because computers have become too common and appliance-like. Back then the user was really expected to learn and everything was designed to facilitate that. Some years later (~ 1985) I got my own very first computer, an Amstrad CPC 6128. It was similar to the one in pic, same green monochrome monitor, but a 3-inch floppy drive in the place of the tape drive. And also it had twice the memory (128KB in two banks, since the Z80 can only directly address 64KB at any given time). I never bought any games for it (well I didn't have the money anyway) but I had a few dozen blank floppy disks that soon became filled with games copied from other kids at school. One disk could fit about a half dozen typical commercial games like Arkanoid, Gryzor, Ikari Warriors, Beach Head, Ghosts 'n Goblins, Knight Lore, Paperboy, Gauntlet, etc. Some were bigger than others, but generally that was about what I could fit on those disks. Now I didn't have "hundreds of games", but I had a heck of a lot, enough that I never got bored or managed to finish most of them. But I kept trying, because getting to the next level that I never saw before was a kickass experience that I doubt can be replicated today, with all the screenshots and spoilers floating around. Again another magical experience that's been lost. And it was also a voyage of discovery, because for the most part these games didn't have much documentation. I mean, if you actually bought them you'd get manuals or at least a blurb on the cassette or diskette case inlay, but these pirate copies were just cracked and nothing more. So it was also kinda fun to figure out wtf the game is about, because for many of them I'd never even heard of them before (other than the obvious arcade ports).
>>2807 That's pretty much how most nerd's childhoods went in Europe. The C64 was every where and it was so easy to pirate games. You would have literally hundreds of them because they cost like £2 from the news agents. It was a glorious age for random shit and pestering your parents to buy you castle quest 7 with your milky bar.
>>2848 >KYS Not cool anon
>>2848 didn't know people still hated on reddit, anon retards being retards as usual
>>2856 I understand lurking Reddit after it smothered countless smaller sites to death, but it's still complete cancer.
>>2856 i usually use reddit for porn, hentai and other coomer shit
>>2856 Reddit is a bad and dangerous site. Their upvote downvote system in specifc. They dont even show invidual upvotes and downvotes, just the total. It kinds of subtly programs people to think the most upvoted comment is the right opinion and the downvoted one is a bad one. Then add the fact that most of the site is left leaning to the point its a liberal circlejerk. Reddit will brainwash a guy into a npc with no thinking of his own.
>>2866 Reddit is not "left leaning". It's completely left and abusively so. There are countless subs which break the rules and are clearly bullying people but it's the right people so they can do it.
>>2746 >random pages on wikipedia. >going through some random blog. >listening to other people's music recommendations. >reading articles and history of cool buildings. >reading old magazines on archive.org. >browsing those websites that you bookmarked long ago but never visited on again.
>>2875 What magazines?
>>2884 lol falling for the left vs right narrative constrcut. you're just as stupid as the people you claim to be against
>>2914 what I'm saying is, until shit gets decentralized, fucking deal with it, nothing will change
>>2924 damn bro im sure you have a lot of friends and go outside a lot!
political fags
>>2870 Not true. Chapotraphouse was banned in the last purge IIRC.
>>2939 the internet friends in your hentai discord server doesn't count faggot
>>2924 Sad way to spend your free time. Never heard a man saying so proudly, that he likes to engage in political arguments with other losers. "Repills" my ass.
>>2924 >i redpill people on the holohoax I'm sure you've got great sources of information for your beliefs.
(107.92 KB 510x1499 1437510084978.jpg)
>>2953 Literal /pol/ schizos on this site too.
>>2956 and now you look foolish with your sad marxist meme that only points out how ignorant you are while you avoid responding to my post containing the information you asked for lol you lose and im done with you. you can lead a jackass to water but you can't always make it drink. i pity you
>>2957 Ah good one, but look buddeh I dont care about your jew boogeyman memes and if you are saying with a straight face that this is your idea of quality time, then I don't think you are the one who should be pitying anybody.
>>2956 Ikr. Never thought I would see holocaust deniers on late but here we are
>>2955 "If your mind is open enough" nigga this is a wordpress template website with a ton of misinformation and bullshit, if you believe this then you're fucked lmfao
>>2963 Who cares about what some dumb cunt said, and what side of a braindead political D&C model he's on. For me, the fact that the MSM and other human mind control systems push the holocaust myth so much is enough to know it's vastly overblown, if not outright fabricated. And there's also the fact that it's illegal to discuss the topic in public, most likely because the real-world data doesn't support the myth. If you want to know who rules over you, find out who you're not allowed to criticize. It's really just that simple. Also truth doesn't fear freedom of speech. Only lies require censorship.
>>2964 holy shit this is an epic redpill (((they))) don't want you to see! WAKE UP!!! >>2975 You don't have to tilt at windmills by denying history when you can just call out the Holocaust industry and leave it at that. You might as well believe that the Earth is flat because the media and government-controlled education system say it's not. You're doing nothing but shooting your own side in the foot by genuinely embracing that kind of mindless, knee-jerk contrarianism. You're really owning the Jews hard by adopting stupid ideas with little factual basis behind them.
This has gone on for too long. There are platforms to discuss politics other than late. Leave this kind of shit at the door. Any further political shit in this thread will result in a ban regardless of what opinion you espouse. Have a good night.
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(587.93 KB 700x200 7IYszWy.png)
>What do you do while everyone else is sleeping? I play pokemon romhacks, and look for games that will run on my somewhat shitty laptop. >>3012 Agreed. Late is for chilling.
(24.00 KB 729x318 Rescue-Rangers-s1.png)
>>3482 I spent my teen years fucking around with pokemon rom hacks on pokecommunity. Those were the days my friend. DS game were a big step up in hacking. Too hard for a casual, unless it has changed. Have you seen the ruby destiny series? He made a mystery dungeon-esque game, but out of a ruby rom!
>>3490 The original ruby destiny was the first romhack I ever played. It was very janky, but it got me hooked. I didn't know he made a mystery dungeon game. I'll have to check it out. Thanks friend.
The main ones lately: -Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead -Watch movies and write reviews -Write code and plan projects I miss browsing the internet. Years ago, I would be up late thinking about things, and I'd just google interesting phrases to see what people had to say. There would be all sorts of web 1.0 sites, personal or academic, with all sorts of information and opinions. Tech blogs are still valuable, but I feel like the more esoteric stuff is gone. I guess as the quality of the answers declined, I gradually forgot how to ask such questions.