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Anonymous 2019-08-13 (Tue) 16:49:28 No. 30
Why do you stay up late?

personally I find myself to be a lot more relaxed and creative at night. There’s no stress, you do what you want to do and no one else is awake to tell you otherwise, compared to during the day when there’s always things that have to be done, whether it be work or chores, a time when people expect things from you.

It’s a feeling that I can't really replicate during the day. drawing or reading in the dark while it rains outside with a cup of tea in hand is very comfy, a time when you can truly unwind.
(29.09 KB 800x800 lain.gif)
I cant keep a normal sleeping schedule. But moreover at night people arent around to be annoying.
I sleep excessively, sometimes just a couple hours off an entire day, but I find myself waking up in the late evening or early morning most often.
It might just be that it's easier to get out of bed when it's cooler and quieter.
Being around people makes me anxious, so I think part of my preference might be the feeling of fewer (conscious) people being around too.
I'm too lazy to fall asleep.
(106.21 KB 960x544 1471632223698-0.jpg)
>There’s no stress, you do what you want to do and no one else is awake to tell you otherwise
Your job or semester will always come back.
simply dont have enough free time
spending a third of the day sleeping is pretty dumb too
Late at night is when you're tired and your inhibitions drop, and I've noticed that's when I get less self-conscious when I'm creating stuff. I can throw around ideas without that voice in me going "dude that would suck, that's not good enough, don't use that" to nearly everything, but the problem is that I can't focus as well. So my usual method is to lay out the groundwork (e.g. the main melody for a song) while it's late and I'm less inhibited, then in the following afternoon or evening, fine-tune it (add bass/drums/etc, mix it, stuff like that) now that I have a sharper mind.
(379.25 KB 750x512 123123123.jpg)
I find it easier to feel things and be myself during the night, There is something very oppressive feeling about the day.
(3.60 MB 470x470 58ba32_7239427.gif)
I can exist outside of person, place, and time. My contemplation is done by night. My reinvention is done by night.
Most of the time, my restless mind keeps me up. Sometimes the nightmares chase the sleep away. Sleeping often feels less restful than being awake.
true, you then decide whether or not to suffer the consequence of being sleep deprived and not being able to function the following day. when I didn’t have as many responsibilities I use to do so often but it started to drive me a little insane

I suppose during the day we’re always so busy, distracted or spend time on tasks we need to focus on that we don’t really have the time to sit down and think about ourselves and our feelings
(901.42 KB 1358x768 loser.png)
I should do my schoolwork during the day. Should, but instead I spend the day doing jack shit. Where the fuck does the time go?
I feel liberated when everyone else is asleep.
I'm a night owl ever since gradeschool to college, my first and current job is on the late shift. I think I'm just a night person in general.
As others have noted, lack of inhibitions (good for creativity) and lack of noisy people are the main reasons. There's a nice atmosphere to the night. I don't loathe the day so much as I used to, but I will always appreciate the night.
I wake up at night and sleep during the day to avoid everyone around me. And i find it relaxing, calm and quiet.
I love the quiet, and I like the dark. I used to drive home from night classes at 12am and seeing practically no cars on the freeway and literally no cars in my city was nice. It's so quiet, so calm. It's the same reason I like being alone so much; people are chaotic, noisy, and distracting.
I have a bad habit of eating before I go to bed, so my sleep schedule is constantly fucked. I do feel a lot better at night, though.
It's quiet and this sense of peace is very conductive to learning. You can get lots of shit done when there isn't interruptions and distractions all the time.
When it comes to rain, ever since I was a kid I was kind of a sperg. I remember sitting in the rain for hours once when I was little. It's funny that I like the rain since I hate actually being in water, makes me feel like I'm being crushed
I can agree with all of that except for being in water. There's something special about going underwater during a big storm and hearing the rainwater splash on the surface of the sea.
(34.86 KB 480x879 sleep pills.jpg)
I don't want tomorrow to come.
But I also don't want today to stay.

What I would like to do instead however is to fuck sleep, cum inside, and then take responsibility.
>bad habit of eating before I go to bed
This is my exact same problem. It always ends up fucking over my sleep when I do eventually get some rest.
Try to eat at 6pm or 7pm, you'll feel better and lose weight. Rating before sleeping stuffs your metabolism.
It just feels better when I go to bed around 4AM. I feel more active in those hours of the night. I don't technically have any morning obligations so maybe I should allow it to happen. Is it bad for your health?
I love the cold, the silence and the emptiness. Recently, I've been sleeping all day, waking up at 7PM and going to bed at 6AM.
(1.28 MB 3000x2250 ern363634.jpg)
i guess like many here have mentioned,

i just felt better and more happy when the sun sets and more so during midnight hours. as cliche it may sound,i'm more alive and more comfortable about able to be myself.

and i guess also due to the fact that the climate of where i'm at, is just easily to get really tired/lethergic during the day.

>Is it bad for your health?

i've read about how our Circadian rhythm ("biological clock") is influenced by changes in light.. but generally if you are able to get a full 8-hour uninterrupted sleep, i guess u're pretty ok regardless of whether u sleep during daytime or nighttime.
Just a question for everyone in this thread. As everything for me was cancelled due to coronavirus, (work, classes, etc) and now I’m in quarantine at home with nothing to do, how can I safely shift my sleeping schedule to sleep during the day and wake up at night? Right now I’m following a regular routine of going to sleep around 10 pm then getting up around 9-12 am the next day. I really want to try a sort of nocturnal routine for at least once in my short lifetime. I haven’t tried inverting my sleep schedule before, so I’m kinda confused as to how I could just stay asleep throughout the day right after having gotten up. Any suggestions?
You have two options:

1) Stay awake throughout the whole next day and night until the time when you want to fall asleep, you'll be exhausted and fall asleep.

2) Slowly wind forward the time that you go to sleep each day, go to sleep at 12, then 2, 4, 6, 8.

My advice personally is never do the first way unless you absolutely have to, sleep deprivation is horrible. I'd also say whenever you wake up leave yourself a few hours of daylight, otherwise you'll be waking up in the dark every day and you'll feel like shit.
Why do I wake up? I could close my eyes and sleep forever; so I could truly wake up from this dream called "Life".
So I can comfypost with you guys.

PS: 666 GET!
(342.70 KB 2048x854 terracegarden.jpg)
with current situation (cities getting lock down and people working from home), guess more people would stay up late?


👌 alright~!
I've been doing lots of allnighters and staying up late ever since I didn't have to go to work anymore. It's 1:30 AM currently.
Oh hai satan
(26.42 KB 600x463 triphasic.png)
Because I like it. Like other anons have said, the solitude, silence, and even just the drop in temperatures is exhilarating. It used to be believed that the full moon and night air made you crazy, and I fully believe that. Something changes when you take a deep breath of cool air and look out at the landscape, any landscape, as it's reduced to silhouettes in the silver light. I have responsibilities during the day that unfortunately make it difficult for me to spend as much time in that other world as I would like, but I still make it work however I can. Pic related. Night=freedom.
I'm in quarantine because of covid-19 as well, going to definitely changing my sleep schedule for the night and just start posting here, keeping the circulation of content going. I wish you luck with your mission anon, I'm going to try and nap today and then stay up all night with the hopes of my sleep schedule shifting.
(54.66 KB 507x462 869769795.jpg)
I recently 'acquired' an immense stockpile of FDS games and I've been having the time of my life in the lockdown.

This for example: https://www.mariowiki.com/Kaettekita_Mario_Bros.

Its the last Mario game for the famicom and it's a lot of fun.
I used to do it to avoid the world, because of my insecurities, etc.
Now of course there's a plague on and I'm avoiding the world because of that.
I can't wait to nightwalk again.
>never do the first way unless you absolutely have to, sleep deprivation is horrible.
That, and it hardly even works. You'll make it through the first day and find your tendency hasn't miraculously flipped overnight.
Well cause we're stuck inside all the time, I've done it so that our lives aren't in sync and we get some alone time from one another.
During school I liked the silence and internet slowing down. Nothing to distract me. Throw on some music and crush assignments.

Now days it's because video games. I'll be lower rank overall because its harder at night but I get to play with higher skill players and people who try. No throwers, no squeakers, no leavers
I don't know, honestly. I'll take sleeping pills every night and procrastinate past sleeping until I decide to go to sleep after a night of browsing the Internet.
It's fucking over my body and I hate myself because of it
(517.38 KB 500x500 gimpy.png)
Many reasons:
- After the day's work is done I need a lot of time to mentally decompress from it. Five hours or more.
- When I make a good-faith effort to get to bed early I just sleep like shit. If I'm going to be tired anyway, might as well get the benefits of staying up late.
- My mood seems to be worst in the evenings, but after a few hours of suffering through that I get a second wind. I really do not want to waste the times during which I get to feel good.
- Things I have to do pile up until I get them all done in one night.
- I get absorbed in a particular piece of fiction and want to continue reading/watching it for hours.
>Why do you stay up late?
It was kind of just a natural habit when I was a kid. I didn't want to sleep at night and I'd get caught if I tried to play vidya so I stayed up entire nights watching Adult Swim with the volume at 1%. Years of procrasting and then finishing work the night before ended up reinforcing the habit. Now I just can't sleep before 3 AM.
I stay up late because there arent enough hours in the day
This. There are a million things I could be doing other than sleeping.

I also get poor-quality sleep anyway. No matter how many hours I sleep, I still feel like garbage when I wake up.
I had a more normal schedule when I was bit younger but now the whole schedule is off-wack. Nowadays I get to stay up really late doing a variety of activities like studying, or playing games, watching anime, learning how to draw.
Day time can be pretty and people are nice, but night will always be my preferred time of day. Night is a big and strong blanket that keeps me safe and comfortable. Daylight has always been too bright for me, any sound at all is far too loud. Night is dark, quiet, and calm. Other than the silence, it is like being back in the womb. Other times, I find my insomnia brings feelings and emotions that I can't find in my daily life: indescribable susceptibility for art and the evocation of emotion buried within it, vibrancy to the colors and sights around me, contemplative peace and contentment, and a wide range of ideas and processes that my mind doesn't excel at during the day but for some reason is keenly able with the relaxation of sleep deprivation. The isolation is the only thing I dislike about the night, but even then it isn't always the case. Late night drives, dates, conversations, all have been far more impactful in the late night than any in the day or evening.
Just not tired! I feel more alive when others are dead.
Allegedly, a term exists in Chinese (I think) that roughly translates to "Revenge Sleep Procrastination" It refers to people who push back their bedtime to have some modicum of control over their day. Whether the term actually exists and is used or not is pretty irrelevant, as I feel it captures a motivation to stay up late pretty effectively. You think "Fuck it, I'll sacrifice a few hours of sleep, I do what I want" and do whatever. There's no immediate consequence, you won't feel the lack of sleep until you wake up, so you feel that sort of power or freedom that comes with being able to do what you want when you want. It's not the entire picture for me, but I definitely have stayed up for reasons similar to this.
>>1527 Thank for bringing that up. I'll never get tired hearing about that phenomenon. They're delaying sleep which is the little death just like NEETs try to avoid getting a job.
Because I can do whatever I want. Even if I spend all day procrastinating (which I more than likely did) I can always just say to myself "eh it's too late, I'll do it tomorrow" and spend the night online, watching movies, or whatever. Every once in a while I feel productive and do some studying, but that's rare. Besides that it's just nice to have some personal time when everyone else is off in dream land. I feel so much calmer at night, it's kind of surreal.
>>1527 Interesting. That would apply to me, I feel. If I have busy day(s) when I can't do what I want, I just stay up late and have my free time then. Also everything is usually more calm and quiet during the night.
(373.50 KB 1152x648 maxresdefault.png)
Use to feel free doing my work / play during the night, but lately I've been losing that feeling. Probably due to the facts of not having a job rn, got some in mind, but just waiting till this semester is over.
It's mostly cause i'm pretty lazy and undisciplined. It's something i'm trying to work on but sometimes i just spend too much time on youtube or internet in general and there you go it's 3am already, and then i often wake up at 11am, great
(195.39 KB 1440x1080 EoKdnABVQAM-SQ3.jpg)
>>30 Same as most others here but I can just never keep a normal sleeping pattern for very long. I've been like this since middle school and my mother even mentioned that when I was a baby I'd always have this habit of constantly waking up in the middle of the night so it might just be a genetic thing. Not to say that I hate sleeping, quite the opposite in fact, I always love to take naps during the day whenever there's nothing for me to do.
i can never get good sleep , so i just say fuck it and stay up. i feel like i want to actually do stuff during the night , whether it be doing something productive or talking to someone (which i NEVER do at day). plus i can come here when its late enough :)
Because of misophonia and anxiety. The world is too dame noisy during the day.
i have games to play and im generally more focused during the night anyway
As a teen, I just couldn't sleep properly. As an adult, I was going a while with insomnia, but that faded out when I started dating a guy and sleeping with him. Eventually I started dating a girl and she has some medical condition that makes her sleep cycle wildly erratic, so I'm up in the night with her all the time. Her last girlfriend was a nightdweller as well, but needed more sleep in total, while I am more all over the place. It's been working fine though.
>>2384 dame, truly. noise/volume really is annoying, frustrating, distracting, worrying... it's just too much! have you ever tried going about your day with ear plugs in? I tried not too long ago, and a walk in the city became so (relatively) peaceful. too bad it's bad for your ears to have them in so often.
because at night i always feel more focused and "conscious" when it's day i feel not so good and i feel like so much more lazier and unfocused
Because at day my head is a lot noisier due to constant interaction with other people so I have to leave my work for mostly at night due to how calm it is.
>>2409 Someday you won't be video game nigger lazy to solve the problem by actually venturing into analog reality and finding different sizes and materials of ear plugs.
trying to stay up less this year moving into a new job with a tighter work schedule I mostly stay up because it is late when I get back from work, and I don't want to just have the day end right after I'm done working
because i stay up playing vidya and then get overwhelmed by my own thoughts keeping me up other than that its more peacefull at night and its quiet no pepole to bother me either
(91.06 KB 720x720 GNFrens.jpg)
Night worker here, so when I got some time I lurk on the internets. When not working, getting awake at night is part of my sleep habits. I always liked spending time at night when everyone is sleeping. However I like to spend some time in the daylight for my mental and physical health so I try to sleep just before the sunrise and being awake in the end of morning / beginning of the afternoon. Especially in springtime / summertime to go outside doing bicycle, swimming in the river and doing some normie things (groceries, administrative shits...). From time to time I like to sleep early at night and be awake early in the morning (before sunrise).
i stay up late because i have a internet addiction. i browse the web until i cant keep my eyes open
(51.83 KB 512x446 photo_2022-05-24_21-57-59.jpg)
>>30 As of late, I don't find myself staying just as late as I once was. My sleeping rhythm has changed completely, I'm more active now when it's around afternoon or a bit before 12 p.m. Though, I spend working days at my job.
(1.77 MB 290x221 1651396746065.gif)
Wanna hear something funny? I again started to sleep like a normal person. I used to stay up till 3 am, but now I go to bed at 10pm. The story behind it though is kinda cute, kinda pathethic. Maybe. I messaged a guy on instagram because I liked his art and asked if we could draw together. He opened up to me about his troubles and I related with him, so I conforted him. Skip two months later and it turns out the guy was actually a girl, we kinda hit off really well and are acting all sweet to each other. We spend whole days texting each other, sending pics, sometimes voice messages. Trouble is she sleeps at 10pm. So I kinda had to adapt to that I guess. Yeah, I know how cringe internet relationships are. If I should even call it that. And don't worry, I do realize all the things wrong with it. But I genuinely care about her. It's not about me really, I just want her to be in a better place and I hope I somewhat can help with that.
Lately I've been up until dawn fairly regularly. The air cools down and my laptop no longer needs to run the fan as I work. The kids in the neighborhood are asleep, as are the wiggers and their wiggermobiles. I get that sense that this is "my time." Nobody's going to bother me and all that. A kind of relief, like I can raise the blinds and look at the moon, sip my tea and listen to a symphony I've never heard before. Even if I use the time for something as mundane as making flashcards from a book, it just feels right. >>6879 It's nice when people can find happiness somehow. I hope her benis is very feminine.
>>6880 >I get that sense that this is "my time." Based /late/ enjoyer.
tend to stay up late bc the night time feels like my own time of being and daytime feels like time for other beings. idunno. new here doh. I feel like interacting with other nightly beings will be interesting. I also tend to be more creative at night and when I really push my wake time I get trippy feels. but the tired feeling can be a bitch.
>>6879 I did the same thing with adjusting sleep schedules with someone I met on the internet, but it wasn't romance. It was a fairly unhealthy friendship based primarily on stream of conscious creativity.
It changes with the times. Sometimes I just love staying up late. I've had times of my life where I'm busy most nights of the week till the wee hours of the morning having fun and getting up to trouble. Other times I have serious insomnia. I've not slept to avoid unpleasant dreams. I've not slept because I've had better things to do. Important projects, labors of love, or just some stupid bullshit like playing a video game. I've stayed up till dawn on voice calls countless times, and stayed up till dawn restless deep in thought many more. Many times I won't sleep because I keep getting ideas I want to write down, even if I'll never do anything with most of them. These days I stay up late because I can't stand not being the last to bed, and other people in my house stay up very late. Something about trust issues, I guess.
It feels more natural to me. Next year I will have been staying up all night every single night for 30 years. I'll be continuing this cycle until I'm dead I suppose.
Lately the gap between 10 PM and 4 AM seems to have shrunk to about 45 minutes.
>>8646 I know the feeling. It seems as if the night hours are less than they once were.
>>8652 If I'm honest, I'm spending too much time noline lately, shitposting here and there, checking this or that site. It's fun, but a huge timesink, and you lose any sense of the moment.
>>30 Perhaps I procrastinate so much, that I procrastinate from even sleeping and grown comfortable with it.
(43.24 KB 474x474 1666819685247.jpg)
>>32 Was just about to say that. No matter how hard I try I can't seem to sleep at night and stay awake during the day.