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Vagrant holiday Anonymous 03/06/2021 (Sat) 15:13:59 No. 3052
Wasn’t vagrant holiday surveillance camera man? Also what the hell happened to vagrant holiday he hasn’t posted in awhile
>>3052 why did you make this its own thread? it's not like he lives here Last time I checked he was going to australia
>>3052 Vragrant Holiday probably tries to stay underground. He deletes and reuploads his videos. Maybe he's waiting for the attention on his channel to die out before posting again. Also i hope he's doin well
>>3137 this is true. he's the same guy surrounding surveillance camera man, he doesn't like attention really. he'll probably come back within a year or so, or he'll just wait a few years and start an entirely new project. (I think he also stays anon cause he trespassed on a federal island lol)
>>3052 I’ve noticed the attention on the YouTube channel his stuff has been uploaded to has gotten some traction. Perhaps he’s trying to wait that channel’s demise, since he doesn’t actually run it.
>>3384 Does he not run it? src?


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