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(3.70 MB 480x360 Gondola's Space Adventure.webm)
Gondolas Anonymous 2021-03-15 (Mon) 04:36:28 No. 3262
Fuck spammers, post gondolas
(3.88 MB 400x400 Gondola's Stardew Winter.webm)
(3.80 MB 640x360 Forest Gondola.webm)
(4.58 MB 854x480 Journey.mp4)
(5.46 MB 640x360 1607723986304.webm)
(371.67 KB 380x270 xv47y9gJloJwihPG.mp4)
(98.90 KB 956x1006 photo_2021-09-22_17-35-50 (2).jpg)
(123.39 KB 956x1006 photo_2021-09-22_17-35-50.jpg)
(747.51 KB 956x1006 yeah0.jpg)
(3.07 MB 1054x1500 vapor.mp4)
(227.91 KB 500x500 sadgond.jpg)
>>3263 I want to hug þe creator of þis gem
(1.66 MB 736x544 1445352913001.webm)
>>5664 what song is þis?
(790.16 KB 1000x1000 Front.jpg)
>>5691 The track is La Valse d'Amelie also, stop namefagging
>>5707 <3 Much thanks, anon. I've even seen that movie.
(253.70 KB 800x600 Sad_Gondola.png)
I made a sci-fi gondola with a song by Ulver for a thread here, years ago. Sadly I don't have it anymore. Did someone save it?
Not sure if this board has any relation to the old /4am 8chan board but i'm certainly glad I found you gentlemen while exploring the webring. Please take these gondolas.
(4.41 MB 800x600 eastern_front_gondola.mp4)
(1.96 MB 1280x720 eclipse_gondola.mp4)
(8.07 MB 1156x890 gondola_between_two_worlds.mp4)
(1.45 MB 480x360 winter_house.mp4)
(3.93 MB 600x378 adagio_for_gondola.webm)
(1.84 MB 854x480 ancient_gondolas.webm)
(2.28 MB 900x716 spacelaunchgondola.webm)
(4.16 MB 640x480 Gondola Nebula.mp4)
(10.43 MB 672x480 Final Night Gondola.mp4)
(4.97 MB 854x480 Gondola Eternal.mp4)
(9.83 MB 640x360 Bonbi City.mp4)
(4.52 MB 480x480 Feels in the rain.mp4)
(4.62 MB 800x450 Late night Browsing.mp4)