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GHOST TOWNS Anonymous 08/13/2019 (Tue) 18:00:00 No. 33
I have a fascination with them.
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believe this is namibia
Here, bud, you might enjoy this shit
or not, im not your dad
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Kansas' rural population has been getting hit hard the past 60~ years. https://kansasghosttowns.blogspot.com/.
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>>33 all i have rn
>go to beach town with family
>beach front blocks consists of entirely boarded up, abandoned houses
>european immigrants have a restaurant there
best bought lasagna I've had
>two locals were squatting with their lines cast, don't know if they managed to catch anything
tripped over their line walking along the shore too.
Anyone got picks of ghost towns in the former Yugoslavia? I hear there are a lot over there.
I live in a former Yugoslavian country, there aren't as many since some buildings got taken down for places to be re-used or material needed but there are a few of abandoned houses near graveyards. We're waiting for the admin to fix the image problem.
That channel is excellent, thanks anon.
I'm probably going on a roadtrip next year, and this gave me the idea I should stop by a few ghost towns.
Not on topic but related, anyone here into urban exploration? Been looking to get into it myself
There was a abandoned house by my high school in the late 2000s; Strange place with collectable items from the 70's-90's still on the shelves. The thing that mostly stood out was the mural by the stair case leading to the second floor, it was of a tree in a garden adorned with fruit that were actually human heads. There was some words that framed the image but I cant remember what it said. The wood leading to the second floor was too weathered to walk any further. I took a picture but that was on an old flip phone that was lost throughout the years.


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