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PIZZA THREAD! Anonymous 03/17/2021 (Wed) 20:15:48 No. 3329
What's your goto pizza place and what do you get? personally, little caesars is so good when there's not a bitch in your ear telling you its dogshit
I either buy from local places or make it myself. If I was forced to pick a major chain. Probably Domino's.
Back in college my go-to was Papa Johns. I was a skinny fuck back then so I'd order a large and get 3 or so meals out of it. My favorite was their buffalo chicken. There was a Domino's next to where I worked and sometimes I'd get pizza from there too, but it was never my first choice. Nowadays I can't stand pizza from any of the major delivery chains. I don't know if their ingredients have just gotten worse over time, or if I'm just getting pickier in my old age. I live in a small town now and if I want pizza, I get it from a locally owned place that uses brick ovens. It's some of the best pizza I've ever had.
I mainly eat frozen, although Papa Murphy's is the best pizza I've eaten as an adult (as far as pizza goes, nothing is going to top the experience for me of going to Pizza Hut as a little kid and saw fast food as a fairly uncommon treat). I've had pizza from a small local chain before that is supposed to be really good, but it doesn't do much for met at all.
(173.43 KB 1024x1024 horse pizza.jpg)
I order from a local place. Out of major chains I've only been to Pizza Hut a few times. I like their stuffed crust.
>>3357 hors e
Little caesars is delish. Yeah, it’s shit, but it’s good shit. My favourite chain is flippers, though.
>>3432 flipper's margherita shit is p good.
>>3338 Papa Murphy's is pretty good. Not the best, but good. I like the experience of picking it up and taking it home to bake, since it guarantees that it's hot when you go to eat it.
A local place or dominoes if I'm feeling skeevy.


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