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(186.10 KB 350x358 mousewalk_daneshs.gif)
Anonymous 03/20/2021 (Sat) 08:38:13 No. 3355
how can i get basics and foundation in amazing walk cycles??? anyone ever compare classes in cgma academy, artstation and cgsociety? art belongs to toniko pantoja
>>3355 it's so crazy you made this post, i've been wanting to get into animation forever now. let me know if you figure it out, anything would help a lot.
>>3356 it s so crazy? why? is it because i took toniko's gif??? i am very sorry. i am doing my own research but i m not sure if theyre god myself. i want to ask on youtube but im not sure if it ll be a bother... i am glad you seemed vwry interested
>>3356 well i do found things like this to be nice but i dont develop them so using them feels much cheaty and i am very bad at finishing a product too at some point im considering to find my own simulation solutions by the internet lol
>>3356 Yeah, it's synchronicity. I hadn't thought about 2D animation in a long time, until two days ago, but now my desire to pursue it is stronger than ever.
damn wish i could just learn these kind of stuff unfortunately im shit at everything and that includes learning and anything to do with art
>>3363 how do u want to pursue it? >>3366 same here... thats why ask the net for stuff i guess


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