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How are you? Anonymous 03/23/2021 (Tue) 04:36:45 No. 3383
Hey /late/ I’ve had a shitty week. Anyone else have an interesting story to tell?
Well a few years ago I was driving to zuni New Mexico from Gallup it was around 9 or 10ish pm when I stoped at the family dollar and saw a strange thing standing in the field area behind the family dollar
(1.57 MB 2000x1271 Spirited-Away.jpg)
>>3383 Currently being forced to go to a specific Dr. and get some specific med shit done next week. I don't like the doctor and have PTSD from last time I went in around late 2019 but still being forced to go. Don't really want to go, but kind of being forced to by parents.
I saw this gruesome video where this girl gets her skin ripped off by a 3D printer once. Not really into gore so it was a bit shocking.
>>3392 Was it a Mexican?
feeling pretty drained and demotivated more than usual i just wanna cocoon myself on my bed and never wake up
(901.81 KB 700x504 funny.jpg)
funny meme
(505.43 KB 673x349 unknown.png)
>>3383 I am trying to relax but I got stuff on my mind, I really like the moon outside, it's nice.
You know how in Oregon Trail, a broken axle was a random event? Well, that happened to me yesterday in the middle of scenic nowhere. After waiting for hours and hours for the tow service, it was a long walk home lolololol.
(2.42 MB 2653x1600 5-incan-inventions-crop.jpg)
>>5783 Did you see the eclipse by chance anon? Don't know what the right geography was but here it was a 98% eclipse around 4am. Clouds blocked out most of it for me though, only got to see about 60%. Still stunning.
(35.01 KB 1024x454 31asfj1l61.jpg)
>>3383 pretty fine, but nothing interesting to tell.
Something positive for once... Depressive episodes have been happening less often. may get a gf soon. Work is taxing, but tolerable. In general, life is ok and looking up a little for once.
(10.72 KB 232x293 Duck.jpg)
>>3383 I guess I'll further turn this into a work venting thread. I work in a hospital as an orderly (which is actually an excellent job, for wageslavery) part-time. The main issue is that it is an inner-city hospital, so not only do I have to deal with normalfags, but also drugs, ethnicniggers, and general indecency. Everyday I show up I get a reminder of why my parents fled to the suburbs as young adults. Most of the patients actually get along with me pretty well, but my coworkers can be a pain in the ass a lot. My least favorite jobs (barring COVID shit) are taking dying Boomers to their heart treatments. Not so much that I don't value their lives, but that their entitlement and lack of regret always shine through in their interactions. The best jobs by far are getting WW2 European refugees, because they actually know hardship and are less normified, if at all. How is it going for you lads these days?


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