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How are you? Anonymous 03/23/2021 (Tue) 04:36:45 No. 3383
Hey /late/ I’ve had a shitty week. Anyone else have an interesting story to tell?
Well a few years ago I was driving to zuni New Mexico from Gallup it was around 9 or 10ish pm when I stoped at the family dollar and saw a strange thing standing in the field area behind the family dollar
(1.57 MB 2000x1271 Spirited-Away.jpg)
>>3383 Currently being forced to go to a specific Dr. and get some specific med shit done next week. I don't like the doctor and have PTSD from last time I went in around late 2019 but still being forced to go. Don't really want to go, but kind of being forced to by parents.
I saw this gruesome video where this girl gets her skin ripped off by a 3D printer once. Not really into gore so it was a bit shocking.
>>3392 Was it a Mexican?
feeling pretty drained and demotivated more than usual i just wanna cocoon myself on my bed and never wake up
(901.81 KB 700x504 funny.jpg)
funny meme
(505.43 KB 673x349 unknown.png)
>>3383 I am trying to relax but I got stuff on my mind, I really like the moon outside, it's nice.
You know how in Oregon Trail, a broken axle was a random event? Well, that happened to me yesterday in the middle of scenic nowhere. After waiting for hours and hours for the tow service, it was a long walk home lolololol.


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