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Why can't you sleep? Anonymous 03/24/2021 (Wed) 08:12:28 No. 3395
Sleep is healthy for you. What's keeping you awake?
regrets and self-hate plus i have to wait a long time so my family are asleep when i start jacking off
Several reasons. For one, there are things I'd much rather be doing. Another reason is that I wake up exhausted no matter how much sleep I get. I also seem to get dehydrated really easily, which may be related.
(36.15 KB 813x700 sleepytime.png)
My ever shifting sleep cycle means I am always fucking up my sleep when I try to force it. Recently I've realized having too much caffeine before bed means you're just flicking through your phone and computer in bed. Watching youtube videos, checking accounts, and never deciding that you should just hang up your headphones and sleep.
things to procrastinate, internet to experience, energy boost from nicotine. the usual. mostly i end up watching YT videos or chatting with friends. probably could do way more productive things with my nights but yknow.
I often work late/have the night shift. I like working nights so I don't really mind.
I get poor-quality sleep and feel like there are a million other things I could be doing.
idkwtf I ate today, but I can't stop farting. It's as bad as if I had eaten a big pot of undercooked beans, but I didn't eat any goddamned beans today. So it's past midnight, I'm waiting for my digestive system to calm down, and I'm thinking about mindfulness and this abominable tendency I've developed where I do pointless shit without thinking about it. Opening the browser for no reason. Mindlessly flipping through all the useless windows I have open, other than the one in which I'm fucking working on something. I'm inclined to stay up a little longer and think it to exhaustion, and maybe come up with some lifestyle changes. I mean, it's simple: in resisting internet bullshit for 10 or 15 minutes, you start thinking about all the other stuff you'd rather do with all the time you spend "checking" this or that for "just a minute", lol. Little of it has any urgency; you can skim headlines later, or at the end of the month, or never. The less often you "check" things, the more selective you'll be about what to engage with, and the more time you save. We all already know the answers to these sorts of problems, but the will to execute isn't always there. >>3420 Something wonderful happened recently: my tablet finally got so old that none of the attractive nuisance apps even work anymore. All I can think is "good; to hell that garbage." Now I have nothing to do in bed but go the fuck to sleep.
>>3395 i actually have to sleep early now because of school feels bad man
Sleep is the cousin of death....
I got to bed late cause i wake up late and then i sit in front of my computer from 10pm to 3am and then i'm like "fuck", then i go to sleep and can't wake up before 11am cause i'm too fucking tired and i lack the motivation to wake up
(12.75 KB 323x362 mmmm.jpg)
So.. I'm desperate to find a job and I signed up for some private training school thing. Only after I paid the subscription fee (only the first half, thankfully) I figured out that it appears to be some scammy place. Tomorrow I have to go there and ask for reimbursment. Pray for me that I can get everything back. Right now I can't sleep or do anything else... I know the gods hate me.
ı'm trying to install linux for imageboard. ı just want to create a imageboard so much
>>4603 What type of board are you aiming to create?
>>4606 Comfy and small imageboards,theres going also gping to be a /tea/ board for discussion about other youtubers,celebrities,etc
>>4577 Ok, I'm in contact with a lawyer now. Wonderful times ahead.
a trifold 1. fucking satanist pedophile rapist globalist jewish communist corporatist occultist elite freemason catholic secret society glowniggers. i need to move this basket of apples out of my sight... 2. crippling addiction to the pleasure molecules from simultaneously entrancing myself and entertaining every curious impulse in rapid cycles of pursuing knowledge and consuming hyperstimulating media. 3. escapism from the fear of being overwhelmed and depressed by working hard towards concrete goals, and using a big regret or two to justify it by subconsciously lying to myself that i deserve it. but really, the reason I haven't slept 3 hours prior to 8:45 AM is that a shitty counseling app't. is scheduled in 15 minutes, and since adolescence, I've been developing a habit of relieving anxiety by doing things late, or not at all.
>>4603 Why do you need to install linux? are you setting up a physical server for your image board?
>>4609 >tea cringe
>>3395 crippling anxiety
dread and refelcting on my own decisions
too much going on in the world that keeps my mind racing


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