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can't do it no more Anonymous 2021-03-29 (Mon) 23:38:41 No. 3492
/late/, my balding is progressively getting worse and there is fuck all to do with it cant deal with this shit anymore I try to put on a smile but people think i'm just some greasy creep. what the hell am I supposed to do? just cant fix this shit
(1.85 MB 1437x1920 IMG_4532.jpg)
picrel is the balding and smile been practicing in the mirror along with laughing. women get scared of me on walks during the daytime so only nightwalks from now on
This feels like a shitpost, but if it's not a shitpost, I'm so sorry, anon.
say fuck it. shave it all off.
if this isnt bait then shave it, end of discussion
(56.61 KB 493x555 4fgrs33y.jpg)
>>3492 Like what >>3495 says, just shave it all off and proudly don that look.
you either become a bald cunt or Vin Diesel
thanks, think i'll shave it and go for The Rock look. will need gains for that though
>>3546 fuck keemstar. never forget what he did to etika man