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technology general thread Anonymous 03/30/2021 (Tue) 19:28:28 No. 3501
whats up late? what hardware have you been running lately, and what os have you been subjecting your private information to?
I'm stuck using Windows 10. Linux wasn't able to fill the void for me, and ReactOS will seemingly never get off the ground.
All the computers I own run some distro of Linux. Server and laptop run Void, desktop runs Gentoo. I've been meaning to get the desktop to Void too, but I just can't be bothered distrohopping again on this thing. Already did it twice. Laptop and desktop also have Windows 10 in the rare event that it's needed. Luckily I barely have to use it, because I troubleshoot all the time at work and I'd hate to have to do the same at home. One funny thing about my desktop is that I built it intending to play modern games, only to find that none of them interest me. I just saw what everyone else was playing and thought I was missing out. The most intensive games I play are emulated 6th-gen console games, Minecraft with shaders, and whatever I played on my crappy laptop in the early 10s (with better FPS and graphics this time around). They all run perfectly smooth, even the stuff I have to use Wine for.
Linux Mint on my laptop and Windows 10 elsewhere. I dislike Windows 10 for several reasons but all of my programs work there and cannot be wined to linux. Windows 10 is also bad on laptops, so there's that too.
(25.93 KB 320x240 1.png)
I have ARM SBC with A20 SoC that I configured (simplified) for tty. Don't use Xorg/Wayland or OpenGL, have busybox instead of systemd, ifupdown instead of NetworkManager, plain ALSA instead of pulseaudio. I don't run any network services at all, and only a few daemons like busybox init, some getty's, syslogd, gpm. I tried to make it as close as possible to an old school DOS-like system, except it's ARM instead of x86, and it's Linux instead of DOS. I don't like modern computers, so this is the best I can do! One of the latest things I did is rebuild Allegro library to run on the framebuffer tty. > Build support for FBCON, with these changes to debian/rules script: > -DWANT_LINUX_CONSOLE=ON \ > -DWANT_LINUX_FBCON=ON \ > -DWANT_LINUX_VGA=OFF \ > -DWANT_LINUX_SVGALIB=OFF \ That was enough to get OpenSonic to work. I tried KQ (kqlives.sourceforge.net) but that doesn't work for some reason. I guess it tries to initialize the graphics differently than OpenSonic. I mean the game works in X, but that's not what I want.
>>3507 Man, you better get paid for this level of autism.
(2.98 MB 1440x1080 AmigaOS 1.3.png)
>>3510 HAHA, no way! Nobody gets paid these days to make things simpler. I'm just doing this because I still remember how computers used to be, and I like them better that way. At some point it probably won't be possible for me to unfuck Linux anymore. Probably have to write my own OS eventually. Most of the new ARM SoCs already do speculative execution (mine don't, but they're older) because everyone thinks it's so great to just keep piling bloated code on the house of cards.
>>3501 Ubuntu 20.10 Groovy Gorilla lol
>>3511 ok terry
wanting to write some shitty code but can't get myself to do it got myself a really old lappy and a relatively newer tab >>3504 yay for void! void with custom kernel here. the tab has rooted android tho, can't get rid of what they call firmware
intel i3 4gb system ram and intelhd 5500 graphics and im running linux mint so my laptop doesn't get raped
(99.10 KB 743x552 amstrad.jpg)
>>3513 Terry likes C though, but I don't. I like BASIC and machine language.
>>3515 linux mint was bad in my experience, and broke several times (could've been a flatpack issue) and also, how they integrate yahoo and their homepage into firefox and chromium when using their store program. sounds like it's working for you though, the 4gb might be rough tho hahah
>>3518 I've had no issues with Mint myself on my desktop PC. I like the look of some of its dark themes/icon sets.
>>3518 the thing is i don't use firefox so i never got those issues same with flatpaks
flatpacks shouldn't be neccesary with FLOSS, it seems like it's a solution for binaries that doesn't exist. proprietary software, sure, but with source just build from there
>>3536 you're better off with a custom build
>>3537 yeah but no gpu is in stock, and the prices are inflated, this is the only fairly priced build. is it still worth it? it comes with a good gpu for the price.
>>3539 it's still way more expensive than anything i've ever built
>>3540 >>3536 just need something that works and has an ok gpu. prebuilts have gpus, but you can't buy gpus alone anymore due to the market.
>>3539 nothing wrong with getting a gpu from 2013 off craiglist for 50 bucks if you just need a display adapter to get you though this shortage till you can get an actual gpu
>>3549 yeah honestly, i could build something better for the price when the shortage stops, but jesus it's so tempting to just buy that pc and move on with my life.
>>3552 I'd get the whole box second hand if it's just a stop gap. If you want something new, try the raspberry pi 400 kit. It's like a modern c64, you'd save money and desk real estate
>>3554 no I need a gpu and a powerful machine lol Might just buy that PC and move on
I have two thinkpads, a T420 and an X200. the T420 is my "main" machine, running arch linux with LARBS. as much as i love dwm, i can't keep up with this level of autism. the X220 runs Windows 10.
>>3571 >the X220 runs Virus 10 such a waste of a good laptop. Did you know it's supported by coreboot?
>>3576 windows isn't great but nobody cares. >>3571 had the t420 from release until around 2019. good machine.
>>3507 >One of the latest things I did is rebuild Allegro library to run on the framebuffer tty. That's really cool anon
>>3649 I just re-read and noticed that, that's fucking insane. >>3507 The amount of dedication to set that up is crazy, glad you got your end results.
(392.29 KB 1394x930 2002.jpg)
I have several different PCs, more than any man should have. Main desktop, used for shitposting, work, school, and some games run through emulators or Wine. Originally built it for video editing over my old build (below) but the performance improvement was minimal and I don't do editing anymore. >AMD Ryzen 7 2700 >MSI B450M PRO-VDH >4x4GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 >MSI RX 580 4GB >512GB Samsung PM951 NVMe SSD >250GB Samsung 850 EVO SATA SSD >8TB Seagate Barracuda SATA HDD >Kubuntu 18.04 Gaymer desktop cobbled out of my old build and some other shit I had lying around, solely for vidya that doesn't work on Linux or for software that I don't want infecting my main desktop, like Steam and other Microdick bullshit. The case is a Gateway prebuilt that I stole from work and gave to my friend, but it ended up being too small and he gave it back to me. >Intel i3-4150 >MSI B85M-E45 >4x4GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 >EVGA GTX 960 >60GB KingSpec SATA SSD >1TB WD Blue HDD >Windows 10 Laptop mostly used for shitposting at work and very light gaming. Guess what it is by the specs. >Intel i5-2520 >2x4GB Crucial DDR3 >Intel HD Graphics 3000 >250GB Dogfish mSATA SSD >320GB Seagate Momentus Thin SATA HDD (almost full and on its last legs) >Kubuntu 18.04 Home server that's barely worthy of the name. Used for backups, media server, file syncing across my desktop and laptop, and a sneedbox provided the VPN doesn't drop out. Bought the Ironwolfs used which is a big no-no but they were a good price and should last a while since they're meant for NAS. >Intel Pentium G3220 >Intel DH87RL >4x2GB DDR3 >MSI RX 550 2GB >120GB Dogfish mSATA SSD >2 4TB Seagate Ironwolf SATA HDD >2TB Seagate Barracuda SATA HDD >mini-PCIe RAID card (not used) >Kubuntu 18.04 My vintage build I've dubbed Housefire, since the CPU would idle at 90+ before I replaced the 20 year-old thermal paste, now it sits at around 40. Used for old vidya, working on getting it dualbooted with 98/2K but that's apparently a lot more difficult than it sounds. >AMD Athlon XP 2600+ >MSI KM4M-L >Sapphire ATI Radeon 9800 Pro >80GB WD Caviar HDD >40GB WD Caviar HDD >2x512MB DDR >WinFAST TV 2000 XP Tuner for lulz >Windows 2000 I also have a MSI All-in-One that I mostly use for mandatory (((Zoom))) calls for school because it has a built-in webcam. It's 12 years old with a Core 2 Quad and an ATI mobile GPU, so it's not good for much else.
Bought a Thinkpad T430 off eBay. Hoping to mod it up and upgrade it so I can take it on the road with me when I start living in a van. Really hoping it comes in the mail working since it is coming from Canada.
wish i could get a fucking gpu. need one of those and a new case
(32.44 KB 854x480 fug.jpg)
My laptop is coming up on ten years old. Still runs like new, since I finally replaced the thermal paste after nine years of assuming that thermal paste is a meme. It's eventually going to fail, but I don't know what I even want to replace it with. I have a bunch of options. - craigslist used laptop - refurbished dell workstation - some sort of ARM SBC - generic Ryzen 3700 box - literally an RPi4 It's all kinda depressing. Non-ARMs will have the obvious problems with intel and amd. ARM has its own similar problems. I don't know if RISC-V is a real option yet. Maybe I should just get an FPGA since "hard" CPUs are probably all fucked. I have little desire for another generic "facebook machine" that I'll waste my time with. That problem is obviously more of habits than the machine itself, but I almost want something less powerful, to encourage me to stay in the TTY like >>3507. But I also kinda want to do stuff with ML, and for that I obviously need either a GPU or some kind of discrete compute module, like Pine64 sells. Pine64 has some interesting stuff, in fact, but I fully expect that anything I get from them would cease to function after three months. If you want it done right you gotta do it yourself, really.
(53.62 KB 805x571 1377355261.jpg)
i've been rounding up parts to build my own pc. i've been doing everything on a pretty old laptop which, while running pretty solid and just being great overall, does have trouble with bigger programs and dealing with the bullshit i put it through archiving stuff. so i'm finally upgrading. i managed to get a gpu just before they basically went extinct, really fucking thankful i got it. it's a rtx 2070 super and i'm basically building around that. i have that and a b560 motherboard on hand and i'm ordering the other components over the next week. i'm planning to run dual boot, windows 10 on one drive and linux on the other. i'm not exactly sure what distro i'm going with yet; as of right now i'm split between linux mint and popOS, maybe even kali. i want win 10 mainly for playing games and running windows-only software on, while linux will constitute my browsing and general purpose work.
(5.92 KB 640x480 out.png)
>>3690 If you don't like chink shit, there's others who make SBCs. I have an A64 SoC board from Olimex that I bought just for running Firefox, because I don't want to use those bloated things on my A20 board. Olimex has a reputation for solid engineering, but they're a bit more expensive than chink shit, of course. But there's others too, maybe look at the Hardkernel stuff like ODROID-C2. That one also has quad-core Cortex-A53 processor and Mali GPU. I used to have OpenBSD running on this Olimex board, but at some point I upgraded and neither Firefox or Chromium would run anymore. OpenBSD doesn't even support video on this board, but I could run those browsers over X protocol, and that's all I needed. So I replaced it with Armbian (Ubuntu) and now it's fine. There's only one thing I tested that didn't work: audio. But I don't need audio on here, so I don't care. If I did, I would just install Olimex's own Debian stuff, since that's guaranteed to work.
>>3690 get the used laptop if you want portability, get the workstation if you don't care for that.
Anyone see Apple's new macs? On top of that, their m1 mac minis look like an extremely good value. might pick one up.
(390.88 KB 640x360 omigah.webm)
>>3699 Thanks, I was considering an ODROID, but I hadn't looked at Olimex yet. Sounds promising! >>3708 That seems like the most reasonable solution. Just... boring. I think if my laptop did suddenly fail, I'd probably wait a month just reading books, drawing on paper, playing piano and shit before feeling motivated to get a replacement. Catgirl unrelated.
>>3507 Thanks for posting those CMake options. You may have just supplied the missing piece to something I've been doing - trying to get Garden Of Coloured Lights ported to ODroid Go Advance... I'd wager that KQ wouldn't run because, IIRC, it tries to use 8-bit colour (it's been a long time since I looked at the sources; this might not be accurate anymore). You might try creating an 8-bit system or memory bitmap, then, in the screen-repaint method, call blit() to get that into the image you actually care about or onto the screen. (blit() has some magic built in to convert between colour formats silently for you.)
(72.23 KB 1280x720 hilda.jpg)
I use the awful distro called arch. I tried both artix and void and both worked perfectly but i wanted to play gaymes that needed some gay systemd dependency i don't remember the name of. I have a really nice pc for a hobbyist. Ryzen 2600 radeon 480 16 gig 3000mhz ram(single stick, i will upgrade to 32... eventually)
(26.62 KB 600x600 PL2303HX to USB TTL.jpg)
>>3755 One downside I forgot to mention about the A64 Olimex board is it's only got one USB port (whereas the ODROID-C2 has 4). So pretty much you need a USB hub if you're gonna use this Olimex board as a computer (rather than a headless server as I do). And it will need to be a powered USB hub, unless you use a bigger power supply than the one Olimex sells. I bought theirs, and it's just enough to power the board itself, plus a small low power peripheral like maybe a keyboard. I say maybe because when I plugged my keyboard+mouse combo splitter, that didn't work (but that's two devices, not one). Oh, one other thing: the GPIO header doesn't have pins attached, so you have to either solder some on yourself or ask them to do it for you, if you need those. I didn't care about this, because I can solder them myself later if I need to. The UART pins are present however, since a lot of people will need to use those for initial setup of the board over serial cable. Well it really depends on what OS you're going to install. With OpenBSD, I really needed to access the serial console. With their Linux images, it will probably work straight out of the box (just as Armbian did for me). But it can still be useful to have a cable like pic, just in case you ever need it. My cubietruck only has two USB ports, but that's actually enough for me. It didn't come with a power supply, just some cables. So I used a 5V 2A USB power supply from a tablet I had laying around, and that worked fine for basic operation with just SD card. Then I bought a 5V 3A USB PS and I could use the board with 2.5-inch SATA disk. It was a bit of trouble to find this power supply, as most are only 2.4 amps. In any case, stay away from boards that only have micro USB power supply, because those often don't supply enough current. You can easily end up in a marginal situation where the board is starved for power, which leads to filesystem corruption or other strange behavior.
(7.77 KB 640x480 out.png)
>>3758 Thanks for the tip, I'll have to check that out. Haven't really looked at the KQ code yet. I did get another Allegro game working though. It's a remake of the old VIC-20 game Sword of Fargoal. Just like OpenSonic, it only works on the tty if it's configured to "fullscreen" mode. Also there were a few segfaults, so I recompiled it with -O instead of the default -O2 they had in the makefile. Hopefully that'll take care of it. Also I got OpenJazz (Jazz Jackrabbit) working on here. It mostly just works, but configuring it wasn't obvious. First had to go into setup and set resolution to 640x480, and then scaling to 2. Then go back to main menu and quit the game, so the config gets saved. If the game crashes, it doesn't save. There's also a not well documented CLI argument to run the game in fullscreen (OpenJazz -f) which gets rid of the useless mouse cursor in the tty framebuffer. And finally the game will crash if it doesn't find some files it wants, like for example the openjazz.000 file that comes with the source code. I was trying to get some other games working, but was getting stack corruption on those, so I'll have to add some printf's and try to narrow it down. In gdb, the only stack frames present were some library functions, so that doesn't help much.
(1.33 MB 1920x1080 dsk.png)
My pinebook pro got here a few days ago, I've been pretty happy with it so far. It's been able to handle pretty much everything I've thrown at it. I was even able to get gzdoom running on it which I've had trouble with even on much faster hardware.
(24.71 KB 320x200 DOOM00.png)
>>3962 I just use Chocolate Doom/Heretic/Hexen/Strife version 2.2.1 on my A20 board, runs good on plain 640x480 software framebuffer (pretty much just needs 2x scaling from the original DOS resolution). I think later (version 3) of this port moved to SDL 2, so I'm never going to upgrade. I also got Prboom-Plus 2.5.1, and that one also runs good after I set screen_resolution to 320x240 and render_screen_multiply to 2 in the config file. I mostly play oldschool vanilla wads so don't use this port much, but it's handy to have for the few MBF and Boom wads I was interested in. Lastly I also got Odamex 0.8.3 to work, but it sucks because it only runs in Xorg, and also the server browser wouldn't build for me, so I can't do multiplayer. Maybe it's just as well, since I don't much like playing online. I used this to run a few really old Zdoom wads, but there's even less there I'm interested in than Boom. I also played a bunch of Chocolate Duke 3D and Wolf4SDL on the tty. Duke3D renders directly at 640x480 and runs really well here, except I can't circle strafe like I do in Doom with just the keyboard (I'm a keyboard player, hate mice and don't even own one). It's weird because they're both linked to the same SDL 1.2, so it must be a deficiency with Duke3D's code (haven't bothered to look at it yet). Wolf4SDL needed a simple upscaling (--resf 640 480) and it runs perfect also. Here there is a trick to get dedicated strafe keys by hex editing the binary config file (config.wl1 or config.wl6 depending on what version of the game), and then it behave similar to Doom. I got Descent compiled but sadly it doesn't run so great on here, unless I set the resolution to 320x240 and then it just runs (albeit very smoothly) in a small viewport. Probably will add 2x scaling myself at some point. I have Rise of the Triad installed as well, but didn't play it much. Sometimes (not often) the game crashes inexplicably. It's kind of a weird game too.
>>4020 This is very interesting. Maybe I don't need Windows or fancy fuck-all 8 core CPUs with Ray Tracing GPUs. Reverting back to C64.
(63.24 KB 646x435 Cpc464.jpg)
>>4027 Yeah, it depends on what you want to do. Can't do very fast 3D stuff on an 8-bit micro (still good enough for flight sims and similar stuff), but 2D action games, RPGs, adventures, etc. are fun, and there's tons of those. I was just playing Paperboy last night, the exact same version as pic. I used to get pretty far, but now I can't get past the second day. Haven't played in a while...
>>4020 Chocolate Doom and Crispy Doom are the main Doom source ports I use. I also really like ECWolf for Wolfenstein. I used to have Wolfenstein on floppy disks and can't see myself going back to the DOS experience since I'm so used to the map feature now.
>>4020 Sup fellow A20 Enthusiast. Running a Cubietruck myself. An interesting thing is that it can process up to four composite inputs but I haven't gotten that running yet. It also has an PS/2 port and is the only ARM SoC I know which supports PS/2. I have mine connected to a small 800x600 12" monitor. I used to use a MediaGX Industrial Computer with DOS for a very long time which is quite similar in size but not in power consumption and frankly, the A20 equipped with Linux is a supercomputer compared to the old Cyrix. (which could theoretically run Linux too, it's just a fool's errant because of too little RAM to run anything besides the most basic busybox prompt really) A cool program for drawing pixel art is grafx2 which runs in the framebuffer without a hitch and is a thing I do a lot on this machine. Theoretically dosbox should run as it supports libsdl but practically it's probably too slow to be useful, never tried. I used to like to play catacylsm:DDA on it too but that too got too slow to really be fun recently. There's also YAFT which is a framebuffer terminal emulator which supports different fonts and 256 colors. It has also sixel support which means you can directly "print" pictures. I also use it as a server for my A1200 which is connected to it via serial.
(2.21 KB 640x480 scr.png)
>>4036 > PS/2 port Olimex A20-OLinuXino-Micro also has some PS2 clock & data pins, if that's what you're using. I see two sets of those in my /boot/bin/cubietruck.bin (after converting with bin2fex so it's readable). Quite frankly I haven't done anything with pins except the UART, which I needed to setup the board (and also format the NAND flash for Linux use). Yeah dosbox is pretty slow on here, and it was another incentive for me to try 8086tiny, especially since I'm most interested in text-based games and it's generally good enough for those. But it's not perfect either. Had some strange screen update/corruption problems in some games, with most of them remaining nonetheless playable. But in some cases it's really bad and I can't get anywhere (Zyll and Alphaman, for example). For your roguelike, you might just try running an older version. That's what I tend to do when Linux games switch to SDL 2, since I don't want to be stuck with Xorg/OpenGL dependencies. I did try an alternate terminal (fbterm) but prefer to simply use the native Linux /dev/fb0, that way I can also run graphical programs on the same tty. Most of the time I load an ANSI-art compatible VGA font (default8x16.psf.gz), but I also tried these Amiga PSF1 fonts to connect to a BBS, and that worked quite well. But what I really want is an Amstrad CPC "mode 2" (80-column) PSF1 font, which I guess doesn't exist yet (until I figure out how to make it).
what should i install on my thinkpad? i need a distractionless OS for school, but also something simple that i understand (my linux knowledge goes as far as basic apt and file management commands / ubuntu)
>>4054 If you have time to learn linux a lil bit, i would suggest artix, arch without systemd. Most distractionless system i have ever used is all suckless or minimal software that i constantly pipe. This all depends on what do you do in school thought. Also learn vim.
im not versatile, i have 0 flexibilitt between different programming languages...the long term plan to program and learn all other language while making doesnt seem like realistic... stuck trying to define gameplay even tho grpahic is "solved", sort of... not used to type and test play game again and again too the fuck do i do? seems like infinite problems... but i have to do it, but i also dont do it right why should i then
>>4056 >artix such a lame distro If you want a distro without systemd that's good, try Void. Otherwise stick with Ubuntu bc it just werksTM
>>4056 >>4060 I've heard a lot of good things about both, especially void. I'll try both of them out and report back sometime.
>>4061 The thing about void is their dev disappeared for a year once, no reason for him to not do it again. >>4056 Ubuntu is worst distro i have tried, at least say manjaro or mint.
>>4082 well, i suggest going with fedora instead of mint. Mint is bloated as hell, in my little laptop fedora xfce performs better than mint xfce =)
System76 Pangolin, and I'm putting together a server....which is probably going to be mounted belly to wall at 90 degrees from the looks of it. Hardware is GD expensive now, and this is irritating AF! I have Jetson Nano set up as a desktop and my old PS3 is set up similarly. Also have a beaglebone black I use as a plamtop. I don't think I have enough computers, lol. I don't like the rasberry pi company, so I am looking for a comparable alternative to the rpi zero. I really want a wrist computer, and won't be talked out of it.
>>4092 I love it when people have soo many computers and know how to operate them. I think you are really cool.
>>4093 Thanks! I might revise this a little bit, I have more than I listed. I shelved the other ones though. I'm going to salvage the data and parts from my old desktops, and probably keep the old laptops shelved. I actually have an IBM T42 Thinkpad, which is cool. As for more, I would like total or near total open hardware. I would like a desktop or desktop replacement with a (open)Power10 CPU and an FPGA programmed to run extra x86 instructions so I can fully emulate an intel/amd desktop. For smaller things like phones and tablets, RISC V is great!
Managed to complete my "dream" PC build last year before everything went to shit. >b450m mobo >Ryzen 5 3600 >RTX 3060 Ti I felt really fucking lucky. >2x8 GB DDR4 RAM >5 year old 1 TB HDD (will likely replace in the near future, but it still works) >128 GB SSD (also repurposed from my old build so I can keep the OS, some work related applications and light-weight vidya) Only thing that really needs to be replace, most likely, is the PSU, which is a CV550. Though it hasn't done any weird shit or exploded on me or anything in the 6 or so months I've used this rig. Also plan to get a bigger SSD eventually, and a 5 TB external HDD where I can store/archive some Taiwanese slide shows. I already have a 1 TB external, but it's almost full. Got a bunch of visual novel ISOs on it and some data I salvaged from an old external that bit the dust not too long ago. Now, I just really, really fucking hope nothing happens to this PC considering the absurd prices these days. GPUs have gottan at least 300% more expensive, if not more, where I live, so this shit better fucking keep going for a good while. The entire situation has left me really fucking anxious. Ran a ton of fucking benchmarks and shit just to make sure everything was in order, and the slightest noise already makes me wonder if something's going to fuck up. I think I'm just paranoid considering we have a 10 year old generic Dell PC sitting in our living that's still kicking along probably need to dust it off though. PC components are pretty robust r-right? I've been running this for a few months now, like I said, but I can't help but worry whether I fucked something up along the way.
>>4208 You have one great pc. I had my >b450M-A max pro (or something like that) >Ryzen 2600 >RX 480 for about 6 months now and i took it apart about 4 times now. I think i am paranoid too. I have only one stick soo i want one more, i want to buy good fan(the ones i own cost less than a dollar rn) a good cpu fan that is silent and beefy looking. I also want a good keyboard but i want to try these thinkpad-y keyboards with clits, no numpads would be a plus.
>>4209 I don't think fans are too expensive right now, anyway. At least, I assume you don't live in a third world shithole to worry about that. That's when it comes to case fans, at least (you can buy cheap ones with molex connectors so you can plug them directly into the PSU; that way you don't have to worry about fan controllers or something). For CPU fans, the stock cooler should be enough unless you want to overclock. The Ryzen stock coolers are pretty decent.
(386.15 KB 500x600 pouting.gif)
>>4215 With Etherium value going down expect a fuckton of used GPUs to show up on the market for cheap. A lot of failed cryptoniggers will want to get rid of their 'farms', so look out for that. Just keep in mind that these are used and were likely run to the ground, but still, it's a better alternative than paying 400% higher than MSRP depending on where you live. Alternatively, you can keep an eye out for those supposed LTH graphics card meant to reduce mining efficiency. They'll probably be cheaper, but considering how demand is through the roof since we're at a new generation of vidya, plus normalniggers working remotely and not knowing what to do with their free time, plus scalperfags means they won't be that much cheaper.
I know someone is going to want to hit me for saying this, but I like the idea of ethereum. No, I don't like how it screwed the gpu market (and I do hope that returns to normal), but what really bothers me is this chia thing. I had to make a run on some hard drives before the price went up, or they were no longer available. At least ethereum has a good model, what about chia? It's "green", so what else? If I'm gonna get punked out of computer hardware, I would hope that there's something to show for it. Now I just hope RAM isn't next, that is UNGODLY expensive right now. Fuck! I just need 64 more GB of it...for a friggin' server of all things.
>>4224 I don't blame crypto for the hardware issues we face nowadays tbh. I blame tech industry itself for the the crash. There are 2 big corp that make cpu and gpu, everything not made by them is "hobbyist" or "not good enough" until another megacorp decides it is good enough, it was visible that that would eventualy fail. Bankers and govern do everything they can do to make money unreachable for poor people. There is nothing weird about people wanting a security goberman can't steal to bomb Iraq. Also chia seems more like a ponzi than a actual crypto btw, its "green" is Apple's kind of enviromental.
>>4266 finally. someone calling apple out on their 'green and ecofriendly' bullshit. if apple is eco friendly then i have a gorilla dick.
(5.90 KB 640x480 c.png)
>>4266 I think you're better off with gold/silver coins, or even other commodities you can trade easily (cigarettes & booze, for example). I never liked crypto, or anything else with a fancy-schmancy complicated design and need for big resources (and thus flawed hardware designs like speculative execution). But either way, I don't need or want GPU. I never bought one, unless it was already integrated on the mobo or SoC.
>>4272 Is the games name cataclysm or something else? Would you recommend it over bcrawl(dcss-tiles community edition)?
>>4273 That's an old version of Cataclysm that I grabbed from here: https://github.com/Whales/Cataclysm This is the oldest version I could find. Files in the ZIP archive are dated Mar 28 2013, but maybe there are older releases somewhere and I just haven't looked enough... Anyway it builds ok after fixing a couple typos in item.cpp and iuse.cpp, and removing the unfinished duplicate function in map.cpp (WIP: faster map::sees). It looks like he was in the middle of editing it but never finished and just dumped the whole thing on github without even trying to build it. This version doesn't have tiles btw. If you want that, stick with the newer Cataclysm: DDA release. I'm happy with text, and also I wanted to try the oldest version possible, so this is what I built. In my first game I found the lady's dog (first quest) but on the way back got swarmed by zombies and lost track of the dog. Honestly I haven't played many roguelikes except really old ones, so I can't compare to DCSS or anything else modern. I would say just give it a shot, because it's pretty fun. I also have an old version of Cataclysm: DDA (version 0.6, with files dated June 22 2013) that I downloaded back in 2016, but never got around to building it. I'll try to track down the missing early releases. All the newer ones like version 0.D are easy to find on snapshot.debian.org.
well th family has always been retarded. just like most dirt orphans, i ll be subpar like them
why wake up. untalented. unskilled. unfulfilled bleh
i guess nsfw and paywal stuffs are boring to begin with. even gacha is boring.
(255.89 KB 640x480 sasteroids.png)
> when you change a #define in a header file, but the old value is also hardcoded in ui.cpp
I'm really upset with the current state of phones. I miss having a small phone, with a removable battery. When the phone I had for several years died, I just bought a cheap android and it's HUGE! Why are all phones huge now? So annoying, I miss the removable battery and how reliable it was.
time support interest things money buy whatever. talking to rocks the rock is always correct tho
>>4418 We can't have nice things anymore. Things getting better wouldn't be progress.
(774.67 KB 1554x711 timespy score 1.PNG)
(84.06 KB 1544x930 timespy score 2.PNG)
(804.61 KB 1545x766 firestrike score 1.PNG)
(86.72 KB 1542x940 firestrike score 2.PNG)
(127.83 KB 891x627 metro enhanced benchmark.PNG)
"Dream" build (>>4208) fag here. Ran a few more benchmarks these days after being paranoid I had fucked something up after all. But it seems that I'm doing okay? Pic related. The time spy graphics score seems to be slightly below average, which I believe has something to do with voltages as my power supply is pretty entry level, as I had said before. The fire strike score seems within the average, though. What does anon think? I considered undervolting if it means I could squeeze a little bit more performance out of this thing. I figured out some custom fancurve that kept my graphics card temperature at about 68C under load. But I'm still running the CPU on a stock cooler (look at the temps for the CPU test). Undervolting would probably help ensure boost clocks remain high under load, but who knows? I'm just brainstorming here by myself. Also bonus Metro Exodus Enhanced benchmark results.
>>4480 still really fucking jealous over your 3060ti you got there... lucky bastard lmao
>>4482 I admit, I consider myself pretty lucky seeing as how GPU prices have gotten absurd where I live. I don't even think you can find 3060 tis anymore, and the non-ti 3060 is now more expensive than what I have. Shit's fucking crazy. Here's hoping things start getting back to normal by next year as cryptoniggers step away from Etherium. But then it'll probably be HDDs/SSDs that'll be absurdly expensive next, I think. Time to get that 1 GB SSD sooner rather than later.
>>4483 If that is the case, I need to go ahead and purchase my 8TB drives...
I'm getting a new phone soon, here are my choices: Note S20+ Z Flip iPhone 12 iPhone 12 Mini
>>4038 8086tiny is nifty, thanks for making me aware of it. There's a lot of good text mode programs that can be fun to use and I miss from my Cyrix. I didn't get to try it yet, but for better drawing support, try https://github.com/keaston/cp437 as wrapper, it should help. It could also help to set your terminal to 80x25, in case whatever program you run makes some blind assumptions. Cataclysm has a pure terminal implementation, it's just a CPU-heavy game for the A20. I once had the entire pipeline of converting fonts to psf worked out and converted an older version of the https://int10h.org/ fontpack, but of course I forgot how. IIRC it wasn't that complicated, just kinda arcane. The mentioned Cyrix with FreeDOS was pretty usable and could run a sizeable collection of games and even Win98 and a few games like Fallout and such. It wasn't bad, just slow and as comfy you can make the DOS prompt, linux tools and piping are just superior.
I went ahead and purchased myself a NAS and a few 12tb drives since cryptoniggers will ruin that next. Of course this next bit of crypto using space pops up right as I want to start archiving as much shit as possible. I am truly beginning to hate these people.
>>4539 How much was the total cost / what kinda rig did you end up setting up? I wanted to build a NAS, but I'm on kind of a budget and don't really know where to start.
>>4540 I considered building my own using my old computer parts but it's pretty beat up and I don't know if I could trust it, plus FreeNAS looks like too much work so I went with a five bay synology and two 12tb drives to start off with. Total cost was a bit over $1300 with half on the drives and the other half on the NAS itself, you can buy or build a cheaper NAS depending on your needs. The expensive part will be hard drives at the moment, but from what I can tell anything under 6tb is not as in demand.
I've been running OpenBSD on my daily driver for about a year now. I like it a lot more than I ever liked linux, because it's a holistic operating system, as opposed to a collection of packages. Most of what I use on a daily basis is on it by default. I use it on my server too, and it's always very reliable.
I use alpine on a somewhat beefy pc and it runs the modern web like a charm. An old 2-core dell with openbsd serves as my tor gateway on the local net. I'm planning to properly set up 9front on an old laptop with heating issues and a fried gpu. >>3759 Arch chroots work flawlessly, even with musl abi. >> 4642 OpenBSD is still a great option, but ffs is poorly optimized (fsck always works fine though) and its scheduling is not well suited for performance intensive interactive programs.
attempted to hackintosh my thinkpad, failed horribly, installed windows 10 for the time being. will try again soon, or just go back to being an archfag.
Bought the wrong damn hard drives! Fuck! I'm attempting to RMA the 2TB ones, hopefully I succeed. Those ones seem more expensive than the 4TB ones now, is that due to chia coin, or what? Is there a run on lower space disks? And why is it so hard to find information on compatibility with with parts? I'm building from a Supermicro H11SSL-i BTW.
Pogo talking about a new-fangled sampler of some kind. Basically a tablet in a package covered with buttons and knobs. I dig what he's saying about it being tactile. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnxgXIygy5g >>4092 >wrist computer The PineTime seems interesting for that. Especially if you're the type who knows what "UART" means, and maybe want to write an OS.


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