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technology general thread Anonymous 03/30/2021 (Tue) 19:28:28 No. 3501
whats up late? what hardware have you been running lately, and what os have you been subjecting your private information to?
I'm stuck using Windows 10. Linux wasn't able to fill the void for me, and ReactOS will seemingly never get off the ground.
All the computers I own run some distro of Linux. Server and laptop run Void, desktop runs Gentoo. I've been meaning to get the desktop to Void too, but I just can't be bothered distrohopping again on this thing. Already did it twice. Laptop and desktop also have Windows 10 in the rare event that it's needed. Luckily I barely have to use it, because I troubleshoot all the time at work and I'd hate to have to do the same at home. One funny thing about my desktop is that I built it intending to play modern games, only to find that none of them interest me. I just saw what everyone else was playing and thought I was missing out. The most intensive games I play are emulated 6th-gen console games, Minecraft with shaders, and whatever I played on my crappy laptop in the early 10s (with better FPS and graphics this time around). They all run perfectly smooth, even the stuff I have to use Wine for.
Linux Mint on my laptop and Windows 10 elsewhere. I dislike Windows 10 for several reasons but all of my programs work there and cannot be wined to linux. Windows 10 is also bad on laptops, so there's that too.
(25.93 KB 320x240 1.png)
I have ARM SBC with A20 SoC that I configured (simplified) for tty. Don't use Xorg/Wayland or OpenGL, have busybox instead of systemd, ifupdown instead of NetworkManager, plain ALSA instead of pulseaudio. I don't run any network services at all, and only a few daemons like busybox init, some getty's, syslogd, gpm. I tried to make it as close as possible to an old school DOS-like system, except it's ARM instead of x86, and it's Linux instead of DOS. I don't like modern computers, so this is the best I can do! One of the latest things I did is rebuild Allegro library to run on the framebuffer tty. > Build support for FBCON, with these changes to debian/rules script: > -DWANT_LINUX_CONSOLE=ON \ > -DWANT_LINUX_FBCON=ON \ > -DWANT_LINUX_VGA=OFF \ > -DWANT_LINUX_SVGALIB=OFF \ That was enough to get OpenSonic to work. I tried KQ (kqlives.sourceforge.net) but that doesn't work for some reason. I guess it tries to initialize the graphics differently than OpenSonic. I mean the game works in X, but that's not what I want.
>>3507 Man, you better get paid for this level of autism.
(2.98 MB 1440x1080 AmigaOS 1.3.png)
>>3510 HAHA, no way! Nobody gets paid these days to make things simpler. I'm just doing this because I still remember how computers used to be, and I like them better that way. At some point it probably won't be possible for me to unfuck Linux anymore. Probably have to write my own OS eventually. Most of the new ARM SoCs already do speculative execution (mine don't, but they're older) because everyone thinks it's so great to just keep piling bloated code on the house of cards.
>>3501 Ubuntu 20.10 Groovy Gorilla lol
>>3511 ok terry
wanting to write some shitty code but can't get myself to do it got myself a really old lappy and a relatively newer tab >>3504 yay for void! void with custom kernel here. the tab has rooted android tho, can't get rid of what they call firmware
intel i3 4gb system ram and intelhd 5500 graphics and im running linux mint so my laptop doesn't get raped
(99.10 KB 743x552 amstrad.jpg)
>>3513 Terry likes C though, but I don't. I like BASIC and machine language.
>>3515 linux mint was bad in my experience, and broke several times (could've been a flatpack issue) and also, how they integrate yahoo and their homepage into firefox and chromium when using their store program. sounds like it's working for you though, the 4gb might be rough tho hahah
>>3518 I've had no issues with Mint myself on my desktop PC. I like the look of some of its dark themes/icon sets.
>>3518 the thing is i don't use firefox so i never got those issues same with flatpaks
flatpacks shouldn't be neccesary with FLOSS, it seems like it's a solution for binaries that doesn't exist. proprietary software, sure, but with source just build from there
been trying to find a good pc, prebuilt due to the graphics card market right now. does this look ok for the price? (base model) https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/desktops-and-all-in-ones/ideacentre/500-series/Creator-5i/p/WMD00000431
>>3536 you're better off with a custom build
>>3537 yeah but no gpu is in stock, and the prices are inflated, this is the only fairly priced build. is it still worth it? it comes with a good gpu for the price.
>>3539 it's still way more expensive than anything i've ever built
>>3540 >>3536 just need something that works and has an ok gpu. prebuilts have gpus, but you can't buy gpus alone anymore due to the market.
>>3539 nothing wrong with getting a gpu from 2013 off craiglist for 50 bucks if you just need a display adapter to get you though this shortage till you can get an actual gpu
>>3549 yeah honestly, i could build something better for the price when the shortage stops, but jesus it's so tempting to just buy that pc and move on with my life.
>>3552 I'd get the whole box second hand if it's just a stop gap. If you want something new, try the raspberry pi 400 kit. It's like a modern c64, you'd save money and desk real estate
>>3554 no I need a gpu and a powerful machine lol Might just buy that PC and move on
>>3560 nvm its out of stock i should've bought it fuck lmao
I have two thinkpads, a T420 and an X200. the T420 is my "main" machine, running arch linux with LARBS. as much as i love dwm, i can't keep up with this level of autism. the X220 runs Windows 10.
>>3571 >the X220 runs Virus 10 such a waste of a good laptop. Did you know it's supported by coreboot?
>>3576 windows isn't great but nobody cares. >>3571 had the t420 from release until around 2019. good machine.


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