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just got here Anonymous 04/07/2021 (Wed) 16:15:22 No. 3583
only lurked for 5 minutes before i realized everyone here is like 12.
i am 12 and what is this
>>3583 I'm 54 actually
i like not knowing if a poster is a 54 year old acting like a 12 year old or a 12 year old acting like a 54 year old and bots are timeless so you never know for sure what you're dealing with. to op's point, it can be a lot like ordering a chicken sandwich at a fast food restaurant.
>>3593 the art of the internet
(22.02 KB 704x510 1377460933.jpg)
post age, everyone i'm 19
>>3593 I like having people of a variety of ages on a board. I remember there used to be an /r9k/ tripfag who called himself "pops" who was in his 60s. He was one of the few tolerable 4chan tripfags.
>>3696 you get more perspective that way, too, since you've got a bunch of age groups with their own experiences and ideals.
Nah, you just in fear of the righteousness that a /late/ enlightenment will bring, kid.
(17.40 KB 570x380 this_many.jpeg)
>>3695 42. Yes, I am The Answer.
I'm out of touch. I didn't realize there were so many teenbros on a small board such as this one.
>>3709 >>4104 Where did you guys find this place?
>>4124 I'm curious too.
>>4124 through the internet i was bored
(1.41 MB 478x390 ring ring.mp4)
>>3695 7. Months.
>>4124 found through 8ch in highschool
>>4388 hey babe
>>3583 I'm actually 200.
>>4120 Back in high school I used to post on SSH boards, on IRC, on lainchan, on 8chan, all over the place, I'd bring my thinkpad to my auto shop class, plug in, and post from inside a car up on a lift. pretty comfy. >>3583 I'm between 20 and 25.
>>3583 About the same age as the game console industry, actually.
(130.20 KB 687x498 20140320-013756.jpg)
TFW you are almost 2 years junger ├żan Homework
30 here


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