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Idk Anonymous 2021-04-12 (Mon) 20:44:14 No. 3629
Be me be 18 Tell dude I like them They likes me back? Their 19 They ask where I’m from I tell them I wait a few weeks to tell them I love them Get rejected I know you won’t see this Elliot or foxcobalt but I love you and I always will
Sympathise 100%
I'm sorry that's how it went for you :'c. I can't even make myself do the first step.
I'm sorry you got rejected OP but a word of advice. Opening with "I Love You" is way too intense for the beginning of a relationship. That's a 6 months down the line thing at minimum after already dating them. Ideally one should wait until the honeymoon phase (a year or so) of a relationship is over before saying they love someone. Otherwise it's often an invitation for heartbreak because either side can't really know they the love the other yet. That rush of endorphins from being around a crush in the beginning isn't love, it's lust. Nothing wrong with lust but confusing them gets people hurt. Love grows overtime, it's something that is felt not said and pervades in the best of times and the worst. Love grows stronger overtime, lust fades and withers. If both parties are self aware it can sometimes be okay to say it earlier, after a few months. But both parties should be self-aware that it may not truly be love and may change if they choose to engage with the expression that early on.
(3.10 MB 1280x720 pragananant.webm)
>>3629 >Be me be 18 >Tell dude I like them >They likes me back? >Their 19 >They ask where I’m from >I tell them >I wait a few weeks to tell them I love them >Get rejected >I know you won’t see this Elliot or foxcobalt but I love you and I always will
>>3637 This. You're taking things too fast, OP. Crushes and romantic love are also a fickle thing, and it's easy to get hurt no matter how you deal with them.>>3637
(47.23 KB 400x340 drift into the void.jpg)
>sub-rock IQ normalcattle teen girls that can't even greentext properly Has it really come to this point?
>>3657 >He thinks it's a woman Oh it's much worse than you think Anon...
>>9057 I'm glad we could preserve this extremely wretched, 20 month old teen angst thread. On the bright side, maybe we can finally find out if "foxcobalt" changed "their" mind. >Their 19 lmfao
>>9068 Look, like, I wish OP the best, but someone is bumping some really lame threads.
>>9069 going to b the best janny and archive all lame ass threads 😎