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/late/: mascot thread Anonymous 04/20/2021 (Tue) 06:41:04 No. 3740
who represents us, /late/? pic related is my nomination.
i was thinking more of neck-beards
(7.83 KB 288x264 chan.jpg)
(202.52 KB 556x661 late 1-2.png)
(504.13 KB 1428x773 late 3.png)
(675.43 KB 1236x1061 late 4.png)
(119.49 KB 584x761 late 11-1.png)
Back in the day we used to have a dedicated thread for our mascot: Stolas, the prince of Hell who commands 26 legions, and often appears as a long-legged owl. The thread got wiped along with the rest of the board a long time ago, but I had hoped people wouldn't forget about him.
>>3744 >the fourth one Pretty good! Owls are great, and whatever else it is, it should be smoking a cigarette.
(81.12 KB 265x472 1367105821.png)
>>3744 i like this a lot, perfect wasn't here for old /late/, cool to see it had a mascot
>>3740 The doomer wojak
(171.04 KB 556x661 late_owl_1.png)
>>3744 First owl one is great, i tried to darken it a little bit. Stolas seems like a great mascot for the board.
>>3744 I remember you, the consensus at the time seemed to not want one.
>>3748 ive never met a lainfag that wasn't a menace and subpar human
>>3760 this one is baste, i'll draw my own version sometime
>>3786 this


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