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does it help to practice the wrong shif Anonymous 04/24/2021 (Sat) 04:54:37 No. 3771
drawing that always look correct. -accurately in perspective -curves that is accurate in 3d space -linework in correct space. so on so forth what do you do so that your object drawing is "correct"? can you practice the same wrong mistake and somehow eventually becomes correct? is this way proven? or really, does form has no idea of correctness?
It's not like I ever gotgud at drawing, so take this with a grain of salt, but here are some scattered observations... The way to improve is to practice drawing different things. Investing the time and doing a variety of things so that you're always challenging yourself. You might call this "practicing broadly." Practice sessions should probably include a little drilling of basic strokes. Or at least, I found that to be helpful; my lines became straighter, circles more circular, etc. You might call this "practicing deeply" because it focuses on mastery rather than learning. Practicing along both dimensions entails a large investment of time, but it seems to me there's no better road to be taken. Even professionals might undo and repeat a lot of their strokes as many times as it takes to get them exactly right. (I discovered this watching Artgerm streams.) A saying from martial arts: "Practice makes permanent; only perfect practice makes perfect." A novice get the wrong impression that "I have no talent for this" because their strokes always come out wrong, but the problem is actually simple: they need to move their arm more instead of relying on their wrist/fingers. Make sure you're set up with good ergonomics, and do some research about basic drawing technique if you're not confident about yours.
i guess only result matters


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