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let's make a micro-nation Anonymous 05/01/2021 (Sat) 20:01:16 No. 3853
all discussions about flags, location, planning, design, politics, laws, military concepts may be discussed and posted here
capital would need to be a constructed town in which the windows are all built west facing, and meant to be easily closed off from sun light. Street lamps are abundant.
oof i forgot to add industry and economy so you can discuss those here as well
>>3853 Individual anarchism as government. Flag should be something slick but flashy. Politics would be similar to the United States, but functional and more efficient. Laws? No idea, but remember, individual anarchism. Military? No idea, but something normal would suffice. Drafting would be nessecary Finally, name? >asstopia Thoughts?
>>3865 >Politics would be similar to the United States, but functional and more efficient So not at all?
I'll put in my two cents on economics and foriegn policy. For economics: If we're talking about a micronation, then something resembling a barter economy would be fine. Otherwise, I'd advocate for a state-owned fiat bank (intrestless, ofc). In anything involving money, we'll also need to have a tax policy, which I believe should be as simple as possible. Either a scaling tax bracket (i.e. +2% for each 1000 Smackerolios earned in a given period) with no exceptions (as all exceptions can potentially be abused), or a flat sales tax (this would need to be higher, 25~50% depending on how lean the government is) that applies to every good sold, with all other forms of taxation abolished. For foreign policy: As isolationist as possible. The ideal would be for us to achieve autarky, for maximum isolationist potential. >>3865 Honest question: How would there be politics and a draft in an anarchy?
maybe for location we could choose a shallow area around the indian ocean to make a island out of because it seems no one has claimed it and it's pretty close to the mainlands for importing our tools and such if we wanna be a little more ambitious we could choose Bir Tawil as our second land as well (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bir_Tawil)
>>4278 in bir tawil we could import and breed some elephants and rhinos for trophy hunting and make some shady deals with some labs to allow unethical genetic engineering research
>>4491 also in bir tawil we could allow elon musk to make space rocket platforms there with the condition that we're also allowed to use it in the future
recognize sealand as a country
>>3853 >>3853 There is always a spot to buy a offshore oil driller/platform. As a location for a Micronation
>>3853 I’ll make the logo
>>4939 lel no reply


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