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): Anonymous 05/02/2021 (Sun) 05:48:13 No. 3860
>be me >wanna cry and die
>>3860 make new friends (easier said than done) who actually give a shit about you. there's not much other context here and i don't know what your friendship with these people was like, but it obviously wasn't good from these screenshots. work on yourself (if that's what you think is needed) and good people will start to come to you. attract the type of people and energy that you want to surround yourself with. might be rough right now, but things will smooth out, anon <3
(139.23 KB 446x348 1603373785357.png)
>be me >have literally zero friends or romantic experience >eat pizza
>>3873 > be me pretty sad
(46.92 KB 768x432 requiem.jpg)
>>3873 we are together in solitude, anon.
There’s more screenshots but I’d rather not share them
>>3873 Same, but I prefer borgers.
(97.11 KB 659x439 macaulay_culkin.jpg)
>>3860 >>3873 Lost all my friends years ago and it was genuinely my fault. It was a bad road to go down i guess, but somehow don't mind too much. I thought I'm gonna get really lonely once I grow older but I'm still feeling pretty good honestly, don't know why. Always thought that this is just cope but not for me, at least not yet. Life's really not so bad this way.
Losing friends is the worst thing. I've had this problem many times and it pisses me off. But nowadays i manage to deal with it better and not care about it because i know that i live in a world with 7 billion people. So all i can say is fuck this guy and go find other, better people. I know you can do it anon


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