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>sad Anonymous 05/03/2021 (Mon) 16:16:04 No. 3914
I wish I wasn’t a depressed 18 year old I wish I was a happy fetus
(51.77 KB 1079x601 hot_chocolate.jpg)
>>3914 it gets better no joke
(103.82 KB 830x1094 apu apastaja shower.png)
>>3914 actually it doesnt get better the pain just becomes duller
>>3924 When I was younger I often felt sad for no reason at all, and now this only happens when actual bad shit happens. If you don't become an alcoholic and manage to not fuck up job opportunities entirely (which is not that easy granted), you're gonna be fine.
>>3928 When I was younger I cried every night. Now I am fine, according to all tangible metrics. Still I have a constant desire to commit mass murder suicide radiating in the background of my life.
>>3933 don't we all
>>3936 No, that's just you


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