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>sad Anonymous 05/03/2021 (Mon) 16:16:04 No. 3914
I wish I wasn’t a depressed 18 year old I wish I was a happy fetus
(51.77 KB 1079x601 hot_chocolate.jpg)
>>3914 it gets better no joke
(103.82 KB 830x1094 apu apastaja shower.png)
>>3914 actually it doesnt get better the pain just becomes duller
>>3924 When I was younger I often felt sad for no reason at all, and now this only happens when actual bad shit happens. If you don't become an alcoholic and manage to not fuck up job opportunities entirely (which is not that easy granted), you're gonna be fine.
>>3928 When I was younger I cried every night. Now I am fine, according to all tangible metrics. Still I have a constant desire to commit mass murder suicide radiating in the background of my life.
>>3933 don't we all
>>3936 No, that's just you
>>3914 You're still young. At my age I wish I was 18 again. Go. Live.
>>3914 Almost 40 now, eventually the world will stop caring (oh you're a sad 40 year old white male? Why don't you just go kill yourself) and if you're lucky, so will you.
>>4039 What advice would you give to someone who just turned 16, (I)?
>>4040 care less, do what you want even if it's embarrassing/dumb/whatever or you'll only regret it later. Still be an adult about things though and see through that you earn proper money. It doesn't have to be a job you like as such a thing is rare. Just find something you can stand for a few hours a day. You absolutely are going to need money, don't trick yourself into some thinking that you're never gonna be "that old" or whatever. You're gonna be, if you're lucky. Also last thing you want is to be at the mercy of others because people fucking suck. Also don't run after women. A woman you don't easily get along it is never worth it. Treat women like other guys and hold them to the same standards. If they're assholes, just cut them out of your life and don't look back.
(451.84 KB 210x210 1613778471784.gif)
>>4040 Don't take advice from anonymous people on the internet.
>>4042 well yeah but aisde from that :P
>>4042 This advice is anonymous and therefore invalid.
(1.83 MB 480x360 000000008648.mp4)
>>4040 Here.
>>4173 this is beautiful thank you
So recently I started dating some guy named Michael me and him are gay that’s not Important but the thing is he lives in the uk while I live in the us and when I’m about to sleep he wakes up it’s a endless cycle but I don’t know if I should break up with him because of the long distance
>>4275 This question is hard because there isn't much more information about your guys relationship. Do you guys really enjoy each other's company? Get along well? Love each other? If so, that might be a few good reasons to stay, but then again, I'm not you and I don't know the story. If you feel like it's dull, and things might be coming to an end, it might be better to cut it off so he and you could meet people closer to spend time with in real life. Just some thoughts, I don't know.
waow man ı am 15


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