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(329.91 KB 1158x1547 1915598b6b1b339667a18b8fcb4389fa.jpg)
BLM Chicken Anonymous 2021-05-06 (Thu) 12:22:56 No. 3970
Black Lives Matter Chicken fast food restaurant in France. Is this epic?
(683.73 KB 500x250 kalashnikov.gif)
>>3978 are they even open? looks like there's furniture against the door
bruh what
>>3970 >kebab Thats cultural appropr-something, as a turk i don't approve them stealing my cultural food.
>>3972 Idk i was just roaming around the streets and i saw that and i thought it was just too funny not to snap a pic of it
>>3970 based
(23.49 KB 320x200 DOOM00.png)
Welcome to McDoom
(14.20 KB 320x200 DOOM01.png)
We're the only fast food franchise on this side of Phobos.
>>3988 >>3989 What is this mod called?
(12.89 KB 320x200 DOOM08.png)
>>4063 It's CHEESE.WAD (Satan's Hell Hole), a Doom level from 1994 with some modified graphics and a new midi tune. Here it is again, this time I loaded the graphics patch from CRINGE! (also from 1994) that has a trooper with nicer McDoom colors. They should have just used that one instead.
(465.95 KB 1272x794 srb2kart2.png)
>>4065 Doom modding never ceases to amaze me
>>4065 That zombieman does look better. Maybe they didn't know it existed.
>>4066 what game is this?
(5.22 MB 320x200 kart0307.gif)
>>4068 sonic robo blast 2 kart basically someone modded Doom and made it into a Sonic game(a really cool one, too) then someone modded that and made it into a kart racing game.