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Anonymous 05/08/2021 (Sat) 04:32:42 No. 3993
since when did people desire so strongly to adhere to a stereotype that may be attached to what they spend their time doing? does playing video games really make me a gamer and watching anime a weeb? i thought those were just activities one does rather than having those activities define their personality. do people just engage in these activities because they want to be able to justify acting a certain way, or is it their intrinsic behavior that draws them to an activity? i get confused
never thought about it that way
>>3993 I grew out of that mindset late into high school, and it was freeing to be able to do what I wanted to without having to care about whether or not it would fit the standards of a certain subculture. I don't see any point in trying to force yourself into a certain box that you're not going to fit in.
>since when did people desire so strongly to adhere to a stereotype do they really? where are the proofs?
>>4002 I think most people have this experience. Unfortunately in the internet age people realized there is profit to be made by acting like those still-in-high-school kids, and so adults act the same way. This makes it seem culturally acceptable to act/think this way as an adult, and inevitably it eventually does become culturally acceptable. It's the same reason there are music artists in their 20s and 30s still singing about broken hearts like an angsty 16 year old.
(1.08 KB 640x350 9.png)
>>4011 Those youtube celebrities are a minority though, and nobody else has to care about that stuff. I never even had a youtube account, because I didn't like the new direction the Internet started heading with all this centralized social media crap with everyone spilling out all their personal details to the world. I saw that shit coming back when blogs and LiveJournal were the big thing, at the turn of the millenium. Luckily I have my crapi games and other hobbies nobody else gives a shit about. This way people leave me alone and I can have some peace, instead of trying to justify myself endlessly.
>>4010 Look at any traditionally youth-based subculture that enforces certain standards of dress and tries to police your thoughts and tell you what you can and can't enjoy. >>4011 >It's the same reason there are music artists in their 20s and 30s still singing about broken hearts like an angsty 16 year old. I thought most love songs were corny even as a teenager. Not only do most of those people seem to constantly use the word "love" while having an extremely superficial idea of what love i, but shallow "love" is an overdone topic.
>>4017 It's not just love songs though, there are plenty of "rappers" in their mid-late 20s rapping about "cutting their wrists" or social anxiety or other similarly edgy topics. It's cringe overload, and this is coming from someone who struggled with self harm in the past.
>>4023 I know what you mean. There are even guys like Jonathan Davis who have been singing adolescent edgelord lyrics for decades and still seem psychologically stuck in high school. I'm fine with some edginess if it's used to create a certain aesthetic (like a lot of other metal bands who are more over the top while still having a sense of humor about their gimmicks), but it's kind of pathetic and tryhard when they're taking it so seriously and seemingly desperate to appear like tortured, misunderstood artists.
You are what you do most.
I don't think it's new at all, anon. Nearly every subculture seems to go through what >>4017 describes, as that subculture devolves into a fashion, especially if it's a counter-culture. As it does so, things related to that culture get dragged along for the ride. The tough guy "Biker" archetype comes to mind.
(116.35 KB 1520x1080 1379076205.jpg)
>>3993 humans are quick to categorize and stereotype others based on outward traits, it's been this way since the dawn of civilization and societies. it's far easier to sort others based on their most visible interests and traits. it's also why people often go from one trend to another, and why trends exist in the first place: to reinforce a personality in the minds of the ones sorting them. religions, cults, clubs, you name it; they all are based upon this idea of stereotyping and compartmentalizing individuals so they are easier to approach and engage with.
>is it their intrinsic behavior that draws them to an activity it's this. labels like "weeb" or "gamer" are pathetic though.


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