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(536.20 KB 1058x1054 1367104228.png)
/wg + ltv/: writing and late /tv/ general Anonymous 05/19/2021 (Wed) 05:25:58 No. 4185
welcome to /ltv/! it's your fiendly lainanon here i got support for this in the general thread(>>3940 and >>3943) so i'm going to put us up to the test. here's the plan: 1) in this thread, we'll write anything we really want. Give us poems, short stories, movie/book/show recommendations, food for thought, etc. only requirement is to put some effort in. with the usual traffic, we should get a good amount of entries if everyone is contributing. that includes me, of course, expect to see something of mine here. 2) i will take what we make here and make it into a video. add some flair to make, make it comfy and something calming to listen to at night, and read/narrate what we've got. it's that simple! it's a really raw idea, but i like it, and we can refine it over time. so let's get to it!
(486.28 KB 3248x3000 1401803173949.png)
also quick question: should we have a theme/starter to go off of for stories? or do we just wanna wing it? if we want to rally around a single prompt or subject, i can look for one for us. if not, then we're gtg!
>>4188 Glad you set this up! I think we should allow the anons to do whatever they please, it will give more room and freedom. A trend of common themes may spawn from it. Prompts can be more of a suggestion. This is just my opinion.
(389.24 KB 921x1028 1367110519.png)
>>4193 i agree reminder that you all are free to write about whatever you want!
I haven't been able to get any good ideas in a while, but I'll chime in if something comes up. Looks interesting. Well, I did have a few ideas, but nothing substantial or anything that could potentially fit the format of this board. I had come up with the idea of an urban fantasy chuuni story many, many years ago, when I was still a dumbass teenager, and recently, seemingly out of the blue, that story remerged in my mind. Maybe I want to give it a try again now that I'm older and less retarded but still retarded. I want to get into writing again, find some new hobbies. But I'm an uncreative, uneducated hack who couldn't possibly write anything of value, so anons have been warned.
(459.35 KB 1262x1080 1367106109.png)
>>4239 i'll read whatever you write, anon. don't let the board limit you; if you want, you could practice stuff here and then link a pastebin containing a full chapter or something. let things move naturally and roll with it. i want everyone to be able to write what they want.
>>4239 also elaborate more on your idea. >urban fantasy chuuni story you've definitely got my attention.
(115.92 KB 550x550 1377634537.jpg)
alright, i've got a quick read for you guys. i made it in just the last hour, and thought i'd use it to get something in the thread. so here ya go! ----------------------- The patter of a heavy rain filled the air of the quiet ruins, the cloud cover blanketing the earth below in melancholy grey. The rain fell upon rough edges, rusted gates, and all of the other wreckage that lay all over. This had once been a busy suburban neighborhood; but nobody would know that just by looking at it, and there wasn't anyone around to behold it; that is, except one figure, clad in a white poncho, trodding through the muddy, unkempt paths. The figure seemed to know the area, even in its current state. The figure manuevered through the wrecked houses and cracked roads with relative familiarity, knowing where to step and what to avoid. At the same time, however, there were some parts of the path the individual would stumble upon, or would slide a little as mud misdirected the footing. The figure uttered a small sigh and righted themselves, then ducked under the cover of the closest house; or rather, what remained of it. The figure pulled away her hood, revealing long black hair with bright red accents at the tips. Her young teenage face was soft, but a bandage on her temple and the look of stress etched into her features told a story of hardship. She pulled the poncho away from her body as she sat against a wall and lightly tossed it upon the dusty ground in front of her. She adjusted her clothing, her loose light-gray tee shirt and jeans a little wet despite the protection of the poncho. She looked at the crumpled poncho, noticing the dirt and grime that had gathered on it from the ground. She sighed with annoyance, having not realized how dirty the floor had been. She could remember how it used to be, and she surmised it had been habit that had possessed her to lay it on the unkempt floor. For this abandoned suburb was not just one she was passing through: it had been her home. This was the home of her childhood friend, actually. The two would often come running through the front door, carelessly toss aside their shoes and jackets, and watch movies well into the night. When she had went to college, her friend had stayed behind: something about online school, if she remembered correctly, it had been so long. And then, in only a few short weeks, the world as she knew it ended, along with her friend. It still wasn't clear what exactly happened that day. The news didn't immediately report on the strange phemonena, and the communications went down hastily. It left her and everyone else to learn for themselves what had happened, and with that came only fragments of information. What they did know was that what had happened tangibly had been mechanical. The girl stood up abruptly. Something had crashed down to the ground, presumably some home too unstable from months of decomposition. She was used to that kind of thing; that wasn't what worried her. What worried her was the garbled, almost alien sound that had accompanied it and outlasted it, a surprised screech followed by a low buzzing murmur. It was a sound she'd learned to fear, and had trained herself to fight against. She stepped out of the house, each footfall landing slowly and softly. Her ears were peaked, straining to keep the sounds of the creature in her soundscape. It was hard in the rain, but the creature was moving through the ruins with abandon, and that gave her a good idea where it was. It was close, too, and she moved as such, every muscle in her body sensitive to whatever noises she could possibly make. She knew that if it saw her first, she was dead. She peeked through what seemed to be the remains of a bed frame, now only a heap of twisted metal disfigured past recognition. Through the heap, she could see what had fallen: a pillar had broken, and the part of the building it had been holding up collapsed, leaving a pile of rubble and a cross-section of one of the house's rooms. As she scanned the surroundings, she found she couldn't see any signs of the creature left around. She didn't know much of anything about these things, but they'd certainly never turned tail and ran so easily. It must be around here somewhere. Her eyes locked onto a large piece of rubble, a good few feet away from the pile, but still relatively close to the house. It looked rather dry, and she could guess it had fallen off the creature as it moved away from the rubble. Looking around it, she could see another dry piece, then another; it almost formed a makeshift trail for her. Her eyes followed it as it stretched out to her right, then moved closer and closer and... it ended around her, at the pile of twisted metal that now roared to life. "shit!" The loud report rang out, and a metallic ping could be heard. The girl clambered backward and watched in terror as the disguised creature pulled itself up on four legs and sprouted long metallic tentacles from its roof. Standing up, it was rather weedy for a four-legged creature, looking almost like the head of a cattail in figure. It's body, however, was twisted beyond understanding, and in the grey lighting of the afternoon shower, its form was even more incomprehensible. The sounds it made were metallic, almost robotic-sounding, but when it roared at her, it sounded more like a living, terrible beast. As it closed the distance between the two of them in mere milliseconds, it's tentacles closing in all around her, all she could do was pull all of her limbs in tight around her and wait to be no more. A second loud report, and the sound of flesh and metal being pierced reached her ears. The creature didn't touch her, backing away and making such a horrible sound she thought her ears would bleed. She clamped her hands over her ears, turning her eyes to watch as a tracer round flashed through the air and torn off the top of the cattail silhouette, ending the monster's screams. It crashed to the ground a few feet away from her, and she stared at it with wide eyes and bated breath, waiting to see if it would get back up. But it didn't, and she allowed herself to breathe as she realized that it was truly dead. She had evaded death once more. But she was not to credit for her own salvation. She looked towards the origin of the tracer, looking to see who had saved her. Beyond the suburbs, she could see the forest, and amongst the trees there was the glimmer of movement. She couldn't tell, but she could only assume that was the person who had killed the monster. She stared off at the forest longingly, wanting to find that person, and not just to thank him. That was the closest she'd been to another human in two weeks. -----------------------
(2.84 MB 1920x1080 indexBG.jpg)
>>4282 I'm liking it, lainfag, Post-Apoc is as /late/ a theme as you can get. --- For a hundred years had the village of the valley prospered under the shadow of the great god Bar'lett. For a hundred years had His ancient concrete towers provided the village with the waters of the heavens, four-hundred span tall over the grasp of man. And so unto them He provided for their fields, for their people and cattle, for the holy men's sacred lamps to keep the beasts of darkness at bay. For Bar'lett was a generous god, and so had been for a hundred years. Then, one night, upon the village came a black fog from Bar'lett. The holy men, clad in their most sacred robes and mitres, attempted to console their rotting god with incense and ointments, but the damage had been done, the cracks in the rebar too wide for repair; only prayer. Furious, wrathful water, gushed out from their God's corpse; cracks festered their way through His cadaver until there was no more cadaver left to fester over. That night, under the shadow of what was once Bar'lett, hateful, fiendish water greedily consumed the village. The falling towers of Bar'lett, four-hundred span tall, struck down upon man. And so unto them He ravaged their fields, slaughtered their people and cattle, and left only scars upon the earth. ... Under a rose colored dawn, the traveller gazed upon the now ancient, beautiful scars of Bar'lett. Since then, no structure before the fall of man, evermore would be sacred called. ---
(59.49 KB 854x649 1609173780508-1.png)
Say OP, you're going to narrate the stories yourself? What does your voice sound like?
Ne, ne, you still here, OP? pls respond I guess I'll bump with what I just wrote in >>1000 : >>4513
(422.28 KB 852x1009 1367104183 kopi.png)
>>4503 >>4514 im still here anons, sorry for the wait ill have to link a vocaroo so i can share a voice sample, im not the most confident in my voice but ill let you guys decide. and hey, if you dont like what it sounds like, im sure we could find someone else :D >>4513 i really like this, i wonder if we could draw this out? nothing extreme, illustrating in ms paint would suffice, but i like this imagery
alright, i've got a sample of my voice narration for you, >>4503: https://voca.ro/18lW1wJDHTkw (im a guy, btw, sorry if the lainpics catfished you) i went at this without any practice or tweaking, so it'll only sound better in the /ltv/ vids. if anyone else wants to narrate as well, i'd be happy to get you on board as well. also i'm planning to have a section dedicated to POTW(Posts of the Week), containing personal favorites i see. i'll have to see if people are down for that, since i don't want to do that if the op would rather not have their post in the video.
>>4558 >>4597 Daijoubou, OP. Your voice could use some more intonation, but with some practice you should be able to pull it off. >POTW I like the concept but I'm not sure the name fits. I might try and draw it out sometime soon, if that mood ever passes by again. These things are erratic however.
(558.76 KB 1402x1080 1367108296.png)
>>4627 thanks for the advice, anon, i've had a monotone voice for a while now but i'll definitely improve my intonations, if not for myself then for /late/. also i can help with the illustrations as well, they wouldn't be from a firsthand experience but it could be interesting.
(845.02 KB 3300x3300 1607317555068.jpg)
>>4632 made me realize that adult swim bumpers would be perfect for /ltv/ if you're here, anon, feel free to post your bumps here. i might pitch in as well and make some neat ones.
(3.94 MB 1920x1080 computers.mp4)
first of many to come maybe
(452.34 KB 1101x1080 1367105704.png)
>>4670 nailing it so far! we need more of this, but with "[late]" replacing the adult swim tag, like what /wsg/ does on the 4chans. great stuff!
(5.60 MB 1280x720 the_girl_I_haven't_met.webm)
(4.49 MB 1920x1080 we_vibing.webm)
(3.29 MB 600x366 wsg_bumper.webm)
(3.59 MB 852x480 its_life.webm)
>>4678 I agree, I love the /wsg/ ones.


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