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(295.88 KB 612x687 1621658955032.jpg)
throw up thread Anonymous 05/22/2021 (Sat) 12:45:15 No. 4322
Feel free to throw up here, if life cringes you to the max.
everything is so fucking gay and faggot. even the pedo and loli goddamn faggots
fucking fucks
can anyone cringe this much
he tweaked the belt. what else?
you won guys life is a fucking gamble all you want is for me to be brave and then shit it all fuck you fuck you fuck you all
gay fucking fucks
i cant fucking stop it s goddamn cringe. like so fucking annoying how the fuck can i be so fucking fucked this is retarded
i give up. this cringe all this gay fucking crinfe just end it i cant fucking handle it fucking fucks just end it all it s too fucking disgusting i dont fucking care anymore this cringeass material just fucking end it if this is eternity i could fucking die by defualt fucking fuck
another cringefest.
wish i never woke up its fucking trash day tomr and today and months. gtfo cringe jail. a jail of cringe.
good job. now i cant work. well done. you win so much. not that my work ever matters. nothing matters. gon wait until 40 like jac ma and shit. alwyas wait wait wait wait. never good at shit. boohoo cringe. goddamn cringe just fucking fuck fuck i am so fucking dead
lifeless. no idea. never good idea wooo hooooo winning material
kill it. kill it alllll. what the fuck do i fucking care just fucking end it. this planet of fucks
end it. end the void. end reality. end afterlife. not all life matters. afterlife especially woooo funny as fuck
hahahahahhahaha hilarioud as fuck. top tier cringe materialll boohoooo afterlife dont matter as we all saw it woohooooo what a fucking troublesome place. the endddd finallly
the cringe just climb like fucking retarded. haahhhh stress as fuck. well fuck me. none of you are a goddamn retard like me so gtfo top tier cringe material fuckin A
end me. just end it.
all this lifes of faggots. just end it. disgusting fucking fucks
pedofaggots, lolifaggots, toptier cringe just end it if you got the fucking guts fuck you fuck fucks
nothin works. boohooooo i got no ideas. no clues! no fucking lucks no fucking leverrage. wellfuckign done! had dreamt to be a billionaire,doesnt work now half a billionaire, also doesnt work. debtless! also bullshit woooo im tired typing nothing worth shit.
ah well. fuck. nothing helps. nothing makes shit easier. blablabalbla albaakbaakabakabalan? blablabakabakalblabaalbakanaaklasmdn
why am i here.... oh yeah right cuz i am stupidand retarded lol. and teaching anything for living is dumb. not that is know how either. always looking for the better offer duh
idealist? more like realist. i have never been a teacher in my life. i barely able to teache myself what a fucking retarded. someone did tell me to teach fucking psychopathic. who the hell they think i am? a fuckign genius? goddamn fuck my resume is barely convincing my art is barely recognizable and everyone bahahah do you remember the past? sometimes i do. and it matters not anymore.
well i sleep so i can drive. now everyone start saying i sleep cuz i have no worries. what a retarded move. what a goddamn painful fucking retarded move. now i cant fucking wake up. life feels like a dumbfuck two sided blade trying to fuck me when it forgets. what a worthless fucking existence goddamn fuck
honest i have no energy waking up. it s fucking dumb
they told me to get another skill. i just cant, unfortunately.
well its accoding to you alr dont hope or expect excellence dont drram of good life well why expect anything good? why not get ready for the worst all the time? fuckign idiot all words and bullshit pick your own shit idiot
you won you got it want me to ga to jail? sure go to hell too? sure burn and suffer? sure you worthless fucks have nothinf good for me anyway if you had any, we wont be in this shithole of a life. my teara are dried. but i doubt you know or care. go fuck yourself idiot idiot god idiot society idiot li if you are so nf
you win you win jail hell void whatever you won fuckinf idiot fuckinf psychopaths if you are fucking smart we wont even be here. but you just had to. to show your strengrh. your retarded endless psychotic need to be wel fuck you fuck you you win what else can you do but win. stupid retarded anal hole of idiots. burn like shit. anyone can die except you. hope you burn forever in your edgy little twatfuck of an existence. you get all you fucking want and still a goddamn idiot here. well done. good job nothinf can outsmart your petty fucks of a life. have fun stuck there, retards
(5.27 KB 640x480 cringe.png)
I'm trying my best!
everything is always about how much it benefits you even those religious people and charity people those fucking religious cancer isn't about "doing good things just to be good" it's because you made up some "heaven" and "hell" to make lazy bastards move without actually being realistic charitable people do it for the ceritonin which excusable since EVERYTHING is related to it
leave it and kill it. yes we all know you dont need loser
yes hurry uo and kill it.
runaway bitch, you can only run and run. kil it if you are a fucking man
pussy. i am not inportant. hurry up and kill it. pussyfucks
i have given up the work to continue the shit everyone told me to do. still doesnt get easier. make shortcuts to make myself happy and just let it all go. so fucking retarded. life is dumb. god is dumb. what do you expect me to be then ah fuck so cringe. no motivation to click and click all the stupid programs. kill me
the machine stings me again. even tho i have make shortcuts to make myself happy. i want to say you are a fucking idiot for not getting how i gave it up for you but i guess you are an idiot this small happy i built for myself is not enough for you all i guess. well fuck, end me.
hah. well what does it matter. i have become hardened in a way that the hard way is not always the right way. but back into this spot, i am trying the hard way again even though it is fucking retarded. and gets nothing. nothing at all. so disgusting. many things just doesnt care how it goes. just kill me i am bored of losing like this.
do you get it? do your god get it? ha, you dont. just like you dont get the sketch out. the shortcuts. or the sacrifice. or the giving up. you never get it. only retards are happy. true. idiots gets friends. ignorance is bliss. now i am taking your advice then. i ll be fucking ignorant because you said so. to look
how frustating. kill me and run off. finish what you started. you were right. theres no chance. you are all unimpressable. no matter how much tricks to dk you are all unimpressable
the crowd is retarded and unimpressable. i can think of nothing but typing. does the hard work matter? does the practice matter? only ideas and tricks as usual. cant see any good future you are all retarded anyway
they told me to give up the thing. now ibam trying to do the thing and it s just impossible. boohoo
like a broke casette the family can only say stupid stupid stupid god can only repeat the same rrtarded words. cant finish any worthwhile program. now i am gonna be a cheap fucking paywall maker well done. the country even gone over my head trying to pull me into the worse side of life fucking kek everyone always drags me into the worse shit and then say "see thats why god stops you" well fucking genius if i am good i d have been excellent since 17 but heh nokia is no more i should just die too. cant wait
sometimes i dream crushing their feet and legs for the pain they caused me. they i wake up wantinf to die for all the things i cant do
cringest film of all time. good job society. good job. i talk one thing you say another. and you blame each other when shit burns. maybe your god aint so smart, peddling in stuf that has no more relations. wasting my time as usual
cringe as hecc. let me off tx
im done here tx not that we connected ever why the fuck do i care
gay faggot
this is why i cant get shit done. u all being a tard waste of time
retarded fucks
friends who left you are not recoverable really
everyone is a snake and i dont know how to solve this what a family hope i dont need to wake up tmr
doesnt matter whoever is dominant. everyone is equally troublesome and intimidating to me in the end
looking back i could benefit more from social skills. but then it still look so fucking complicated now
generally honesty is trash. but i am afraid of being scolded out of promises i cant fulfill. fucking hell
(322.17 KB 404x720 1616943851345.png)
good news is. i like 3d again. even though i was practicing 2d graphical construction and those kjg stuff... i constantly think of 3d tris and.... guess i still like 3d. hahah hahahahhhaha.... my 2d practice is correct. it was all too build my 3d idea. how could i be this correct..and yet so slow? ah. the gods are funny what does it matter. wish i was like oda at 17. save me bunch of trouble.
>>4387 kawai but wtf
dad once told me to not say sorry and just fix it. so i did it. i havent fixed any at all though.
...it's like 1992 again. i wish it's 1992. but an isekai. sigh i hate isekais
So when I was a dumb kid I touched someone else’s McDonald’s order
>>4459 u were a staff?
>>4399 isekai is the worst trend to happen to anime tbh the ones where they openly talk about "leveling-up" like they're in some sort of video game are the worst.


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